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Learning To Blow

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Jane seeks professional oral sex advice

A clinical, classroom-style fantasy.

Jane sat in the waiting room, feeling apprehensive.

She'd never tried anything like this before. Seeking sexual advice felt slightly out of her comfort zone. The price was a bit steep but she had heard they guaranteed good results.

Five minutes passed (which seemed more like thirty). A door in front of her opened and a smartly dressed woman came out, escorting another lady - who appeared to be somewhat flushed - out of the room.

"Well done, Sandra,"  the smartly dressed woman said to the other. "We'll see you next week."

Sandra's eyes caught Jane's gaze as she walked out, then the smartly dressed woman, in a grey skirt-suit and light blue low cut blouse, turned to Jane.

"Hi - Jane, is it? I'm Amanda Bertone and I'm your mentor for this session." She held out her hand and Jane shook it.

"Right! Are we ready?" she asked, brightly.

Jane inhaled.

"I think so!" She said in a slightly reserved manner.

Amanda turned. Her thick, dark, shoulder-length hair swung over her shoulder and she walked through the open door with a sexy swagger, her stilettos clicking against the tiled floor until they were silenced by a luxurious carpet inside.

Jane followed her into the room, observing the unusually thick, padded door as she went through.

"Soundproofing," said Amanda. "It's important for client privacy," she explained, closing the door behind them, turning a latch to lock it.

"Please, do have a seat," she said to Jane.

Jane sat in a comfortable chair and Amanda in another, a few feet away. The room was spacious, with a large mirror on one side and on the other, what appeared to be a double closet door. In the corner, a white medical screen. Amanda sat, cross-legged in front of Jane; her smooth shapely legs were finished in sheer stockings. She looked directly at Jane with her alluring, dark, Italian eyes.

"Right, let's get down to it," Amanda said directly. "What are you hoping to get out of the consultation?"

Jane cleared her throat and awkwardly began to explain.

"Well, you see, I'm ... unsure about some ... thing. About how to perform a certain ... act ... so that my husband can enjoy it as much as possible."

"I see," said Amanda. "And exactly what 'thing' are we talking about?" she asked with a smile. "Please, do speak frankly."

"Er, well, it's when I take his ... penis in, well my er ... "

"Mouth?" Amanda cut in.

Jane exhaled with relief, "Yes! Mouth. That's, yes ... what I wanted to say."

"I see," said Amanda. "That's very common. Oral sex guidance is something we are very good at in this company. You've come to the right place."

Jane felt more relaxed. The ice was broken now.

"Oh good. Great!" she said and continued, feeling more confident.

"Well, you see, I don't know if I'm doing it correctly. I think he likes it and he tells me he does, it's just that ... well, there's a problem at the ... end ..."

Amanda gestured with her hand for Jane to finish.

"... I haven't managed to make him, um ...  make him ..."

"Make him orgasm," Amanda nodded. "You haven't given him an orgasm like that, or as it's more commonly known, you haven't made him come. I see. Well, this is nothing to worry about and I'm sure we can fix this for you," she said, smiling.

Jane blushed and looked to her feet.

"Now, first things first, I need you to sign a consent form, because obviously our methods contain some, shall we say, controversial techniques."

Jane looked excited, having now managed to get past the awkward introduction. She had hoped the instruction would be detailed and this sounded like just the thing. Amanda handed Jane a small booklet, with an awful lot of detailed text. Jane looked at the first page and began to read carefully.

Amanda waited a few moments, then, with an air of impatience said, "Don't worry about the general details, it's just a formality really. Just skip to the back and sign the form, then we can begin."

Jane flicked through several pages of legal-looking text and found the place to sign. She placed it on her lap and signed in black ink, then gave it back to Amanda, who put it on a desk behind her.

Amanda stood up and moved to perch on the edge of the desk. Her skirt rode up slightly revealing more of her toned thigh, stopping just as the darker fabric of the stocking top came into view. She swivelled a monitor around and illuminated it, then picked up a cell phone from beside it and began to control a presentation on the screen from an app.

Amanda began.

"We're going to look through some slides and discuss technique, language, eye contact and, of course, the finish. Once we're done with the theory, we'll move to the practical examination."

