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Harsh Times - part 2

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Hardman continues to fuck my wife. But this time he brings along a friend.

After that night with Hardman, Julie was a changed girl. She was so horny it was unbelievable. She seemed to be in a constant state of arousal, and we would sometimes fuck two or three times a day. Going from someone who hated giving blowjobs and wouldn't even think about swallowing cum, she became hungry for cock and drank every drop. I had mixed feelings about the whole thing though. Sure, I was turned on watching this fat old man help himself to my lovely wife, but at the same time I was jealous at the thought of her actually enjoying it.

We were still in serious debt to Hardman, but we were paying him back slowly but surely. Julie was desperately trying to make some money by going around the agencies trying to find work. Though every time she came home it was the same story: "They'll call me if anything comes up." Just how hard she was trying, I'm not sure.

Before we knew it, rent time was here again. This time we received a phone call early afternoon asking if we had the money.

"Can't you give us just a little more time, please," I pleaded with him.

"You know the score, pal. Tonight. Ten o'clock. I want your missus wearing the same gear as last time," he said and then hung up.

"Looks like I've got to fuck fat boy again. Still, it keeps the rent paid," Julie said, not looking too bothered.

"Anyone would think you like his big cock," I teased.

"Not as much as I like yours," she said, tearing my fly open and sucking my cock to life.

After a few minutes of her tongue and teeth working my cock, I was desperate to either come in her mouth or fuck her, but she suddenly pulled away and said, "No, save it till later. I like it better with two."

From eight o'clock onwards she was in the bedroom getting ready. Once again, she emerged dressed to kill. This time she had on a black, one-piece waspie with under the nipple uplift bra, black stockings and suspenders, open-crotch knickers and high heels with six-inch spikes. It made her look ten feet tall. And the legs – Christ, they looked fantastic.

"Think he'll like it?" she purred, doing a twirl and running her hands over her tits.

"Like it? He'll probably come just from looking at you."

She laughed.

"You're very relaxed for someone that's about to get fucked by a fat slob. You really like it, don't you?" I said seriously. "What is it about this guy? Do you like being made to feel dirty, treated like a slut? What?"

She thought for a minute before replying. "Mmmm, I don't know. It's just the thought of him being in total control, making me do whatever he wants. It really turns me on."

As if to prove the point she took my hand and placed it on her cunt. She was so wet my fingers slipped in easily. "Steady, lover boy. You'll have me coming before he gets here."

She pushed me away and sat back on the sofa with her legs splayed obscenely wide, her pink cunt lips clearly visible and her nipples poking out the top of her waspie.

There was a knock on the door.

"Well, go on then. Answer it," she said, not moving.

"What, and let him see you like that?"

"He's already seen it, remember?" She knew what I meant but made no effort to close her legs or cover up.

I opened the door and Hardman brushed past me into the room. "Fucking hell, now that's a sight for sore eyes."

Julie just stared up at the old man and lazily played a finger over her moist clit.

"Oh, yeah, baby, work that pussy. Get it nice and ready for me. See, I told you she'd like it."

The bastard was right. The more he used her the more she liked it. He stood directly in front of her and slowly undressed. Her eyes never left his crotch and she continued to circle her clit with her fingers. When he was finally down to his underpants you could see the outline of his big cock twitching and growing erect. Julie just stared at it, licking her lips and speeding up the finger motion on her clit, while her other hand teased an erect nipple.

"That's it, baby, get it nice and wet for me. You know how much you love my dick." He lowered his pants and Julie went into a spasm, flooding her fingers with cum as she stared at his semi-hard cock.

Once she'd recovered, he offered it to her mouth and she readily sucked it in. "Oh yeah, right little whore you've got here, pal. You should put her on the game; make some real money. I've got just the right contacts if you're interested. Ohhhhh, keep sucking baby, I'm nearly there."

