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Dangerous Games Ch 3

Dangerous Games Ch 3

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Ryan discovers her secret

Chapter 3


"You really are unbelievable. Well, let me tell you something, Erin, or whatever the hell your name really is, this shit ends today. I'm in a relationship. One that I don't intend to fuck up, and there's no place in it for you, you got that? You need to go find another playmate and leave me the hell alone."

It felt good finally to lay it out for her, but if I thought a forceful rejection might break her confidence, I was wrong. If anything, she fed off it, cocking her head and burning me with a condescending glare. "You were seeing your pretty little redhead before we ever met Ryan, but that didn't keep you from sticking your cock down my throat, did it? You can't fuck me and then just say it's over, it doesn't work that way. Now, you can give me what I want, or the next time I show up, I may not be so discrete. It's your choice, Ryan, but you better not fuck with me now."

"What the hell is your problem? Do you even hear the things that you say? You've said yourself you don't want to hurt my relationship, but now you're threatening me? Do you even understand what you ’ re doing to me here?"

Despite my best efforts, I was beginning to lose control again. The constant shifting of her mood and demands were pushing me to a dangerous point. I could feel my temper rise into a heated froth. Even as my anger built though, the very thought that she might deliberately expose me to Susan stabbed me right in my own worst fears. Judging from her brazen actions to date, I had no doubt that she would, and I felt my resolve crack under the threat. She had me cold, and if she was as serious as I believed, there was nothing I could do to stop her. The whole situation was about to blow up in my face, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Then, in her typically twisted way, her scolding threats and defiance melted away. She smiled as if she were trying to console me and seductively walked her fingers up my thigh. "I don't want to hurt you Ryan. I just need this more than you know. If you play along, I promise to be discrete. Besides, I know you enjoy this as much as I do. You can't deny that."

Her hand continued up my thigh and when she reached my cock, I was as surprised as she was to find it already getting hard. I looked over at her just in time to see her breasts peeking out of her dress, and my hidden desire for her emerged. As she brought her lips to mine, I whispered, "You really are a crazy bitch."

Erin paused close enough that I felt her breath on my lips. "More than you know." Then she smiled mischievously. "You can punish me if you want. I know I deserve it," and then her lips touched mine and I knew I was lost to my fate.

Her lips felt so warm and moist that I was unable to resist, and when her probing tongue slid into my mouth, I accepted it greedily. The feel of her skin on mine and the scent of her body lured me into her embrace and as the breathless urge to have her rose in my gut. I surrendered into her arms willingly. Deep down inside though, I felt like fly being cocooned in the deceptively soft embrace of a spider ’ s web.

The soft rustle of clothing filled the Navigator's oversized cab, and before long, the seats had been pushed back, allowing us room to enjoy what we offered each other. I found myself lying back with Erin on top of me. My lust was growing as strong as my anger and in an act of inspired disrespect, I ripped her dress completely open, exposing her wonderful breasts, and scattering buttons all over the front seat.

Erin, as I was now thinking of her, was taken aback for a moment by my action, but then that smoldering hunger returned and she pulled the remains of her dress off of her shoulders, revealing her nude body to me. "That's it Ryan, treat me like the bitch I am. I deserve it for being such a slut."

She was almost panting with excitement as she moved up over my body. Kneeling over my hips, she reached down and sank her fingers into her pussy, plunging them deeply into herself several times. The wet, sloshing sound of her supple flesh being stirred filled the cab, and Erin threw her head back in obvious pleasure.

"Oh fuck Ryan, do you hear that? You've made me so fucking wet. I can't tell you how much I wanted you to fuck me at the club. I'm not missing out on your big cock this time!"

By then, she had my pants around my ankles and I struggled to kick them off as she continued to climb up my body. Every time I was with her, she would change between being incredibly dominant and totally submissive, and whenever I thought I knew what came next, she would change it up on me. In that moment, I thought she was preparing to ride my cock, but she moved up over my face and squatted over my mouth.

"Come on baby, lick my pussy! I want to feel your tongue on me again! I just loved how you ate me last time!"

"I thought you wanted to fuck," I said as her dripping sex lowered on my mouth.

Her already husky tone became strained as I began sucking on her sensitive mound. "All in good time, baby. All in good time. Mmm, fuck! You do that so well. That's it, lick my cunt, baby. Fuck yeah, you owe me this Ryan."

Her thighs flexed and squeezed against my head as she ground her pussy into my mouth. Her juices were flowing like honey and I could hear her breathing catch in her throat as I sucked on her clit.

Erin leaned forward and braced herself on the door as I bathed her sex with my tongue. I licked the length of her slit, pulling on her lips and sucking her thick juices into my mouth. She tasted so fucking fresh and sweet that I forgot about all the trouble she was causing me, and I surrendered myself to my illicit arousal.

Grabbing her ass, I lifted her up, pivoting her hips over my mouth. Then I bit and sucked on her enflamed labia, making her gasp loudly for breath. Looking up, I feasted on the sight of her firm breasts bouncing delightfully on her chest and her stomach muscles rippling up her body like waves in a pond. By then, all I could think of was how fucking hot she was.

Her honey was dripping down my face, lubricating us so thoroughly that she slid easily over me. She felt weightless in my grip, and only the quiver in her thighs gave away the stressful energy we were expending. I was determined to make her cum, and I wanted nothing more than to feel her body explode in orgasm over me.

