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The Club - Chapter 6

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Party On! The four couples get together for the first time.


Chapter 6



The night for the first club meeting arrived. The decision was made to hold the first gathering at Beth’s home. She had three usable bedrooms and the pool in the backyard. The two women had discussed how they would arrange things and were ready. They had set up a nice sized bar with liquor and wine. A variety of finger foods were displayed on the dining table to allow continual snacking throughout the night.

Instructions had been sent to Donna and Amy to dress casually. It had been recommended women wear skirts and tops which could be removed quickly and easily. Undergarments were optional. The men should also be casual and ready to follow instructions.

Lexi and Charlie arrived early to help with getting things ready. However, the men quickly disappeared outside with drinks in hand.

“I’m sure they are discussing what they think is going to happen tonight,” Lexi told Beth.

“Oh, no doubt about it,” Beth offered. “Bob has been asking me questions all day. I finally stopped him by pointing out he was going to have the opportunity to have carnal knowledge with two beautiful women tonight in addition to you and me. With that as the destination, he should just shut up and enjoy the ride.”

“Did your answer satisfy him?”

“Not completely. Bob insisted on having sex with me right then.”

“Did you do it?” Lexi asked with a smile.

“Of course,” Beth laughed. “Have you ever known me to pass up an opportunity to get laid?”

Joining the laughter, Lexi pointed out, “I remember you saying no to a guy in college.”

“Oh, don’t remind me,” Beth chuckled. “The guy had the worst breath ever, and he always wanted to be on top so he could kiss me while we fucked. The position meant I had to smell his breath and couldn’t concentrate on his nice cock. The man had a great dick. I would have been happy to do him doggy style or reverse cowgirl, but he wanted missionary.”

“I have high hopes for tonight,” Lexi said as she arranged glasses for the bar.

“I like your plan, Lexi,” Beth told her friend.

“It seems to best way to set it up for the first time,” Lexi replied. “I’ll explain it to them when they arrive, and we’ll see how everyone reacts.”

Just then the doorbell rang. Beth ushered Donna and Kendal into the living room, introducing them to Lexi, Charlie, and Bob. While they were talking, the bell rang again. Amy and Jake joined the group.

Lexi led everyone to the bar and suggested they fix a drink and relax. She stood back and appraised the group. Donna and Amy looked terrific. Both were dressed perfectly. Lexi could even see Amy’s nipples peeking through her sweater. But most of her observation was directed at the two men. Unless something went wrong, she was going to be naked with both of them very soon. She could tell she was getting wet just considering the possibilities.

Kendal was over six feet tall and had an athletic build. Lexi felt confident he would want to be in charge, pick positions, and be interested in his own satisfaction. Jake was a handsome man with neatly trimmed dark hair. He had beautiful blue eyes Lexi thought were heavenly. There was no question in her mind she was going to enjoy both of them.

Amy walked up to Lexi with a grin. “What do you think of Jake?”

“The word coming to my mind is, ‘yummy,’” Lexi whispered.

Making certain no one could overhear her, Amy whispered, “If you can teach him something I’ll be forever grateful.”

“I like the way you showed your gratitude last week,” Lexi answered as she surreptitiously ran her hand over Amy’s breasts. “Beth and I enjoy our girl time. Perhaps you’d like to join us.”

“I hope you’ll invite me,” Amy whispered. “I loved our time together.”

Looking over Amy’s shoulder, Lexi said, “I think it’s time to get started. Aren’t you ready for some action?”

“You should feel my panties,” Amy giggled. “I’ve been ready all day.”

Making sure no one was looking their way Lexi quickly slipped her hand under Amy’s skirt. “Yes you are!” she told Amy. “It’s too bad I can’t run my tongue through there right now. But first, I’m going to get you laid.”

“Yes, please,” Amy giggled.

Lexi took a spoon and hit it against her glass to get the group’s attention. “If everyone has a drink, let’s have a seat, and I’ll explain the evening's plan.”

The room got quiet as everyone sat and turned to Lexi.

Lexi took a swallow from her glass of wine, took a deep breath and addressed the group. “I don’t think I have to explain why we’re here tonight. You have all expressed a desire to expand your sexual horizons recently, and tonight we are going to begin such a process. Beth and I have laid out a basic plan as an attempt to get our club going. Are you ready to get started?”

“I’m shy,” Charlie told the group. “I hope you’ll be kind to me.”

“You didn’t seem very shy when you fucked me by the pool last week,” Beth said loud enough for everyone to hear.

“Just so you all know,” Lexi continued. “Beth and Bob have been sexual partners with Charlie and me. So we’ve had a bit of a head start.”

“What’s your plan?” Kendal asked.

“There are three bedrooms in this house we can use. The fourth bedroom is an office and doesn’t really fit our needs. We’ll put couples in the three bedrooms and one couple in this room.”

