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Punished For Stealing

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Dale and a colleague are teachers who steal and are disciplined by two of the students.

Dale Brown and Mary Barton both knew they had done wrong and been caught out. They were both sixty-six-years-old and teachers at a sixth form college for girls. They have been teachers all their lives and were used to disciplining those girls that misbehaved. However, it now seems that it was their turn.


The two teachers were friends and both liked to go shopping for clothes. They knew they were overspending and were both short of money to pay some bills. It was Dale who came up with the idea of dipping into the school charity fundraising account, for which they were signatories, although only on the basis of borrowing the money and definitely paying it back quickly.  However, after they took the money the two ladies went on another spending spree, and then they realised that they did not have the funds to repay what they had taken.


Lucy Armstrong and Emma Lamb were Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl respectively, and both were also on the committee responsible for managing the charity fund. It was when they were carrying out a spot check that they discovered the missing money, and traced it to the two teachers. Lucy went to see Miss Brown when she was alone in her classroom and asked about the missing monies. She could tell from the way that Miss Brown blushed that she knew what was going on, even though she denied it in the first instance. However, Lucy pressed Miss Brown and eventually got a confession. It didn’t take much more to link Miss Barton.


A further meeting was arranged between Lucy and Emma and the two teachers. It was clear that both teachers were embarrassed by having to deal with two teenagers whilst they were in their mid-sixties but knew they had no choice. They were also embarrassed by having been discovered by the teenagers, and forced to promise to pay the money back. However, Lucy felt that that was not good enough and said, “Is that any different to one of the students misbehaving and promising not to do so again if they are not punished?”


The two teachers looked at each other, blushing, and knew that Lucy was correct. Miss Brown bit her lip before asking, “Surely you are not thinking of punishing us are you, Lucy?”


Lucy glanced at Emma who was definitely supportive and then spoke in a confident voice to the two teachers, “What we have here is that the two of you have been caught stealing. I know that you are both saying that you had every intention of paying the money back, but that has not been shown to be the case so far. I think what we have here is a very clear course of action with two choices in fact. The first is that we refer the theft to the police and ask them to deal with you both.“ Lucy fell silent and studied the faces of the two women and could see that they hated the thought of that.


Miss Brown was the first to plead, “Please don’t tell the police. It will ruin our careers and I know that we are sixty-six-years-old and beyond retirement age, but we really do need the money and so need to keep working.“


Lucy again glanced at Emma and got the approving nod, and looked back at the two teachers and continued in a stern tone, “Well, the second option is for you both to be disciplined. If one of the students were caught stealing they would most definitely be caned. It is also normal practice for any victims to watch the punishment taking place. I know this normally applies to bullying or the like but equally applies to stealing. Therefore, out of the two choices, which would you prefer, if you were given the choice?“


Both teachers were horrified with the choice they faced but had to admit to themselves that Lucy had presented the choices most clearly and probably better than they would have done and started to have unexpected respect for the two teenagers. So, with the realisation that they had a decision to make it was the turn of Miss Brown and Miss Barton to glance at each other before Miss Brown replied, “We will take the discipline.” After a few moments, she added. “Presumably we will go to the headmistress?“


Lucy could tell that the final question was actually said with the tone of voice suggesting hope rather than anything else. However, she had already discussed with Emma what would happen and replied, “No. As Emma and I are responsible for the fund it will be more appropriate for us to discipline you. In addition, there are four teachers on the committee as well as four other students. All of them will also be invited to watch. There are also two external committee members who will be asked to attend.“


The two teachers gasped. They were both horrified at the thought of being disciplined in front of so many people that they knew. In addition, they knew that at least two of the external committee members lived in the same residential complex they both did and were on the Residents Committee as well. That meant it was bound to get around the whole complex that they will have been disciplined, and not just that, but disciplined by a girl who was just eighteen-years-old. However, they still knew that the alternative was being referred to the police which would be even more public, and so they knew they had no choice but to accept the proposal that Lucy was making. Miss Brown spoke for both teachers when she said, “Okay, we agree.”


So, today the two teachers were in the staffroom getting changed into the discipline uniform which those students who were due to be disciplined at some stage during the day have to wear. It was standard practice that any girl who was to be sent to the headmistress to be disciplined had to change into the discipline uniform of a green vest top with a bare midriff, with a white very short gym skirt and ankle socks. The reason for this was to set the offending girls apart from everybody else in such a way that it was very clear that they were at some stage during the day either going to be disciplined or had been disciplined as they walked around the college during the day.


