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“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.”
– Henry David Thoreau
updated slightly 12-25-18

I guess its time for a bit of an update, as so much has changed!

firstly the avatar is not me, Looks similarish though

I am 30 now I joined when I was 26 and a lot of things have changed since
When I first joined it was because I was looking for something I wasn't sure what
but I found it, I was looking for myself which I had lost touch with.

This place has been a series of ups and downs for me, Sometimes I don't think I'll ever log on again but something keeps me from deleting.

I have met some awful people here to be honest, The stories I could tell would probably make you hate life, Just like I did for awhile, Haha sorry that was dramatic but it was kind of true.
I have also met some fucking amazing people here, those people helped me understand myself
they didn't judge and from them I found the pieces of myself again

Even from the bad on here I learned and grew, So I regret nothing.

I'm married, It took some time for him to understand and realize that I cannot change the fact that I am bi, but he has worked towards that, and because of that I am happier than I have been in the years I kept silent.

I have written some things, More recently I got the pleasure of writing a Horror series with my friend Mollydoll entitled " The Nightmare inside" Its got a total of seven chapters, Its got straight scenes and lesbian scenes, So whatever your preference you'll probably be able to enjoy it, and while it is horror it is also fun horror :)

The other stories are the following

Tasting the fruit- A student has a crush on her dominant teacher ( lesbian theme )
Tasting the fruit 2 a continuation of the first part
Subterfuge - an unsatisfied woman cheats on her partner, and pays for it ( lesbian themed )
Captured in sin- Bathroom work encounter ( lesbian themed )
The Road to anywhere- A bit more of an emotional write for me ( lesbian )
The Crimson Void- Its a straight story a bit darker than my previous ones
Karla- My first and only flash story, Its more humour
The Overlook- a bit more on the romantic side ( lesbian )
Be My Valentine- more of a thriller ( Straight mostly )
Prom Slut- Short and dirty at only 300 words my shortest story yet
College Slut- A sequel to Prom slut
When A stranger calls- ( Lesbian ) Hot late night phone call

and finally

I'm a mad rambler, Not just in the sense of writing but just in general
if I trust you I can talk for hours non stop, that said I don't trust many people
so if you are one of those people who I talk to for hours, consider yourself lucky or consider yourself doomed to long conversations about everything.

And finally
Sometimes I am quiet and aloof
Sometimes I am a friendly chatterbox
Sometimes I am romantic, Sometimes I'm kinky
Sometimes I am chill other times I am a chaos storm

I realize this is a 'erotic site' but I am not always going to talk sex
so if you have a problem with that then you should probably not friend me or talk to me
I like sex just as much as anyone, but I am looking for friendships of the more meaningful variety, You can't have that if you just talk about sex...so in other words, mix that shit up :)

Relationship Status:
In a Relationship with vanessa26
old hard to find movies
midnight walks
Exploring old abandoned places
Horror movies
Listening to music
Cat memes
country roads
Interesting people
Expanding my mind
My cat Sophie
Finding new interests
digging deep within my soul
Favorite Books:
American Psycho
Rosemary's Baby
The Stepford Wives
White Oleander
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
Angela's Ashes
The Once and Future King
Memoirs of a Geisha
Lights, Camera, Sex! -Christy Canyon.
Evil Under the Sun
Death on the Nile
Halloween Party
Gone With the Wind
Great Expectations
Favorite Authors:
Ira Levin
Stephen King
Virginia Woolf
Edgar Allan Poe
sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Robert Frost
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Agatha Christie
Dorothy Cannell
Favorite Movies:
Lush doesn't have enough space for my list of movies
I would probably break the site..

The Seven Year Itch- "I'm perfectly capable of fixing my own breakfast. As a matter of fact, I had a peanut butter sandwich and two whiskey sours. "

Some like it Hot-."Men who wear glasses are so much more gentle, and sweet, and helpless. Haven't you ever noticed it?..They get those weak eyes from reading - you know, those long tiny little columns in the Wall Street Journal."

The Misfits- "If I'm going to be alone, I want to be by myself."

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes-"I always say a kiss on the hand might feel very good, but a diamond tiara lasts forever."