She was squirming in my hands, riding my tongue like a crazed cowgirl. She twitched and bounced so hard that my finger slipped down onto her anal passage. I pressed in slightly and heard her yelp as her eyes went wide. There was a brief, unspoken moment where we both knew what was coming, and then, with more than a little mischievousness, I pushed my finger into her hard, driving it knuckle-deep into her tight asshole.

Erin almost jumped out of my grip as my finger dug in, and a throaty, high pitch squeal issued from her lips as she began to cum. Her luscious body trembled, and she shook her head hard, tossing her dark ponytail in all directions as her juices ran down all over my face. It was an incredible thing to experience. She rocked and groaned as her orgasm crested, until the shear ferocity of it left her weak and out of breath.

After she came, I gathered her up and spooned her against me on the seat. She may have been sated for the moment, but I was as hard as a gun barrel and just as hot. Roughly, I manhandled her in front of me until her hips were just above my cock. Erin didn't resist, and when I pulled her hair, yanking her head back, she raised her leg high enough to allow me the room I needed.

"You wanted me to fuck you, right?" I hissed into her ear, not caring much if she still did, but she looked at me with wild eyes and nodded yes.

"Good, because I'm going to fuck you so hard you won't want to touch that sweet little box of yours for a week!" With that, I drew my cock up to her pussy and drove my entire length into her in a long, single stroke.

I was past the need to warm up and didn't much care if I created a rhythm that she might enjoy. I was driven by my anger and my need to cum. If that meant her body was going to pay the price for my lust, then that was the way it would be.

Erin bit her bottom lip as my cock pounded into her and her hands gripped her breasts to keep them from bouncing painfully on her chest. I still had a handful of her hair in one hand, and my other was wrapped around her waist, holding her firmly in place as I fucked her. Then I gritted my teeth, determined to give her something she'd never forget.

"How does that feel bitch! Do you like being used? That's all this is, you know. I'm just using your hot little body to get off. I told you to fucking leave me be, but no, you insisted I fuck you. Well, her you go, you slut. To me, you're nothing but a warm cunt and the only thing I care about now is filling you with my cum." I drove my cock in especially hard as I spoke, just to make sure she understood.

"Now, I'm going to fuck you like a cheap whore and leave my cream deep in your body. After that, you can go back to whatever hole you crawled out from under with my cum dripping out of you."

My words were harsh, more so than I really wanted, but Erin had driven me to the edge and now, for better or worse, she was reaping the result of her own game.

Erin fought back in her own way though. Instead of shrinking from my words, she started flexing her hips back, adding her own energy to our sex, and I was sure her ass was turning beat red from the pounding it was taking. We were both moaning loudly with each thrust and her pussy just oozed a thick, opaque fluid that was almost spraying onto the seat. She had gotten so wet in fact, that even as tight as she was, I didn't feel like I would ever be able to cum.

I was beginning to tire, and I felt my strength draining each time I slammed my cock into her. Erin seemed to sense this too, and I felt her shifting in my grip in an effort to gain some control. We were in a mental battle for dominance, and I became more and more frustrated as the point came when she would be able to climb on top of me and gain the control she sought. Then I remembered how she reacted when I shoved my finger up her ass.

I tightened my grip around her waist and plunged my cock deeply into her. "You haven't won yet," I told her "I'm still going to fuck you until you scream!"

Erin squeezed my cock hard inside her, and I groaned as I felt her muscles milking me. "I told you already baby, it takes a lot to make me scream. I don't think you're man enough to do it."

Her taunting laughter mocked my best efforts despite the pounding I was giving her. When I finally slid my cock out of her gripping wetness, I wasn't surprised when she tried to climb on top, but I tightened my arm around her waist, preventing her from moving.

"Oh, no you don't, not yet." I said and then pressed my cock against her clenching asshole. "I'm going to fuck that pretty little ass of yours, and this time you are going to scream for me."

"Oh, God Ryan, are you serious? We don't have lube. I'm, I'm not sure..."

For once, I heard a real tremble of fear in her voice, and I thought for a moment that she would finally beg me to stop, but even as she spoke she shifted her weight and pressed her ass back against my cock. Unbelievable, I thought. This bitch just won't give up!

Accepting her momentary surrender, I relaxed my hold on her body and just steadied her hips as I prepared to enter her. I gave her a moment to get ready, and then whispered in her ear. "Are you ready for this Erin? All you have to do is tell you you've had enough. Are you sure you want this?"

She turned her head and kissed me as tenderly as she ever had. "You really want to do that to me baby? You want to stick your big dick up my asshole? Okay then, I'm ready. Go on! Do it! Fuck my little ass!"

The contradictions and sudden changes in direction our feelings took would have seemed insane to any watchers, but somehow our strange relationship was an ongoing transfer of power. Erin clearly wanted to be dominant, but there was a growing submission in her mind that kept overtaking her when it counted most. I knew then that I'd already won our game, and once she finally screamed in pleasure for me, my victory would be final.

I held my cock tightly in my hand and started pressing forward, expecting her anal muscles to strongly resist my advance, and for a long moment that is exactly what happened. Then I felt her whole body relax in my arms. I shoved hard again, forcing the head of my cock though her barrier and plunging into her body.

Erin gasped out loud as I slid into her, and her faced grimaced in pain. I was clearly hurting her, but that did nothing to lessen her desire. "Ah shit Ryan," she moaned, "you feel so fucking big in my ass...Go slow baby, go nice and slow."

"I will Erin, just tell me if it hurts too much, okay."

"It does fucking hurt! Fuck! It hurts a lot, but don't stop, baby! Don't stop! My ass is yours, my ass is all yours. Fuck me any way you want!"

