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Swinging, sometimes called wife swapping, husband swapping or partner swapping, is a non-monogamous behavior in which both singles and partners in a committed relationship engage in sexual activities with others as a recreational or social activity.

Swingers often go to sex parties, where practices often joked about, like dropping their car keys into a bowl and a different set selected to randomly see who they are going to be paired up with, add a fun dimension. Sex clubs are also a popular destination for swingers to meet up.


A Fantasy Come True

A fantasy, a meeting and a satisfying result.

We’ve been chatting online for a while and shared a couple of pictures. We finally make a date to meet at a local bar in a hotel. We arrive a bit early and find a quiet table. We start chatting about how we feel. I’m very excited. I can hardly bear it. I feel a tingling in my pants just thinking about what might happen. He walks in. He is a clean-cut guy in his mid-thirties, fit and...Read On


Sweet, Sweet Taste

One should try everything… really? Really?

I didn’t sleep all night. I’ve never been so nervous. Should I really do this? I’m standing naked in front of the mirror, looking myself in the eyes, trying to weigh all my resolutions, all my thoughts, all the pros and cons. Why yes, and why actually not? I make two steps back. I can see all of myself in the big mirror. I look at every piece of me, every curve of my body. Skin...Read On

Recommended Read

Deep Dive (Part 5)

Kate and Julian drive to Mendocino, and discover a dive bar.

It was now mid-March, and we were returning home from a month in Bali.   During the first week of our trip, we’d focused our attention totally on Michelle, trying to pack as much as we could into seven short days.   After she’d returned home to Switzerland, the next three weeks in Ubud had settled into a comfortable routine for Kate and me. Sleep in, make love, sleep some more, explore...Read On


Sandy And Ted - Part 2 - Ted's Turn

Ted arrives early and gets his turn

I woke up to find Pam's head next to mine but our bodies apart. Between our legs was Sandy, still face-down in the same place and sleeping soundly. I kissed Pam's forehead and got up. As I went into the bathroom I turned and looked back at the bed. Sandy was still in her school-girl outfit, the plaid skirt up on her back with her perky little ass sticking out. The sight made my cock start...Read On


Stacy Lancaster: Stacy's First Swing pt4.5

Helen's cunt is invincible

Scene resumes immediately from chapter 4 Looking down into Stacy's eyes, Helen said, "I know it's selfish of me, but I want your husband again." "Oh really?" Stacy asked, willing to play along with anything the horny slut wanted. Helen looked back up at Jared as he rose to his feet, one hand giving a single caress to his turgid member. "Do you know that my pussy hasn't really be...Read On


Sandy and Ted - Part 1 - Teacher's Pet

Sandy and Ted give us a surprise

"It will be Sandy's birthday in two weeks," Pam reminded me. "I remember," I replied, " the big five-o for our little teacher." "She does not want a party or anything, though," Pam lamented. "She doesn't want to even say  the word fifty." I laughed, "I don't why she worries; she barely looks forty." "I know," Pam replied. “She looks so good still." "Like you," I reminded...Read On


Stacy Lancaster: Stacy's First Swing Pt4

Two sluts with a toy and an audience

Helen pressed a hand against her sex as she lifted herself off Jared's softening member. Her inflamed labia were open so wide that her entire palm nestled between them. Cupping her sex as she stood, the hard-bodied older woman crossed the few feet to where Stacy lay sprawled. The pale younger woman's hand was jammed to the knuckles into her own cunt but seemed frozen there as Stacy stared...Read On


Taming Tina - part 3 of 3

Tina returns for more.

Tina wanted to leave as soon as they woke up. We had a little discussion about what happened and outlined some rules. Pam talked to Doug about the final video we were still going to send. She told him to make sure they watched it together. He agreed to watch at the same time as Tina and do as Tina told him. I instructed Tina to watch the video with Doug. I also told her to take control and...Read On


The Downfall Of A Schoolteacher 4

Nikki pushes Lisa a little further into self-discovery

Lisa's and my relationship progressed in the predictable fashion. After about two years of dating, we decided to make it official and get married.  The wedding was a simple affair, but with seven kids and five of them being the same age, things were interesting.  My oldest was now eleven and the twins were eight. Lisa’s oldest was ten and her triplets, of course, were also eight.  It became...Read On


Taming Tina - part 2 of 3

Tina learns who is in charge

I showered while waiting for Pam. After towelling off I put my boxers back on and made a drink. I returned to the bedroom and sat in the chair to relax and watched Tina as she slept. She hadn’t moved since I put her in the bed. Pam arrived and came to the bedroom. We kissed before she jumped into the shower. She came back and sat on my lap. ”She looks worn out,” Pam observed. “How did it go?”...Read On


Taming Tina - part 1 of 3

A domineering wife meets her match - and loves it.