The Stepford Wives- "If I am wrong, I'm insane... but if I'm right, it's even worse than if I was wrong. "

Rosemary's Baby- "We're your friends, Rosemary. There's nothing to be scared about. Honest and truly there isn't"

Wickerman-! "It's much too dangerous to jump through the fire with your clothes on! "

The Odd Couple- "We're all out of cornflakes. F.U." Took me three hours to figure out F.U. was Felix Ungar! "

Breakfast At Tiffany's-" You know what's wrong with you, Miss Whoever-you-are? You're chicken, you've got no guts. You're afraid to stick out your chin and say, "Okay, life's a fact, people do fall in love, people do belong to each other, because that's the only chance anybody's got for real happiness." You call yourself a free spirit, a "wild thing," and you're terrified somebody's gonna stick you in a cage. Well baby, you're already in that cage. You built it yourself. And it's not bounded in the west by Tulip, Texas, or in the east by Somali-land. It's wherever you go. Because no matter where you run, you just end up running into yourself. "

Hot Fuzz-"I don't remember a time when I didn't want to be a police officer... apart from the summer of 1979 when I wanted to be Kermit the Frog."

Shaun of the Dead-" Take car. Go to Mum's. Kill Phil - "Sorry." - grab Liz, go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over. How's that for a slice of fried gold? "

Worlds End-"Hey it is our basic human right to be fuck ups. This civilization was founded on fuck ups and you know what? That makes me proud!"

The Killing of Sister George- "you'd look cheerful too with fifty cubic centimeters throbbing away between your legs! "

Coffy- "My old man's coming back any minute, and if SHE catches you here, she's gonna wanna kick your ass!"

Foxy Brown- "That's my sister, baby, and she's a whole lotta woman."

Dirty Harry - "When a naked man is chasing a woman through a dark alley with a butcher knife and a hard on, I figure he isn't out collecting for the Red Cross. "

Candyman- "The pain, I can assure you, will be exquisite."

Halloween-"Death has come to your little town, sheriff."

Sleepaway Camp- " The Names meg..M-E-G meg"

April Fools Day-" I wanna work with handicapped children, and my parents are my best friends. Oh, and I start convent school next semester... and I FUCK on the first date. April Fool's! "

Rocky Horror picture show- "A mental mind fuck can be nice."

Cabaret - "That's me, darling. Unusual places, unusual love affairs. I am a most strange and extraordinary person. "

Camelot- " The best thing for being sad is to learn something. "

Vertigo- "Only one is a wanderer; two together are always going somewhere. "

Rear Window- "Let's go down to the garden and find out what's buried there."

The Graduate-"It's like I was playing some kind of game, but the rules don't make any sense to me. They're being made up by all the wrong people. I mean no one makes them up. They seem to make themselves up. "

Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte- "You're my favorite living mystery."

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?- "You mean all this time we could have been friends? "

Ginger Snaps- : "I get this ache... And I, I thought it was for sex, but it's to tear everything to fucking pieces."

The Lost Boys- "Maggots, Michael. You're eating maggots. How do they taste? "

From Dusk Till Dawn- "Attention pussy shoppers! Take advantage of our penny pussy sale! If you buy one piece of pussy at the regular price, you get another piece of pussy of equal or lesser value for only a penny! Try and beat pussy for a penny! If you can find cheaper pussy anywhere else, fuck it! "

Fright Night - "Oh, you're so COOL, Brewster! "

The Hunger-"You're a part of me now and I cannot let you go."

Night of the living Dead= "They're coming to get you, Barbara!"

Return of the living dead - "Trash is taking off her clothes again".

Prom night- "they call me Slick"

Prom night 2: Hello Mary lou- "It's not who you come with, it's who takes you home."

Dawn of the dead= "When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the Earth."

Jawbreaker-"That's right! Rule, bitch! But don't forget who made you! "

Pulp Fiction -"That's when you know you've found somebody special. When you can just shut the fuck up for a minute and comfortably enjoy the silence. "

Kill Bill vol 1-"Revenge is never a straight line. It's a forest, And like a forest it's easy to lose your way... To get lost... To forget where you came in"

Kill Bill Vol 2- "You're not a bad person. You're a terrific person. You're my favorite person, but every once in a while, you can be a real cunt. "

The Hateful Eight- "That blanket was just a heart breakin' liar's promise"

Mean Girls- "That's why her hair is so big, it's full of secrets. "

Gone With The Wind- "With enough courage, you can do without a reputation".