"Practical examination?" Jane asked. "How is that going to work?"

"We offer two levels of instruction. The basic and the advanced," Amanda explained. "The basic involves use of a very lifelike replica of a penis, which is soft and even warm to the touch. However, it doesn't really match up to the advanced option, which gives much better results."

"Which is?" Jane asked, curiously.

"We have a professional model who is willing to have his penis used by yourself, in order to guarantee that what you learn in the theory, actually works in practice. His genitalia will be fully trimmed and clean and, as a bonus, he's actually rather good looking."

Amanda smiled at the last part, giving a reassuring wink.

Jane looked concerned. "I think I had best go with the replica," she said swiftly.

Amanda spoke calmly, "It's quite alright, Jane. The form you signed takes care of all of this. It's fully confidential and you'll be breaking no marriage vows, as this is a fully licensed practice.

"Trust me," she went on, "Your husband will be very grateful you 'took one for the team', so to speak. The vast majority of our clients choose the advanced option and are very satisfied with the results."

Jane pondered on this. It did all seem very well organised and they must satisfy a lot of customers, so she felt it was worth taking a chance, given that she would receive guidance throughout.

Finally, Jane spoke.

"Alright. I'd like to go with the advanced option, if you're sure it's the best way to learn."

"Good. Excellent choice!" said Amanda, looking pleased to have convinced her.

Amanda began to work through the slides with Jane, who tried to remain composed, but viewing such explicit material with a near stranger felt a bit embarrassing and decidedly naughty. After fifteen or so minutes, they had explored quite a few methods in full pictorial detail.

"Tell me, Jane, which of these feels appealing to you? Which feels as though it will come most naturally?" asked Amanda.

Jane pretended to think for a moment then spoke, as if not to appear too eager.

"There was a sequence of slides just before the last. The woman was kneeling in front of the man and she had her hands on his bottom. He had his hands on her head."

"I see," said Amanda. "And you liked the element of control he had in this situation, I take it?"

"Yes," Jane replied, her cheeks becoming red - again.

"It's a classically submissive act to allow your man to use your mouth, at his pace and intensity," Amanda said. "This is a sensible choice for starting out, as it allows him to enjoy you as he likes. The benefit to you is that you can almost just sit back and relax, without the concern of getting it wrong.

"We'll see to it that the practical effort is along those lines," Amanda decided, then she continued, "Just a few more slides. We still need to cover the most important aspect - the orgasm."

Jane tried to look as serious as possible, even though she wanted to smirk. The next few slides were actual slow-motion clips. Jane watched as a variation of graphic, explosive climaxes left her feeling a tingling between her legs. She shifted in her chair.

"Now pay attention here, Jane," Amanda spoke seriously, "This scene is very relevant. Note how the woman manages to completely conceal his ejaculation in her mouth. This is actually quite hard to do and you need to prepare yourself for this moment. It can all end in quite a mess if you get this wrong and this might not be what your husband wants."

Jane watched as she saw the model's eyes widen in surprise, her throat bulge slightly. The huge phallus that was in her mouth juddered and the ballsack, just centimetres from her chin, contracted. Jane saw no evidence of sperm entering her mouth but looking at the movements in her throat, she could tell that the woman was swallowing something.

"Wow," said Jane. "That doesn't look easy." But as she watched, she couldn't help but feel she'd like to be the woman on the receiving end. Something about it, about being forced to finish in that way, excited her greatly. She was not sure why.

The presentation came to an end. Amanda stood up.

"Time to get changed," she said, "We can't risk you making a mess on your first try. You need to return home in those clothes and I think you'll want to avoid uncomfortable questions."

Jane took a deep breath and nodded in agreement.

Amanda handed her a glossy form, with some sample outfits to try. Jane looked up and down: nurse, maid, schoolgirl, secretary, police, nun and cheerleader. Some looked a bit too adventurous for Jane's taste, so she settled on secretary, which was not too far from her day to day look anyway. Perhaps a bit tighter looking on the model but otherwise the same.

"I'll try the secretary outfit," she said.