Damn! I thought. She's given in completely! With a renewed sense of purpose, I sank my dick more deeply into her until I felt her wince again. To my surprise, I felt a sudden pang of concern for her, and I stopped moving deeper into her until I felt the tremor pass. Then I pushed again and this time, my whole cock slipped into her asshole.

Erin drew in a deep breath and then let it go as I pulled back out. She hissed and puffed hard, moaning loudly as I began to slowly saw my cock in an out of her. Her ass was incredibly tight and if my cock hadn't been coated in her juice, I'm sure I never would have gotten inside her at all. Still, that small bit of lube did little beyond that, and soon her anus was gripping my cock in an ever-tightening embrace.

I was about to pull back out when Erin reached into her purse and all but threw a tube of hand cream at me. "Ah shit, that hurts too much baby! Squirt some of that on your cock. Then you can fuck me all you want."

I pulled back, exposing most of my shaft and then squirted a large glop of the stuff on my cock and around her asshole. When I pushed back in, the cream made her slick enough that I drove in deep and I started fucking her hard.

Erin took my cock easily after that, leaving me no doubt that she was well experienced in anal sex. Still, my long strokes were putting a strain on her body and I could see her face turning bright red as she rubbed her clit in time with my thrusting cock. I'd seen how she reacted when I forced my finger into her, and I could only assume my cock would only magnify the pleasure she felt.

For me, the natural tightness of her rear passage massaged my shaft powerfully as we moved. Her ass was warm and tight and quickly drew me toward my own orgasm. Ripples of pleasure traveled down my cock and sent waves of intense sensations rolling into my stomach. We had been fucking for so long by then, that my thighs were aching and I knew I could not go on much longer. We were heading for a cataclysmic end, and only time would tell which of us reached it first.

Just as I began to cum, I heard a low moan come from Erin and it grew in strength as my cock began pulsing inside her. My vision blurred and my heart pounded in my ears as I came, but the distinct sound of Erin screaming in orgasm penetrated my euphoria and her body jerked hard against

Erin snuggled against me as the afterglow of our sex set in. She took my hand and placed it gently on her breast, cooing softly as I fondled it. Her body felt warm lying against mine and our feet intertwined comfortably as we slowly regained our breath.

"You finally made me scream" she said quietly, acknowledging my victory over her. "I always knew you could. You're every bit the lover I'd hoped."

"Thank you," I said, kissing the top of her head. "You're pretty amazing yourself."

"Yeah, yeah, I'm sure you say that to all the girls you have anal with."

We both laughed at that. Our relationship had become so odd that any comparison to something remotely normal was verging on preposterous. We were being about as friendly and serious as we'd ever been, and I hoped she might open up to me.

"Would you like to explain what this was all about? I'd really like to know."

Erin sighed regretfully. "I'm sorry Ryan, I'd like to, I really would, but I can't. I can only tell you that I needed this. I needed you to help me discover myself, and you've helped me more than you can ever know."

I thought about that. She hadn't answered my question exactly, but she had at least given me something. I almost pressed her for more, but I knew it wouldn't do any good. All of the anger I felt was gone, and while I felt no love for her, I did pity her for whatever demons drove her to me. "Keep your secrets if you must," I told her. "It really doesn't matter anyway."

Erin was silent for a moment, and then looked at the dashboard clock. "Your lunch break is over, why don't you call your work and tell them you can't return today. We can move to the back and cuddle. Maybe even make love properly. I think I owe you something less stressful."

I laughed at that and almost refused, but I knew I was in no shape to work. I also knew that while more sex with her would only compound my problem, my need to find a resolution to this dilemma meant I still couldn't risk alienating her any more than necessary.

There was simply no way I could risk having her continue showing up at inopportune times, and if I couldn't end it, then, at the very least, I needed to gain control of the situation. At least she finally seemed willing to talk. I sighed in resignation and retrieved my phone from my pants to make the call.

Erin may have lost her mischievous attitude, but nothing had changed about her brazen sexuality. As I made the call, she slipped out of the cab, buck naked, and opened the back of the Navigator. In just a few quick moments, she folded down the rear seats, clearing enough space for us both to lie down comfortably. "Come on back here Ryan, you might as well get comfortable with me."

I just shook my head, bemused by her single-mindedness, and I began to believe that she might really be crazy. No one could be that focused on sex. "I don't think so Erin. This has got to end. I can't keep doing this, it isn't right. I'm sorry, but I have to stop seeing you."

Erin sat up and just tapped her fingers on the front seat. "You say that now, after you just sodomized me? You'll forgive me if I don't take you too seriously on that count."

Her tone was more bemused than angry and it was my turn to laugh. I had to admit she was right. "Look, you are the most irresistible woman I've ever met, but I have a personal life that I need to protect. What would you do if I showed up at your place? Wouldn't that be risking the privacy you've been protecting?"

"It would, but that won't happen."

"Really? Maybe I should pull out your wallet and have a look at your driver ’ s license, at least then we'd be even." I picked her purse up off the floorboard and reached in, showing her how serious I was, but Erin just shrugged. It was a natural motion that would have been innocuous enough had she not been naked. As she was, it made her boobs jiggle delightfully, and I smiled despite myself.

"Go ahead, let ’ s see what you find" she said, ignoring my obvious enjoyment of her nudity. She sounded playful and unconcerned, and I immediately started doubting my plan. I was undeterred though, and with more than a small attempt at a theatric flair, I poured the contents of her purse onto the seat next to me. Various cosmetics and other personal bric-a-brac scattered over the seat, but I sank back in defeat as I realized her wallet wasn't among them.

