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The Gigolo Chronicles III - Heidi, Part 1

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I visit an old friend and very good customer in California!

Heidi is a beautiful thirty-year-old widow woman with a very curvaceous figure. Her husband, a very successful stockbroker was killed in a car accident a few years ago and left her with a very comfortable life insurance policy and a very good pension from the company he worked for.

So Heidi didn't lack for money. What she did lack for, however, was decent and satisfying male companionship. Oh, there were plenty of "sharks" patrolling the waters around her home, but she didn't want someone whose only interest in her was financial comfort. She wanted someone who cared about her.

I guess I can't really blame these men, though. With silky dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and a mouth-watering 34-26-34 figure, Heidi has looks that would stop a clock! She always commands attention in whatever situation she is in.

I have seen her walk into a room humming with activity and without saying a single word it goes dead silent! Lucky is the man with this dazzler on his arm! Fortunately for me, Heidi really enjoys making love with me, especially when I eat her pussy, which is something I thoroughly enjoy doing.

Heidi lives in La Jolla in an amazing five bedroom/three and a half bath home that she and her husband bought a year or so before he died. Her husband, Patrick, I believe his name was, was a very smart and financially savvy man and had the house insured in such a way that if anything happened to him, the house would automatically be paid off.

So when it did, Heidi didn't have to worry about having a place to live. Yes, Heidi did have to get rid of the housekeeper, but she never really liked the idea of a housekeeper anyway. Heidi was a homebody and liked taking care of the house herself, even if it meant more work for her.

It had been a pretty productive month for me; a trip to Atlanta to meet a new client, a meeting here in Dallas with a long-time one, and now a trip to California made for a good month for me. I hoped next month would be just as productive!

I flew out to Los Angeles at her invitation and took a cab to her house. I walked up the steps to her house and rang the doorbell.

"Come on in," she said through the intercom system and I heard the lock click. I stepped inside and she greeted me at the door.

Heidi was wearing a sheer red long chiffon gown with lace over the bust. Underneath she had a red bra/panty/garter belt set and her thigh-top stockings. She had her black CFM pumps to complete the ensemble. She looked very hot!

"Hi Tony, I'm so glad you could come out for a visit. I have missed you terribly," she said. We kissed passionately and she wrapped her arms around my neck in a more than friendly embrace. After I removed my shoes, she led me into the living room, where I immediately noticed the shades were drawn, the lights down low and soft music was playing. She led me to the large leather sofa and we sat down next to one another.

We began kissing again, more passionately than before, like a couple of teenagers making out in their parent's house. Her soft lips fell open and I took it as an invitation to come on in, which I did. Her tongue met mine and they got reacquainted even as my hands were learning her delicious curves again.

We continued kissing and I kissed my way down her throat and Heidi raised her chin to give me better access to the erogenous places there. Her gown fell partially open and I reached in to wrap my arms about her waist inside her gown.

This pushed the gown apart further revealing her luscious tits half exposed by the push-up bra. I leaned over and kissed each creamy globe and Heidi gently pushed me away. "Let me go first," she murmured.

She began by unbuttoning my shirt. I tried to help her, but she pushed my hands away with a smile. "No, no, no!" she said, so I leaned back and relaxed on the sofa and let her work. Because of my line of work, I have to keep myself in very good shape and I have been blessed with a body the women seem to appreciate. Heidi smiled broadly as my shirt came off.

"I see somebody's been hitting the gym extra hard for me lately!" she commented. "I just love a man who takes pride in his looks!"

Once my shirt was off, she licked and kissed my chest, concentrating briefly on my nipples before starting to work her way down the front of my body. While her lips and tongue were busy on my body, her hands were busy too, unfastening my belt and pants and hooking onto the waistband of my undershorts.

When her mouth reached my belt line she stopped, knelt on the floor in front of me and started to pull off my pants and underwear. I lifted myself off the sofa slightly and she pulled my clothes all the way off and tossed them aside. She slipped out of her delicate gown and laid it gently over the back of the sofa, leaving her in just her bra/panty/garter belt combo her stockings and heels.

Thoroughly aroused by Heidi's tender kisses and the sight of her beautiful, sexy body, I moved forward on the sofa and spread my legs wide for her as she knelt on the floor in front of me. Heidi rested her elbows on my thighs and held my cock gently in her hands to kiss the tip and lick the little pee slit in the end.

She told me to slide forward a little more because she wanted to lick my crotch and balls. I did as she wanted, happily; I do Heidi whatever she wants where her mouth is concerned because I know how good she is with it.

Starting just in front of my ass, she licked my crotch in broad strokes, her nose bumping against my scrotum. Her tongue meandered lovingly up around either side of the base of my balls, my rigid cock rubbing against both of her lovely soft cheeks. One at a time, she took my balls into her warm mouth, caressing and fondling them lovingly with her tongue.

