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My Friends Fuck My Wife On Vacation - An Introduction To Wife Swapping

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My friends talk us into wife swapping so they can fuck Nancy on our vacation.

My name is Dave and I've been married to Nancy for two years. I'm thirty-two years old and Nancy is twenty-six. Most of our friends are around my age and have been married for six or eight years. Our best friends are John & Amy and Pete & Diane.

Amy and Diane are cute, but take a back seat to Nancy. My wife is younger with a kick-ass body. She has large 34D natural tits and tight abs to go along with a very cute face and long slender legs. She works out every day to stay in shape.

Nancy doesn't flaunt her body, but does like to wear sexy outfits. When she dresses up she usually shows a fair amount of cleavage. That's not hard to do with big natural tits. She always wears bikinis at the beach or pool parties. The guys all enjoy looking at her body in a bikini.

We've gone on vacation with John & Amy and Pete & Diane several times. We've been to Colorado, California and New York City with them. It's always been a good time with lots of sight seeing, wonderful dinners, shows and shopping.

It was John's turn to plan a vacation and he chose St. Martin in the Caribbean. There is lots to do with great beaches, shopping and lots of restaurants. John chose a nice high end hotel on the French side of the island. They offered every amenity you could imagine. A big pool with jacuzzi, long beach, jet skis, and sail boats. We all agreed it would be a wonderful, fun filled vacation.

I knew they had topless beaches but read that most women aren't topless, so there was no need to worry about Nancy showing off her big tits to John and Pete. John joked around a lot and did say he would love to see the girls topless, especially Nancy. Before the trip he asked the girls if they planned to go topless. They all laughed and said that was not something they planned to do.

Nancy surprised me when we were alone and said she would go topless if Amy and Diane did. I admit I got excited thinking about Nancy showing our friends her naked boobs. I also got hard thinking about Amy and Diane topless. They both have great bodies with average tits.

Leading up to the trip the girls started joking around about going topless at the beach. None of us guys thought they would actually do it, but agreed we wouldn't mind seeing some tits on vacation.

We flew to St. Martin for a seven day beach vacation. We arrived in time to hit the beach our first afternoon. When we got to the beach about half the women were topless. John, Pete and I were certainly enjoying the view. The girls saw our reaction and commented about the lecherous looks on our faces. Naked tits everywhere we looked.

Amy decided to join the fun. She looked at the other girls and said, "Now or never. Let's show off our tits to the guys on the beach. Our fucking husbands will have to watch the others guys stare at our naked tits."

Amy took off her top. Her white tits and hard nipples were a sight to behold. Nancy and Diane followed her lead and took off their tops. All three of our wives were topless, showing off their tits to anyone who wanted to look.

John and Pete couldn't take their eyes off Nancy's big tits. She put lotion on her tits and started rubbing the lotion as her tits flopped around. What a sight. Nancy obviously enjoyed the attention and wasn't the least bit embarrassed. I was getting aroused as I watched John and Pete stare at Nancy's naked tits.

All of us sat on beach chairs to gather our composure. Wow, what a start to our vacation. I had mixed emotions about Nancy going topless. I was aroused but also a little pissed that John and Pete got to see my wife topless.

The girls decided to walk the beach. They enjoyed the attention and didn't mind at all that all the guys were staring at them. Without a doubt they were the best looking topless women at the beach. Nancy's tits jiggled and bounced as she walked at the edge of the water. She wasn't shy or hesitant as she walked by one guy after another. She put on quite the show.

We all went back to our rooms to get ready for dinner. The minute Nancy and I got into the room I was all over her. She was just as aroused as I was. Going topless in front of our friends was a pretty nasty thing to do, and Nancy was ready to fuck. I played with her tits as she took off her bikini bottom. My hard cock had no trouble plunging into her wet pussy. There was no foreplay, just hard fucking. I rolled Nancy on top of me so I could play with her tits as I fucked her tight pussy. I called her my slut wife who enjoyed showing off her tits. We both experienced a swift orgasm as I filled her pussy with a big load of cum.

We took our showers and got dressed for dinner. Nancy put on a rather sheer top and didn't bother with a bra. Holy shit. I took one look and said, "I can see your nipples through your top. Shouldn't you put on a bra?"

Nancy laughed and said, "I don't think I'll be wearing a bra on this vacation. I've already gone topless, so what's the big deal. I think John and Pete will enjoy the sight, don't you?"

I found my dick getting hard again as I looked at my sexy wife in a see through top. What the hell, she was right about already going topless, so what's the big deal about a see through top?

