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Some Birthday Gifts Keep Giving

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A fun little tale using a toy not found in many stories

“Hi, honey; you're home early,” Mike said.

Liz replied, “Yes; for once, traffic was light.”

Mike pointed towards the kitchen table and said, “A package came for you; what is it?”

Liz examined the box and responded, “It's a gift for myself since someone forgot my birthday.”

It hit Mike with a jolt. “Oh my gosh, honey, it was three days ago.” Mike stumbled over his words. “I am so sorry. Happy belated birthday. I’ve been so busy lately I can't believe it slipped my mind.” Then Mike moved towards Liz and said, “I know how I can make up for it later,” while grabbing at his groin. “Magic Mike Junior will make it all better,” he said with a grin.

Liz replied, “Oh, you will be making it up to me more than you know.”

Mike and Liz sat down and had an early dinner. As soon as Liz cleared her plate she asked, “Can you clean up the plates while I take care of a few things?” Before Mike could reply, Liz grabbed her package and headed up the stairs to their bedroom.

Mike cleaned up the kitchen. He could hear the shower running for a bit and then stop. He yelled up to Liz, “You must be getting ready for me.”

Liz stepped out of the doorway at the top of the stairs with a towel wrapped around her. She looked down at Mike and said, “Well, it just so happens that I am ready for you.”

Mike quickly put the finishing touches on the kitchen clean-up and darted up the stairs. He walked into the bedroom to find Liz standing there wrapped in a towel pointing at the bed. Mike removed his clothes as quickly as he could and jumped onto the bed. Mike was eager for some fun. He suddenly noticed a bunch of his ties laid on the bed. He looked at Liz and said, “This looks like it's going to be fun.”

Liz replied, “It definitely will be.”

Liz used Mike's ties and secured his wrists and ankles to the corner post of the bed. She had a few tied together and used them to strap Mike down to the bed rails. The excitement was already starting to show as Mike's penis began to twitch.

Liz dropped her towel and said, "It's time for you to start making up for forgetting my birthday."

She stood directly over Mike's face and lowered herself. Mike inhaled the sweet aroma from Liz's pussy. With a soft voice, Liz said, “Now start licking.” Mike's tongue eagerly found the folds of Liz’s labia. The wet softness of his tongue made Liz moan. She kept herself there for a long time allowing Mike's flickering tongue to tease her, bringing her close to climax and then pulling back. Liz was using Mike's tongue to edge herself over and over.

Liz reached behind herself, fumbling, trying to find Mike's cock. Her hand brushed across it making Mike's cock spring to attention. Liz withdrew herself from the position over Mike's face and began to stroke his stiffened cock. Mike let out a groan and sarcastically said, “Hop on; Magic Mike Junior is ready.”

Liz looked at him and said, “Didn't we agree you had some making up to do?” Liz got off the bed and grabbed the small bottle of lube sitting on the nightstand. She dribbled a small amount onto Mike's cock and swirled her hand around, spreading the lube. Liz turned to the dresser where her open package was sitting and reached in.

Mike had a look of confusion on his face as he blurted out, “What is that?”

Liz sat on the bed facing Mike's erect penis. She grabbed his cock by the base with one hand and squeezed the object in her other hand. Liz began to giggle. Mike's eyes were fixed as Liz began to slide a thick black cock sleeve over Mike’s manhood.

Liz’s eyes widened as suddenly Mike's cock was huge and thick. The veiny black cock sleeve looked enormous. Liz grabbed Mike's balls and gently pulled them through the loop at the bottom of the sleeve that ensured it wouldn’t come sliding off. The loop snapped back as it separated Mike’s balls from his now hidden cock and Mike let out an “Ouch!”

Liz stood up straddling directly over Mike's new phallus. She bent over and dribbled lube over the tip of its head. Mike could see Liz’s eyes. They were glued to his new body part. Liz massaged the lube around its thick muscular shaft and over its stout head. Her lips slightly parted as if about to speak but no words came out.

Liz stood up on the bed. Facing Mike she stepped over him placing a foot on each side of his hips. Liz rolled her fingers over her tongue before her hand dropped lower. She began to gently massage her clit as she stared down at her special gift. Liz bent her knees and lowered herself so the tip was gently touching her pussy lips. Using both hands she gently pulled apart her pussy lips and lowered herself allowing the large head to push at the opening of her hole.

Liz took a deep breath and held it as the head made it past her opening and found its way just inside of her pussy. She lightly bounced on the head while still holding her breath. In her mind, she didn’t know what to expect but her body wanted to know. Liz lifted her head and looked at Mike. His eyes wide open and glued to Liz’s every movement. With a slight grin on her face, Liz lowered her knees to the bed. She could feel her insides begin to stretch as her huge gift slowly began to push in. A long moan escaped from her lips. Liz began to slowly and timidly move up and down as the large head popped in and out.

