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Shall We Play? Part 5

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The others tell their stories.

After Jack left, I fell back into a deep sleep. Surprisingly, I didn’t wake up when my husband crawled into bed. The room was filled with light when my eyes opened. Logan was next to me asleep, like any other Sunday morning. But this was not any other Sunday morning. It had been just a few hours ago that Jack had been in my bed fucking me and Logan had been in the bed of the hostess of the party we attended.

As I cuddled up with Logan, I could smell her pussy juice on him. He started to stir when my arms wrapped around him. “Good morning, honey,” I said kissing him on the cheek.

“Good morning.” I pushed my naked body against his. “Mmm, do I feel my wife’s naked body against mine?”

I reached around him fondling his soft dick. “Yes, is this my husband’s worn out cock. Did you have a good time with our hostess?”

“Yeah, it was a nice time.”

“Wait just nice? You were with the hottest woman at the party. All you guys were drooling over her. You have to give me the whole story.”


Logan’s Story


I will start from before the picking when we were out on the patio having a cigar.

As you gals were, we were talking about the women. When Lana’s name was brought up, it was said she is very gorgeous but that was it. No one would say any more.

We went through the picking and I was very concerned how nervous you looked after you picked. I hadn’t realized that it was over and I hadn’t been picked. I will admit I was excited that I was going to stay with Lana.

Once you and everyone else left, she asked me to help clean up. I was disappointed because I could feel the pill starting to work. With that incentive, I got the job done quickly. When we were done, I went in for a hug which she did but when I went in for a kiss, she stopped me. She said she doesn’t kiss.

I asked her how we would do this and she said she wanted us to take a shower first. Before that, she wanted me to tell her how pretty I thought she was. I told her she was incredibly hot.

When we got upstairs, she wanted me to tell her about her body as she stripped. I told her I would be happy to tell her as I took her clothes off for her. She said that would not be how we would do it.

I did as she asked, telling her how beautiful her tits were, then her ass, then her pussy. We got in the shower with me hard as ever. In the shower, she soaped me, then I soaped her. I enjoyed soaping her big tits. She surprised me when she pulled out a razor. I thought it was odd that she was going to shave but no, it was for me. Lana shaved me clean. Lana said that she thought pubic hair was dirty.

We rinsed off, then dried off before heading to the bed. Lana crawled onto the bed spreading her legs. She pointed to her pussy and told me to get to work.

“Should I put a condom on first?”

“No, honey, you need to get to work with your tongue first.”

Her attitude took me by surprise but I love to eat pussy so I didn’t mind. Lana’s legs were smooth and clean shaven just like her pussy. She lightly moaned when I started licking her. “Mmm, now work the lips more before you push your tongue inside.” I didn’t know it then but that was just the beginning of Lana directing me. “Now work my clit with your finger.“

I did as I was told, eating her pussy just the way she wanted. Luckily for me, she was building to an orgasm and was unable to direct me further. Lana was producing a lot of juice that getting all over my face. She did taste wonderful. I was hoping she would cum soon; my cock was aching to get inside her.

“Oh fuck, yes, keep it going, Logan, I’m going to cum.” Lana pulled my head in tight to her pussy and squeezed my head with her thighs.

Finally, she released me, allowing me to come up for air. I crawled up next to her hoping for a clue as to how we would proceed. I was hoping for a little sucking on my cock before we fucked. I rubbed her tits while she caught her breath.

“You did a good job, Logan.” She reached over stroking my dick. “Well, this is nice and hard.” Lana reached over to the nightstand pulling out a condom, handing it to me. “Put that on and we will have sex. I like to be on top.”

Quickly, I ripped open the package, rolling the condom down my shaft. Moving to my back I waited for Lana to climb on. She swung her hip over me, guiding my cock into her pussy. Just like with me eating her pussy, Lana was in complete control. She was telling me when to push up and when not to.

The good thing about her directions, it was distracting enough to keep me from cumming too quickly. In fact, I was going longer than I have in a very long time. Lana was starting to look like she was getting tired. I thought about asking to change positions but I was tired of her directing me. With a quick motion, I put Lana on her back. Just as quickly I was on top of her shoving my cock back inside her pussy.