When we got to the bar, I could tell the other men enjoyed looking at Nancy in her revealing top. There was something about a sexy woman, all dressed up, showing off her nipples. It actually seemed more sexy than the topless beach.

John and Pete complimented Nancy on her outfit. She laughed and said, "You mean you like seeing my nipples in the sheer top?"

They both nodded their heads and complimented her revealing outfit. Amy and Diane both said they wished they had dressed a little more revealing and said they would follow Nancy's lead for the rest of the vacation.

This was going to be one hell of a week. Our three wives showing off their tits for the next six days. John sure wins the award for picking the best vacation yet.

The next day we drove over to Orient Beach which has a clothing optional resort on one end called Club Orient. Most of the women at the beach were topless with a few completely naked. A cruise ship had arrived in the port and there were quite a few men with cameras taking pictures of the topless women. They were pretty rude and obnoxious, but it was a public beach, so who could really complain?

We walked the beach and could see the cruise ship voyeurs taking pictures and videos of our topless wives walking by. I could only imagine that a few of them would upload their pictures to the Internet. I found my cock getting hard as I imagined men from all over the world beating off as they looked at Nancy's tits at Orient Beach.

We noticed that a catamaran called the Tiko Tiko was anchored at Club Orient and advertised a day sail to a remote island. That sounded like fun so we booked a spot on the cruise for the next day.

We were all getting more comfortable with the girls being topless. I enjoyed checking out Amy and Diane and couldn't help but see their nipples were hard and erect. They were obviously aroused showing off their tits to strangers.

We had a nice dinner that night. Amy and Diane wore sheer tops without bras to match Nancy's revealing outfit from the night before. The waiter sure enjoyed the show, as did the other men in the restaurant. John, Pete and I were all taken a little by surprise at how our wives had turned into sexy exhibitionists on the vacation.

We arrived at the Tiko Tiko the next morning for our cruise and were more than a little surprised that all the other passengers were naked. Our wives were topless, but had their bikini bottoms on. It turns out that we hadn't noticed the sign advertising the cruise that said it was a clothing optional cruise. What now?

We all looked at each other with trepidation. Nancy broke the silence by saying, "I guess we get to see our husbands dicks out in the open."

Nancy peeled off her bikini bottom and stood in front of us with her nicely trimmed bush on display. She smiled as she said, "Come on boys, off with those swim trunks. Let's see what you're packing."

I looked at John and Pete as I nervously took off my swim trunks. My cock sprang forward. John and Pete followed my lead and took off their swim trunks as Amy and Diane removed their bikini bottoms. All of us were nude. As I stared at Amy's shaved pussy, I found myself getting an erection. The lips of her pussy were fully displayed for all to see.

Diane had a nicely trimmed bush similar to Nancy. All of us were checking each other out. The girls were looking at our cocks as we looked at their pussies. No one said a word.

We were all more than a little embarrassed, but with so many naked people surrounding us, the relaxed atmosphere made us all feel more comfortable.

Almost on queue, we all started laughing. I said, "Well, it's nice to see all of you in your birthday suits. I never expected this turn of events. I guess we are going to be best friends forever now that we are comfortable getting naked in front of each other."

The cruise was a lot of fun. We talked with the other guests and enjoyed a nice lunch, time on the beach, and snorkeling. We almost forgot that we were all naked. Almost. I couldn't help but look at the pussies on display. Naked tits are one thing, naked pussies are more exotic. I couldn't help but imagine fucking every woman on the cruise.

Nancy and I chatted with an attractive young couple. The woman was striking. Beautiful, young, perky small tits with stand out nipples, and a shaved pussy. They told us they were staying at Club Orient, which is a clothing optional resort. I asked them why they chose Club Orient. I was more than a little shocked when the woman calmly said they were swingers. She said that many of the couples at Club Orient were swingers who liked to fuck other fun couples. Wow. I certainly knew there were swingers but had never actually met any.

I was intrigued and aroused as I looked at the stunning naked woman I was talking to, and imagined her fucking other guys on her vacation. Nancy asked her how long they had been swingers. She told us it had been about four years and their marriage couldn't be stronger. She said they both liked fucking other people and it just spiced up their marriage. She then told Nancy she should consider the lifestyle as she described it.

Nancy looked shocked and said, "No way I could ever do that. Don't you get jealous?"

The young woman told us it was just sex and nothing more. I felt my cock getting hard thinking about fucking the foxy naked woman sitting next to me. Nancy looked at me and said, "I know Dave feels the same as I do. Isn't that right?"

I stammered, "Absolutely. I wouldn't want other guys fucking you. No way."