"Nice try Ryan, but I've thought this through completely. My I.D. isn't here, and I've removed the plates from the truck. Now, can we forget this foolishness and get back to more pleasant pursuits?"

Surprisingly, I only felt amused. It was as if my ability to become angry with her had evaporated, and I already knew arguing with her was pointless. It was clear that if I ever hoped to put an end to this, it was going to have to be at least partially on her terms.

"Fine, you win, but honestly, I'm not even sure I can get it up again."

"Don't be silly, Ryan. I'm sure you'll be ready for round two in no time."

I threw my cloths into the back, crawled over the seat and laid down next to her. "You know how ridicules this is, don't you? You're a beautiful woman. You don't need to blackmail me into having sex with you. You could have any man you want."

Erin ran her fingers over my chest, and seemed to think about that. "That's not it at all, Ryan. You probably think I'm completely sex crazed, but I assure you there is a reason for all of this, and why I need you. All I can tell you is that I have no desire to ruin your life, or break up your relationship."

"Well that's what's going to happen if you keep doing this. I just don't see how I can help if you won't be honest with me."

Erin's hand moved down my body and came to rest on my flaccid manhood. "Shhss," she whispered, "let's save all of this for another time. Right now, let me make you as happy as you've made me. I'll beg if that's what you want. You can do anything you want to me, you know. Anything at all."

Her touch was gentle and extremely unhurried, and despite my reservations, I felt my resistance to her begin to dissolve. In the ever-changing nature of our coupling, I'd seen her be aggressive, angry, and incredibly passionate.

I'd also seen her surrender to me when I pushed her far enough, but this was the first time I'd seen her offer to be subservient from the start. It was so out of character for her that it caught me by surprise. By the time I remembered to say no, I'd already said yes.

Erin sat on her knees as she stroked me, looking timidly at me as if she were fearful that I might not be pleased. Her touch was firm, but her motions were slow and gentle. She handled my cock like she was polishing a priceless work of art, as if a single mistake might cause me physical pain.

Even her body language had changed. The way she held herself contained no shred of pride. She had become meek and small, as if she cared for nothing other than pleasing me.

Her touch on my cock was masterful though, and she skillfully stoked my arousal so carefully that even though I was fully erect, I was still in complete control. My body tingled in excitement, but with an underlying calmness that might have let me withstand her touch for hours. When a small drop of fluid finally appeared, she bent down to lick it up, but stopped just before she reached her prize.

"May I please taste it?" She asked, seemingly fearful I might actually say no.

I nodded yes, allowing her to have her prize. Then I watched in growing astonishment as this woman, who had been more sexually aggressive than any woman I'd ever known, carefully dabbed my precum off of my cock without ever actually touching it with her tongue.

"Mmm, thank you. I love the way you taste." Then she gazed downward and lightly caressed my balls. "You have a beautiful cock."

It was like watching her in slow motion as she crouched over and took my cock into her mouth. She sucked me in slowly, without the intensity or hungry need that had so dominated our sex up until then. She kissed the head of my cock with tender care and swirled her tongue around it, making it wet with saliva. Her lips felt like wet silk on my glans and I relaxed into the carpeted floor of the vehicles interior.

Erin worked her mouth down my length slowly, kissing my shaft and wetting it as she allowed more and more to pass beyond her lips.

The sensations of warmth and gentle pressure radiated through me and I softly moaned, "Damn Erin, the things you do to me."

Erin smiled around my cock and then drew back to plant a wet kiss on the head. "I knew you liked it. You can complain all you want, but you can't deny that. I'm your own personal sex fantasy come to life."

"No, you're no fantasy Erin. I think you're the Devil."

Erin smiled and glossed my head with her lips. "The Devil's a man, Ryan. I'm just a woman, and the only thing I want is your cock."

She lowered her head and sucked me down to the root, and then pulled up again, sucking her sticky saliva back into her mouth.

"Oh motherfuck, Erin! I don't know if you're the Devil or not, but either way, you're gonna be the death of me."

"Well, don't die yet; I'm still not done with you." With that, she reclined along my side with her knees by my shoulder and started sucking me with agonizing care. This wasn't the fast paced, 'hurry up and cum' type of head that she'd given me before. She was deliberately prolonging the pleasure she gave me, torturing me with her luscious, sucking mouth.

I watched as the supple movements of her back caused the twin lines of her leopard spot tattoo's to flex erotically along her spine, and I reached out to trace them with my fingertips. I followed them down her back to where they parted just above her ass, mesmerized by the erotic web they wove. They were strikingly beautiful on her, and I felt a strong desire to kiss each one, and to taste salty sweetness of her skin.

It was a pleasing thought, but one I knew would have to wait. I dropped my hand farther down and palmed her ass, happily testing the firmness of her butt. Erin wiggled it at me slightly, as if she were daring me to do to her whatever might cross my mind. I ran my fingers down through the cleft of her ass and savored the memory of having my cock inside her there.

The memory of how tight she felt as I fucked her then, mixed with the silky pleasures her mouth was still giving me. Together, they sent a strong pulse of arousal washing over my body. Erin may have wanted to please me, but I knew I wouldn't be able to let her have her way much longer.

The view of Erin's back was blocking my view of her mouth on me, but every touch of her lips or her tongue on my cock created a virtual picture in my mind. I felt a growing desire to flip her over and bury myself inside her, or grab her head and make her gag on my cock. It was a desire that was rising in me like a physical thing, something dark and powerful that hungered to release itself upon her delicate body.