She did just that and this time managed to drink it all. Again, at his instruction, I fucked her while he recovered. He sat there making obscene comments, telling her what a fine whore she'd make. Kneeling between her legs while she lay back on the sofa tweaking her nipples, I watched as she deliberately licked her lips, savouring the spunk from Hardman's cock. It didn't take long before I shot my load up her wet cunt.

We took her into the bedroom for the second round and Hardman had her missionary style, his fat gut crushing her beneath him. She was in a constant state of excitement and was continuously egging him on. "Oh God, I can feel your prick right up me. That's it, just there. A bit deeper. Ohhh yessss."

He waited for her to come again before making her get on all fours while he fucked her roughly and she sucked my prick.

"I know loads of blokes who would pay good money for some of this young cunt," he said casually to me, still ploughing away at her cunt. "Yeah, she could make two maybe three hundred per week, easy," he continued. "What d'ya say, bitch? Like to be a real whore? Make lots of money?"

Julie was close to coming again and happily agreed to everything he said. He was holding her hips and pounding faster now. I'd long since filled her mouth and was sitting at the side of the bed watching.

"Oh, yeah, two maybe three blokes a night. Would you like that, slut? Three total strangers feeling you up, fucking their cocks in your mouth and cunt?"

"Oh, fuck, I'm coming," she screamed, pushing back against his prick. Hardman grunted and rammed forward, filling her cunt with spunk. He rolled off her and lay there getting his breath back. She immediately played with her cunt, bringing herself off again.

"See, she's really into it. Aren't you, darlin'? Like some more cock?"

"Mmmmmm, oh yeah," she mumbled through half closed eyes.

I just couldn't believe it. She was in a state of non-stop sexual excitement.

We had the usual round of making her shove various items up her cunt and even a dress-up parade with Julie modeling various sexy outfits she had. She absolutely loved it and did everything he said without question.

When Hardman said, "finger your cunt," her hand was straight there. If he said, "lick my cock," she was on her knees in seconds. My demure, loving wife was suddenly a cock-hungry whore.

When he asked her if she wanted more cock, she simply said, "Yes please."

Shortly before he left, he gave me a business card with his mobile number on it. "You and the little lady think it over. It's easy money, and the bitch obviously likes it. Give me a call, let me know."

I turned back to Julie. She was in the same position on the sofa as she was when he'd arrived. Legs spread obscenely wide. Only this time she had her eyes closed and a sleepy, satisfied smile on her face. Her cunt lips were red and puffy and her thighs were covered in love juice.

"Do you really want more cock?" I asked her.

She just squirmed in the seat but I thought I heard a very low, "hmmmmmm!"


Two weeks later we had scrimped and saved and worked and had finally got our heads above water. We had the rent money. So as far as I was concerned, from now on, Hardman could go fuck himself.

Unfortunately, Julie had other ideas. The whole sordid affair turned her on more than you could imagine. After several arguments, I reluctantly agreed to let her fuck Hardman one more time. "After all," she had argued, "it was your fault in the first place for leaving the iPad lying around."

"For Christ’s sake, Julie, the guy's turning you into a slut. Don't you see it? He's even suggested you go on the game."

"Yeah, and just look at the money we could make. Makes your wages look shit, doesn't it."

"You're not seriously considering his offer, are you?"

"Might be. Just think, in a year's time we could save enough money to buy our own flat."

My stomach was in knots. Here was my own wife suggesting that she became a prostitute. "Julie, you can have your precious Hardman one more time, but after that, it's either him or me. I will not be married to a common whore."

She put on her little-girl-lost look and stood in front of me. Placing her arms around my neck, she gently kissed my lips, moving around to my throat and ears. "I'm sorry, sweetheart. Of course I don't really want to become a whore. It's just the idea of it that's exciting," she purred in my ear, her hand tracing patterns across my crotch. "It's just that I find it really turns me on, being dominated. It's opened up a new side to me I didn't know existed. Anyway, you can't say you haven't enjoyed watching him fuck me while I suck on your cock."

