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Neighbor Helping Neighbor


It's good to be neighborly

Yesterday I had gotten most of the large yard mowed and I had filled in a lot of holes I had created when I had previously removed rocks that protruded above the sod line. Today I was taking it at a much slower pace. The temperature yesterday was bad enough, but today it was almost unbearable. The sun was hotter than I could handle so I opted to work in the garage. My desire was to discard all the unused garbage that, at some point in the past, I just knew I would be using so I saved them.

I had backed the truck up to the garage door so I could use the bed for additional temporary storage while I sorted through all the crap. Call it a habit, a result of wishful thinking, or just wanting to get a kid like thrill, but I always glanced toward the house at the end of the long driveway I had. It was just coincidence that Mindy lived there.

She is a very attractive, curvaceous gal. For years, she and I hardly spoke or acknowledged each other but I always looked over, hoping to steal a glance of her. She has nonchalantly paraded her seductive, tanned body around in a very skimpy bathing suit every summer since they had moved in several years ago. All those years. Each one I had spent wanting her, lusting for her.

Over the past several years we had started waving to each other, and last year she and I had a few conversations. Don't ask me what the topics were because I wasn't paying attention to the topic of our discussions. I was busy with my fantasies of her.

Anyhow, one time when I went to the truck today, she was outside working in one of her several flower beds. She was in her dark mini-bikini and I knew her husband wasn't home. She never wore that bikini when he was. She had a more conservative one for those days.

Even though I was about four hundred yards away from her, I could see her perfectly well. Those long, sculptured legs, the seductive curve of her waist, and her ample but still firm breasts all seemed to be calling my name. I was snapped from the trance I was in by my phone.

"Hello?" I said as I answered the call without taking my eyes away from the delightful creature of my dreams.

"What the hell are you up to today, you ugly son of a bitch?" came the voice over the phone. I knew in an instant it was my best friend, Waldo.

"Right now I'm lusting after my neighbor. Mindy's out," I replied.

When the instantaneous roar of laughter died, Waldo managed to utter, "Have her once for me, you old dog!"

"Fuck you! Get your own fantasy!" I laughed. As we talked, Mindy was busily cleaning off the back deck of their house. I watched her remove everything from the deck, hose it down, and spot scrub it. She then began cleaning the table and chairs from the deck. During this, my conversation with Waldo had ended and I reluctantly went back into the garage to try to prevent my observation from being noticed by Mindy.

Having a portable fan sitting a few feet behind me, I have no idea how long I had been working but the little noise it made was just enough to mask the sound of approaching footsteps.


I damned near jumped through the roof! I didn't expect to be hearing a voice, and a female one at that! Turning to view the source of the greeting, I saw it was Mindy. My God! That body!!

"Hey. What's up, Dear?" I asked in as pleasant a voice I could muster, trying to conceal the lusty arousal I knew was oozing from every cell of my body. I watched as she walked in the garage, getting nearer and nearer to me. Those long, tanned legs. Those breasts. That face!!

"Well," she began hesitantly, looking down and using her bare foot, began toying with a loose rock on the earthen floor. "I really hate to ask you this, but I need some help for a minute or two and was wondering if you'd mind helping me," she said softly. Looking up slightly toward me, her look was one of those that could melt all the ice on Earth.

"Shit! Be happy to!" I said as I took that final step that brought us within a few inches from each other. "What's ya need?" I queried her as we began walking toward the door. She quickly informed me that all she needed was help getting the picnic table back up to the deck. She explained that she got it off the deck with no problem, but couldn't get it back up the steps.

A sweet idea popped in my head and I sat down on the lawn tractor.

I patted my leg. "Hop on. It's too damned hot for me to walk up there and back and I'm not about to have you walk when I ride!"

She looked at me in disbelief for a few seconds, but then turned her back toward me and slowly lowered her ass onto my leg. God almighty! It was as firm as I dreamed it would be! Instead of reaching behind her to start the engine, I wrapped my arm around her bare midriff and turned the key. Noticing she didn't seem to mind my arm around her, I left it there and placed my hand on her hip. "Sure as hell don't want you to fall off. This drive is bumpy," I explained as we began moving toward her house.