Liz let out a louder moan as a sudden warmth filled her womb. The massive object was comfortably moving in and out of her opening. She leaned forward pressing her hands into Mike's chest. Mike could only see the thick shaft below her pussy and the look of determination on her face.

Liz started moving her hips up and down as her hands pressed into Mike's chest. Her eyes were shut as her mind began to swirl in pleasure with the feeling of fullness swelling inside. Small beads of sweat began to form on her neck. Liz had been holding back her orgasms from Mike's licking earlier and was waiting for this moment. Her hips began to move a bit faster and more moans leaked from her lips. Within seconds, an orgasm filled her insides creating waves of pleasure through her chest. Her palms pressed hard into Mike's chest as she found her orgasm hit fast and hard. She bucked off the cock sleeve and fell to the side of Mike on the bed. She momentarily shook as her body spasmed in orgasmic tremors.

It took a few minutes for Liz to catch her breath. She stood up from the bed. Mike looked at her and said, “Hey what about me?”

Liz turned and replied, “Hang on; I'll be right back.”

Liz grabbed the towel and wrapped it around her body as she left the room. Mike lay on the bed staring down at the massive cock sleeve, the head shining from Liz’s wet pussy. Mike's mind twisted with the thoughts of this huge thing entering his sweet wife. Mike could feel his cock twinge, trapped inside the hole of this massive veiny phallus.

A half hour had passed before Liz finally showed back up in the bedroom. She looked at Mike tied to the bed and the cock sleeve standing tall. Mike looked at Liz and said, “Can you take this thing off? My cock has gotten soft and numb inside.”

Liz sat next to him on the bed. She grabbed the bottle of lube. Liz squeezed the bottle over the cock sleeve and watched as the lube dribbled down. She wrapped what she could of her hand around it spreading the lube on the shaft. Liz stroked it up and down as she looked and Mike and said, “Well, let's see if we can get you hard again.”

Liz removed the towel from around her body. This time she stood over the huge sleeve with her back towards Mike. Liz got on her knees with her ass pointing back at Mike's face. She lowered her head towards Mike's knees and her ass raised up exposing her slit. Liz wiggled her ass and moved back slightly. She could feel the huge head of the cock sleeve press against the outside of her pussy.

Liz lifted her hips up and the head once again found its way to her opening. Liz wiggled and the head pushed in this time with ease. Mike could see her pussy lips stretching as it began to enter. Liz moaned as her hips slowly moved up and down and her pussy stretched, swallowing the massive head to enter deeper than before.

Mike felt a lump in his throat as he heard Liz say, “Give me more.”  

Mike let out a loud astonished, “What!”

Liz’s head rose up from Mike's knees and her back arched as she slid back forcing the thick shaft into her pussy. She let out a high-pitched squeal as it stretched her insides and filled her womb. Liz’s mind began to swirl. Suddenly every nerve within her pussy became alive and she yelled out, “Oh my god!”

Liz started to move a little faster. Her pussy gripped tightly around the thick shaft and she began to fuck herself. The fullness inside her pussy caused her entire body to tingle. She started to pump harder and faster. She could feel her pussy lips swelling and her heart pounding. Liz began to grunt like an animal as she humped. Her breathing became loud and heavy. Liz humped faster; she could feel an explosion quickly building deep inside her womb. Her thoughts were not of, “I want to cum," but, "I need to cum and I need to cum now.”

Liz suddenly sat straight up. Mike's mouth dropped open in shock. Her sitting straight up caused the thick shaft to drive in deeper and Liz started to scream. Mike could feel his own cock swelling inside the sleeve. Liz’s hips shook back and forth as the orgasm filled her body and the entire room. Liz had most of this thick cock buried deep in her pussy and her pussy was loving every inch.

Liz’s ass started to tremble. Her body began to shake and spasm then Mike yelled out, “Fuck!”

Liz fell forward, her body crashing onto Mike's legs. The head of the large cock sleeve was still stuck inside her pussy as she panted heavily. Mike could see the shaft of the sleeve covered in his wife's wetness. Suddenly the head popped out and Mike could see Liz’s pussy remain gaped open. Her pussy lips were swollen and juices ran down her clit.

Liz lay there with her body pressed against Mike's legs. Mike could feel her heart beating against his thighs. Mike waited as it took Liz a while to gain her composure. Liz rolled off Mike and off the bed. She stood and looked at Mike. With a smile on her face, she said, “That was amazing.”