The last of sheila - "Give me a glass of water and a couple of lesbians. "

Bunny Lake is missing- This doll had almost been loved to death. You know, love inflicts the most terrible injuries on my small patients.

Carry on Camping-"Matron, take them away"

White Palace- "All I know is that when I'm not with you I'm a total wreck"

Persona -"All the anxiety we bear with us, all our thwarted dreams, the incomprehensible cruelty, our fear of extinction, the painful insight into our earthly condition, have slowly eroded our hope of an other-wordly salvation. The howl of our faith and doubt against the darkness and silence, is one of the most awful proofs of our abandonment and our terrified, unuttered knowledge."

Hour of the Wolf- "Now you are yourself, but not yourself; an ideal state for a meeting between lovers. "

Chinatown- " Forget it Jake, its chinatown"

Death Proof- "Look, I know what I said when I said it. But when I said it, I didn't know I'd ever come to America. And when I said it, if had I known that I was gonna come to America and have the chance to play ship's mast on a fucking Vanishing Point Challenger, I would have added a however. Right? "

House of 1000 corpses- We like to get fucked up, and do fucked up shit.

The Devils Rejects- "'I'm gonna have to be taking your car today. See I have some top secret clown business that supersedes any plans that you might have for this here vehicle."

Evil Under the Sun- it is folly to try and trick Hercule Poirot... even in a dead language.

Death on the nile- Rules are made to be broken. At least mine are by *me*.

Stoker- This is me. Just as a flower does not choose its color, we are not responsible for what we have come to be. Only once you realize this do you become free

Desert Hearts- "We've been saying Goodbye from the beginning "
Favourite TV Shows:
Rick and Morty
Avengers ( With Emma Peel )

( Don't judge me!!! )
Golden girls
Murder she wrote
Favorite Music:
I almost always have music going....
Leslie Hall
Foo Fighters
France Gall
Mighty Sam McClain
Beth Hart
Three Days Grace
The Beatles
Neil Young
Concrete Blondes
Dire Straits
Nancy Sinatra
Pumped up Fosters
Depeche Mode
The Cure
Dusty Springfield
The Yardbirds
Ryan Adams
Daft Punk
Bruno Mars
The Pretty Reckless
Rob Zombie
Marilyn Manson
Prefab Sprout
Pink Floyd
Guns N Roses
The Smiths
The Kinks
Get Set Go
Gilbert O' Sullivan
Marilyn Monroe
Mohammed Rafi
Jim Croce
Joan Jett
Liilian Axe
Lilly Allen
Nine Inch Nails
Noora Noor
Paloma Faith
Paula Cole
David Bowie
Matchbox twenty
Stone Sour
The Bangles
Aimee Mann
Amy Winehouse
Lana Del Rey
Bonnie Tyler
Cyndi Lauper
Deep Blue something ( Breakfast at Tiffany's )
Simon and Garfunkel
Backstreet boys
Most 90's music
The Band Perry
Rocky Horror Picture show
The Wickerman ( original )
Dawn of the dead ( original )
Hot Fuzz
Shaun of the Dead
But I'm a Cheerleader
From Dusk Till Dawn
Fright Night
O Brother where art thou
Boogie Nights
Detroit Rock City
Return of the living dead 1-2
The Graduate
Kill Bill Vol 1
Blood and Black Lace
Savage streets
lost boys


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Mermaid and Chill Or The summer I fucked a fish

The summer began and quickly became a 'party summer.' I was crashing at my friend's beach house for two whole months of drinking, girls and weed. From the start, I had been drinking. I had already killed more rum than I would ever admit to. The beach house was filled with pyramids of beer cans and probably permanently scented with the delicious scent of reefer. I was fucking girls by...

Added 19 May 2019 | Category Fantasy & Sci-Fi | Votes 49 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,513 | 61 Comments

College Slut

"I thought you were going to quit being such a filthy slut after you won Prom Queen," Jenna said, with even more than her usual disgust. She had just watched her best friend Carly shake her ass all around the campus. Her tight-fitting skirt was so short you could practically see everything. Actually, from the angle they were at now, Jenna could see that Carly was clearly not wearing panties....