She gave no verbal response but held onto my arm with both hands as we began to transverse the distance to her house. Her ass massaged my leg as her body uncontrollably bounced with each bump we hit, and the entire time I was wishing she was sitting on some other part of my anatomy!

In a moment we were at her back deck and she paused for a few seconds before standing up. I shut off the tractor and didn't move my arm from across her flat and toned stomach until I felt her begin to stand up. I reluctantly moved my arm and then I realized that I only had sweat pants on. This fact would not be notable except for two things: One, I had nothing else on except my shoes, and secondly, the waist string was tied in a knot and did little to keep my pants up. Seemed like every three or four steps I took I'd be pulling them back up. Even as I stood up, I had to hitch them up.

"Hang on," I said, causing Mindy to stop and look at me. "I better go back get put jeans on. These damned things are likely to fall down half way up the steps."

A barely noticeable grin appeared on her face. "Wouldn't that be a shame?" she said as she walked over to the table. Leaning on the end of the table, she was looking straight in my eyes. "I think it would be pretty stupid to go all the way down there, change pants, and come back up here. We can be done before you'd even get back to your house."

Having learned many years ago to not argue with a woman over something that seemed trivial to her, I took my place at the opposite end of the picnic table. "Backward or forward?" I asked so I knew who was walking up the steps backward.

"If you'd be okay going up the steps backward, I'd be grateful," was her answer. With that, we picked up the table and began the challenge.

It wasn't heavy at all but I knew it would have been a challenge for me to even get it hauled up the steps by myself. With every step I took backward, I could feel my sweats slipping downward. Not even halfway up the steps and I had to ask Mindy to pause for a moment so I could pull up my pants. "Oh Christ. You're paranoid. Keep going, you're almost to the top," she said as she nudged me by gently pushing on the table.

Ever so carefully, I tried to carry the table with one hand, trying not to ram it into the beautiful wood railings on the steps as I attempted to grab my sweats and pull them up with my other.

Mindy was now grinning as she watched me struggle. She'd gently push on the table to prevent me from pulling up my pants, which now had dropped to the point where my ass was being overly exposed.

"Wait! I've really got to pull up my..." I began to say.

"You're one step from the deck!" she bluntly said. "Keep going and quit worrying!" she said.

Noticing her smiling, as if she was waiting for my pants to drop, I took the final steps backward so she could set her end of the table on the deck. With the last step I took, the heel of my shoe caught the cuff of my sweats and they rocketed to the deck floor, fully exposing my erect cock to her view. I instinctively looked at her, wondering what her reaction was going to be.

She acted as if she didn't notice so that was a good sign. After setting the table on the deck I quickly bent down and pulled my pants up. Before I knew it she had stepped around the table and had walked to within a foot or so of me. "So!" she began. "You always go commando?" she asked.

I was shocked when I realized her hand was on my crotch. Her fingers were massaging my balls and my silent reply was the uncontrollable throbbing of my cock against her palm.

"Oh Mindy!" I gasped as the realization of her intent sunk in and the pleasure of her touch overtook all my senses. Rubbing over the bulge in my sweats she moved her mouth beside my ear.

"I have to go back to your place," she whispered while her hand pressed more tightly against me. "I left my sunglasses down there."

Almost instantly we were on the tractor and she was seated on my lap, her legs straddling the steering wheel as she drove us back to my garage. Holding her by her waist as our bodies bounced together, we rolled down the driveway. With only the fleece of my sweatpants and the ultra thin cloth of her bikini separating us, my raging erection was being teased relentlessly by her inviting ass as the short but heavenly trip came to an end.

Stopping the tractor and shutting off the engine, she sat on my lap for several seconds. My cock throbbed savagely against her ass as she sat there. She got off the tractor, and I followed, trying for some reason, to hide the uncontrollable dancing flesh within my pants.