Not until her mouth had thoroughly caressed my crotch and my balls did it again touch my cock, and then it was a single slow lick from the base to the tip. When she reached the tip, she licked the head and under the ridge until she stopped, holding the head of my cock to her lips and smiling.

"I've been thinking about this sweet cock ever since I called you a few days ago. You don't know how hard it's been to wait for today!" she purred, rubbing my cock across her soft lips and teasing it with her tongue.

"So you've waited for me, then… you haven't masturbated or anything since you called me?" I asked.

"Well… truthfully no. Thinking about your coming out and what you always do for me… I had to take care of things a couple of times since then. A girl can only take so much you know!" she said, giggling.

"Well, baby, it's ‘hard' for you now too!" I said, half joking and half taunting her.

"Mmm, so it is!" she said, giving me that beautiful smile I so adored in her.

"So, let's see how much you can ‘take' now, baby!" I said. It was as much a challenge as it was a command. And Heidi is not one to back down from a challenge or a dare!

Still smiling, Heidi gently took my cock into her mouth, her tongue caressing the shaft while she engulfed it, sliding down the shaft agonizingly slowly until the tip of my cock was at the back of her throat.

Not willing to rest on her laurels just yet, she tipped her head back slightly and swallowed a couple of times, opening her throat and taking me down further. She kept sliding down my shaft, swallowing occasionally, reminding me of a snake swallowing its meal. Finally, her lips were at the base and my pubic hair tickled her nose.

She held me there for as long as she could go without breathing and then slowly, she backed her mouth away, her tongue still busy, until only the tip was still in her mouth, and then she popped me out of her mouth, raising her head to look at me as she knelt there.

"Your cock sure feels good in my mouth", she said. "I know your cum is really good too, but I'm not in any hurry to taste it just yet."

Once more Heidi slowly sucked my cock into her warm, wet mouth, and just as equally slowly, she backed off. Again and again, her head bobbed down and back up while her tongue massaged my entire shaft and I moaned my happy pleasure.

Having my cock sucked by Heidi is a pleasure to most of my senses. First and foremost, it feels incredibly good. The soft silkiness of her tongue and the warmth and wetness of her mouth is beyond I can accurately describe.

Watching my cock going slowly in and out of her beautiful mouth is a treat to my eyes as well. Heidi knows the importance of keeping her eyes focused on mine and seeing her kneeling there enjoying what she's doing and enjoying the pleasure she is giving me makes the experience one that I always look forward to.

My ears are serenaded by the delightful slurping and guk-guk-guk sounds of her mouth as it pleasures both of us and to her coos, moans, and murmurs of enjoyment as well because Heidi truly enjoys sucking my cock. She also knows that slow deliberate strokes means a lot of strokes and the more times my cock slides into her mouth, the more both of us like it.

Eventually, I would cum; that much was certain. And Heidi was happily anticipating the taste and the texture of the reward she would get to swallow, but neither of us was in a hurry for that to happen.

Then Heidi stopped sucking my cock and moved down to lick and suck my balls again, to keep me from cumming before either of us wanted me to. She knew the power her talented mouth had on men and she loved sucking my cock, not wanting the fun to end before it absolutely had to.

After a brief interlude, she put my cock back in her mouth, where both cock and mouth were happiest, licking and kissing the head before gently and slowly taking the entire length into her warm moistness. Once again I enjoyed watching her head bob down and up.

My delight in Heidi's ministrations was so great that I couldn't speak, except to moan and even whimper from the pleasure. Heidi was enjoying herself too much to talk about it also, except for her happy murmurs. The only other sounds were the wet, slurping noises she made while my cock slid in and out between her lips.

Occasionally, because she so much loves what my cock does for her and to her, Heidi took it out of her mouth and licked it and nuzzled it against her face. Watching her rub my hard saliva covered cock across her face was such a fucking turn on - my Heidi acted like a perfect nasty slut!

She rubbed the drool she had brought up gagging on me and used my cock to smear it all over her face, coating it with the nasty slimy stuff and making her look like a cheap back-alley cock slut! It was great and I nearly came from watching her!

Then she moved my drool-covered fuck stick down and gave her tits a little spit-polish as well. She rubbed my cock against her adorable nipples, and enclosed the shaft between her succulent breasts and titty-fucked me while she licked the head, but she always returned my cock to her mouth where we both derived the most enjoyment.

Even with the slow strokes of Heidi's skilled mouth and the times my cock was out of her sweet heaven, I could feel my climax building. I knew that with her skilled techniques I couldn't hope to delay it much longer.

"I'm almost ready to cum baby," I told her.

She took me out of her mouth just long enough to replay, "That's right, lover, cum in my mouth! I want to taste your sweet sticky cum! Please, Tony! Please, give me my sweet treat, baby! Shoot your hot cum in my mouth! Cum for me, please!"

She inhaled my cock again and tightened her lips around my cock as she increased the speed of her strokes. She sucked and pumped my cock with her fist for all she was worth, determined to milk it of its sticky white cargo.