Of course, none of the teachers had ever worn the punishment uniform before and both found it very embarrassing as students and teachers alike smirked when they saw them in the corridors around the school. They weren’t just getting smirks but, as the clothes were particularly skimpy, they were getting comments about their creased skin, turtle necks, bat wings, and fleshy thighs, all of which they normally covered up with their clothes and so weren’t seen. Dale Brown, in particular, hated hearing the comments because she knew the descriptions were so true.


The two teachers were soon longing for the last lesson to come and go so that at least they could get the discipline over with as both the teachers were embarrassed as they walked along the college corridors towards the classrooms and passed by so many students and other teachers who couldn’t help but smile and giggle knowing that these two teachers were in the discipline uniform. They also got giggles and smirks from the students who were sitting in the classroom listening to their lessons, as both teachers saw messages being passed from person to person and giggles coming from the person receiving the message, and then further messaged written and handed over leading to more giggles coming from that recipient.


What didn’t help was the way that both teachers looked in the very skimpy uniform which didn’t hide their age in the way their normal work clothes did. Being sixty-six-years-old, they had grey hair which was coloured but everyone knew it was coloured. They both had crease lines along their cheeks and necks and heavy creases between the upper lips and noses. The tops were so tight that their large breasts pushed out the front but they were clearly drooping and with so had large cleavages. Both women also had turkey necks and bat wings, bulging tummies that pushed out the front of the vests as well, and fleshy thighs with creased skin that bulged out below the very short gym skirts.


There was such a difference in looks between the two teachers and any of the students who were in the punishment uniforms because the students were mainly well toned and slim. Even those who were on the heavier side didn’t have any of the skin creases or fleshy limbs of the older women. It just made the two women so aware of their age and aged looks compared to the students.


Both teachers were relieved when the bell went for the end of the day's lessons, although were embarrassed as well as humiliated by some of the comments that the students made on their way out of the classroom. The comments included, ‘Have a pleasant evening, Miss,’ and, ‘The uniform suits you, Miss.’ There were also comments between the students which the teachers heard like, ‘I didn’t realise her skin was so creased and flabby all over,’ and, ‘Am I going to look like that when I’m her age?’ Others were followed by giggles, like, ‘Well I bet the cane hurts less on bottom cheeks that huge,’ and ‘I never realised she was so flabby underneath her dresses. The kit doesn’t hide it, though, does it.’


Of course, both teachers knew that they only had themselves to blame because their spending habits had made them too short of cash. They both knew they never held back when students of theirs misbehaved and were very quick to give even second detentions which meant they would get the cane. So, they felt it was almost fair as the two teachers left their classrooms and made their way towards one of the larger punishment rooms.


The two teachers got to punishment room number three and were met outside by Lucy and Emma. Both teenagers glared at the two teachers and made a point of looking them up and down to check that they were wearing the correct discipline clothing, making the point by doing so to ensure both teachers understood that for the meeting they were the ones who were being treated as naughty students.


Lucy opened the door and nodded her head telling the two teachers to go inside.


Dale and Mary walked into the room and caught their breaths as they saw all the people sitting around the wall looking at them. It brought home the fact that they knew everyone in the audience, as they were either students, fellow teachers, or committee members that they had met from time to time. They knew then that it was going to be even more humiliating than just being caned by the headmistress as they knew only too well that it was going to be the two teenagers who were going to cane them.


The two teachers went and stood in front of the desk and watched as Lucy and Emma went and sat on the two chairs behind the desk. The two teachers knew they would have to remain standing throughout, or at least until they were told to bend over the caning table.


Lucy looked up at the teachers and ordered, “It is normal for offenders who we know we’re going to be found guilty to remove their knickers straight away and to roll the gym skirts up above their waists, so please do so now.”


The two teachers blushed again as they slipped their hands under their skirts and then eased inside the elastic of their knickers pushing them down to their ankles and stepping out of them. Neither was particularly steady on her feet at their age and weight and so both had to hold onto the table to bend down and pick up their knickers and put them knickers on the table in front of themselves and the teenagers, which they knew would be a constant reminder, even if it was needed, that they were not now wearing any knickers., They rolled their gym skirts up and secured them inside the waistband, so that now they were naked below their waists with their bottoms on show for the audience sitting around the room.


Lucy added to the teachers' embarrassment by ordering, “Please put your hands on top of your heads.”