Added 02 May 2019 | Category College Sex | Votes 18 | Avg Score 4.89 | Views 3,617 | 24 Comments

When a Stranger Calls

Ugmmffff... The phone was ringing loudly in my dream. It continued on until I suddenly found myself wide awake. My cell was lying next to me and was all lit up. I reached for it and looked at the number with heavy sleep-filled eyes, I didn't recognize it but for some reason I found myself answering it anyway. "Hello," I said groggily and slightly confused. "Oh, I'm sorry. Did I wake you?"...

Added 29 Apr 2019 | Category Masturbation | Votes 29 | Avg Score 5 | Views 2,793 | 38 Comments

Editor's Pick Prom Slut

"You're disgusting," Jenna said as she watched Carly deep throat a banana in the lunchroom while making sure a group of 'Magic The Gathering' nerds watched at the other table. They were watching intently like it was the most magical thing they had ever seen, and maybe it was. Carly was now licking and stroking the banana completely unmoved by her friend's disgust. "Why are you trying...

Added 03 Apr 2019 | Category Flash Erotica | Votes 176 | Avg Score 4.95 | Views 3,972 | 133 Comments

Be My Valentine

I had just left my usual coffee shop, it had been more crowded than usual so I didn't stay long after ordering. I had tried to read the book I had brought along but the noise became unbearable and I left. I found myself completely lost in thought as I walked down the recently rain-drenched street. It had grown dark so early. I hated February, it's a good thing it was the shortest month of...

Added 24 Feb 2019 | Category Horror | Votes 44 | Avg Score 4.85 | Views 1,573 | 45 Comments

The Overlook

I woke clammy again my heart racing in my chest My dream though a bit foggy was also so painfully real. It was that fateful day again replaying itself like a broken record. The day I made the biggest mistake of my life, and only now am I aware of that. It was the day Karin got on the plane. If only I could remember what she said. "I'll be ... if you change your mind about things," she said...

Added 27 Dec 2018 | Category Lesbian | Votes 45 | Avg Score 5 | Views 4,820 | 36 Comments

The Nightmare Inside Chapter 7

Lori had been sitting at her desk for over an hour. She was supposed to be doing research, but instead, she sat there staring at her screen and thinking of her options. On the one hand, she could just allow herself to become the succubus and continue doing this for the rest of her life, or on the other hand, she could go take one last soul and be done with it. Did she really want to do...

Added 13 Nov 2018 | Category Horror | Votes 18 | Avg Score 4.94 | Views 1,712 | 22 Comments

The Nightmare Inside Chapter 6

Lori had been home from Harriet’s for a few hours. She felt energized and slightly electric, but what had actually happened was a little blurry. Her body could remember quite clearly just how good it felt. ‘Who knew that Harriet could make me cum like that,’ she thought and her hand slid down between her legs. She cupped herself and gave it a gentle squeeze. Her cunny throbbed as she...

Added 05 Nov 2018 | Category Horror | Votes 15 | Avg Score 4.93 | Views 1,555 | 19 Comments

The Nightmare Inside Chapter 5

Over the last few days, the only thing Lori could think of was whether or not to take those last two lives. The song, Cruel To Be Kind kept playing in her mind. She tried to reason her conflicting emotions. On one hand, it was two more people and it would all be over. On the other hand, if she didn’t take them, she would be taking lives for the rest of her life. Deep down inside, Lori knew...

Added 28 Oct 2018 | Category Horror | Votes 17 | Avg Score 4.94 | Views 1,542 | 22 Comments

The Nightmare Inside chapter: 4

Lori awoke with the taste of blood in her mouth like she did most mornings. It seemed like such an odd thing to get used to, but it was now her new norm. It had happened nine more times since the incident in the park and each time she felt the demon inside her growing stronger. Not only could she feel it growing stronger, she felt it growing more comfortable inside Lori’s skin. This...

Added 21 Oct 2018 | Category Horror | Votes 17 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,559 | 20 Comments

Stories Coauthored By vanessa26

Mist Of Green And Lanterns Hung

With a mist of green and lanterns hung confessing of the old monk's soul, genuflecting to a specter's trove. As her cunt's sable bed me warm with my love in chains wrought of lust, burning embers for touch. Wishing only for her sweet kiss sleeping endlessly evermore, in fields of infinity's twilight. O holy night of the monk's chore as her thighs plied my loins, with a mist of green...

Added 25 Nov 2018 | Category Love Poems | Views 962 | 12 Comments

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