My hand was still on her ass and I reached back and slapped her hard, making her jerk forward and dragging her mouth off my cock. Erin yelped loudly as I landed another hard slap and I delighted in seeing her body quiver from the sting.

"Oh fuck, Ryan! That makes we soo wet! I love be- ahh!"

I landed another hard slap on her pale skin, making her ass glow red and cutting her off in mid sentence. The visceral strength of her reaction seized me by the throat, and the dark beast that had been clawing at my heart roared free.

"Oh, you've been a very naughty girl Erin, a very naughty girl. Now it's time you paid the price for it!"

I sat up and grabbed her hips, pulling her toward me.

"What! Oh shit Ryan, what are you...Ohhh fuck!!!" Erin struggled against me, sputtering her defiance. She fought against my grip, wriggling her body and kicking her legs, but as she had said so many weeks earlier, I was far stronger than her and with little real effort; I had her draped over my lap with her arms pinned together behind her back.

"You've been playing games with me Erin! Taunting me and daring me to punish you! Well now it's time!" Then I brought my hand down hard on her ass, causing her cry out as her body jumped in my grip. I slapped her ass again and then again until tears flowed down her face. "Is this what you wanted Erin? For me to spank you until that fine ass of yours burns?"

"Yes Ryan, I...I wanted you to spank me! I need it so bad! Please baby, beat my ass until it burns! I've been so very bad to you!"

I've known women who enjoyed a little slap on the ass, but I'd never been with a woman who got off on it like Erin. I spanked her hard several more times, and soon her pale cheeks were glowing bright red.

I rubbed my hand over her ass, massaging her tenderly until her cries faded into gentle moans. "Now bitch, I'm gonna fuck you, and you're gonna take it in that wet pussy of yours until I done! I'm gonna beat that pussy until its raw, just like I did to your ass,"

Erin looked crazed with arousal and dove back on my cock, sucking me again until it was hard and glistening wet. Then she spun around on her hands and knees. "Here I am baby, please fuck me, fuck me hard. I need to cum so bad. Pease let me cum all over your big, hard cock!"

I came up behind and she reached between her legs, guiding me into her channel. She was absolutely soaking wet, and when my cock sank into her, Erin moaned and pushed her body back onto my shaft.

"Oh fuck yeah, Ryan. You feel so big inside me. Please, fuck me hard. Fuck me hard baby ."

She was absolutely begging for it, and I rode her hard, slamming my cock into her as fast as I could. Her pussy sucked wetly on it, gripping and rubbing wonderfully against its most sensitive spots. It was a glorious, succulent friction that caressed the entire throbbing length of my cock, making my whole body tingle. It felt incredible to fuck her, and I craved even more.

All of the emotions I felt with Erin fed the monster that I had become. I was fucking this woman for all of the wrong reasons and that too fed the creature. She'd drawn me in and fucked with my head. She did everything she could to claw this desire out of me, and now that we were near the end; I was determined to let that desire take its due.

My weight pushed her face down into the thin carpeting, and I took her hands in mine. Holding her by the wrists, I drug her back as I thrust forward, slamming myself into her so hard her entire body quaked. "Oh yeah, that's it, take it! Take that fucking cock! Fuck yeah, I love fucking you like this!"

Erin's moans turned into breathless grunts that exited her body every time my cock stabbed into her. Her back arched and her muscles clenched as tightly as iron cables. I felt her cunt starting to contract around my thickness and I knew she was about to cum.

Fresh waves of excitement raced through my veins like wildfire, spurring me to fuck her even faster. When she began to cum, she screamed and bucked against me as if she were trying to escape, but my grip on her wrists held her close, and she had no choice but to writhe under the fevered pace of my thrusts.

Her body spasmed hard and her pussy clenched repeatedly, dragging me toward orgasm with her. My heart was pounding in my chest and the rush of blood in my ears became deafening. Sweat oozed from my pours, making my skin slick, and in that moment I lost my grip on her arms.

Erin collapsed in front of me and I followed her to the carpet, pinning her down under my weight. My arms circled under her neck, and I drew her legs together between mine. There, lying on top of her, I hunched forward, slicing my length into her wetness until I started spurting globs of hot cum into her.

Even with my weight on her back, Erin did her best to keep her hips elevated enough to give me room, and when my cum splashed inside her, she squeezed her pussy around my shaft as if she was trying to draw even more of my seed into her. "Oh fuck... ” she moaned through her blissful agony "That's it baby, cum inside me. Fill my pussy with your hot cum."

I stayed on top of her until my dick had softened enough to slip out of her, and then I rolled off her body and lay flat on my back. I was near exhaustion by then, and by the look of it, Erin was already drifting into a well-deserved sleep.

I just watched her for a time, not wanting to wake her. I wasn't angry with her anymore, she had given me too much of herself for me to hate her. Besides, I knew I was as guilty as she was. I remembered the first night we were together. That night, I had been the one who had dozed off. By the time I awoke, she was already dressed and ready to leave. I hoped this time; I would be able to return the favor.

I'd thrown my clothes into the back of the vehicle before I joined Erin, so getting dressed only took a couple of minutes. By the time she opened her eyes, I was dressed and sitting next to her.

"Well, hello sleepy head," I said, smiling at her. "I retrieved your dress from the front, but I'm afraid it's a little worse for the wear. Sorry, I guess I just lost control."