“Since this is his house, we’ll put Bob in the master bedroom, Charlie in room number two and Kendal in the third one. Jake, you’ll be here. To put everyone with a new partner, I’ll ask Donna to go with Bob, Amy with Charlie, Beth with Kendal and I’ll be in this room with Jake.”

She looked around the room again noting the partners she had suggested were exchanging glances.

“You will be with your partner for forty-five minutes. That’s long enough to get acquainted and have some fun. When the period is up, we’ll move the women around. Rooms one and two will switch, and three and four will change. After another forty-five minute period, we’ll all come back into this room… naked. I think we’ll be comfortable by then. We can refresh our drinks and have something to eat. I’m certain some of you will be hungry by then.”

“What will we do then?” Charlie asked.

“When we get there I think we could do anything you wanted. Some of the women here might like to have two men at the same time. And perhaps others might just like to watch. When we reach halftime Kendal will not have been with Amy and Donna will not have been with Jake. We might want to let them get together.”

“Are there any specific rules?” Donna asked.

“Yes, I’m sorry I didn’t start with the rules. First, women have absolute control. By that I mean if your partner wants to do something you don’t want, you have only need to say no. Rule number two is you leave your clothes where you removed them. You won’t get dressed again until you are ready to go home. The men should all be aware we are all going bareback. None of the women can get pregnant, so you have no concerns there. We believe all of us are in good health and will not spread any STD’s. Should you decide you’d like to use a sex toy, you’ll find a box in the hallway containing a few Beth, and I have brought.”

“Any more questions?” Lexi asked.

When no one spoke, Lexi held up a kitchen timer. “Once the bedroom doors are closed I’ll set the timer for forty-five minutes. Gentlemen, get your assigned partner and take her to your room.”

Bob stepped across the room and held out his hand to Donna. Leaning over to her husband, Donna kissed Kendal on the cheek before taking Bob’s hand.

Amy was ready. She quickly walked to Charlie. “We’re in room two, right?”

“You got it,” Charlie said with a broad smile. “Let’s go check it out.”

Beth had already scooped up Kendal and was halfway down the hall.

Lexi turned to Jake, who was sitting in a large chair. “Looks like you and me in this big room,” she said in a soft sexy voice. “Let me set the timer and then we can get friendly.”

Setting the timer on the mantelpiece, Lexi held out her hand to Jake. “Come here, Jake. I need a kiss.”

When he stood, Lexi could see Jake already had an erection. She put her arms around his middle and pulled him tightly against her body. “You and I are about to become close friends,” she whispered before pulling his face to hers.

In the first bedroom, Bob and Donna were standing by the bed. Donna stepped up to Bob, kissed him, and said, “Your wife has told me about you. I’m looking forward to seeing you naked.”

“Tell me what you like?” Bob replied as he slipped his hands under the back of her sweater and unhooked her bra. “I didn’t have the advantage of someone telling me about you.”

“I like to be undressed and fucked,” Donna whispered as she held her arms up so Bob could puller her sweater off.

Bob tossed her top and bra aside as he admired her breasts. “I think I can help you with your desires.

As he watched, Donna unbuckled his belt and opened his trousers. “Beth told me you have a wonderful cock and you like it sucked. Did she tell the truth?” she asked as his pants and boxers dropped around his ankles.

“I do like it sucked, but only by naked women,” Bob said with a wry grin. He found the zipper on her skirt and pulled it down. Getting on his knees, Bob slowly removed her panties, noticing as he pulled them down the crotch was quite wet. He leaned forward to kiss her folds before running his tongue through them.

Donna groaned. “She didn’t tell me you like to eat pussy.”

Standing, Bob pulled Donna against his chest and kissed her. When he broke the kiss, he turned her around, taking her breasts in his hands. “What I’d like to do is have you ride my face until you cum all over it, but I don’t have time for that now. We don’t have a lot of time left, and I still have one of your desires left undone.”

Bob bent Donna over the bed and moved her legs apart. “You said you want to be undressed and fucked. Here comes the fucking.” He stepped up behind her and quickly pushed his rock-hard cock into her dripping pussy.

“I like a man who takes charge,” she groaned as he began to thrust into her.

“You’ve got a great ass, Donna,” Bob huffed, and he began pounding her. “An ass this beautiful needs to be fucked.”

“Maybe we can do that in round two,” she groaned.

Bob pulled out, turned her around, and laid Donna on her back on the bed. He pulled her to the edge of the bed, putting her legs up with her heels on his shoulders. Once again Bob slammed his cock into her hot hole. This time he roughly grabbed her breasts as he hammered her.

“Oh fuck!” she growled.

In bedroom number two, Charlie and Amy were lying side by side on the bed. They had been kissing for several minutes.