“She’s such a bitch,” Doug complained. “Fucking bossy all the time.”  I laughed. “You knew that when you fucking married her!” “Yeah, well I thought she would lighten up a little,” he lamented. “We’ve been together twenty years.” ”Why bring this up now?” I asked as I sipped my drink. ”It’s worse than ever these days. Her fucking promotion turned her into a ball-breaker.” Tina was...Read On


The Other Couple 2/2

When Brian and Cadence met Ron and Tammy, they no idea what they were in for.

We both took the older couple's hands, and they brought us up. Even as we were slightly naked, we all just stood there for a moment and stared into their eyes. I had Ron in front of me while Tammy was in front of Brian. Although, I peeked at Brian for a few seconds, and he did the same. We both had small smiles on our faces with a hint of confusion though. We just nodded, but then he went...Read On


The Trouble with Tiffany

Tiffany and Mike ask us to help with a problem.

I returned home from the meeting in a good mood. The new client was pleased and had agreed to a long-term contract. I was pleased with myself for closing the deal. As I pulled in I saw Tiffany's Jeep in the driveway. I entered the house to find Pam and Tiffany in the kitchen. Pam was wearing her usual shorts and t-shirt. Tiffany was wearing a very short white skirt and a white tank top....Read On


Xmas Xcess

The enormous cock seemed to own her, setting the pace as it surged in and out….

The blizzard of white flakes kept coming in a staccato stream of flurries so thick the young girl on the balcony could barely make out the quaint town nestled below. Her almost dainty smile made it clear she didn’t mind. Affter all, the storm proved she had accomplished at least part of her mission. With one last quick glance at her map to make sure everything was sill on course, she looked...Read On


Quid Pro Quo

A young couple are taken into an ordeal of sex in their new apartment.

I was marveling at the new apartment—the floors, the fresh paint, the space, the possibilities, the view of the city—when I heard the knock. I kissed my fingers like a chef. My wife and I were so ready to turn this place into our love nest as soon as she got back from work. I pulled my eyes away from the hardwood floors to go see who was at the door. It was the landlord, Harry, with his...Read On


December Swap Meat - Journal Entry

swinging fun

December chill has hit us but I still long for attention and fun. A few recent swingers parties were okay at best — but they keep me hungry for more. I'm very fortunate that I live this lifestyle and I wish that I’d started younger. My husband is awesome — he just is. I never really write about him much because he doesn't know I keep this journal. And he certainly doesn’t know about some of...Read On


Stacy Lancaster: Stacy's First Swing pt3.5

Helen arrives and pushes things to the next level

Vaguely, Stacy was aware of her husband and Betty exchanging a few words. Jared got up and went across the room for something. When he returned, he was tearing open a foil condom wrapper. Helen was still showering attention on Stacy's tits and playing with her cunt. Frank got between the young woman's legs with cock in hand, ready to give the nymph a good strong fuck. Helen held up a hand....Read On


Stacy Lancaster: Stacy's First Swing pt3.0

Helen arrives and pushes things to the next level.

Helen turned out to be a slim woman of below average height with the thin features that could easily look severe but were likely to age well. And they had. Having left forty behind by several years, her deeply tanned features were a bit careworn. But her high, elegant eyebrows and strong cheekbones still lent an air of allure. Her hair was short, much like Stacy's, and pitch black. She...Read On

Recommended Read

The Presence Of The Past. (LFS)

They say you can't put your arms around a memory — but Martin tries.

She was the last person I expected to see at a swingers' party. Kerry and I had been anticipating this event for months. Held annually, we regarded it as the highlight of our swinging year. There must have been at least four hundred people present. Our old friends, Pippa and Pearce, both perfectionists to the borders of OCD, had secured the exclusive use of Masterville Hall, a once...Read On


The Pleasure Is Ours II

Matthew and Natalie talk about her sex with Kevin. Jessica has some fun beforehand.