Erin held up the dress and frowned as she noted the torn buttons. "Hmm, well it looks like I'm driving home half naked. I guess I should be glad I filled up the tank before I picked you up." she said with a laugh.

I laughed with her for a moment, but then I became more serious. "Erin listen, this has been amazing, but really, it has to end."

Erin's smile faded. "I don't even know what to say to you then. I've told you, I don't want to hurt you or your girlfriend. I can even promise I won't tell her about us, but I can't just disappear out of your life. Not yet anyway."

"So, what are you saying? You just want to keep on showing up out of the blue and having sex? It might be different if you'd be willing to tell me something about yourself, your real name, where you live. Maybe a phone number. But no, you just want to pop in whenever you feel like it? It may come as a shock to you Erin, but women aren't the only ones who can feel used."

Erin nervously twisted the dress in her hands. "You're saying you feel used? Please, all I've done is fuck your brains out Ryan. If that's been so traumatic then I'm sorry, I really thought you enjoyed it!" Brushing a tear from her eye, Erin took a deep breath as she tried to calm herself.

"So then tell me Ryan, what would you have me do? How can I make you happy to be with me?"

It was a question I couldn't answer, and the silence between us thickened as she tried to gather the remains of her dress around her. I sat back and watched her, trying to discern if she was just playing me again. Erin kept her eyes downcast the whole time, steadfastly refusing to meet my gaze. Then unmistakable tremble passed through her as the silence grew.

Finally I took her hand and pulled her next to me. "Erin, you've always been able to make me happy, that isn't the problem. The problem is that I'm the one who can't be there for you. Maybe if we had met at another time, or if I'd gotten to know you better that first night, maybe then it would be different, but no matter how hard you try, this has to end. This has to be the last time."

Erin still wouldn't look at me, and I kissed her hand, trying to mitigate whatever hurt I may have caused, but then she turned and kissed my hand as I had hers. She looked into my eyes, not with sorrow as I expected, but more with regret. "You want me to promise not to see you again. I understand that Ryan, and I don't blame you. It's just not a promise I can make. I can be more careful, maybe even give you some warning, but I can't make the promise you ask. I just can't."

She sounded so sincere, and yet it was absurd. She must be crazy, I thought. She's fixated on me now and this shit is only going to get worse. I just sat there, staring at my hands. "I'm sorry to hear that Erin, I really am. I was hoping we could end this on good terms, but even if we can't, it is going to end."

I slid over to the side door and popped it open. "I'm going to walk back to my car at work. I don't need you coming by there again."

Erin was still sitting in the back as I closed the door and walked away.

It took me over an hour to get my car and drive home, and that was plenty of time to think things through. The thought that Erin, or whatever the hell her real name was, might really be crazy chilled me to the bone. If that were the case, I would be forced to tell Susan everything.

I knew it would break her heart, but if Erin suffered from that kind of obsession, it could easily spill out violently, and that meant Susan could end up as a target in Erin's misguided affection for me. It was a dangerous possibility, but somehow, I just couldn't quite believe it.

More likely Erin was still playing some sort of mind game. She had shown an amazing ability to talk in circles and to manipulate my feelings. She clearly thought she was in complete control of the situation, so really, she had no reason to tell me the truth.

Well, I thought, that's where she's wrong. She had taken extreme efforts to hide her identity from me. That she had thought far enough ahead to remove the vehicle plates and hide her driver ’ s license proved how careful she could be. It also proved how much she worried about the same privacy she so callously denied me.

She had made one mistake though. By meeting me in her car, she gave me an opening to her real life. It was an opening I would rather not have had to use, but she left me with no choice, so when she dozed off, I stashed my cell phone under the seat.

Once in the comfort of my den, I booted my computer and launched the phone tracking software that was so common these days. Seconds later, a blue pin appeared on the screen and bubble popped up, giving me an address in an upscale neighborhood just outside the city. I wrote the address on a sticky note and sat back in my chair.

"Game over Erin."

I waited until evening, periodically checking my computer to be sure she was actually at her own home. Considering how I left her in the parking garage though, I thought it unlikely she would've gone anywhere else. Much as I expected, the phone remained unmoved into the night, and I knew I had her.

It was past 8:00 pm when I pulled into her circular driveway, and I almost lost my nerve right then. "Oh shit, look at the size of this fucking place" I cursed as I came to a stop in front of the sprawling estate. "Who in the fuck are these people?"

I saw the Navigator in the driveway though and a cold sweat started crawling all over my skin as I pulled in behind it. The fucking car was expensive enough all by itself, but that was nothing compared to this. 'Holy shit,' I thought. 'No wonder she didn't want me finding her!'

My plan was to go to the door and be as brazen and fearless about confronting her as she'd been with me, but the wealth it must have required just to maintain a residence like this meant that her life was far more complicated then I could have anticipated.

It was certain she or her family had money, and money often meant power. I shook my head, uncertain as to what to do next. Approaching her like this could have consequences beyond anything I'd been prepared for, and I began to think I'd be better off leaving before I made a huge mistake. The last thing I wanted to do was to let a rich and powerful man know I was banging his wife, or even worse, his daughter!

I was beginning to think that I should just wait for the next time she appeared, and then let her know the trouble I could cause her. At least by then I could do some digging and find out her real name.

The license plates had been replaced on the Navigator, and just as she feared I might do earlier in the day, I planned on using those numbers to trace the car, and thereby get her name. Perfect, I thought! All I needed was a pen! Simple, right?