“Your wife told me you’re a titty man,” she said with a giggle. Sitting up in the dark room, Amy unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it aside. She unhooked her bra, freeing her lovely round breasts. Amy leaned over Charlie, pressing one breast into his mouth. “Let’s see how you like mine.”

As Charlie began to lick and suck on her breast, Amy’s hand ran down his chest, and between his legs. She found his hard cock pressing against the fabric of his trousers. “Lexi also told me you have a great cock. Are you going to feed it to me?”

“Sure,” Charlie replied as he picked up her small body and spun her around. In five seconds Amy’s face was against the zipper of his pants and her knees on either side of his face. A surge of lust rushed through her body when she felt Charlie’s mouth press against the wet crotch of her panties. Amy began to claw at his pants. She wanted his cock now!

Their mutual desire rushed to a peak as they ripped at clothing. Within short order, both of them were naked and reveling in what their mouths tasted. Anyone standing outside the bedroom door would have heard loud grunts and groans. Their mutual need seemed to jump to ‘light-speed’ in seconds.

In the third bedroom, Beth had greeted Kendal with a kiss, before she began undressing him. She was still fully clothed when he stood in front of her naked, his cock pointing straight at her. Beth dropped to her knees, kissed the tip of his cock, and ran her tongue around the large head. “I like a thick cock,” she told Kendal as she stroked his hard rod. “I like the way a thick cock stretches my pussy. You’re going to fuck me, aren’t you, Kendal?”

“I’m looking forward to it,” was all he could manage to say.

Beth turned off the lights in the room leaving it almost entirely black. “You just stay right there while I get undressed. Maybe you’ll want to stroke your cock while I’m getting ready for you.”

Kendal couldn’t see her in the dark but heard the sound of a zipper. “Tell me what you like,” he said to the dark room.

“I like to be licked and fingered,” she said in a husky, sultry voice. “I like to have a cock in my mouth and feel it explode, I like to have a cock fuck my pussy hard and then shoot cum all over my chest, and I like to have a cock in my ass while my nipples get twisted. Which one of those things are you going to do for me, Kendal?”

“Given enough time, I’d do all of them,” he said with a chuckle.

“I think time might be an issue,” she told him. “Why don’t you just come over here and fuck me hard before you cum on my tits.”

Kendal stumbled forward until he found Beth’s bare leg. He ran his hand down the inside of her thigh until he touched her wet, hairless pussy. He pressed a finger inside, finding her ready and willing to accept his offer.

“Fuck me, Kendal,” she whispered. “Don’t waste any time. Just fuck me now, and we’ll talk later.”

He found her other leg and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Kendal placed the head of his cock at her opening and pushed forward until it slipped inside her hot opening.

“That’s what I want,” Beth growled. “Now give it all to me.”

Holding her thighs, Kendal slowly pushed every inch of his stiff shaft into Beth and groaned.

“Now you’re going to fuck me like the whore I am. Punish me with your big dick, Kendal. I’ve wanted your cock since the instant I saw you. I knew you’d be a fucking god.”

Beth had been told Kendal tended to be arrogant and she decided to feed his ego to get the best possible fuck out of him. Her plan seemed to be working well.

Back in the living room, Jake was naked and sitting on the couch. Lexi had straddled him. She had her arms around his neck and was fucking him as hard and fast as she could. “I love your cock, Jake. I’m going to have to have more of this before you go home tonight.”

Lexi was thinking about Amy’s request to get her husband more sexually aggressive. She decided to try pulling him out to express his wants and needs. “Tell me what you want, Jake. I want to make you cum harder than you ever have.”

Much to her surprise, Jake pushed her up onto her feet, turned her around, and stood behind her. “I want to see your ass while I fuck you,” he growled. “You ass is fucking amazing.”

Well, well. Jake’s an ass man, Lexi thought as he pushed his cock inside her and began thrusting hard and fast. “Oh, yes, Jake. I love it,” she cried out to him.

Her remarks seemed to spur Jake on, so Lexi decided to see how far she could take him. “Oh baby, that’s so fucking good. Touch my asshole, Jake. I want you to touch me there.”

Bingo! Lexi thought when she could feel an immediate change in Jake. He licked his thumb and began rubbing around her puckered opening. “Yes, Jake! Oh yes!” she cried out. Sensing her oncoming orgasm, Lexi felt like he was nearing his as well. Pushing him backward, Lexi dropped to her knees and put the head of his cock against her lips. “Cum in my mouth, Jake. I need to know how you taste.”

Lexi’s timing was perfect. In less than thirty seconds he grabbed a fist-full of hair, growled and released a flood of semen into her mouth. As she always did, Lexi took every drop and made a point of him seeing her swallow it all. As his cock began to slowly wilt in her hand, Lexi looked up and smiled. “You’d like to fuck my ass, wouldn’t you, Jake? You dirty little fucker. You want to fuck my ass!”

