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Return To Dave's Cottage Part 3 Of 4

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Shared experiences lead to a deeper understanding

This story is part of The Weekend at Dave's Cottage series.

I love her.

As we rode back to the cottage snuggled together on the seat of the boat my mind spun as it tried to deal with the emotional effect of the realization. The years played through my mind as I reviewed the past and her actions.

Always coming back to me, no matter what we argued about. Bringing women into our bed while avoiding all the guys who chased her and getting the tattoo when she did try seeing the other guys. Always being supportive and keeping me on track in school and after. She never pressured me or questioned about the numerous other women. She was somehow always there at the right times.

I had been blind to her love and devotion to me after years of shutting my emotions down.

We pulled up to the dock and were welcomed by the remainder of the group. Beers and drinks, all around as we took seats in the comfortable lounge chairs. Ed went over to Rachael and gave her a quick kiss.

"I need a fucking nap," he grunted with a smile as he looked over at Stacey.

Rachael smiled and got up. "I will come along and you can tell me all about your boating adventures."

She turned and gave Stacey a wink and a smile. Stacey smiled back as she watched the older couple hold hands and walk to the cottage. Connie leaned over and kissed me.

"Thanks for the attention. You guys made my day," she said quietly before kissing Stacey.

"Thank you," I replied with a grin.

Stacey grabbed Connie by the face with both hands and gave her another long, slow kiss before letting her go.

"Maybe we can play in the hot tub later," she whispered in Connie's ear.

Connie grinned and nodded her head before plopping into the lounge chair between Kevin and Paul. She stretched out and closed her eyes. Karen gestured at Stacey and asked her to come help get things ready for dinner. Dave came up from the boathouse and declared it time to fire up the grille as he headed to the cottage. He was followed by the two women. Stacey looked back and flashed me a big smile as she walked away. I closed my eyes and lay back in the chair to enjoy the sunshine.

I was woken up by a hand sliding up my thigh. I opened my eyes to see Angie sitting on the lounge chair beside me. I looked around and noticed we were alone.

"Time for supper, handsome," she said with a smile. "I offered to come and get you."

I smiled back as her hand slipped between my legs and her fingers grasped my now-swelling cock.

"Did you bring me an appetizer?" I teased. "Maybe something wet and warm?"

Her face lit up in a big smile as I licked my lips and slid down in the lounger until my knees were bent and my feet touched the deck. I pointed to my mouth and flicked my tongue at her.

"Have a seat," I offered.

She jumped up and pulled the blue bikini bottoms over her wide, ample hips before straddling my face. Her plump, juicy pussy appeared in front of me, glistening wet and waiting. I reached up and grabbed her big, firm cheeks in my hands as my tongue went to work. I licked and probed her as she wiggled and moaned, my tongue dancing between her folds and over her swollen clit. I grabbed it between my lips and sucked, to bring her a moaning orgasm as she mashed herself into my mouth. She quivered for a few moments before relaxing and stepping away.

"God, you're so good at that," she moaned as she sat down on the chair and caught her breath.

"Glad you enjoyed it," I said as I licked her juice from my lips and wiped my chin. "I did."

She moved between my legs and tugged my shorts down. My swollen cock jumped out and was quickly enveloped by her hungry mouth. She sucked me fast and pumped my swollen shaft with both hands. I came quickly, filling her mouth and marveled at how she swallowed every drop. She slowly sucked until I was empty and looked up at me with a big smile.

"Thanks," she giggled.

We both chuckled and relaxed for a moment before heading to the cottage. We joined the rest of the group at the table and enjoyed a meal of steaks, potatoes, salads and wine along with a lot of laughs. I noticed Karen take Stacey's left hand and look at the ring on her finger before whispering in Stacey's ear. Stacey looked down at the table for a moment but looked up with a big smile when Karen whispered to her again. The two glanced at me and shared a giggle before getting up to clear the table.

"I think you ladies should go relax and let us look after the cleaning up," Ed announced. "Kid, you got dish duty."

The women happily filed out of the room, taking the wine with them as we began clearing the table. Stacey patted my ass on the way by and told me to make sure I did a good job. Karen squeezed it as she went by and announced that she knew I would.

"You wash, I'll dry and these jokers will put everything away," Ed said as he gestured to the others.

"Yes, Sir," Kevin replied jokingly. "At your beck and call, Sir."

"You are not in the fucking Marines here, don't call me Sir," Ed retorted gruffly.

"Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir," Kevin replied with a chuckle.

"Fuck off," Ed laughed.

As we washed Ed spoke to me quietly.

"Rachael really likes your friend," he stated. "She thinks she is good for you."

"Oh?" I quizzed. "How so?"

"I don't know, kid," he replied. "She just said that."

"What do you think?" I asked.

"I think Stacey is your Rachael," he said. "The sooner you realize that, the better."

We turned towards the deck at the sound of clapping behind us. Stacey and Angie were on the deck in an intense 69, the two woman wrestling pussy to mouth. Angie suddenly groaned loudly in climax. Stacey lifted her arms to the air in victory.

"I win, I win, she came first!" she shouted excitedly. "Who's the next to try?"

Karen laughed as Dave pushed her forward and urged her on. The chant of "Ka-ren! Ka-ren! Ka-ren!" rang out across the lake.

Ed laughed and jabbed me with his elbow. "She's fucking dynamite, she is."