Being on top, I was in control. I was pumping her hard, with my head next to hers. I started kissing her neck and whispering in her ear how good her pussy felt. It was having the desired effect. Lana was squirming and breathing heavy. I was kissing her neck when she groaned loudly turning her lips to mine. Her tongue plunged into my mouth while her body shook with another orgasm. During her orgasm, I filled my condom.

Lana regained her senses and pulled back from me. She seemed flustered, “I don’t normally kiss but that was a good fuck. There is a trash can in the bathroom if you want to throw that condom in it.”

When I came back to the bed, Lana had curled up with her head away from me. “Logan, you can sleep here or in the guest room but I’m going to want you to eat my pussy and have sex before you leave in the morning.” With that, she pulled the sheet up as if to dismiss me.

I lay down on the bed a little pissed. I was already getting hard again; I assumed it was the pill. Getting to sleep was not easy but finally, I did. I awoke to Lana pushing on my shoulder. “Logan, I’m ready.”

My eyes focused on Lana lying there with her legs open next to me. I was still pissed at the way she was treating me, but with my cock getting hard again I wasn’t going to turn down pussy. Just like the night before she directed my pussy licking and I complied. I brought her to a nice climax.

As she was calming down, I grabbed a condom from the nightstand and quickly put it on. Before she could start directing me again, I rolled her over and pulled her to her knees. I entered her from behind before she could object.

She started to say something but I just fucked her harder. She buried her head in the pillow while I buried my cock in her pussy. I continued to slam my cock in her till I finally came.

After I threw the condom away, I put my clothes on. Lana was lying on the bed with a grin on her face. “Come here,” she said motioning me to bend down. She kissed me on the lips. “I had a good night, see you at the next party.”


“That’s my story. What are you grinning at?” Logan asked.

“I was worried about you going off with the hottest woman at the party and here you are telling me it was just okay. I’m sorry you didn’t have a great time.” I burst out laughing, “No, I’m not. We were all jealous of her but she is just a bitch. I think that’s funny.”

“I’m glad you think that’s funny, are you going to tell me about your night with big Jack?”

“I will do that later,” I said reaching for his now hard cock. “Looks like Mr. Softy isn’t soft anymore. Is that pill still having some effect on you?”

Logan looked down at his hard cock in my hand. “That pill did help but this hard-on is the result of being with my very sexy wife.”

“That was a great answer, now you can fuck me any way you want.”

Logan pushed me on my back. I think the entire time he fucked me he was kissing me.

After he came in me, I gave him a watered-down version of my night with Jack. I didn’t lie; I told him that I was very nervous at first but Jack was kind and patient with me. I was honest when Logan asked if Jack was bigger than him. I didn’t tell him how good that big cock felt inside me.

When I finished my story, I asked him if his time with Lana had soured him on the idea of attending the Rolands' parties. Logan smiled at me, “We’re being honest, right?” I nodded. “It wasn’t great but it was still fucking. If you want to stop, then no question, we stop, but I would go again.”

About an hour later got a text from Amanda; she wanted to talk. She didn’t have a lot of time to talk but wanted us to get together for dinner tomorrow night and each to tell about our evenings.

After my husband’s experience, I wasn’t sure if he would go for talking about the details of his night with our friends. Logan said while his night was not what he was hoping for, he really wanted to hear about their nights. I also got the feeling he thought there might be some action after story time.

We had a quick dinner then settled in our living room. I went first telling the same watered-down story I told Logan. Amanda kept giving me a grin each time I talked about Jack’s size. She knew I was understating it. They all applauded when I finished, with both of the guys sporting tents. Russell was next.


Russell's Story:

I can’t say I was thrilled when I saw Megan pick out my keys. It was not because she has a little size on her; she is very cute. It was because she was a newbie like us. It worried me when we talked with her and her husband. She seemed very reluctant to be at the party.

I didn’t think it was going to play out well. Her hands were shaking when she handed me my keys. After I kissed Amanda goodnight, I found Megan talking with her husband. They were clearly arguing but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. When I got close enough, I could make out Megan saying, “Fine, I’ll go.” Her husband walked off and when she turned around, I was there. “Oh crap, did you hear that?”

“I didn’t hear a thing.” I knew right away she didn’t believe me. “What are we doing, Megan?” I asked hesitantly.