Our naked friend just laughed and said, "To each their own. It's sure works for us."

We ended the cruise having had way too much to drink. We put our swim suits on and walked back to our car. The girls were still topless but covered their pussies with their bikini bottoms.

I told our friends about the swingers we talked to. All of us were surprised by the nonchalant portrayal of the swinging lifestyle.

We got back to our hotel, showered, and met for a nice dinner. Nancy suggested we should all go in the hotel jacuzzi after dinner. We all agreed that would be a good way to end the day.

We met at the jacuzzi wearing our swim suits. The girls were topless since they had decided they didn't need bikini tops in St. Martin.

Nancy threw me off guard when she peeled off her bikini bottom and got in the jacuzzi. She looked at us and said, "We've been naked all day. We don't need to be modest now."

That was true and none of us could argue with Nancy's logic. We all got naked and climbed in to join Nancy. This was quite a day. Naked with our best friends.

We had three bottles of wine as we talked about our day. Nancy looked at John and said, "Would you ever let Amy fuck another guy?"

John was caught off guard and said, "Only if I got to fuck another woman. He realized what he said and quickly added, "I mean no. That would be going a little too far."

We all laughed. Pete then said, "I don't know, but I have to admit it would be pretty exciting to swap partners for a good night of sex. Why not?"

That was a shocking revelation. Diane looked at Pete and said, "You are just a pig. Why don't you admit you want to fuck Nancy. Hell, I'd like to fuck both Dave and John. What do you think about that?"

We were all more than a little drunk when John chimed back in by saying, "I'm game for that. We could swap partners for a night. We're all adults here. I know I'd like to fuck both Nancy and Diane."

I was caught off guard but also pretty horny. I couldn't imagine my two best friends fucking my beautiful wife but I also had to admit I'd love to fuck both Amy and Diane.

I looked at Nancy and said, "Why not? I'm willing to swap partners tonight if you guys are."

Nancy stared at me and said, "What are you thinking. You want Pete and John to put their cocks in my pussy? I'll do you one better, just to teach you a lesson. I'll suck their cocks and swallow their cum. How's that big boy? They can eat my pussy while I suck their cocks."

Diane and Amy were silent. Amy then said, "I'm willing. I'd like a strange cock in my pussy. Why not? It would be a nasty night of debauchery."

We were all nervous. It was out there. There was no turning back. I asked, "Who gets to fuck who tonight?"

Pete was quick to say, "I'll fuck Nancy. John can fuck Diane and Dave can fuck Amy."

The girls all looked at each other. Nancy said, "Works for me. I'd like to suck Pete's cock and imagine he might be good for at least three fucks during the night."

Holy shit. This was actually going to happen. My beautiful wife was going to fuck Pete. I was going to fuck Amy. My mind was spinning. We were actually going to swap wives for the night.

We got out of the jacuzzi and all looked at each other wondering how this was going to work. We headed back into the hotel. Nancy said, "The girls will use our own rooms. The guys can get ready and come knock on our doors for a night of sex. Let's plan on thirty minutes from now."

Nancy and I went to our room. I felt a little sick to my stomach. As much as I wanted to fuck Amy I didn't want Pete to fuck Nancy. Nancy put on a see through negligee and all but pushed me out of the room. It was obvious she was horny and wanted to fuck Pete.

I passed Pete in the hall as he headed towards our room. I didn't know what to say. He gave me a fist pump and said, "Enjoy yourself. I sure will."

I looked back as he knocked on our door and Nancy greeted him in her see through negligee with her tits clearly on display. I had troubling images of Nancy fucking Pete but was also thinking about Amy's shaved pussy.

I knocked on Amy's door and waited for her to open the door. When she opened the door she had a big smile on her face and was completely nude. My eyes focused briefly on her naked tits and prominent nipples but quickly turned to her bald pussy. I wanted to lick her cunt and force my tongue between the lips of her exotic pussy.

We were both nervous. Amy led me towards the couch in their room as she directed me to strip off my clothes. She whispered, "Dave, let me see your hard cock. I've been thinking about your cock ever since we left the jacuzzi. I want to suck your cock and taste your cum in my mouth."

Holy shit. Amy was in full slut mode.

We sat on the couch and started making out. She was the aggressor. Her tongue plunged into my mouth. We kissed like two teenagers in heat. Amy started stroking my hard cock while my finger probed her wet cunt.

Amy bent over and started licking the tip of my cock. She slowly sucked the head of my cock between her lips as she massaged my balls. I was in my glory as her head bobbed up and down with my hard shaft going in and out of her mouth.

