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A Night of Sexual Intrigue

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He was standing in the hotel bar when she walked in, as beautiful and sophisticated looking as ever. He marveled how a woman in a business suit could look so amazingly sexy. That man was my husband, Ray, and the woman that he was looking at was me, Cat Ryan. I already knew what I looked like in his eyes, he had told me many times.

I slowly walked over to him and gave him a soft peck on the cheek and set my purse on the bar. We took our seats at the bar, ordered drinks and chatted amiably about our workday. Then he looked at his watch. 

“Well, I’m going up to make sure everything is in order. Still up for your adventure?” he asked. 

I smiled and nodded coyly at him. He had never let me down on nights like this. He stood, tossed some cash on the bar, pecked me on the cheek, and said, “Give me about thirty minutes, then come on up.”

He then turned and walked out. I stayed, sipping on my cocktail. The minutes passed slowly as I wondered what he had in store for me tonight. We had played so many games before and had such fun. I squeezed my thighs together in anticipation as I checked my watch.

Twenty minutes should be enough time, I thought to myself as I stood up. A bit wobbly from the drinks and my own excitement, I made my way to the elevator. When I opened the door to the room I was surprised that the lights weren’t on, just two candles lit on each bedside table. I knew that I was in the right room. I called out his name, but I got no answer. 

Slowly, I walked to the table in the corner of the room where a fresh pour of champagne bubbled in a glass. There was a note placed next to the dish of strawberries. Still unsure of the game, I reached for the note. 

Welcome, my love. Everything is ready for you. Hopefully, a night you will never forget. In the bedroom closet, you will find a black silk negligee. Please put it on and wear nothing under it. The champagne along with the chocolate covered strawberries is for you. I know you love them. Make yourself comfortable on the bed, relax, and when you’re ready, turn on the TV and play the DVD that I set up for you. It will give you a hint of your night to come. I left a little scarf on the bed, another gift for you. See you soon. 

By now my sex was throbbing as I tried to imagine what the game would be. Slipping off my heels, I walked to the bedroom closet and opened it. Only one hanger was occupied by a long, black silk negligee. Reaching in, I took it off the hanger and held it up to look at it. He knew my style, very sheik, very sexy, very cool. 

Laying the lingerie on the bed, I took my suit jacket off and hung it on a hanger in the closet. Standing in front of the dresser mirror I freed myself of my blouse and bra, noticing that my breasts were already swelling with sexual excitement, my nipples hard and sensitive to the air around them. It was quite obvious why he liked them. Running my hands over my breasts I felt the tingle between my legs as my fingers grazed across my hardened nipples. 

Reaching down, I undid the button of my skirt and eased the zipper down the side of my hip and let the skirt drop to the floor. My panties went next and in the soft glow of the candlelight, I could see the shimmering dew that was forming along my shaven slit. I put the negligee on, it fit perfectly, cut low so my breasts showed nearly to my pink areolas. Four buttons in the front closed it just below my hips. The cool silk against my skin sent a spark through my body. 

What was he up to? Where was he?

Sitting on the edge of the bed I took a drink of champagne and nibbled on a perfectly ripe strawberry, half covered with chocolate. I swung my legs up onto the bed and leaned my back into the mountain of pillows arranged at the head of the bed. After a few more sips of champagne and another strawberry sweetening my lips, I turned on the TV and the DVD. 

On the screen, I saw a man sitting in a chair in a dimly lit bedroom. The camera pulled back and a woman in a black negligee lay on the bed, a black scarf tied around her head covered her eyes. Her hands, starting at her breasts, slowly moved down her body to where she spread the negligee to reveal the tops of her thighs. Her fingers ran down the inner parts of her things as far as they could reach and then slowly moved up to her sex. 

The man was silent and did not move.

The camera zoomed in closer as the woman ran one finger gently up along her wet slit, gently moving her hips as her finger parted the soft, wet folds. Her other hand joined, exploring together. Her fingers started to glisten and shine from the juice that began to seep from her. Her legs opened wider and her fingers turned more urgent, one slipping momentarily inside. Then she stopped, one hand reached under the pillow. When it appeared again, she was clutching a large, black dildo. 