Ordinarily, I am almost a religious zealot when it comes to using condoms. I won't even show up at for a date without an ample supply. But Heidi and I have known each other for a long time and I know that she doesn't see other guys and that she has had her tubes tied so there's no chance of having an "accident".

And she knows that with all my other ladyfriends I wear a rubber and I get tested regularly for any STD's so she trusts me as well. We do this because she loves my cum so much and she would be very disappointed if she couldn't get her "reward" anymore. So she is the ONLY woman I will go "bareback" with and it's because she is such a good friend as well as a good client.

Her tongue continued to caress my shaft while her mouth sucked my cock like some crazed vacuum cleaner. "Oh! Oh! I'm cumming," I told her. While I held my cock just inside her open mouth, Heidi knelt there looking like a little bird waiting to be fed. Her tongue was sticking out, formed into a shallow bowl waiting for me to fill it.

When my cock finally released its bounty, the sticky cum spurted onto her tongue where she held it fully savoring the taste until I had deposited nearly my entire nuts-full. After she had gotten a full taste of every gob, she showed me that she had held it "like a good girl" and then swallowed it down, showing me her empty mouth afterward.

Heidi then took my dribbling cock with the last few drops of cum slowly leaking from it and smeared a bit onto each nipple - to "give the girl's their due", she said. She used my cock to smear it around her hard nipples and I loved the feeling of my hot sticky cum and her hard nipples on my cock.

When she was through giving the girls a taste, her lips tightened even more on my cock so she could milk every last bit of cum out of it. Even after it had become flaccid, Heidi kept it in her mouth and when she finally took it out, she licked the head and all around the ridge.

"I really love your cum, the taste of it and the way it feels, so hot on my tongue," she told me. "And I really, really love sucking your cock until you cum into my mouth."

"And I really, really, really love having you suck me off and cumming into your mouth too, baby!" I said.

Sucking me off like she did had gotten Heidi completely turned on, of course. Her pussy was drooling heavily, the juices were running down her legs like little rivers and puddling at her feet. I hated to see all that deliciousness going to waste, but I knew she could produce an almost inexhaustible supply and I would be feasting on that banquet in a little while.

With her as wet as she was, I didn't want to her climb back up on the leather sofa with me and ruin such a nice piece of furniture, so instead I got down on the hardwood floor with her. There we lay on the rug together, her half-naked body pressed against and wrapped around mine.

We hugged and kissed each other full on the lips and again, and again. The third time, we both opened our mouths to let our tongues, both of them very agile, have their own embrace.

Heidi had swallowed all my cum and the faint lingering taste of it was not enough to prevent me from enjoying kissing her mouth or any other part of her beautiful face. I love kissing and Heidi, with her soft, tender lips so sweet, was a wonderful kisser. She liked kissing too and the soft moans and delicate whimpers she emitted as we devoured one another only made it all the better for me.

As much as I was enjoying myself kissing Heidi's sweet mouth, I knew there were even better places to kiss and suck and lick. The first place I wanted to visit was her adorable pink nipples, and I lowered my head and began to nuzzle one of them with my lips and to lick it.

I moved over to nuzzle and lick the other. Her hard nipples had felt really wonderful on my cock a little earlier and now they felt even better to my mouth. They were fat and fully erect and my tongue could feel the tiny ridges on them and the surrounding areolas. Heidi moaned loudly, expressing her exquisite pleasure at the way my mouth felt on her nipples and pleaded with me to continue. She didn't really need to; I wanted more than anything to do exactly that.

Gently, rolled over on top of Heidi at a level that put my mouth directly even with these tender morsels. Heidi wrapped her legs around my waist as I cupped either of these luscious treasures in my hands and licked one of them harder, flicking the nipple with my tongue.

"Yesss, Suck them, Tony, please suck on my tits! Put them in your mouth! Oooh…" Heidi murmured. She began running her hands through my hair as she held my head, pushing my mouth down harder on her eager nipples and forcing more of her tit into my hot, hungry mouth.

Gladly, I took one of the gorgeous twins into my mouth, clamping my lips on the soft creamy skin and applied gentle suction. My tongue continued to caress the nipple and the surrounding area. I switched my attention from one of her succulent globes to the other, and then back again, continuing to alternate sucking and licking her amazing double-D tits.

This was fun, of course, but it was basically foreplay, and Heidi's pussy was still lubricating copiously and waiting patiently for my mouth. My cock was soft after being drained by her mouth, but it would be hard again by the time I had finished eating her pussy, especially since I intended to bring her to two climaxes. I believed the time had come to move on and start eating that marvelous pussy. Heidi thought so too, and she was pushing on my shoulders prompting me to go lower.

I moved around to position myself between her spread legs. Eagerly she scooted forward and laid back on the floor propping her head up on one of the sofa pillows I had given her. I used the other one under her hips to raise her ass a bit off the floor for better presentation and easier eating. As I moved closer, she put her legs over my shoulders and I wrapped my arms around her gorgeous legs, looking down at the banquet she had laid out for me.

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