Both teachers were now blushing a very deep red as they put their hands on their heads which they knew would emphasise the fact even more that their bare bottoms were on show. Equally, they knew that their hair mounds were on show to the two girls sitting behind the desk. Of course, both teachers also knew that they had watched so many students over the years standing in exactly the same way with their knickers off and they’re tighter bottoms and more toned legs on show, which was so very different to their own fleshy drooping bottom cheeks and fleshy thighs.


Before the two girls could start the hearing, there was a call from the floor, as one member asked, “As a point of order, madam chairman, can I point out that the accused have committed one of the worst offences in the book of rules. Theft is held to be as bad as bullying. As such, I put forward a motion that both of the accused should not retain any self-dignity as they are called to account.”


Lucy asked, “Are you saying that the accused should be stripped of all their clothing and stand naked in front of the committee, so we show them total disrespect?”


The committee member replied, “That is exactly right, madam chairman.”


Dale Brown heard the request and looked pleadingly at Lucy and Emma and could not stop herself exclaiming, “No that isn’t fair.“


And Mary Barton cried out, “No way is that right.“


Lucy was very annoyed with the interruption from both teachers and ordered, “Both of you, please turn around and face the committee.“


Both teachers blushed, knowing that they had blurted out their objection when they should have remained quiet. They knew that if that had happened in class the girl who caused the interruption would certainly be sent to face the wall, and, probably have her legs smacked as well. So, with a feeling of increasing concern, they obediently turned around and faced the committee.


As the teachers turned around, keeping their hands on their heads, some further comments were heard from the younger members of the audience. They included, ‘Well look, their breasts are still drooping even though they have their hands above their heads. That was just the same as their bottoms that were drooping. If I had my hands on my head both my breasts and bottom would be stretched tight.’


Another student said in a surprised tone, ‘Look at that hair mound.’


As the two teachers were getting more and more humiliated by the comments, they failed to notice the head girl and deputy head girl stand up and walk around to the front of the table and stand behind them. They only realised it when they felt something tapping their bottom cheeks. Both teachers froze as they knew immediately that they were about to be spanked with a heavy wooden spatula, which was a common implement used by the teachers. Indeed, they had quite often smacked girls legs and then lifted the backs of their skirts up and spanked their knicker covered bottoms with the spatula. Of course, they knew that their own bottoms with now naked and no knickers were involved.


Next moment, too loud thwacks were heard and both teachers let out a gasp of pain as each was spanked with a spatula. A few moments later they were spanked again on the other bottom cheek and that was followed with spank after spank on alternate bottom cheeks, and following each one both teachers let out a pained “O”


Lucy and Emma had decided they would give each teacher six spanks on each bottom cheek with the spatula and watched as the teacher's bottoms quickly reddened. Once that was finished they put the spatulas on the table and then turned back to the women, and rubbed the backs of their legs. They could tell that both teachers knew what was going to happen. Next moment, they started to smack the backs of the legs alternately, which they turned redder and redder, just as their bottom cheeks had been turned redder and redder with the spatulas. Again, both teachers gasped after each smack landed on the backs of their legs.


Lucy and Emma decided on twelve smacks on the back of each leg and only when they had completed them all did Lucy say sternly, “Let that be a lesson to you both. Any more nonsense from you and you will get your legs smacked many more times and your bottoms spanked with the spatula even more times.”


Lucy and Emma returned to their seats and Lucy said sternly, “For the rest of the hearing you will be referred to as Brown and Barton, and you will say a respectful Miss when you answer anyone. Understood?”


Both teachers said a sorrowful, “Yes, Miss.” They both knew that addressing Emma and Lucy as ‘Miss,’ was far more demeaning for them as they had to show the same respect to a teenager as they expected the teenagers to show to the teachers, including themselves who were more than three times these girls ages. Still, both teachers were getting very used to being dealt with as though they were mere students.


Lucy and Emma listened to quite a bit of murmuring amongst the audience, noting that all of the comments were supportive of them and were castigating of the two teachers. That made sense, given that the two teachers were accused of stealing and were having to stand there as their legs and bottom cheeks were freely spanked by the two girls.


Once the murmuring quietened down, Lucy announced, “We need to get on and discuss the reason for calling the meeting. I have already handed around the paperwork showing the money that was taken, and, copies of the bank accounts of both Brown and Barton which shows the identical sums paid into them. We do have to thank both Brown and Barton for giving us access to their bank accounts, but we all know that at least that way the truth is known, rather than just surmised. However, there is no doubt whatsoever that both these teachers did steal the money, and, as yet, that money has not been returned. I, therefore, move that guilty decisions are given to both and appropriate punishments handed out.”