My cock started to twitch under her hand bringing a triumphant smile to her face. "You love watching him spunk in my mouth. Your little slut wife drinking it all down."

My cock was now growing rapidly and she undid the zip to release it.

"And you like it when he calls me a slut or whore and makes me kneel on all fours like a dog while he fucks me hard."

Her own breathing was now increasing as she continued the dialogue. "Wouldn't you like to watch other men use me, watch then slowly strip me off to my stockings and then finger my cunt. Watch them command me to lick their cocks and suck them off. Wouldn't you like that, darling?"

My cock was at full mast and, dropping to her knees, she took the entire length down her throat in one go. I held her head and fucked her face, thinking only of my own enjoyment, the same way Hardman used her. When I eventually came, I just pushed my cock into her throat and held it there. She licked and sucked every drop.

"See, you do like it, don't you? You like me being a whore, just using me for sex. Go on, admit it, you really like it, don't you?"

After that I could hardly say no, and reluctantly admitted that it did turn me on, but I was concerned for Julie. "I just don't want to see you being hurt or turned into something I don't like," I said.

"Oh, don't worry. I know when to say no," she said confidently.

Although we could afford to pay the rent that week, we told Hardman we couldn't. "Oh, dear, never mind. Put the slut on the phone."

I was a bit pissed off but passed the phone to Julie. There were several 'okays' and 'alrights' before she eventually hung up.

"What did he say?" I asked.

"Oh, nothing much. Just that he wants me in all the white gear ready for nine o'clock, stretched out on the settee like last time. Said he's got a surprise for me."

"What sort of surprise?"

"Don't know. He didn't say. But it's probably a dildo or something like that."

I knew she was lying, but no amount of pressing would get her to tell me any more.

By quarter to nine, she was stretched out on the sofa wearing a white, see-through bra, matching open-crotch panties, white stockings pulled right up to her cunt and a pair of white PVC high heels.

"You only want the wedding dress and you'd be complete," I said. She seemed very nervous and although she was playing with her clit as before, I sensed a feeling of uncertainty.

This time, Hardman was late and Julie was getting really anxious. By the time the knock came, it was nearly quarter past nine and she jumped out of her skin. Opening the door, I was greeted by Hardman accompanied by his henchman Leroy.

"There you go, Leroy, didn't I tell you she was a beautiful slut. Dressed all in white too. It'll go nicely with your black cock."

"What the fuck's going on?" I protested.

"What? Didn't she tell you? Oh dear, sounds like a lovers tiff coming up. Better get started, Leroy, before he throws you out."

Leroy was over six foot and built like a heavyweight boxer. He was one of Hardman's minders when he collected the rent money and had a reputation for being a ruthless thug. At the comment about me throwing him out, he roared with laughter. Before I knew it, I was being lifted off my feet and thrown across the room, landing on the sofa next to Julie.

"Better learn some respect, white boy," the hulk said, removing his t-shirt to show rippling abs and arm muscles as thick as my thighs. He stood in front of Julie and ordered her to remove his tracksuit bottoms. I thought Hardman was big but this guy left him standing. Julie just stared in disbelief as this big, thick, black cock started to twitch and swing around in front of her face.

He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head forward until she was inches from his cock. "I heard you like sucking cock. Is that right, bitch?"

"Y-y-yes," she stuttered, not taking her eyes from his black monster.

"Then you better show me."

She started to lick his cock, running her tongue from the base to the top and back again. She found it hard to get the bloated head in her mouth but eventually succeeded. As his cock got harder the true dimensions became apparent. It was at least ten inches long and very thick.

"What you waiting for, bitch? Get it down ya throat," he growled.

Before my very eyes, Leroy thrust himself forward violently, imbedding his large ebony rod in Julie's throat. You could actually see the bulge in her throat as her nose nested deep in his pubic hair. She gagged and moaned and tried to pull away, but Leroy held her head firm. When she finally pulled it all the way out, she lunged forward, taking his length willingly in her throat again.