Yeah, not so much. Murphy's Law was written for just such occasions, and the next thing I knew, I was nose deep in the center console of my car, searching for a freaking pen! So, right about the time my hands were stuffed with the accumulated flotsam that always seems to gather in such places, I heard a knock on the driver side window.

It was about the last sound in the world I wanted or expected to hear, and every nerve in my body crawled with electric dread as I reluctantly turned toward the sound.

Naturally, I feared the worst, and I half expected to be confronted by an enraged husband or father, so when I saw the older guy standing outside the car, my heart jumped up into my throat. Where the hell did he come from? I wondered uselessly as he rolled his finger in the air, gesturing me to lower the glass.

I half expected him to be raving mad, so I felt more than a little relief when I saw how calm he actually was. Then again, at that point I would have taken anything short of him waving a gun or calling the police.

'Alright' I thought. 'No problem. He's got no idea why I'm here.' My heart dropped back out of my throat, and my fluttering stomach began to calm as I realized I wasn't about to get shot by an enraged husband or indignant father after all.

I lowered the window, hoping I didn't look as terrified as I actually felt. "Hi, I think I may be at the wrong address" I said as naturally as I could. "Is this-"

The man held up his hand, stopping me in mid sentence. "Mr. Jennings please, that isn't necessary. My name is Robert Strom. I'm afraid we need to talk."

"Ah, what did did you know who I am?" The cold sweat I'd felt earlier returned, and my heart jumped back into my throat. In less than a five-minute span I'd gone from thinking I had everything under control to finding out I was still three steps behind. What the hell was going on anyway!

For all of my agitation though, Mr. Strom seemed completely composed, and I had the distinct impression that he rarely allowed himself to be otherwise. He was an impressive man, who carried himself with the inner confidence of someone who was used to getting his way.

"I understand how confusing this must be for you Mr. Jennings" he went on, "but if you would care to join me for a drink, I believe I can answer some of your questions."

I was still filled with trepidation as I followed him into the large, Mediterranean-style mansion. He led me through a beautifully marbled foyer and on, into a spacious, richly appointed den that was complete with a well stocked wet bar.

Mr. Strom was probably in his late forties with short, perfectly groomed dark hair that had just a hint of silver woven through it. His expensive looking dark grey suit was impeccably tailored, giving him an aura of authority and power. Even his gold watch looked like it cost a fortune.

I was almost thirty years old, but I was starting to feel like a teenager who'd been caught throwing toilet paper in his neighbors ’ front yard. Images of the mess Erin and I made in the front seat of her Navigator raced through my mind, and I groaned inwardly.

I couldn't imagine how a man like this would react if he found out his daughter was fucking some random guy in the front seat of her SUV. Worse still, what he might do if he thought I was the one stalking her was simply too depressing to consider. The situation was going to shit so fast that it threatened to drag me down the drain with it.

"Do you like it neat or on the rocks?" Robert asked, shaking me out of my reverie.

"Um, what? I'm sorry, but-"

"Your Scotch, with or without ice?"

"Oh, yeah, on the rocks please." I was completely befuddled by then, and I felt myself turning red when Robert smiled wryly and poured the drinks from an intricate crystal decanter. He added the ice gently with a small pair of ice tongs before setting the tumbler in front of me. By that time, I needed a good belt, and took a more than a small sip of the amber fluid, hoping it would help calm my ragged nerves.

The smooth but heavily musky flavor of spirit was unlike anything I'd ever had before and it seemed to transcend my senses. It had an earthy undertone that created an experience that was as much about scent and texture as it was about mere taste. It was a drink meant to be enjoyed slowly though, and in my haste, I'd taken too much. I coughed harshly and my breath caught in my throat as its heat threatened to overwhelm me.

Robert said nothing and gave only a grim smile at my reaction. He clearly had the advantage over me at that point, but he waited politely, swirling the Scotch around in his glass for a long moment while he allowed me to regain my composure. It wasn't until I set the glass down that he took a sip of his own.

"Amazing, isn't it? It's a 1965 Bowmore, one of the finest single malt's in the world. It offers a smooth and layered taste that is unique to itself. Such things should be shared sparingly, don't you think?"

"I would have to agree Sir," I said as I took a much smaller sip. "It's absolutely wonderful. Thank you."

"Please Ryan, call me Robert. There's no need for formalities." He took another sip and then gestured toward a pair of overstuffed leather chairs.

"Would you care to have a seat? You obviously have some questions, and hopefully I can set your mind at ease."

"Okay, Robert it is, and thank you for being so gracious." We crossed the room and made ourselves comfortable, and I drew a deep breath before continuing.

"To be honest, I do have some questions, but first I'd just like to catch up. I'm not even sure what exactly we're talking about yet."

Robert gave a little laugh. "I suppose this all must very confusing for you. Let's get to the point, shall we?" He picked up a small bell that had been sitting on the table and gave it a short ring. "This should help clarify things."

A moment later Erin appeared in the dens doorway. She stopped just outside, and for just an instant, a look of worry and shock crossed her face as she saw me. It was gone in a flash though, and she looked down at the floor, with her hands clasped neatly in front of her.

Robert swirled the last of his scotch in his glass and then drained it with calculated a patience. "Ryan, I believe you know my wife."

'Oh fucking hell!' I thought, wondering where this was going. I looked over at Erin, but though she was clearly as surprised as I was, she actually looked more amused than frightened. Amused and maybe a bit excited?

Her look was different too. Her dark hair flowed down over her bare shoulders, and a truly elegant black dress with gold inlays clung loosely to her body. More striking then that though was her ink black lipstick and the monochromatic style of her make-up. Even her nails were painted black in a Goth style that made her look incredibly sexy.