I wanted to lick her cunt, so I maneuvered myself into position to eat her shaved cunt. I licked her cunt and could taste her pussy juice flowing from her wet pussy. This was mutual oral sex like you see in a porno movie. We were both relaxed and taking our time to pleasure our partner. I completely forgot about Nancy and absorbed myself in the task at hand.

I felt my orgasm at the verge of exploding when Amy tensed up and started to shudder. We exploded together. My cum flowed into her mouth. Amy kept a tight grip on my cock and swallowed every drop of cum I delivered into her mouth. Holy crap. This was the best blow job ever.

I got up and embraced Amy as I said, " It's time to fuck. Let's go to the bedroom."

As we walked to the bedroom I thought about Nancy. I imagined her sucking Pete's cock. My dick was hard. I don't know if I was hard thinking about my hot wife with Pete or thinking about my chance to fuck Amy. The fact was I was ready to fuck.

Amy got on the bed with her legs spread apart. I stared at her shaved pussy waiting for my hard cock. I got on top of Amy and plunged my cock into her wet pussy. I went deep inside her with no resistance. I started humping her as her hips matched me thrust for thrust. She had her hands on my butt and pulled me inside her. She was fucking me as much as I was fucking her.

We fucked for good ten minutes when I shot off. I had already shot a big load of cum in her mouth so my second load was less than spectacular. I was spent.

We rolled onto to sides and embraced. It felt great to embrace Amy's naked body. I caressed her tits and rubbed her taunt nipples. She caressed my dick and played with my balls. It was glorious.

Amy looked at me and said, "That was a great fuck. I'll bet Pete is really pounding Nancy. What do think about your hot wife being fucked right now?"

I didn't want to think about Nancy. I knew Pete was probably fondling her tits. He always had a thing about Nancy's big tits. This was a nasty night of wife swapping. You have to pay to play.

I fucked Amy twice more before it was time to go. We had all agreed the night would end at 8:00 AM. I kissed Amy and headed back to my room. Pete approached me in the hall with a shit eating grin on his face. We stopped and looked at each other. He wasn't embarrassed at all when he said, "Nancy was great. You are one lucky guy getting to fuck her all the time. Her big tits are the best. I hope you had as much fun with Amy as I had with your hot wife."

That wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear. I had no doubt Pete had ravished my beautiful wife. And I had no doubt that Nancy thoroughly enjoyed her night with Pete.

I went into our room and found Nancy laying naked on the bed. Her legs were spread apart and she had cum dripping from her cunt. She looked at me and said, "Pete just fucked me for the fourth time. He couldn't get enough. I trust you enjoyed fucking Amy. This wife swapping was a great idea. I can't wait to fuck John."

I was speechless. Nancy enjoyed being a slut wife and wanted more. As much as I wanted to fuck Diane I would have called it off if I could. But I knew there was going to be more debauchery before the week was over.

I was exhausted and suggested we get some rest before lunch. Nancy agreed. She said, "I'm exhausted. I don't think I got thirty minutes of sleep. Pete wanted to fuck all night."

We both slept for about four hour. We got up, showered and dressed for lunch at the outside restaurant. Nancy put on her bikini bottoms as she headed out the door with her tits bouncing and jiggling as we walked to the restaurant.

We met our friends and all looked at each other. The girls were all topless. We sat down and stared at each other. Pete broke the ice and said, "I don't know about everyone else but that was one hell of a night. I can't believe we actually swapped wives, but I'm sure glad we did. I look forward to getting to know Amy a little better tonight."

Everyone laughed and the conversation went straight into the gutter. All the guys commented on their partners and all the girls laughed about getting more sex in a night than they usually got in a month.

We went back to Orient Beach with our slut wives showing off their tits. Nancy saw a large group of couples and picked a spot in the middle. None of the other women were topless. All the guys stared at our topless wives. They were exhibitionists putting on a show.

As Nancy sat in the lounge chair she nonchalantly pulled off her bikini bottom and lay down with her trimmed bush on display. Amy and Diane followed suit. All three of our wives were sprawled out naked in front of this large group.

The other women were glaring at our naked wives. The guys were all staring in disbelief. Naked tits and pussies on display. Amy's shaved cunt was fully displayed. What a show.

We walked the beach with our naked wives. John, Pete and I kept our swim trunks on. The women tried to get us naked but we wouldn't budge. I think guys are actually more modest than women.

We had fun that afternoon. The girls liked showing off. We went into beach shops and stopped for a drink at an outside bar. Many of the women were topless but only our three wives were nude.

