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Wife's client tells husband of his plans

A break away from my ongoing series. Some asked about Tina's lunch client, maybe this is how one of the lunches with him went, maybe. 1/2 written on my phone over breakfast one morning at 5am. In The Beginning will continue soon.

“I’m going to fuck your wife.”

“Really, how’d you work that out?”

“It’s obvious that she needs a real man. One that can show her what it feels like to have six-and-a-half inches of prime meat in her.”

“Oh, is that right?”

“Yep, I’m glad she brought you today. I’m glad I can explain it to you, face to face, mano-a-mano.”

“Mano-a-mano implies I’m a man and therefore if she’s had me then she won’t need you.”

“It’s just a saying, you know what I mean. There’s no point trying to outwit me, cleverer men than you have tried.”


“And what?”

“Cleverer men have tried to outwit you and…”

“Failed of course.”


“What are you doing?”

“Oh, sorry, just texting my wife.”

“What are you saying? I hope you’re not spoiling my surprise.”

“What? Oh, no, wouldn’t dream of it, look.”

Hi, my love, is everything ok? I’m here with your client already. It’s okay, we’re having an interesting chat. We’ve already been seated, so I’ll keep an eye out for you. Love Cuddles xxx


“Ha! Look.”

Cuddles?? What have you been drinking, you knob?

“She does love me, but sometimes gets a bit, how can I put it, firm when I start getting lovey-dovey”

“Which just proves that she needs a man, you know, to get her back in her place.”

“You’d do that for me?”

“Well not really. Let me explain how this is going to work.”

“Oh good, I do like it when people explain how things are going to work. It just makes everything that follows, so much easier to deal with.”

“It does. So, first I’m going to take her up to a room and fuck her.”

“Have you got a room already?”

“What? No, not yet.”

“I think they get busy here, why don’t you get one booked before she gets here. She does love things to be organised. It’ll save you faffing about and paying for it when you are all eager to get up to the room.”

“Thanks. You know, I thought you were going to put up some resistance. From what your wife says, she gives the impression that you’re a formidable man. I knew you couldn’t be that perfect.”

“Nobody’s that perfect, let alone perfect at all.”

“Right…I’ll be back in a minute.”


“Oh, that was quick. All sorted?”

“All done.”

“So, you were saying, taking us up to your room.”

“No, no. I’m taking her to my room, you can wait here. When I’ve finished with her, you can take her home.”

“How will I know you’ve fucked her and that she enjoyed it.”

“I’ll leave my seed in her for you and the smile on her face will tell you everything.”

“And this will make her less aggressive towards me, more compliant?”

“Oh, no, you misunderstand. Maybe less aggressive, but she will become compliant to me.”

“And you’ll tell her to let me have more sex?”

“Still missing the point, she’s only to get her sex from me. If she comes on to you, you have to reject her.”

“How does that help me?”

“It’s a long game. Eventually, she will be begging for sex. At that point, you call me and I will fuck her again, providing she asks. Next time she will have to beg and then her training will begin.”

“Training her to be a good wife in the bedroom?”

“Sort of.”

“Sort of?”

“Yes, she’ll be a good wife in the bedroom, but for me.”

“What, you intend to take her off me?”

“Oh, god, no! My wife wouldn’t let me keep her. Know what I mean? She’ll remain your wife. You do love her, don’t you?”

“To the end of time. But if you’re the only one having sex with her, where does that leave me?”

“Still some misunderstanding I see. I get why you never got past site manager. You will look after her and provide for her. If she becomes pregnant, because I don’t like contraception, then you will raise the kid as yours while ensuring she gets back in shape as soon as possible.”


“And I didn’t say I was going to be the only one fucking her. That's just until her training is finished.”

“You said she would only be getting sex from you.”

“Meaning that I approve who she has sex with.”

“So, I can start fucking her again then?”

“Well, I suppose, providing my friends and business associates don’t want her and you pay the going rate. Of course, that is if she still wants your cocktail sausage.”


“Yes, once her training is finished, I’m going to have to get recompense for my time. So, I will agree to everyone who she can have sex with and ensure we set a fair price.”

“But isn’t fucking her enough recompense?”

“My dear boy, while I am fucking her, I’m also training her. I can’t be earning money, so I have to make back my losses and I think it’s only fair she pay for her training.”

“Okay, so I’m really confused now. Why would I agree to you fucking her if I’m not going to benefit?”

“Because if she doesn’t, I’ll take my business elsewhere and say she’s the reason.”

“But by the sounds of it, eventually she won’t be working where she is, so why would it matter. She could get a job elsewhere if she got sacked.”

“Not if I ruin her reputation. And that’s why she’ll let me fuck her, to save her career and reputation.”

“But she won’t need her career if you do what you say you are going to do. She’ll just take the hit and not fuck you.”

“Only if she knew what the long term goal was, she’s not going to find that out now, is she?”

“But I know and I would prefer to keep my wife with a ruined career and reputation. After all, you seem confident I can support her on my salary.”

“Ah, but you don’t have the connections I have. I know some people very high up in your firm, don’t even work at your building. I’m sure they will be able to find a new site manager without too much problem.”