Amanda raised her eyebrow. She forced a wry smile, pouted her lips and spoke.

"Jane, I don't think you're being experimental enough. Let's be a bit more adventurous, shall we? Have another look and choose again."

Jane pretended to pause but had already decided. There was something about the cheerleader outfit that she felt would appeal to her husband.

"Alright, I'll choose the cheerleader, then," she said.

Amanda smiled, approvingly.

"Good. I think it'll suit you," said Amanda, who walked behind Jane's chair and opened a closet door.

Inside the walk-in closet were long rails of the clothes that she had just seen on the form. Amanda walked in and carefully selected the outfit; she appeared to have a good ability to estimate the right sizes. She came back and handed Jane the components of the outfit: a red, tight-fitting,  short lycra dress with some bold white stripes and a pleated hem, some knee-high socks and white canvas shoes.

Amanda gestured to a screen at the side of the room.

"You can change over there. I suggest you also remove your bra and also your panties. Like I said earlier, there is a substantial risk of making a mess of both and we don't want that for you."

Jane, already feeling sensations between her thighs, understood what Amanda was referring to, so she took the clothing and went over to change. A few minutes passed and she returned, dressed in the outfit. Amanda guided her over to a large mirror on the other side of the room and stood behind her.

"There. Perfect. I think you look very sexy. Do you feel sexy?" she asked.

Jane paused, looked up and down and nodded in agreement. Jane's 34C bust stretched the fabric of the red dress and her slim waist accented the curves of her hips. The hem of the short dress rested at the very tops of her thighs.

"One extra touch though," said Amanda, "Let's put your hair in a ponytail. It completes the look but also will avoid any mess on your hair."

She raised her hands to Jane's head and gathered her wavy brown hair together, fastening it with a ribbon.

"Great. You're all set," Amanda said. "Are we ready for the instruction?"

"Yes. I think so," Jane replied, taking another deep breath.

Amanda walked across the room to another door in the wall which Jane had not really noticed until now. She opened it.

"Luca," she said, holding the door ajar, "Please join us now."

Jane froze as a bronzed, nearly naked figure entered the room. He had very short, dark hair and was just a touch over six feet tall. Jane tried to look at his face but his chiseled body pulled her eyes downwards, over his smooth, toned chest and abs, past his midriff, to a tight white towel around his hips.

Jane gawped at him. Her mouth hung wide open and she began to shiver slightly with adrenaline. The man before her was stunningly handsome: piercing blue eyes, clean-shaven and he wore a recognisable, arousing cologne.

Amanda pulled the towel away to reveal a large, smooth, uncut cock, with just a hint of stubble above.

"We've chosen Luca here because his penis resembles your husband's, just perhaps a bit larger."

Jane's gazed was fixed on it. She now remembered a question on the application form about her partner's penis.

"Jane," Amanda began, "It's time to put the theory into practice. You're going to give Luca oral sex until he climaxes."

She breathed heavily but somehow, Amanda's professionalism helped her relax. She had paid already and badly wanted this to work out. Jane loved her husband, but could she really give a blow job to a stranger?

It will be for his benefit, after all, she mused, staring at Luca's sizeable cock.

Amanda, waiting for Jane to snap out of her bubble, raised her voice.

"Now, Jane, please position yourself on your knees in front of Luca," she said in an authoritative manner.  "I want you to take his penis in one hand and place your other hand under his balls."

Jane looked to Amanda, then back to his cock and inhaled. She knelt in front of him and did as she was instructed.

"Begin to lick the shaft and circle his helmet with your tongue. Nice and slowly. And please remember - eye contact at all times."

She moved her head forward, opened her mouth and began to gently circle the head of his cock. It twitched slightly and she felt it pulse at the base. She felt light-headed and a bit giddy. The situation felt almost dream-like as if she couldn't quite believe she was really doing this. She could feel the warmth from Luca's body radiating towards her.

Jane's eyes looked upwards, into Luca's, who stared directly back at her approvingly.

Amanda continued.

"That's it, Jane, now move along the shaft as I said."

Jane circled once more, then began to lick along the underside to where her hand gripped the base, then slowly back to the tip. His cock hardened in her hand and, as it did so, she felt her exposed pussy become wet under the fabric of the dress.