Golden light shone through glass onto Matthew’s face as dawn ushered in a new day’s beginning. With one squinting eye, Matthew met it with annoyance and turned to face the other side of the bed. Slow and groggy, his mind took time to establish his surroundings and process his vision. Underneath the soft duvet, his head resting on a large fluffy pillow, he could make out the bare shoulder...Read On


Stacy Lancaster: Stacy's First Swing pt1.5

Stacy & company crank up the heat

As Betty attacked her sex with both hands, the building wave of ecstasy within Stacy crashed down in climax. Stacy let herself wail and scream as her orgasm wracked her body. In truth, it wasn't actually one of her strongest climaxes but the swinger had been able to bring her off a lot faster than she would have believed possible. Jared too recognized the signs of what was for his wife...Read On


Stacy Lancaster: Stacy's First Swing pt2

Betty shows off a bit. Stacy loves cum...

Stacy crawled forward, her eyes locked on the dick she called her own. Swooping in low like a stalking cat, she locked her mouth on the pliant member. The taste was exquisite. She had about half his shaft in her mouth, cradling it with her tongue. She could faintly feel the beating of his heart. She stayed that way several minutes, allowing her body to wind down a bit while gently nursing on...Read On


Stacy Lancaster: Stacy's First Swing pt1

After dinner, things start with a bang.

Stacy Lancaster was working on her makeup when she heard her husband's cell phone ring. She didn't think anything of it. She was a bit preoccupied. Stacy usually didn't wear makeup. Even at work where she was an office manager she only wore a little lipstick and skipped that half the time. She had become reasonably proficient with blush and eye-shadow, occasionally using it in moderation...Read On


Spied On By The New Neighbors

Our fantasy comes true.

Cody:   The Allerton’s home sold two months ago. We missed their step-siblings, Frank and Kate, with whom we had discovered the joys of of swinging. We kept looking for chances to engage in sexual relations when we knew somebody could be watching. The house was purchased by a youthful African-American married couple. He was tall and muscular while his wife was a petite light-skinned...Read On


Making a Hot Wife

Shelby bows to her husband's desire to share her with others.

Shelby sat quietly in the large living room chair staring out the sliding glass doors at the pool. She had been sitting there for the better part of an hour, quietly thinking about the things that had transpired over the past few days. It had started on Sunday afternoon when Shelby was washing clothes. As she was putting underwear into the washer, she noticed something odd on a pair of...Read On


Overheard Telephone Conversation

Sir, these are the records you requested of Subject M’s calls to his girlfriend since Saturday. I’m afraid we only managed to record one side of the conversation on each occasion owing to a glitch which we are working to identify, although we think that he might be using some sort of experimental blocking device. However, my opinion is still that he offers no security risk, and I recommend...Read On


My Crazy Life 2 - Amy

Fair is fair when my wife wants more. Swinging together helps balance the scales.

Swinging is not an activity for all people. By definition, it is a couple’s activity, and it requires a couple that is strong in their commitment to each other and open to new experiences. Here is the story of how my wife and I got started. My wife might say that she and I had been more or less happily married for fifteen years when we decided to explore. I am the story-teller, and I am...Read On


Gina and Friends

It looked to be a sleepy village. But looks can be deceptive?

We had decided to move to the countryside and had settled on a cottage in a sleepy village in Yorkshire. Well, that was what we thought. Over time, we slowly got to know the locals. There was something about certain individuals that didn’t come across as sleepy; in fact just the opposite. Gina was one of them, she owned the cottage just three doors away from us, but it took a while...Read On


Wife Swings

Hubby talks wife into swinging with unexpected results

After eighteen years of marriage, I finally convinced my wife, Nancy, to participate in a swingers party. Nancy was a very sensual lady and loved to fuck. In recent years she had become very adept at sucking cock. I knew she would be a hit at the party. Several guys at work had been regaling me with stories of their swinging parties and had invited me and Nancy to attend on numerous...Read On


True Swingers – Matt and Helen

Matt and Helen meet us for a fun time

Every so often, while surfing the classifieds in an attempt to find people that want to share themselves with us, you find a couple that are truly outstanding. It would be fair to say we had a hard time finding a couple where the woman was a true bi-sexual with a boyfriend or husband in tow. The single bi-sexual female was indeed as elusive as the Manhattan tiger. Helen was different –...Read On

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