One member of the committee, a teacher, Miss Thompson, stood up and said, “I totally agree with the analysis from madam chairman and second the motion.”


There was then a general murmuring from the committee which showed a unanimous agreement. However, Lucy still asked correctly, “Please can anyone who disagrees put their hand up.“


Lucy looked around and saw that not a single hand was raised.


Lucy then said, “Well, that means the motion is passed. I do have to ask both offenders whether they have anything to say in mitigation. I must point out that if it is felt any untruths are being said, the punishments will be increased.”


Brown and Barton looked at each other but had already discussed what they would do once this stage of the proceedings was reached. They knew that if they said it was their intention to repay what was taken, that could be seen as an untruth, because, to date, that money had not been repaid. Therefore, they decided they would not say anything in their own defence. Dale Brown answered first, “No, Miss, I have nothing to say in mitigation, and admit the theft.“


Mary Barton, then added, “The same for me, Miss.”


Lucy wrote down the decision on the pad in front of her and then, looking up, said, “The deputy head girl and I have discussed what punishment we believe to be appropriate. We both propose it be the cane, and, so far as the number of strokes is concerned, we propose four sixes each.”


Everyone knew that four sixes meant four lots of six strokes with the six strokes given with just a seconds gap between each one, then a few seconds gap, and then the next six in quick succession. That meant the greatest pain for the culprit on the receiving end of the caning.


Brown and Barton grimaced because whilst they were expecting at least twelve and probably eighteen strokes, they were not just going to get twenty-four strokes. However, whilst that was worse than they had hoped for, they were aware that, on some very rare occasions, offenders had received as many as thirty-six strokes. So, they actually felt they had been dealt with very fairly. On the other hand, they now knew they had to face the pain of twenty-four strokes and the lasting memory that would involve, not to mention the short-term inability to sit down comfortably without an extremely thick cushion.


Lucy looked around the room and saw lots of nodding heads, and asked, “Is that proposal accepted?”


Gail Everest, a fellow student, stood up and said, “I second the motion.”


Lucy again asked correctly, “Are there any dissents?”


Again, nobody raised their hands although one comment was heard made by Amy Lucas, another student, “I think they’re lucky to get away with that, the thieving so-and-so‘s, and, they should get that every day for a week.”


Brown and Barton hated the comment but kept quiet, as they knew if they responded they would increase their tariff.


Next moment the teachers were tense again when Lucy ordered, “Both of you, go to opposite ends of the caning table and stretch out so that we can tie your wrists with the leather cuffs.”


Brown and Barton grimaced again as they did as they were told, as much as anything to at least get this most humiliating experience over with. Mind you, they were both very aware that they were still unsure how they were going to actually replace the stolen monies. They were very well aware that they would be given a punishment form afterwards with conditions that had to be fulfilled to avoid further punishments, and repayment was going to be one of them.


Still, they told themselves they had to get through this first punishment in any case and accepted how they both deserved to be punished because stealing was, after all, such a major and undeniable offence. They also both thought that both Lucy and Emma showing a maturity well beyond their years and they had a growing respect for them both. Even so, what could not be forgotten, was that they were about to be caned by two eighteen-year-olds.


Both teachers made their way to opposite ends of the caning table and bent over so that their hands were both roughly halfway along the table, and very close to where the cuffs were located. As Lucy and Emma stood on either side of the table and tied one hand from each teacher to their cuffs, the two teachers were able to raise their heads and see the other teacher only about two feet from their own face. They knew it would add to their humiliation, not to mention that they would see the pained looks on each other’s faces as each was caned.


Moments later, both teachers felt the cane being rubbed from side to side across their bare bottoms. They looked sideways and saw all the faces of the committee that they recognised but could tell there wasn’t one sympathetic look. Of course, they were all right, and they didn’t deserve any sympathy.


Lucy and Emma looked at each other, nodded their heads, and then looked back at the bare bottoms they were about to cane. They pulled their arms back and then landed the first stroke about halfway down the bottom cheeks. They were focusing and knew they had given six very quick but very hard cane strokes, knowing that the quick repetition without any meaningful gap between each stroke, would be very hard for the teachers to cope with. So, as each repetitive stroke landed in quick succession and ate into the bare bottom cheek, so they heard the increasingly loud pained cries from both teachers.