“You have a great ass, Lexi, and I’d be lying if I said the idea of having anal sex with you didn’t turn me on.”

“So you do anal with Amy? I think she has a great ass.”

“She does, but I’ve just always been afraid to ask her, and she’s never even hinted she’s interested.”

Just then the timer rang, marking the end of the first forty-five-minute session. Standing up, Lexi gave Jake a quick kiss. “Let me see what we can do about your little problem.”

Stepping into the hallway leading to the bedrooms, Lexi shouted, “The first session is over. Everyone switch partners now.”

The bedroom doors opened. Jake watched as three naked women kissed the men they had just been with and went into another door. His eyes moved to Beth, who was walking down the hallway toward him wearing nothing but a smile.

When Beth reached Jake, she put her arms around him, pulling him into a kiss. He could instantly taste semen in her mouth and thought about Lexi kissing the man she was with now. For some strange reason, he was immediately aroused. Jake’s cock had been soft two minutes ago but was now suddenly stiff and throbbing.

The second round began. Anyone standing in the hall would have heard moans, groans, and shouts from behind the closed bedroom doors. It would have been evident to anyone listening that round one was just an appetizer.

Forty-five minutes later the timer rang, and Beth stepped into the hall to call for everyone to meet in the family room. When the eight naked people were standing side by side, Beth smiled saying, “I think our first hour and a half has been stupendous. What about you?”

“No complaints from me,” Amy laughed with her arm around Bob’s waist.

“Are we going to have a rest period now?” Charlie asked. “My partners wore me out.”

Everyone in the room chuckled, but all were thinking a rest period was a good idea.

“There is food on the dining room table, and I’m certain you’ll all want fresh drinks,” Beth told them. “Then after we’ve had some refreshments, we’ll gather back in this room.”

For almost twenty minutes the group of naked people milled around the dining room eating and drinking. There was plenty of light conversation, but everyone was wondering what was going to happen next.

Everyone but Lexi and Beth. They had planned things out entirely for the evening. Stepping into the kitchen to be alone, Lexi suggested they continue with the plan they’d made. “It seems to me everything is going well. I’m just almost shocked to see my husband in there talking with other men naked.”

“We shared the same men,” Beth whispered as she put some finger sandwiches on a plate. “What did you think of them?”

“Jake is a keeper,” Lexi said with a grin. “I got him tuned up and sent him on to you. How did you two get along?”

“He’s a tiger,” Beth replied in a gasp. “I kissed him, and he was instantly ready to go. Jake bent me over a chair and took me from behind before we’d even said hello.”

“He’s an ass man,” Lexi laughed. “He’s just dying to have anal sex. You didn’t do that, did you?”

“No,” Beth answered. “I thought any anal action should be done after the break. What about you?”

“I have a feeling the topic is going to come up before long,” Lexi said with a grin. “How did you get along with Kendal?”

“He strikes me as a guy with a big ego,” Beth replied. “After getting his clothes off, I turned out all of the lights so we had to just feel our way around. I got a little whorish with him, and he seemed to like it. What about you?”

“The lights were still off when I closed the door, so I just left them off. I thought I’d probably get things started by giving him a little head, but he pushed me back on the bed and went right down on me. He didn’t stop until he got me off. Then he got on his back and pulled me on top. We didn’t say much, but we worked up a good sweat.”

“Are you enjoying this as much as you expected?” Beth asked.

“I think it will just get better as everyone gets better acquainted. After a few more minutes let’s get everyone in the family room like we planned.”

“Have you had a chance to ask Charlie how his sessions went?”

“Just briefly,” Lexi responded. “I just asked if everything went well. He gave me a big grin and held his thumb up. I’m assuming he was pleased.”

“How could any man not be pleased with the two women we sent them?” Beth huffed.

“Beautiful women are not always great fucks,” Lexi replied. “I’ve spent a little time with Amy, and I’m willing to guess she put on a good show. What do you think of Donna?”

“Donna has multiple orgasms,” Beth stated as a fact. “In my experience, men love that because it makes them feel like heroes.”

Back in the dining room, Lexi noticed Amy standing beside Charlie. It didn’t take a police detective to determine the short woman was taken with her husband. Lexi filed that piece of information away for use later.

Picking up a spoon, Lexi tapped it against her glass. “Get a drink and a plate of goodies. Let’s move into the family room. We want to have some discussion about how this has all worked out.”

As the group drifted into the other room, Lexi leaned over to Beth. “How great is it to look around and see four dicks just waiting for our attention?”

Beth giggled. “The only thing better would be to see all four of them stiff and pointed at me.”

They both laughed and walked into the room with the others.

Lexi whispered to Beth, “Let’s see if this goes as planned.”




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