Suddenly, I realized that I had my hand between my legs, rubbing my pussy like she was. I stopped the video momentarily, rolled to my side and reached underneath the mound of pillows. Sure enough, my fingers found a large, round, long object. Pulling it out, I saw that it was a solid rubber, black dildo. Very large, very long, and in the shape of a man’s phallus, veins and all. I smiled and rolled back over and started the video again. 

The woman took the dildo and held it vertically over her sex and slowly pushed down between her legs, rubbing it up and down against her slit, lifting her hips up each time she slid it down. She worked it into her pussy a little deeper each time, moving it a little faster with each stroke. Her fingers moved more purposefully against the hardened button of her clit. With a final violent push, she buried the dildo deep inside her, her fingers working frantically on her clit as her body burst in orgasm. 

The visual turned me on more than I imagined. With trembling excitement, I stopped the video, knowing what the start of tonight’s game was to be. Reaching for the black scarf, I tied it around my head and made sure to cover my eyes to where I could see nothing around me. I played honestly to make sure that I would enjoy tonight’s adventure the way it was meant to be. As blackness surrounded me, I laid back and heard the door open, then close…

I heard the faint sounds of footsteps and trembled a little at the thought of what was about to happen next. What I heard next was the sound of music playing, sexy raunchy blues playing in the background. Through the music, I heard the footsteps again. I could hear the sound of something being dragged across the room. A faint bump against the bed made me realize it was the sound of a chair.

Confident that he was sitting at the foot of the bed, I knew he was watching. I picked the black phallus up in my right hand and ran it down over my lingerie covered breasts and belly. Pulling the hem of the silky garment up my thighs and spreading my legs, I was sure he was enjoying the sensuous sight of my bare pussy. I let the head of the dildo rest for a moment at the apex between my thighs, then grasping it with both hands I held it up and slowly drove it down. 

As it moved along the lips of my pussy and spread my flesh I realized how large it was. Feeling it moving against my clit sent a shock emanating from my loins. I pushed it down until the head hit the sheet and then I moved it back up, slowly, very slowly so he could watch. My wetness had coated one side with just a single pass and now it spread my lips and pushed against my button. My legs instinctively twitched and opened wider. 

I knew what he wanted, I wanted it too. I was too hot, too excited to play for long, so I rotated the shaft and pressed the tip against my entrance. I could feel my soft wet flesh stretching to accommodate the massive tool as I pressed it into me, burying at least half its length. I wondered if he had his cock out, stroking himself while he watched me doing this. The thought turned me on and I started working the dildo in and out of my tight pussy. I used it all, every inch of it. 

With increasing frenzy, I steadily increased my pace and my sex began to throb with sensations that told me that my body was on its way to orgasm. I began rubbing my clit more aggressively, and as I did, my hips moved involuntarily. Seconds later, I felt the waves of orgasm rolling through my undulant belly. My whispering moans had turned into cries of pleasure as my body released its pent up passion. My hips thrust upward and I drove the dildo deep and clamped it between my quivering thighs.

I kept rubbing my throbbing clit as ocean-like waves rippled through my convulsing cunt, finally ebbing after what seemed like minutes. Drained, I collapsed on the bed like a rag doll, the massive toy embedded in me, I shuddered with tiny little aftershocks. 

I felt movement at the foot of the bed and felt a hand moving up the inside of my leg. I felt it grab the end of the dildo. I felt it being slowly pulled out of me, inch by inch until it eased gently from the lips of my pussy, and the gaping hole it left behind began to slowly close. For a few seconds, I felt like I had a part of my body removed after the dildo was freed from my clutch. 

I vaguely wondered what was coming next when the strong hands slowly moved over my belly. I lay there virtually inert until he rolled me over onto all fours. I reached my hands up and held onto the headboard for support, but then I felt a soft scarf being tied around my wrist, another one around my other wrist. My wrists were then being bound to the headboard by the scarfs tied securely to them. Unable to see anything, my anticipation grew. What was he going to do to me?

I found out when I felt movement at the foot of the bed and a whiff of hot breath against the cheeks of my ass. Then I felt his tongue circling my clit, running across it and then around again. My body immediately responded, as if it was reawakened from its contentment. Pleasure seeped into my body as he pressed harder with his tongue. And just as quickly, I could feel the oncoming of another orgasm. But he stopped just shy of bringing me there. His head moved from between my legs and the bed rocked as he got off. 