Both teachers struggled with those first six strokes, but weren’t given any time to recover. With only the smallest of gaps, they felt the cane tapped on their bottom cheeks again and six more very quickly delivered strokes, as hard as the first six, landed and caused the increasingly intense pain to cascade around their bottoms. Both teachers had watched as students were caned in the same way and thought then how painful it must be, but now they were actually experiencing it themselves and crying out with the pain, and they knew they weren’t handling the punishment as well as any of the students.


It was horrible to think that they had been reduced to this level because of their own inability to handle better their financial affairs, and, even then, it was their own fault that they had succumbed to stealing rather than at least borrowing what they owed. Even then, they hadn’t expected it would lead to them being caned at their age by two teenagers.


There was only a few moments gap after the second six strokes and then, once again, they felt the cane being rubbed back and forth across their now stinging bare bottom cheeks again. Once again there were the quickly successive very hard cane strokes and the teachers even louder pained cries which they both knew they were making. When the final six strokes were given, they both dissolved into uncontrolled crying because the pain was beyond what they could handle, but they didn’t care just then about anything other than the horrible stinging pain all across their bottoms.


It was as both women calmed down after the caning that they heard more comments from the committee which fully supported the whole punishment, and particularly that it was given by the two eighteen-year-old girls. Both teachers now felt that they couldn’t suffer any greater humiliation. After all, they would be seeing both girls every day, and they would also see so many members of the committee every day. In addition, they would see the committee members in the block of flats both during the day and at the committee meetings. So, they would be reminded of this humiliation every day.


Lucy and Emma didn’t waste any time in releasing the teachers from the leather cuffs. Lucy then ordered, “Get up Brown and Barton, and stand again in front of us.“


Lucy and Emma went back to sit behind the desk, and they watched the two teachers slowly ease themselves up from the caning table and make their way over to the front of the desk. The teachers did remember that rubbing their bottoms was against the rules and could lead to further strokes, but they did get back without rubbing and stood in front of the desk with their hands back on top of their heads.


There was then more murmuring about the red welts that covered both bottoms and how well deserved the punishment was. Some said they hoped the two teachers had learned that lesson but weren’t that confident. Both teachers blushed with embarrassment at being spoken about in such a demeaning way but still couldn’t escape the fact that they didn’t know how they were going to repay what they had stolen.


Lucy ordered, “Both of you turn around so we can inspect your bottoms.”


Both teachers closed their eyes and slowly turned around knowing they would be facing the committee. What was worse, was that the committee members would again see all of the creases they had which reminded them how much older they were than the committee members. Once again, Dale hated the murmured comments about her creased and sagging skin, and the humiliation was eating away at her, although in a strange way she was finding being the centre of attraction a little bit of a turn-on.


Lucy said, “Good enough, for now, I think.”


Emma agreed, “Yes, I agree, madam chairman.”


Lucy ordered, “Okay, Brown and Barton, turn around and face us again.”

Brown and Barton quickly turned around and faced the two teenagers, still with their hands on the heads. Dale glanced at Lucy and thought how authoritative she had been and envied her confidence whilst also fancying her. She was thinking she was getting the reverse of a schoolgirl crush on a teacher but didn’t think it was so bad as Lucy sounded like she could be so erotically controlling, even at her age.


The teachers then saw two pieces of paper on the table and were suddenly reminded of what happens to students who are caned.


Lucy glared at the two women and said, “Your punishment is over from now. However, you will be expected to go home and have your bottoms spanked again before bedtime. Do you both have a responsible adult who can do that for you?”


Brown and Barton both lived alone and weren’t sure what to say, and neither had anyone they could readily turn to.


Lucy then interrupted their thoughts and said, “Well, if you don’t have anyone available, we have asked two of the committee to step up and deal with you. They are both on the residents' committee at your flat and so just where you live. They will both attend your flats at eight o’clock tonight. They will each give you a spanking that is likely to last about twenty minutes. They will then make sure you go to bed with your lights out. Have either of you got an objection to that?” Lucy demanded.


Brown and Barton both shook their heads and replied at the same time, “No, Miss.”


Lucy went on and explained, “I will also be asking you to sign your punishment forms which set out the conditions that you need to satisfy in order to avoid any further punishment.”


Brown and Barton both expected this and had to accept the requirement to repay what they had stolen within seven days. Neither knew how they were going to do it, and winced when told by Lucy that if they failed to meet the conditions they will have to return to this same punishment room for a double punishment, but with the same condition staying in place to be satisfied within the following seven days. That would be duplicated every seven days. So far as Brown and Bolton were aware, no student had failed to meet the condition more than once but even that would be bad enough for them. They could see themselves trying to borrow the money, but as they had such bad credit records, they weren’t sure that could happen.