Mike didn’t want to say anything, he wasn’t sure if he should but had no choice. He looked at Liz and said, “Okay, that's enough; how about getting this thing off of me? I came inside of it.”

Liz looked back at Mike and said, "Did you actually cum from me fucking that big cock sleeve?"

Mike, embarrassed, replied, "Yes; now are you done?"

Liz quickly walked to the other side of the room and grabbed something. She walked back to Mike and said, “Open your mouth.”

Mike replied, “What?”

Liz once again said, “Open your mouth.”

Mike opened his mouth and Liz quickly shoved a pair of her panties in it so Mike couldn’t speak. Liz peered into Mike's eyes and said, “The best thing about my gift I got myself is that it keeps on giving.”

Liz jumped up onto the bed. Standing over Mike she buried her fingers into her pussy. Liz pulled her fingers out and lifted them to her face. She gazed at her slick fingers for a moment. Liz looked down at Mike and giggling she said, “My pussy is soaking wet.” Liz looked down at the huge phallus, then back at Mike, and smiled. Liz lowered herself so the large head was once again at the opening of her slit. Mike could only mumble as Liz looked into his eyes and gently said, “More.”

Liz closed her eyes and slowly slid her pussy down past the huge head onto its thick shaft. Liz rose up, showing the tip and slid down pushing the head back inside. She rose up again, exposing the tip and a string of drool from her pussy juices clung between her lips and the cock head. She lowered herself down allowing more inside. Liz moaned in pleasure as the girth filled her with each movement.

Liz lifted again and her pussy was visibly open, eagerly awaiting the next stroke of penetration. Liz lowered herself but this time she didn't stop. A long moan from her lips and wet squelching sounds from her pussy filled Mike's ears as the thick, veiny, long shaft completely disappeared.

Liz rose up again and before the large head could come out she slid down the entire shaft with the same loud moan. Liz began repeating this action and Mike could see the shaft glisten with Liz's fluids. With each hump, Liz’s became more lost in extreme ecstasy. She was no longer a person; she was caught in animalistic lust with no boundaries.

Liz began to pump harder, her pussy giving in to every inch of this massive phallus. It was feeding every nerve inside her like electricity. Sweat formed on her forehead, on her breasts and trickled down her belly. Mike was helplessly ashamed but awestruck. Liz was no longer humping but grinding. She had every inch of this huge cock buried deep inside and was now grinding back and forth. Liz had lost complete awareness of everything except the massive member filling her womb. Soon she was working her hips back and forth with a fury, the wetness from her pussy now visible on Mike’s belly.

The room filled with Liz’s cries and screams as she fucked herself like never before. She could feel her heart pounding through her chest, her stomach fluttering and her toes filled with energy as the oncoming orgasm built higher and higher. Her mind filled with heat and bliss.  

Liz began to slam her pelvis down onto the massive girth of her birthday gift. Her screams of “Oh my god!” barely covered the sound of her ass slapping against her helpless husband's thighs. It was there. She pounded again, then again then again, filling herself with every inch as the uncontrollable orgasms hit her like giant ocean waves pounding against a lone reef. The orgasms filled every inch of her body and exploded through her lungs sending screams into the room.

With one final shattering scream, Liz’s body fell forward onto Mike's. Mike could feel her heart pounding through his chest vibrating his spine. Liz lay there unable to move, impaled on the thick cock sleeve, the inner walls of her pussy pulsating and squeezing against its girth uncontrollably. Liz’s clit throbbed as it pressed against Mike's stomach. Her body was now defying her mind. She couldn’t control it.

Liz’s hips started to grind. Her pussy wouldn’t release hold of the fat cock stuck deep inside her. Her chest pressed against Mike's as her hips started bucking up and down. Liz’s mind was in a complete blur as her pussy beckoned for more. Her hips rose and slammed hard, completely unaware of any discomfort Mike might have been in.

Soon her whole body began feverishly shaking on top of Mike. The side of her face pressed against his as she screamed out once more. She lifted her head as the scream continued, tears running down her face. The pleasure overwhelming her, Liz’s body suddenly went limp.

A moment passed and Liz seemed to regain consciousness. She pushed herself up from Mike. Liz began to rise up and the massive cock sleeve slowly withdrew from her pussy. The sleeve was covered in Liz's creamy juices and the room filled with the scent of her sex. Liz stood over Mike with one foot on each side of his head. Mike looked up. His eyes locked Liz's gaping hole and swollen pussy lips. Slowly his eyes made their way up to see Liz with a giant smile on her face.




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