We quickly finished up and joined the show just as Karen groaned loudly and climaxed. Stacey wiggled her pussy in Karen’s face as she giggled. Her smiling face was wet with Karen’s juice as she turned around and gave Karen a deep kiss.

”Nice try,” she whispered to Karen before sitting back on her knees.

Karen slowly rolled over and started laughing as her orgasm subsided. Stacey looked at her for a moment before laughing as well.

”You let me win!” Stacey exclaimed as she slapped Karen on the ass.

”I couldn’t help it, honest,” Karen laughed. “I was so turned on...”

We all laughed and Stacey pointed at Connie, telling her she was next.

”Oh, no,” she pleaded. “I am still a little... tender... from the boat.”

Both women glanced at me and smiled.

”My turn, then,” Rachael announced as she stood up.

Stacey eyed her hungrily as she removed the sarong wrap, pulled off her thong and dropped her bikini top. Her big, firm breasts barely dropped as they were freed. I noticed the flash of insecurity cross Stacey's face as she took in the sight of the mature curvy woman. It was gone just as quickly as Rachael lay down on the blanket beside her. Rachael leaned in and kissed her while her fingers stroked the little hard nipple and golden hoop on Stacey’s breast. Stacey shivered.

Rachael lay on her back and spread her legs as Stacey straddled her face. The two women began their oral assaults and started moaning and writhing, each fighting to resist reaching orgasm. I could see Stacey struggling as Rachael worked her pussy. She looked up at me and I pursed my lips and flicked the end of my tongue out. Stacey understood and sucked Rachael’s clit between her lips and buzzed the tip of her tongue over the swollen bud. I knew that would be it for Rachael.

Rachael squealed and bounced her hips as the orgasm hit her, her body quaking in intense pleasure. Stacey let go for a brief moment and then repeated the action. Rachael groaned and shook as the next wave slammed into her. Stacey lifted her face up and smiled brightly at her victory.

Her jaw dropped and her eyes rolled back in her head as Rachael held her tight and returned the favor. Stacey shook violently and gasped as the massive orgasm rocked her little body. She groaned loudly and collapsed onto Rachael’s stomach. The two women gasped for breath and relaxed as they lay entwined together.

A loud round of applause followed as we clapped and cheered at the conclusion of the erotic event. Paul stood up and dropped his shorts, his erect cock jutting out. He stroked it and looked at Angie and Connie with a lusty gaze.

"Shall we?” Angie asked Connie as she licked her lips.

Connie replied by grabbing Paul’s cock and pulling him to her. The two women lashed his cock with their tongues and ran their mouths along the shaft of the throbbing meat. Connie took him into her mouth and began sucking as Kevin’s cock appeared in Angie’s face. It was quickly taken into the hungry mouth and disappeared.

 I felt someone take my hand and looked over to see Karen point to the living room. I followed along with her as Dave was lifting Angie’s ass up and putting her on all fours. He was sliding in behind her as Karen pulled me down to the couch with her. She helped me tug my shorts off and straddled my lap, her hands going to my shoulders. I reached up and grabbed her heavy breasts as we kissed, feeling the fat nipples press into the palms of my hands. 

She lifted up and found the head of my cock with her opening. She groaned and slowly took me inside before kissing me again. She slowly rode me, moving her hips in a circular motion as our tongues danced. She groaned into my mouth as she enjoyed the slow, gentle feel of my thickness inside of her. I massaged her heavy breasts and tugged the fat nipples as we fucked. She leaned back and tilted her head back as I began pumping my hips into her. 

Stacey appeared on the couch beside me and whispered in my ear.

”It’s so hot watching you fuck her like that.”

 I turned my face to meet hers and we kissed deeply as Karen began to tremble.

”Ooh, make her cum, baby. Make her cum,” Stacey whispered. “I want to see her face when she does.”

I slowly fucked Karen and slid my hands to her waist. I started thrusting my hips harder and Karen moaned in response as I gripped her tightly. Stacey reached in and began squeezing Karen’s breasts and nipples. She moved up and kissed her as I pumped faster.

”Cum on his cock,” Stacey urged. “Let him make you cum.”

Karen moaned. “Oh, yes, I’m gonna cum.”

”Do it,” Stacey purred. “Let me see you cum...”

Karen groaned loudly and shook as she climaxed. I held her quivering body in place as her juice ran over my balls and inner thighs. She dropped her head forward and slumped against my chest as Stacey stroked her hair.

”You are so sexy, Karen,” Stacey whispered. “So, so sexy.”

Ed and Rachael came into the room and sat on the opposite couch. Stacey slid to the floor and crawled in front of Ed, pushing his legs apart and tugging on his shorts. Karen slipped off of me and lay down on the couch, exhausted. I stroked my cock and looked at Rachael as Ed’s cock sprang forward. Stacey giggled at the twitching cock. She looked at Rachael and smiled.

”Want to trade?” Stacey asked.

”Just for the night, sweetie,” Rachael replied. “Don’t break him, okay?”

They both laughed as Rachael stood up and took me by the hand. She turned to Stacey and gestured down the hallway.

”Our room is last on the left,” she explained. “Leave him there when you’re done with him.”

Ed stood up and lifted Stacey into his arms. She grabbed his neck and held on as he carried her down the hallway. Stacey looked back at me and gave me a little wave and a wink as Ed carried her into the bedroom.

”Come on, lover,” Rachael said. “Time to play.”

We went into the bedroom and closed the door.


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