If I can get a stranger hard quickly, it should be even easier with my husband, she thought.

Jane continued like this for a few minutes until his cock stood, fully erect and pulsating, a little over eight inches in length.

"Well done, Jane," Amanda said. "Now we'll start to fellate Luca properly. Keep your hands in place and take his penis into your mouth, as far as you can."

She looked at his cock and was about to engulf it when Amanda interrupted, "Remember! Eye contact at all times!"

Jane corrected her gaze and looked up at Luca as she slid her mouth over the crimson spearhead. She moved back and forth, as she had done already with her husband, and felt the thickness of his cock stretch her jaw. He really was larger.

Amanda watched, with a slightly critical look.

"Hmm, that's not bad, Jane, but I think we'll need to use a bit of coercion. Luca, please gently press on the back of her head, until your cock is three quarters in her mouth."

Jane felt unsure. She had only managed about a quarter so far - how could he possibly get it that far in. Surely, she would gag?

Luca, with a gentle amount of force, pushed his stiff cock into Jane's mouth slowly, preventing her from pulling back by holding her neck. He allowed her time to get used to each inch as his tool sank deeper.

"That's a good girl, Jane," Amanda praised, "Now it's important to relax the throat and let it slide over your tongue. It will fit, don't worry. Just go with it and breathe through your nose as it moves in and out."

Jane concentrated and relaxed as she'd been told. Luca's cock was now mostly inside her warm mouth. She struggled to breathe and Amanda spoke.

"Okay, now withdraw, Luca. Give Jane a moment and we'll try this again."

Jane's eyes were watering slightly and she felt her mouth salivating much more than usual. She also noticed her lips were tingling with the taste of Luca's pre-cum, which caused her pussy to moisten further.

"I suspect you're becoming quite aroused now, Jane," Amanda said knowingly. "This is nothing to worry about and in fact, it can be quite normal for you to orgasm during fellatio. It's very arousing for your husband if you do so and should be encouraged."

Amanda paused, then instructed her further.

"I want you to play with yourself. Luca will continue guiding your head, which will leave your hands free to stimulate your clitoris."

She blushed in front of them as she reluctantly moved her hand between her thighs. She had never masturbated in front of anyone before and felt a sense of complete nakedness as her fingers delved under the dress and into her soaking lips.

With Jane's mouth slightly open and her eyes closing, Luca pushed his glistening cock between her lips again and slowly fucked her mouth, getting progressively deeper.

Jane's hips gyrated as Luca's cock lubricated her mouth, sliding rhythmically back and forth. This continued for some time in silence, broken by gentle moans and the occasional sound of slurping. Then Amanda spoke again.

"Good, Jane, good! Now place your hands behind Luca, on his buttocks and allow him to take over fully."

As Jane obeyed, Amanda knelt closely behind her and lifted her tiny skirt up over her thighs. She moved her hand around Jane's hip, then down towards her soaking genitalia and began to play with her clitoris.

"I'm going to assist in stimulating you further," she whispered in Jane's ear.

Jane felt slightly shocked, as she'd never had another woman touch her before. She couldn't refuse at this point, since she was fully gagged by Luca's hardness. Jane made a muffled moan as unexpected waves of pleasure swept through her. Amanda knew exactly how to work Jane's slit, which took Jane by surprise. Her ability to concentrate slipped, as she felt the early signs of her own orgasm approaching.

Luca's cock continued to slide slowly in and out of Jane's mouth, as her body trembled due to Amanda's intervention. She moaned again in pleasure as her fingers dug into his butt. It was firm and smooth and with each slow, inward movement of his cock, his cheeks tightened slightly.
Luca began to press further inwards until Jane's top lip pressed almost against his firm stomach. As she felt the head of his cock reach the very back of her throat, she shuddered and climaxed unexpectedly, soaking Amanda's fingers.

"Oh my," said Amanda in a low voice in her ear, "We are keen, aren't we?"

But Amanda did not stop. She kept the rhythm steady with her fingers.