"Oh fuck, she's fucking good, boss. Look, every fucking inch. Oh yeah, you love it, don't ya bitch?"

Julie was really getting into it, taking it deep in her throat and using her tongue on the way out. In no time at all Leroy was grunting and filling her mouth with spunk. She drank the lot, and after sucking the remaining drops clear, sat back on her haunches with a grin a mile wide on her face.

"My God, that's so big. Christ knows how I got it all in," she giggled.

They positioned me between her open legs and made me fuck her, making comments about the size of my tiny cock and how I should get her ready for the real men. Julie could see I was hurting and did her best to avoid eye contact. Although she pulled on her nipples and made all the right sounds, I new she was faking it. Eventually, I shot my load and pulled out. Leroy took my place and I watched as his black shaft slid easily into her lubricated cunt.

This time there was no mistaking the realism in her lovemaking, as she sat up further on her haunches so she could look down at the action between her thighs. "Oh yeah, I love to see your big black cock disappear up my cunt. You like it? You like my white cunt?"

"Looks like she likes the old black trouser snake," Leroy grunted. "Maybe I'll give her to the bruvvers to fuck as well."

They pulled Julie onto the floor on all fours and for the next few minutes Leroy and Hardman took turns fucking her mouth and cunt. She was loving it, and between mouthfuls of cock did her best to act like a total slut. At one point they were fucking her so hard and she was moaning so much I thought she must be in pain. As they filled each end, her whole body shook in one gigantic orgasm. When they both pulled out, copious amounts of spunk ran down her thighs and her chin. As she licked her lips, Leroy dragged me between her open thighs and ordered me to clean her up.

I hesitated with my mouth inches from her dripping cunt. A firm shove from a big black hand forced my face into the pink mess and a menacing voice said, "Lick it, white boy."

"Yeah, lick my cunt clean. Go on, lick it," Julie demanded.

I couldn't believe it; my own wife was now joining in with them. I licked, but already I was planning my revenge.

The rest of the evening was spent with both men doing whatever they wanted to Julie while she encouraged them. "Make my husband lick my cunt clean again, Leroy. I want to watch as he sucks me clean."

The fucking bitch was really getting off on my discomfort and egging them on all the time. I was made to either watch, lick her clean or be verbally ridiculed by the two thugs. We had both become objects of derision, and while Julie revelled in it, my mind was working overtime.

By the end of the evening, she looked a real mess. Her stockings were torn and laddered. Her bra had been ripped off. She had slap marks and bruises and love bites all over her body. Her makeup was smeared across her face and she was covered in dried spunk. Leroy and Hardman couldn't perform anymore, but before leaving they made it clear that from now on they would return whenever they wished and do whatever they liked to us. Julie was now their whore and from now on would be working for them. If I interfered I would be dealt with severely.

It was several minutes after they left that anything was said. "I'm sorry, hon, I really didn't know they were going to do those things to you. I tried to stop them, but I was powerless," she said remorsefully.

I looked over at the settee. She was sitting there, legs spread wide, playing with her cunt.

"You really have become a whore, haven't you? Just look at yourself. You're a complete mess. You've just been used by three men, if you include me, and you absolutely loved it, didn't you? And don't give me that shit about trying to stop them. You fucking egged them on. What was it? Just because you loved being used you thought I would as well? Was that it? Turned you on even more, did it?" I was getting mad and it showed.

"Oh, don't get cross at me. You know I can't help it. The more they use me the more I like it. It wasn't my idea to make you do things."

"No, but you liked it, didn't you? Turned you on even more, didn't it?"

"Well, maybe a little. Watching you suck cum out of me was exciting. Why don't you come over here and make love to me."

By now I was feeling totally pissed off. The whole situation was out of hand. "You mean "fuck you", don't you? Only people in love actually make love. You're just a cheap whore." With that, I stormed off to bed.


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