Megan smiled at me, pulling out her garage door opener. “We’re going to your car and you’re driving me to my house, right?” Her tone was very angry. I could tell this was going to suck and not in a good way.

When we got in the car Megan gave me directions to her house. Their house wasn’t far so it didn’t take long to drive there. Before I turned the car off, I grabbed Megan’s hand. “Okay, I did hear the tail end of your conversation with your husband. It sounded like this isn’t something you want to do. I don’t have to come in.”

Megan sighed, “Look, I’m nervous but I don’t want you to leave. Will you at least come in and have a drink with me?”

I followed her into the kitchen where she pulled out two beers. “I’m really sorry about this, Russell, I’m sure if you were one of the other women you would be in their bed fucking by now. I know what you’re thinking. Not only did I get the fat girl but I got the scared one too.”

“You really have a self-image problem. You are very pretty, you just can’t see it.”

Megan blushed and put her head down. We chatted and drank our beer. She told me that her husband talked her into the party. She said that she was nervous because her husband had been the only man she'd been with.

We were on our second beer when she spoke up, “What’s the deal with the pill they gave you guys?”

“This is the first time I’ve taken one, but it is supposed to help you get hard and stay hard.”

Megan giggled, “Does it work?”

I put my hand on her shoulder, leaning in close to her, “Yes, I’m very erect right now. I think the pill has something to do with it but also sitting this close to you, I am hard as a rock.”

Megan giggled again. She looked down at my crotch then back up to me. “Can I see it? I’ve only seen Brad’s.”

My cock was so hard it was aching to get out of my pants. I kicked off my shoes and stood up next to her. Megan’s eyes were trained on my crotch as I undid my belt and pulled my pants off. She licked her lips when putting my thumbs in the waistband of my boxers. With a quick motion, my boxers were on the floor and my cock was waving in front of her. “Do you want to touch it?”

Megan sat there just staring at my dick when I took her hand, placing it on my cock. She closed her fingers around my shaft giving me a squeeze. She surprised me by leaning in and giving my dick a kiss. Megan looked up smiling before she took the head of my cock in her mouth. From there, she commenced giving me a wonderful blowjob.

She was sucking and stroking me hard. “Megan, you keep going like this, you’re going to get a mouthful.” Megan looked up and smiled. She continued to suck and stroke me. “Oh yes, here it comes.” With a grunt, I started shooting ropes of cum in her mouth. She swallowed every drop.

I pulled her up out of the chair, hugging her. “Please tell me you are going to let me return the favor.”

Megan giggled, “Should we go up to the bedroom?”

I grabbed her hand. “I think we should and you should grab the condoms.”

Megan once again giggled, running to her purse. “I can’t believe we’re going to do this. I think I need to pee first.”

When we got to the bedroom Megan ran to the bathroom. I sat my pants, boxers, and shoes down before sitting on the edge of the bed. I took my socks off but left my shirt on, I didn’t want to shock her when she came out.

The shock was mine. Megan walked out of the bathroom in a pink bra and thong set. “Oh my God, you are so sexy.” Megan stood there blushing with her hands over her crotch. I stood up pulling my shirt off, walking over to Megan.

I wrapped my arms around her, kissing her neck. “Can I take you to the bed?”

Megan sighed, “Yes, let me turn the lights off first.”

I held her tight. “We can turn them off, but I would rather leave them on so I can see you.”

Megan giggled, letting me guide her to the bed.

Once at the bed I pulled her to me kissing her on the neck with my cock pushing against her stomach. Megan grabbed my head and kissed me on the lips. We kissed a minute or two when my hands traveled up her back to the clasp of her bra. I fumbled for a moment when she stepped back from me. Megan smiled at me before releasing her bra. Her huge tits swung free.

“Damn,” slipped out of my mouth as I stared at her tits.

A big grin crept across Megan’s face. She looked at me then looked at her pink thong. With her hands shaking she pulled her thong down over her hips. With us both naked, I eased her onto the bed. I kissed her a few times before burying my head in big mounds. Megan moaned as I kissed and fondled her tits. While I sucked on her tits, my right hand trailed down her body to find her very wet pussy.