Luca's rock-hard cock continued to stretch Jane's mouth to capacity. She felt slightly scared but the sheer amount of excitement she now felt made her unable to resist the urge to see this to the finish. She began to feel that, as she had never had a man ejaculate in her mouth before, she wanted a moment to pause for reassurance about allowing this one to be the first to do so.

But Amanda was not about to let her student have second thoughts, now that she was this far along.

Luca's cock pistoned freely in and out of Jane's mouth. Her saliva and his precum dripped from her lips, down to her blouse, creating a wet mess above her breasts. She could hear Amanda's breath in her ear, who was still eagerly working away at her pussy.

"Now, Jane, we're going to make Luca come in your mouth in a moment. He's one of our more heavy cummers, so I just want you to be prepared."

Close to another orgasm, she blinked her consent to Amanda and immediately knew it was out of her control.

"Good girl," she said again, then looked up to Luca and, looking briefly at a clock on the wall,  went on.

"Luca, we need you to come for Jane in the next few minutes, please. Jane - you must swallow his entire load for me."

A minute passed. Luca fucked Jane's mouth with building intensity as Amanda fingered her dripping hole. Then another minute passed and Jane could feel Luca's muscular thighs start to tremble. His thrusting became harder and she could hear his breathing intensify. His eyes began to close, as he focussed on obeying Amanda's demand.

"That's it, Luca. Let it go. Pump it carefully into her mouth, it's her first time - remember."

On hearing this, Jane had her second orgasm. Her body shook as her juices flooded Amanda's hand.

With his hands tightening now to the sides of Jane's head, forcing her to remain still, his last few thrusts turned to spasmodic jerks as his cock changed target, pressing instead to the side of her mouth, making her left cheek bulge.

Luca growled deeply and Jane's eyes widened as she felt the first spurt of his hot semen lash against the inside of her mouth. She felt a gag reflex but fought against it, her eyes beginning to water again. His cum pooled on her tongue as his cock slid through its own creamy emissions, pushing some back but also squeezing some to the side, which slipped from her bottom lip in a long elastic drip, together with her saliva.

The corner of Jane's eye caught the reflection in the mirror. She saw Luca's butt cheeks clenched tightly together as the payload from his balls pumped into her. Amanda looked on from behind with satisfaction. Luca's eruption subsided eventually and, in order to allow Jane to finish, slowly withdrew his solid, veiny length.

Jane pursed her lips. His cum waited in her mouth, hot, thick and salty. The taste began to build as she breathed through her nose. It was a powerful flavour; her eyes began to search for a way to remove it from her mouth. She was just about to spit it out when Amanda stopped her.

"No, Jane," Amanda said sharply. "I need you to swallow his cum to pass the examination. This is very important. Learning to swallow his cum is essential on your part, otherwise, your husband can interpret your inhibition as a lack of affection."

Jane listened to Amanda and fought against her instinct to gag. She moved it to the back of her throat and, with a soured expression, gulped his cum down in one go, then gasped for breath, looking relieved.

"Well done, Jane," Amanda praised her student. "You've done exceedingly well. You have managed to make Luca come in your mouth within thirty minutes and on top of that, you successfully swallowed the majority of his sperm, with a satisfactory, minimal amount of mess. I hope the orgasms I gave you helped you get through it more easily."

Jane nodded. It had definitely helped reduce her inhibitions, she realised.

Amanda now pointed to Jane's chest. It was soaked with her saliva and Luca's fluids, which had been dripping from her chin for some time. Jane's lips were smeared with his semen and some ran down her chin.

"For the time being, Jane, you'll need to be content with performing oral sex on your husband in the bedroom. I wouldn't suggest doing it in public until you can complete the task without this mess on your breasts and chin. But otherwise, you've passed and can get changed now."

Luca gave Jane his hand to help her up, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek. She blushed again, then went behind the screen to undress.

She placed the cheerleader dress in a basket and used a clean towel to wipe the moisture from her chest. She put her own clothes on and walked back to Amanda, who shook her hand.

"Time is up for this session. You've made excellent progress. Make sure you practice at home with your husband and I will see you next week for the follow-up session."

Jane smiled, thanked Amanda and left the room.


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