Lucy and Emma smiled at each other because they also knew about Brown and Bolton’s poor credit rating. What they have done though, was get an agreement from the two committee members who would be spanking them later on tonight that they would lend the two teachers the money on the basis that they would then discipline them on a weekly basis going forward until repaid. The punishments would be carried out with the teachers fully naked and in front of the residents' committee which they knew would increase their humiliation.


Satisfied that the punishments had been carried out sufficiently well, Lucy ordered, “Both of you get dressed again in your punishment uniforms. You will be expected to wear them going home and without any clothes over them.”


Brown and Barton were horrified because that would mean that anyone walking behind them would most likely see how they weren’t the types to actually go to the gym and were bound to get even more comments as they walked home although, with lots of rude comments about their creases.


Lucy ordered, “Brown and Barton will stay standing as the committee members depart the room.”


The two teachers had to stand with their hands on the heads as the committee members filed out of the punishment room. When it was only Lucy and Emily left, they knew they had to be respectful, and Dale went first and Mary followed, saying, “Thank you, Miss, for disciplining me, which I think was very fair and correct. I also agree that if I do not meet the conditions I will return willingly and accept double the punishment that you gave me today.”


Lucy glared at the two women and said sternly, “Believe me, I would much prefer that you had not stolen the money because we have now suffered our own humiliation as the cheque that we wanted to hand over tonight cannot be handed over because it would not be covered by what we actually have in the bank account. I hope both of you are satisfied with that.”


Both Brown and Barton were distraught at being told that, and Brown said in a dismayed voice, “So maybe the punishment wasn’t enough, Miss?" She was immediately concerned that the two teenagers would agree.


Lucy wondered for a moment if she and Emma should give the two teachers some more cane strokes, but just said, “Just make sure that you repay what you have stolen by next week as, otherwise, you will be getting double punishment, for sure.”


Dale certainly felt suitably admonished but realised again well just how maturely Lucy was dealing with them and realised that the age difference really didn’t matter after all.


Lucy and Emma left the punishment room and both teachers got dressed again, although realised that in real terms they were still pretty much naked in the punishment uniform. They knew they had to go out and face not just the committee but students and other teachers who would see the creased skin, turkey necks, bat wings, and fleshy tummies and thighs, and knew that their humiliation was far from over. As they left the punishment room and walked along the corridor trying to avoid all the eyes staring at them and all the comments being made about them, though, another feeling came over them. Dale said, “I need the toilet.”


Mary felt the same and they both went into adjoining cubicles.


It was only moments later that they were both moaning erotically and then had the best of orgasms, each picturing one of the teenage girls again caning them whilst naked. Suddenly both realised they were turned on by being disciplined by the teenagers and actually found the comments about their looks humiliating but erotic. This could be the start of a new life for them, and maybe they wouldn’t repay the loan so they were disciplined again. As they reached their second orgasm with their fingers deep inside themselves and flicking their taut clits they couldn’t wait for tonight and their spanking which they knew would get them all aroused again, so they would masturbate several times once in bed so early.


Lucy and Emma were in the students' toilets with their arms around each other and their tongues entwined. They too were aroused by having disciplined the two teachers and knew they would be having a sleepover tonight together at Lucy’s as her parents were away. It was going to be better than ever, they told themselves.  


A few minutes later, they all passed each other in the corridor. Simultaneously Lucy and Emma said, “Hullo, Miss,” with a smile.


Whilst Dale and Mary also said, “Hullo, Miss,” but were blushing as they realised that they had addressed the teenagers so respectfully still. Lucy and Emma giggled, whilst Dale and Mary felt flutters flying around their vaginas at both the acceptance of the teenagers' superiority over them and the sudden desire to have them as their girlfriends and accept their total authority over them.


What a day it had been for the sixty-six-year-old teachers. Discovering that they had been correctly disciplined by the two teenagers but loved them both for it and were going to think about them as they masturbated time after time tonight, after their spankings, of course.


Even as they walked in their skimpy punishment uniforms, Dale, in particular, was feeling like she was going to cum as she rubbed her still stinging bottom and pictured herself in bed with Lucy. Kissing and cuddling and caressing and licking and sucking every part of the deliciously strict dominant and beautiful Lucy, who was making fun of her creased skin, bat wings, turkey neck, drooping breasts and fleshy tummy and thighs. But also expressed her love for her, so long as she did as she was told or suffered the extremely painful consequences if she didn’t. Dale did cum as she changed the thought of, if, for when.

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