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What A Vacation

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It started in a hot tub...

My wife and I had planned a vacation for about three months. We'd rented a cabin, made all of the arrangements, took the time off work, and had the dates set. We were taking my stepdaughter Karley and we'd told her she was welcome to invite a friend. I have to admit I was somewhat surprised when she said she'd asked her friend Katie.

I knew Katie but only had met her a few times. Karley had better friends, girls she'd known a lot longer, and Karley also knew that on occasion, Katie had set off her mom with her outspoken personality, foul-mouthed at times, and blunt personality.

I thought, "well, this is definitely going to be an interesting vacation."

I could not have been closer to the truth.

To give a little background on the family, here it is.

My wife and I had problems going into the vacation. Difficult times at home, arguments about our choices of friends, her being jealous and angry at me having female friends, and for the most part, anything she didn't like, she'd argue about. Her stuffy personality set me off. I always felt like no matter what happened, she had something nasty to say. My stepdaughter, on the other hand, was totally opposite. Funny, friendly, outspoken, polite, kind, and as easy to get along with as anyone you'd know. 

Me? I was and still am very outgoing, friendly, easy to hang out with, and wasn't afraid to speak my mind. I think that's the reason why my wife didn't like Katie. Very outspoken, blunt, and not afraid to speak her mind.

When we'd planned the vacation, Karley had just turned seventeen. She was heading into her senior year of high school that Fall. Katie was the same age. She was going to be eighteen in about four months or so, I had recalled. When I presented it to my wife, she initially copped an attitude. I said, "fine. I'll tell Karley that she can't take her friend. But I'm going to tell her why."

My wife backed down immediately.

"No. That's bullshit. You know that her and I have had our differences because of our personalities and our opinions. I don't want that shit to ruin a vacation. But you tell her to keep Katie under control. She seems to listen to you more."

I just laughed.

I wanted to respond back with, "well, she probably likes me more than you," but I kept my mouth shut.

The vacation started out with a bang.

In the car, our stuff packed up, suitcases in the back of the car, we headed out to the cabin in Tennessee. I knew it was going to be about a ten-hour drive. I had no idea what to expect.

The games, fun and craziness started immediately.

The girls were cracking jokes in the back, making dirty comments about cars driving by, making comments about, "sexy hot doable dudes," and other things. It was interesting enough and I hadn't laughed so hard in a long time.

This continued on throughout the drive. We'd stop at rest stop areas, they'd make comments, crack jokes, and we'd get back in the car. It was hilarious. Until one stop on the trip that changed it all.

We'd stopped somewhere part way down to Tennessee. My wife had gone into the rest stop bathroom with my stepdaughter. Katie and I had stayed in the car. We were waiting and just kind of casually chatting when she finally said something to me I had never expected out of a seventeen-year-old friend of my stepdaughter.

"I can't wait until we get to the cabin. Then the real fun can begin," Katie said.

I looked at her.

I couldn't take my eyes off her bright red hair. I glanced down at her boobs. I looked her in the eyes. She smiled. And licked her lips.

Christ. This was going to be interesting.

Katie smiled at me.

"I know what you're thinking," she finally said.

"What am I thinking?" I finally responded to her.

And I couldn't respond because my wife and stepdaughter were coming back to the car.

They got in, and the trip continued.

We had about four more hours. And throughout the entire time, all I could think about was what Katie had said.

I had no idea what the hell this vacation was going to bring.

All I knew was, I was excited to hang out with her, my stepdaughter, be in the mountains, see sights I'd seen before and to have fun. I swore I was not going to let my wife's prude ass attitude and lame behavior ruin anything.

About six hours later we finally made the cabin. It was beautiful. We took our stuff inside the cabin and I was absolutely stunned at how amazing it was. A full kitchen. Pool table. A lot of cool amenities. A TV. Satellite dish. We even had internet. Hell, I had no idea you could get that stuff so far up in the mountains. Guess life has its perks.

That afternoon we unpacked and spent some time hanging out in the cabin. When dinner time hit, the girls mentioned taking a trip into town. My wife said, "I'm tired," and she chose to stay at the cabin.

Karley, Katie and I took a drive about six or seven miles into town. The jokes, comments, off-hand remarks and sarcastic bullshit continued the entire time. It was hilarious. Those two had a better friendship than I realized, and Katie was as outspoken as anyone I'd ever met. I loved it. She was making me laugh harder than I'd laughed in a long time.

When we were done in town grabbing some dinner and checking out the sites, we went back to the cabin. My wife was laying on the couch. She'd fallen asleep. I heard my stepdaughter make a sarcastic comment, "figures," and walked off into the other room.

Katie looked at me, laughed and headed into the other room with Karley. I tried to wake my wife up. She was sleeping heavily, so I left her be.

About a half hour later, the girls came out.

"Want to hit the hot tub? It looks pretty awesome," Katie said.

I agreed.