We all went back to our rooms to get ready for dinner. I asked Nancy to describe her most outlandish act with Pete. Nancy hesitated before she said, "Pete wanted to shoot off on my face. I sucked his cock, stroked his hard shaft and played with his balls while he fondled my tits. I could taste cum leaking from his dick the minute I ran my tongue over the tip of his cock. When he was ready to cum he took his cock out of my mouth and started to jerk off. He asked me to get on my knees and open my mouth so he could shoot his cum into my mouth and all over my face. It was really nasty. He said Diane wouldn't let him shoot off on her face. When he climaxed he sprayed his cum all over me. I swallowed the cum he shot in my mouth but he also covered my face and sprayed his cum on my tits and belly. It was a real mess."

My cock got hard as Nancy described the blow job she performed on Pete. I pulled my cock out and started to beat off. Nancy then shocked me when she said, "Pete took out his phone and took several pictures of me. He wanted a picture of my face and tits dripping with his cum. I had cum dripping from my mouth when he took the photos. He showed them to me and they were nasty, porn quality shots. I looked like a real slut,"

Holy shit. Pete had photos of my beautiful naked wife with cum all over her face and tits. What the hell was that all about. Nancy then asked, "Do you want to see them? Pete emailed them to me. I should warn you they are really nasty. I had my legs spread and you can see my cunt wide open."

I shot off when she finished talking. I was so aroused I couldn't think straight. I murmured, "Show me your dirty photos."

Nancy handed me her phone and called up the photos. They were worse than I imagined. Pete must have shot the biggest load of his life to cover Nancy with cum like he did. I didn't know if I should be pissed or grateful for the photos. I knew I would save them to beat off to when I went home.

Nancy then continued her story. She said, "Pete fucked me doggie style with my tits bouncing around when he fucked me. He had me sit on top of him when he fucked me another time. He loved playing with my tits while he plunged his cock in and out of my cunt. He fucked me on my back while I played with his balls. And this morning he fucked me on my side while he was behind me so he could fondle my tits while he pounded me with his hard cock. It was a real fuck-a-thon."

This was almost too much to hear. Nancy went above and beyond my session with Amy. I was jealous and excited at the same time. I actually enjoyed hearing what a slut Nancy was with Pete.

We got dressed and went to the restaurant for dinner. We were all excited and looked forward to swapping wives for the second night in a row. It was my turn to fuck Diane while Nancy was going to get fucked by John.

All of us were a little nervous at dinner. I mentioned that Pete had photos of Nancy with cum all over her face and tits. Diane looked shocked and called Pete a pig.

When dinner was over we all went to our rooms to get ready for round two. Nancy was naked when I left. No negligee this time. Crap. I was full of conflicting thoughts knowing John was going to fuck Nancy.

I arrived at Diane's room and found her naked when she opened the door. I stripped off my clothes and found my cock was rock hard. Nancy pulled me onto the bed and said she wanted to suck my cock. She added, "I want you to shoot your cum all over me and I want you to take pictures like Pete did with your hot wife."

Diane started licking my cock as she slowly sucked the head of my cock into her mouth. She fondled my balls and squeezed them to make sure she got a big load of cum when I shot off. When I was ready to unload on her I pulled my cock out of her mouth and jerked off for a minute or so until I exploded. I shot cum all over her face and tits. It was a really big, nasty load unleashed on her smiling face.

I took out my phone and snapped a dozen pictures. This was sweet revenge on Pete. I emailed the photos to Diane. She picked the nastiest photo and then did something I never expected. She uploaded the photo to Tumblr. Holy shit. She said, "That will teach Pete a lesson. Men from all over the world can see me with cum all over my face. I'm sure they will have fun beating off as they look at the photo."

I was speechless. But, what they hell, it was Diane's decision.

I was hard again and rolled Diane over for a good fuck. She fucked like a wanton woman looking for a hard fuck, and I gave it to her. When I shot my cum into her wet pussy we were both exhausted. We lay next to each other knowing there was more to come. I fucked Diane three more times before it was time to leave in the morning.

I headed back to our room and found Nancy naked on the bed. She looked sexy as hell. She confirmed that John had fucked her four times. She had sucked his cock and let him shoot off on her face just like Pete had done. She grinned when she told me that John took photos of her just like Pete had done.

I actually didn't mind and got hard knowing that both Pete and John would beat off at home when they looked at the photos

We swapped wives the next two nights before heading home. This was one nasty, fuck filled vacation. We all agreed we would swap partners once a month when we got home. Having a couple of fuck buddies would surely spice up our sex lives.

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