"You keep this place really nice! It's so secluded back here," she stated as she stared through the back yard.

"Yeah. You want the grand tour?"

Without a word she started off and I was a step or two behind her so I could enjoy watching her hips sway as her skimpy bikini beckoned me to follow her. We weren't even to the path that lead to the ultra-secluded spot I had kept mowed off in case I'd ever have guest that was willing for outdoor sex.

She suddenly stopped and turned around. I didn't get stopped in time and lightly bumped into her and began to offer an apology, but she was instantly squatted in front of me and had my pants down to the ground.

Not having put a shirt on this morning, I was now standing there in the nude except for my pants that were crumpled around my ankles and my shoes.

As the breeze drifted erotically across my fully exposed genitals, one of Mindy's hands were cupping my balls as her other hand gently guided my swollen cock into her alluring mouth.

When her cool, wet lips slid over the hot flesh of my shaft, I almost lost my load. "Oh sweet Jesus!" I moaned as I grasped her head.

I didn't need to do anything except stand there and enjoy while I struggling to retain my control as she repeatedly deep-throated me. I involuntarily began rocking my hips forward and back, matching her rhythm perfectly.

"I can't hold ba...." I gasped, certain that my inevitable orgasm was about to begin. She quickly released her oral grasp on me and stood up, pulling on the bow at the side of her bikini. It was one the ground only a micro-second before she was on her knees with her ass directly in front of me.

With her breathtaking legs parted wide, I dropped to my knees and my titanium hard cock easily found it's target. It slid almost effortlessly into her surprisingly saturated pussy.

"Oh my God!" we moaned in unison as our bodies tantalized each other. As the breeze that performed magic on us heightened our mutual arousal, I rhythmically stroked my cock back and forth in her snug, slippery glove.

"Wait," she said as she moved away from me and laid down on her back. Now seeing the full view of her trimmed and enticing pussy, I again slid my cock deep into her. Her legs were soon around my waist, squeezing me tightly and pulling me deeper within her. I yanked her bikini top up and began caressing and squeezing her breasts as my lips kissed and sucked on her hard nipples.

Feeling her tensing more tightly around my shaft, I was thankful she was getting close to orgasm because it had been hell for me as I tried to postpone my release.

I felt her heels press tightly against my ass as she tilted her hips, lifting her pussy upward which allowed me even deeper into her. She squeezed my cock tightly with her pussy muscles as I was pushed over the edge. The alignment of my cock and her pussy was now perfect and more than I could stand.

"OH-H-H-H-H-H-H-H F-U-C-K!" I moaned as the first of countless wads of my hot semen shot deep into her. Her fingers were digging deep into my back as she rotated, wiggled, and thrashed under me, releasing her own pleasure which bathed my cock in her juices.

We laid there for several minutes. My cock slowly going limp and soft as I tried to hold myself within the walls of her delectable pussy. I was slowly but cautiously moving slightly back and forth inside her, savoring the texture of her throbbing pussy against me.

Her body was slightly trembling under me as she lay there with her eyes still closed. She was smiling and had her arms around my shoulders.

When she opened her eyes, she was still smiling and I could feel her flexing her pussy muscles around my now totally limp flesh, still just barely within her.

"I've wanted you to have me for so long," she whispered, raising her head to lightly kiss me. "I don't know what happened, but I just could resist any longer."

"That's fine by me," I answered as I stood up and offered my hand to her to assist her in getting up. When she stood up, her arms wrapped around my waist and she pressed her cum covered pussy against my limpness while the firmness of her breasts pressed into my chest.

A few minutes later she was putting her bikini bottoms on after repositioning her top to cover her breasts as I pulled up my pants. “Can we do this again, but back there?" she asked, cocking her head toward my secluded plot of heaven just a few yards back in the woods.

"Absolutely!" I replied softly. "Anytime - just let me know ad I'll take some blankets back for us."

We walked back to the garage and said our farewells. I watched her as she walked up the drive and immediately began dreaming of our next encounter. Most certainly it would be longer in duration and I couldn't wait.
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