Her moans got louder when two fingers slipped in her slit. Kissing my way down her body I slid my tongue past her pussy lips. Megan was so worked up It didn’t take long before her hips were bucking from my tongue lashing. “Oh fuck, I’m cumming,” she called out.

I whispered in her ear, “Do you mind if I grab a condom?”

“Yes, fuck yes. I can’t believe I’m going to have someone other than my husband fuck me.”

I quickly walked to the dresser where Megan had left the box of condoms. I opened one and put it on. When I turned around Megan’s thick butt was pointed at me. I knew an invitation when I saw one. Standing behind her I asked Megan if she was ready.

“Fuck me, Russell,” was her response.

My cock slid into her wet opening with ease. I pumped in and out of her hole to the sounds of both of our moans. The pill was clearly having an effect on me; I couldn’t believe I was lasting so long. I was fucking her hard when Megan called out like before, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming.”

I was close too but it was still several moments before I grunted that I was cumming. After pulling the condom off I lay next to Megan. “You okay?” I asked.

“Okay? That was great, thank you for being so patient with me.” She leaned over kissing me. “Thank you even more for fucking me good. I do hope we will have a repeat, tonight and other times.”

Funny thing was that we cuddled up together to recover and both fell asleep. I awoke to Megan sucking my dick. When she saw I was awake she held up a condom and pointed to the clock. “I think we only have time for one more.”

As I was still waking up, she had rolled the condom down my shaft. “Do you mind if I get on top?”

I didn’t respond; I just pulled her on top of me, guiding my cock into her pussy. Her big tits were bouncing in my face as we fucked. The fucking was much more intense with her on top. Her bouncing hard was shaking the bed.

I came first but Megan kept fucking till she came with a grunt. She collapsed on top of me, kissing me. Finally, Megan released me, allowing me to get dressed and drive home.


“Wow, you were so sweet till you fucked her silly,” Amanda said kissing her husband on the cheek.

“I think it is your turn, Amanda. I was so distracted that I didn’t see who you went with,” I said.

“Well, Sweetie, we all thought you were going to pass out,” Amanda said leaning forward on the couch to tell her story.


Amanda's Story:

I pulled out the teacher’s husband’s keys: Carl. I was intrigued by Carl’s bald head, never been with a guy like that. Carl and I stood there watching the rest of the women pick the keys out of the bowl. He whispered to me that it was tradition to kiss your spouse goodnight then meet at the front door or the car.

The quick drive to our house was quiet, I had pegged Carl for the quiet type. As we walked into the kitchen from the garage Carl asked for some water. He said that dry mouth was one of the effects of the little pill he took. I grabbed a bottle of water and asked him what the other effects of the pill were.

Carl took the bottle from me and at the same time pulled me close to him. “Show me to the bedroom and you can see the effect.”

“Damn, let me grab the condoms from my purse and we can go.”

Up the steps, I pulled Carl as he guzzled the water. In the bedroom, I put the box of condoms on the nightstand. Carl was right behind me when I turned around. He wrapped his long arms around me. Carl moved in for a kiss but I stopped. “I’m sorry, but I really have to pee. Otherwise, I’m going to wet the bed. Well in the wrong way.”

Carl released me and I ran to the bathroom. I barely got my panties down before my pee came gushing out. I wiped then looked down at my panties on the floor. I felt bad leaving Carl hanging like that so the panties stayed on the floor along with my dress and bra.

Carl had dimmed the lights, sitting on the edge of the bed, fully clothed. When he saw I was naked he quickly shed his clothes. It wasn’t just his head that was hairless; his entire body was smooth. He pulled me tight to his body rubbing his hard cock against me. “Do you mind if I kiss you?” he asked. I pulled back giving him a strange look. “Some in the group don’t like to kiss.”

I pressed my lips to his, pushing my tongue in his mouth. Carl responded with a moan then pulling me to the bed. We kissed and fondled on the bed for a few moments till Carl broke the kiss, heading for my pussy. Carl did a wonderful job eating my pussy. He licked, sucked and fingered me till my hips were bucking involuntarily with an orgasm.

When I caught my breath, I looked over to Carl, who was opening a condom and rolling it on his dick. “I was wanting to suck you before you fucked me.”

“You can suck it after we fuck. You have a wonderful pussy and I want to get inside it. Is that alright?”