The hot tub was located on the back deck of the cabin. I walked out onto the deck and stared out over the mountain. God, the scenery was beautiful. The mountains, the trees, the fresh air, and the sounds. Truly incredible.

Until I turned around a couple of minutes later and saw the girls walk out.

Karley walked out wearing a peach colored two piece bathing suite bikini. For seventeen, she had a body on her. A small chest, bigger hips, a bigger sized set of legs on her, a little bit of a stomach (not fat or nasty, just not flat like a lot of girls), bigger legs, and that bathing suit bottom. God, she looked really good. Long black hair, her black eyebrows, her lips with a smirk on them, and standing there with her hands on her hips.

"You gonna get your suit on or what?" Karley said.

Then I saw Katie walk out.

And my fucking heart damn near stopped.

Katie had flaming red curly hair down past her shoulders and was wearing a two piece bikini that was bright red showing off every inch of her body. I'd put her about one-hundred-and-fifty to one-hundred-and-fifty-five pounds, maybe about five-foot-four and not fat but on the bigger boned side. A bit bigger in the shoulders, legs and ass, a really curvy set of hips, and those fucking boobs. 

All I could think was, "holy shit."

Then my wife woke up.

"Hey, what's going on?" she finally said.

"The girls were gonna hit the hot tub. Figured they'd chill for a while. Asked if we were gonna join them."

"Nah, I'm gonna go take a shower, get cleaned up, and I'm going to take a ride into town," my wife said.

"But we were just in town. Why didn't you go with us earlier?" I finally said.

She got a shitty attitude.

"Because I was tired. I"m not tired now. And I feel like going. If you don't want to go, don't worry. It's not a big deal. I'll take the trip solo."

She went into the bedroom, got some clothes, and I was standing in the living room with the girls when I saw her go into the bathroom.

The girls just giggled.

"Looks like she's gonna be a great time on this trip," Karley finally said.

I shrugged. I'd already said I would not let her fuck it up.

The girls went out onto the back deck. They climbed into the hot tub. I could not help but stand there and stare at Karley and Katie's asses in their bikinis as they went over the side of the hot tub. I heard them gasp, heard them giggle, and then heard quiet talking. I couldn't make out what they were saying.

I went into the bathroom.

"I'm gonna go into the hot tub. You sure you don't want me to go into town with you?" I said to my wife.

"Nope. I'm sure you can manage to have more fun doing what YOU want to do," she said.

I just shrugged it off.

I walked out of the bathroom, got my swim trunks on, and walked back into the bathroom.

"Why don't you at least put a shirt on? Jesus. You don't think that's inappropriate? Going in like THAT with two seventeen-year-old girls?" she said.

Christ, what a fucking prude.

I just shrugged, put a shirt on, walked out and smarted off.

"This better?" I said.

She didn't say anything. She just closed the shower door.

I went into the back room on the deck, opened and closed the sliding door and sat on the deck in a lounge chair.

The girls were already soaking wet, in the hot tub up to their shoulders.

"Coming in?" Karley said.

"Yeah. I"ll wait until your mom goes into town. God knows she'll have a reason to smart off and get stupid again," I said.

The girls giggled.

About twenty minutes later, my wife came into the room.

"I'm leaving. I"ll be back in a while." she said.

"Ok. Have fun," I said.

She looked at me and mouthed off again.

"Oh, I'm sure you can find a way to have more fun when I"m gone," she said.

Jesus. What a fucking prude.

But I said nothing. She left.

And then Katie stood up. Jesus. She was soaking wet. Her stomach, body and legs were dripping with water.

"I'll be back in a second. I gotta pee," she said.

Karley laughed.

I realized I'd forgotten a towel.

"I'll be back. I gotta get a towel," I said.

I walked behind Katie, heading down the hallway.

We made it part way in the hallway when without warning, she turned around and pushed against me.

"What are you doing?" I finally stuttered.

She had her boobs pushed up against me. Her body was pressed against mine. I was wearing my trunks and a t-shirt.

"God, you do not know what I've been thinking about since we got into the car," Katie said.

I didn't even think about what I was doing.

I leaned in and I pressed my lips against hers.

We kissed. It was intense. Passionate. Immediate sparks. And then I realized after I pulled my tongue out of her mouth what I'd done.

"Oh shit. I shouldn't have done that," I said.

Katie giggled.

She reached down and slid her hand across my t-shirt. It went down across my stomach. And it pressed against my swim trunks.

She smiled.

"Yes. You should have done that," Katie said.

I groaned. She pushed harder. I gasped.

And then I felt it.

She slid her hand inside my swim trunks. I felt her hand graze across my dick. She touched it gently. Moved her fingers lower.

I gasped.

She touched my balls. And then pulled her hand up out of my shorts. I looked in her eyes. She leaned in and kissed me on the mouth. It lasted about thirty seconds.

And she stared at me.

"There's more where that came from," Katie said.


To be continued...

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