A second later I could feel a body slipping beneath me as I knelt, my hands still tied to the headboard. His legs slipped between my knees. Then came that magic moment when I could feel the first touch of a warm cock brush my pussy. Just the tip, touching, throbbing…waiting. I moved my hips, wanted it closer, wanting it inside of me.

I could feel my pussy stretch as it started to enter. I pressed down harder and my entrance spread wider, then wider still. I pressed down again and the head submerged inside me. Suddenly, like waking from a dream, I realized that this wasn’t my husband’s cock. It was much thicker than Ray’s. The realization stopped me for a moment, the cock partly inserted. Then, in an instant, strong unfamiliar hands reached up and grabbed my hips and thrust me down on the cock. It filled me, hard as a rock, stretching me as it penetrated. 

In the darkness of my blindfold, my senses spun. This was another man and he was inside of me. He must have entered the room with my husband. His thick shaft pulled out and then pushed in further. My husband enjoyed watching me fucking other men before, but never like this, leaving me blinded to whoever this man was. But I wasn’t worried, I trusted my husband. I found the mystery of it all thrilling and overpowering as the mystery cock began moving smoothly inside me. 

I pushed down with my hips and felt the cock move deeper. I rotated my hips and took more. His hands gripped my hips tightly, holding me as his shaft pressed in. He buried himself completely, his pelvis pressing up against mine. Then he slowly drew out, creating what felt like a huge cavity left behind me as he went. 

He pulled all the way out and entered me again. My body reacted by pressing down, taking the cock to the very bottom of its root as the massive head pressed against my cervix. Again he drew all the way out and I moaned with frustration as I felt his cock twitch at my opening. I needed it now, knowing that it wouldn’t take many more strokes to bring me to yet another orgasm. I pressed down, but the man’s hands held my hips up and kept me from my desire. 

I felt the bed move again and the second set of hands moved down my back and over the bare cheeks of my ass with the negligee lifted halfway up my back. I could tell that these were my husband’s hands pulling the cheeks of my ass apart. I felt my husband’s cock pressing against my anal bud while the man I didn’t know still had his cock buried deep inside my pussy. Now I knew why he was waiting. He was waiting for my husband to penetrate my ass, and when he did, they moved in a see-saw motion fucking both my holes. 

It was strenuous for me at first, taking two cocks at the same time, one in my ass, the other in my cunt. They increased the tempo, both men in sync with each other, working as a team to bring me to the peak of my pleasure. However, they denied me the pleasure when they both pulled out of me, leaving my lower orifices gaping, empty, desiring to be filled again. This was torture. 

The men began to move, not in me, but around me, trading places. My husband’s familiar cock penetrated my pussy while the massive cock of the other penetrated my back door. This time they both held me, one pair of hands on my hips, the other pair grabbing my waist, using me as their fuck-toy, ravishing my inner sanctums with their thrusting cocks, making me scream with pain, pleasure, and pure delight. After a few minutes, they alternated again while my hands were tied to the headboard. 

I fell into a frenzy, bucking my hips and grinding against them. The feelings and erotic sensations of getting double fucked were taking me over the top. Overwhelmed with heated passion, I screamed out my release, losing all control as the first waves of an immense orgasm started to sweep through me. It struck me like a fist punching me in the belly. A second even more powerful orgasm followed seconds later, and then another and another. I lost count as the two cocks continued to piston my holes. 

When my orgasm ended, the men pulled out of me and untied my wrists, turning me over onto my back. I didn’t know what they were doing until I felt the splash of warm cum landing across my tits. The man that I couldn’t see moved his cock to my face and brushed the pre-cum that leaked from its meatus across my lips.

I opened my mouth to take it and the sudden gush of warm cum spread over my tongue, teeth, and lips. There was a lot of it. I swallowed twice to get it all down. I wanted to take my blindfold off to see who the other man was, but my husband wouldn’t let me. After the men left the bed, I collapsed in my sated state of contentment. When my husband took the blindfold from my eyes, the man was gone. 

“Who was he?” I asked. 

“That, my darling, you will never know.”

I begged him to tell me, but to no avail. And so ended my night of sexual intrigue.

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