I spread my legs wide for Carl. “Oh yes, my pussy would love to have your cock inside it.”

Carl got on top of me grinding his cock in my pussy. Carl had good stamina, fucking me hard. He lasted much than I thought he would (and I’m used to). I thought I was going to cum again but Carl grunted, filling the condom.

He took a deep breath and pulled his cock out. He started to take the condom off when I stopped him. “I would like to do it. I haven’t gotten to see your dick up close. I like to introduce myself.”

The condom rolled off and I tied it up. I quickly took it to the bathroom to throw it away. When I came back to the bed Carl was sitting up looking at me then down at his dick. I got the message but I had planned on a nice blow job for Carl. Crawling between his legs I felt his smooth skin with my hand before I leaned in kissing around his dick.

I decided at that point I was going to ask my husband to let me shave around his cock. I loved kissing the smooth skin before putting his dick in my mouth. Carl gave me plenty of encouragement while I sucked his dick. He especially liked when I ran my tongue up and down the underside of his shaft. I had to stroke him a few times to give my mouth time to recover. But when I thought he was close to cumming my mouth didn’t leave his cock.

“Oh yes, Amanda, I’m about to spew.” I clamped my mouth down feeling the spurts fill my mouth. “Damn, you are talented, woman,” he said pulling me up to kiss me.

I pulled back for a moment. “Let me swallow first. You don’t mind kissing me after you jizzed in my mouth?”

“Hey, it came from me.”

I swallowed the cum in my mouth then kissed him hard. I looked down at Carl’s now soft dick. “I guess we both could use a little rest now.”

“Yeah, I will need some recovery time. You tell me if we are done for the night.”

I cuddled up to him. “I think the deal is we have all night together, right?” Carl nodded. “When your cock is ready, I want you to put it in me. If I fall asleep you have my permission to wake me by stuffing your cock in me.”

I drifted off to sleep and assumed that Carl did too. I awakened just as I asked. Carl had suspended himself above me before pushing his cock in my pussy. I moaned out of sleep to a nice fucking. I quickly noticed a difference in Carl. I pulled his head to my mouth. “You’re not wearing a condom, are you?” Carl seemed to have the same issue as Jack did.

“Oh fuck, I’m sorry, I will put one on real quick.”

I held him tight and told him not to stop. Carl grinned and fucked me harder. I’m sorry, but I wanted to feel his naked cock in my pussy. I came right before I felt his fluid squirt in my pussy.

We lay there for a while longer before Carl said it was about time for him to go.


We all applauded for Amanda’s story. Amanda patted Russell’s crotch. “It sure feels like Russell enjoyed story time. Did Logan?” Amanda asked.

I patted my husband’s crotch. “Oh yeah, he’s sporting a woody. I hope you don’t mind but I’m not in a sharing mood tonight. I want my husband’s cock all to myself tonight.”

“That is just fine, honey, I think I can take care of my husband’s hard cock tonight. That way we can go to sleep when we are done.”

“Before you go, I want to talk about something.” Everyone got concerned. “Oh hey, everything is alright. I’ve gotten a few phone calls since the party and I have an idea.”

Russell chimed in, “Who called you?”

“Well, Jack’s wife, Robin was first. Megan called next, followed by Amy, then Debbie.”

Logan looked at me strangely. “What did they want?”

I laughed, “They all had the same thing in mind. With the Rolands not having a party for a while, they each wanted to know if we would want to get together. They meant all four of us and them. That gave me an idea. What if we had a party with us six couples?”

“And do a key party?” Russell asked.

“We could, but I was thinking of a different idea. Why not keep it all here at the house? There is no reason we have to leave.”

“Oh, you wonderful slut. I get it, we stay here and we play everyone. I love it,” Amanda said.

“I know it’s a little more crazy than what we’ve done so far and we don’t have to. I just thought it might be fun.”

There was dead silence in the room. Everyone was looking at everyone. Russell finally stood up. “I, for one, think it is a great idea. I’m going to take my wife home and fuck her before my cock bursts out of my pants.”

We all got up hugging, watching Russell and Amanda go out the door. I turned to Logan, “Have I gone too far?”

“I think it is a great idea too, but right now I want to go upstairs and make love to my wife.”


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