“Who are these people?”

“People that could end your job, just like that.”

“And they are based at one of the other two sites?”


“Oh look, she’s here.”

“You understand the plan, mum’s the word. It’ll be a nice surprise for her.”

“Oh, yes. Someone’s in for a nice surprise all right.”

“Hi, sweetie.”

“Hi, beautiful.”


“Sorry to cut you off, I can’t hold back anymore. Your client here says he is going to fuck you this afternoon. Isn’t that exciting.”

“Oh, don’t be a knob, I knew you’d been drinking.”

“No, he hasn’t been drinking, I am going to fuck you. As the cat is out of the bag, shall we adjourn to my room?”


“Come on, it’ll be fun.

“Yes, I know what you said. When she’s ready to begin, I’ll come down and wait in the bar. Here we are room 216. After you."

“Lovely room. So, what have you two been plotting.”

“Not me, beautiful, it was all your client’s idea.”

“It’s like this, I’m going to fuck you or I’m going to take my business elsewhere. If you refuse, I will ruin your reputation and your career. I will go further, I will also ruin your husband’s career, I know some people in his firm that can get him sacked at the drop of a hat.”

“Wow! All these years as my client and I never realised just how influential you were. You could really get my husband sacked?”

“Yep. So, I take that as a yes then.”

“Before I agree, I just want to clarify a few things.”


“If I don’t, you’ll take your business and ruin me and my husband’s careers. Got that. You do know that your firm is not the biggest account with my boss. Actually, it’s the firm my husband works for. Losing your firm wouldn't be nice, but I'm sure my boss could live with it."

“Well with that information, if you refuse, I will get your husband's firm to take their business away too.”

“You have that much influence in my husband’s firm?”

“I certainly do.”

“Wow! That’s astounding. I’m sorry sweetie, I didn’t realise.”

“It’s okay beautiful, I had no idea that anyone else could have that much influence on where my firm goes for their accountants.”

“It does seem harsh on my boss and the other employees.”

“You want to be responsible for their misfortune too?”

“Well, of course not.

“Just one more question. Who are these people in my husband’s firm that have so much influence?”

“I can’t reveal my sources.”

“In which case, I have to refuse. Sorry beautiful, we have always been a team and made decisions together, but without being certain, he could be bluffing. I’d rather risk your career and call his bluff on mine.”

“Okay, before I tell you. Why are you so interested in who my contacts are?”

“Oh, silly, that’s easy. It’s so my husband can sack them.”

“What do you mean?”

“What do you think my husband does?”

“He’s the site manager, it says it on the website.”

“Yes, and the financial director is listed as the book-keeper, the operations director is listed as the warehouse manager.”

“You see rather than get all above ourselves, we do our directorial work, but also do day to day stuff too. The rest of the staff, seeing us getting down and wallowing in the muck with them, know that if it hits the fan, not only will we roll our sleeves up, they know that we know what we are doing.

“It wasn’t staff per-se, it was shareholders.”

“Shareholders that don’t work at the same site as me?”

“That’s correct.”

“Sweetie, he must mean the girls.”

“Or you, you don’t work there either.”

“Oh silly, there’s no need to look so confused, it’s very straight forward. My husband owns sixty-five percent of the firm, I own fifteen-per cent. The two other directors, five percent each and each of our daughters have five percent.”

“So, your contacts, please. Unless you were bluffing?”

“Oh, of course, you were, silly. I wouldn’t agree to sacking my husband and even if we all ganged up on him, our thirty-five percent wouldn’t be enough to do it anyway. There is the other thing.”

"What's that?"

"I would never agree to have sex with you, irrespective of what you threatened. Oh, don't look like that, I would never agree to have sex with anyone other than my husband. Our love is stronger than any threats or blackmail."

“Who’s that?”

“Why don’t you go answer it, beautiful.”

“What’s going on?”

“While you were so kindly booking this room for my wife and I to use, I texted her with a brief summary of what you had said. As she was stuck in traffic, she made a phone call to her boss. She asked him to call your boss, as it seems, unlike me, you have one. She did suggest your wife might be interested in being here too.”

“You what? How dare you!”

“Sweetie, they all made it, even his wife. Isn’t that great.”

“How dare I? How dare you suggest you are going to fuck my wife.”

“I didn’t say that, it’s bullshit, you coaxed me up into this room and offered her to me.”

“That’s what the recording will say, will it?”

“What recording?”

“The one I started, that has been streaming to my cloud account since that text I sent to my wife. You know the one where I showed you my phone. If you'd have looked just a little closer, you would have seen the icon at the top indicating it was streaming.”


“I’m dreadfully sorry this has happened to you and your wife, please know that my HR people are putting in place plans to suspend him immediately and carry out a full investigation.”

“Let me know where to send the recording to.”

“Can I get a copy too, to give to my solicitor when I start divorce proceedings.”

“Well, beautiful, now they’ve all gone, it seems a shame to waste this room that’s been booked and paid for.”

“It does indeed. I do love my wonderful husband”

“And he loves you more.”

Thanks to cbears52 for proofreading

Thank you to the moderators helping me getting this published

And thank you to everyone that reads, comments, and/or votes.

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