The moment Robert had created hung in the air like a tangible force while the implications of his announcement sank in. Erin hadn't moved from the doorway, remaining instead silently in place, as if she were waiting for some unseen queue.

I felt like the room was closing in on me, and I turned toward my host. "Look, I know her but-"

"Please Ryan, don't. Just don't. I'm well aware of what you two have been doing." He reached into his pocket and pulled my cell phone out and laid it on the table. "I presume you traced it after you hid it under the seat this afternoon. That was very clever, I hadn't considered that possibility."

He hadn't considered it? But that would mean... "Are you saying, you've know all along that we..."

"Were having sex?" Robert said forcefully. "Of course I knew," he went on, "it was my idea!"

I was absolutely speechless. Ever since the man had shown up at my window I'd been worried about what we'd done to him. Finding out he was behind it all was almos t impossible for me to believe. I looked at him, incredulous at what he said. "What the hell are you talking about?" I finally asked.

Robert motioned for Erin to enter and she crossed the plush carpeting smoothly. Instead of sitting on another available chair though, she curled up at the foot of his chair with her back to the seat.

She still had not spoken, and something about the deference she treated him with struck a chord with me. He said they were married, but I sensed then there was something more profoundly different about their marriage then simply the difference in their age.

Robert tenderly ran a single finger over her cheek and she nuzzled, catlike, against his legs. Then he sat back in his chair and refilled his drink. "I suppose I owe you apology Ryan, and a debt of thanks. I know Erin really enjoyed being with you, and that alone means a lot to me."

"Erin?" I replied, laughing at the irony. "She told me that wasn't really her name."

"Yes, I know," he said and gave her a reassuring look.

"You see Ryan, she had specific orders from me to keep her name a secret, but when you pressed her so hard for a name, she found it too difficult to resist you. The fact that she said it was a false name was just her trying to please us both. I actually think that was a very good sign."

"A sign? A sign of what?"

"It was a sign that she is finding deception to be difficult for her. A sign that she wants to do as she's told. It's a sign, Ryan, that she is beginning to submit, not because I want her too, but because she wants to be dominated."

I leaned back in my chair, beginning to understand and fascinated by the story. "So, you're saying her being with me was some sort of test?"

"No, no it was much more than a test. You see Ryan, when Erin and I met, we fell deeply in love, isn't that right, my Pet?"

"Yes my love." Erin replied as she nuzzled closer to him, seemingly happy to let him continue explaining.

"The problem was that I require a certain level of obedience from a woman in my care, and poor Erin was having trouble being...domesticated. Oh, she tried, and every now and again she would forget herself and require correction, but that is part of the allure of the lifestyle. No doubt you discovered how much she enjoys a spanking."

I looked over at Erin to see how she was reacting to him telling me all of this, and she did look embarrassed, but if she truly objected, I didn't see it."

"Yeah, it was an impressive experience" I said quietly as I returned my attention to the master of the house.

Robert furrowed his brow, as if reliving a less than pleasant memory. "Where we really had problems, and where you came in Ryan, began after our second anniversary. It was then that Erin came to me and told me she was suffering. She told me that she loved me, but emotionally she wasn't sure that she could limit herself to a purely submissive lifestyle."

"She was like a caged lioness, well fed but still missing the hunt. I knew she needed to go 'wilding,' and to discover if she was ready to live in my gilded cage. That's where you came in."

I nodded, understanding now so much of what happened. "That's why she came on so strongly isn't? To experience being dominant?"

"That's exactly it. I couldn't allow her to respond to me that way. Doing so would have compromised my authority over her. No, if we were going to have even a chance together, she needed to assert herself, but only under my direction.

"We searched around, looking for a man who appealed to her, and who we felt would stand up to her without becoming violent. By all accounts Ryan, you were the perfect choice. You will forgive me for doing a bit research on you first though. I did have to make sure I knew what kind of man you were before I could allow Erin to put herself into your care."

I nodded in agreement to the point. It was actually very annoying, but I had to admit it was probably a good idea, all things considered.

"Erin needed the excitement of a true battle of wills, and to have that struggle for control. She needed to discover if it was something she truly needed, or if just a taste would be enough."

"As I said earlier though, I owe you an apology. My belief was that you would enjoy your time with Erin, and it wasn't until she came home and we found the cell phone that I understood how unfairly we were treating you. I can assure you now that she won't be seeing you again. Besides, Erin's surrender to you taught her the true nature of her desires, and she has decided to remain with me."

"Wow, I'm not sure what to say. I'm relieved of course. The way things were going I thought this was going to spin completely out of control."

"I know that now. Erin told me how insistent you were about ending it. I regret putting you through the stress, but I assure you we would never have seriously risked your job or your relationship. That threat was just part of the game."

Part of the game, and that's all it ever was. I left the house after that, still confused and frustrated. It was a dangerously irresponsible game they played, and I still felt used. Still, Erin's game had given me a sexual experience unlike anything I'd ever heard of, and with the knowledge that it was really over, I was free to go back to Susan.

It was then I realized what had been wrong with my sex life with Susan. Before Erin appeared in my life, I'd been unsure of my feelings for her and holding back my affection. It was that ambivalence that was bothering her. Ironically, the more Erin pressed me, the more I realized it was Susan I'd wanted all along. It wasn't right or noble, but then men rarely are in such things. I could only console myself with the thought that without Erin, I would never have been forced into making a choice. By the time I arrived home, I was certain I'd made the right one.




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