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Panty Raid

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Matt discovers a new fetish...

Just after college, I took a job as a resident hall director at a local university. The title made it sound a lot more important than it really was. I was basically a full time resident assistant that lived in the dorms and played the role of dorm parent.

To be honest, it was not a very good job but it certainly had its perks. I lived rent free, had access to the university recreation centers, and even had a meal plan so that I could easily grab a bite to eat for free whenever I didn’t feel like cooking. It wasn’t glamorous but it allowed me to save a little money and kept me from moving back home with my parents like a lot of my friends had to.

I know what you’re thinking - great, another story about banging drunk, slutty college chicks. Wrong. That would mean that I was this cool, good-looking dude that all the girls secretly wanted to fuck. That simply wasn’t the case. I was a little nerdy and never really had much luck with the ladies.

One night, I was doing laundry in the basement of the dorms (another nice perk) and I opened one of the dryers to throw my wet clothes into. Inside, I found someone else’s clothes that hadn’t been picked up yet. What jumped out at me was that nearly all of the dryer’s contents were girls’ underwear - sexy, lacy, frilly underwear.

I’m not sure what came over me, but I looked around and confirmed that I was alone. Then I reached in, grabbed a pair of hot pink lace panties, and shoved them into my pocket. I slammed the door shut, walked to the other side of the room, and put my clothes into a different dryer.

When I got back to my room, I pulled out the panties and held them in front of my face - a tiny little pair of bikini style panties. I felt wrong but very aroused. That night, I pulled up my favorite free porn site and jerked off into the underwear. It was a game changer for me. The soft, silky material felt great on my cock and seeing them full of my cum when I was done only made it hotter.

I began stealing a pair whenever the opportunity presented itself. I never held on to them for long because I didn’t want to have a pile of co-ed panties in my room if a supervisor ever stopped by. It seems creepy in hindsight, but at the time, I felt it was no big deal. I never went out of my way to find them. If there was a dryer full of panties when I did my laundry, I took a pair. But it was never a thing where I was waiting for girls to do laundry so I could sneak in. I never even knew who any of them belonged to.

Time passed and I got promoted to a different position within student life that paid a little more and meant I no longer had to live in the dorms. That was great news. I could finally start living like a real adult. It also put an end to the panty thing.

About two years later, I was staying with a friend at his parents' lake house in South Carolina. Jonah and I had been friends in college and remained close after we graduated. This was my first time meeting his family though.

His dad, Lance, was head of surgery at a large hospital in Georgia, where Jonah grew up. He was a pleasant guy and it was clear that he was excited to be on a vacation away from his everyday stress.

Jonah’s mom, Janice, was also very nice. She was probably in her late fifties but still looked great thanks to a heavy yoga habit. She was constantly offering us snacks and refilling drinks like the great hostess she was.

The first night we arrived, we had a nice dinner and sat around talking and laughing while enjoying some cocktails. The travel had exhausted all of us so the four of us decided to head to bed early. I waited until everyone else had used the lake house’s only bathroom before coming back out of my room to brush my teeth and wash my face.

As I brushed, I looked around the bathroom, opening and closing cabinets, generally just seeing what was around in case I needed something, like a q-tip, later in the trip.

In one closet, I found a near empty laundry basket next to a stacked washer and dryer set. On top of the small pile of clothes was a sight I hadn’t seen in a while: lacy panties.

I felt my heart skip a beat and a sudden crisis of conscious. There was only one woman here so I knew exactly whose underwear they were. But old habits die hard. Still brushing my teeth, I reached down, grabbed them and stuffed them in my pocket. I finished brushing and went back to my room already feeling guilty.

I fished them out of my pocket and sat down on the bed. This was different than the dorm panties I jerked off with so often in the past. These were not clean. In fact, upon closer examination, I saw hints of dried juices. Without thinking, I raised them to my nose and inhaled deeply. The scent was musky and womanly. It was intoxicating and I immediately felt a stirring in my loins.

In somewhat of a trance, I checked to make sure the door was locked and leaned back on the bed with Janice’s panties still under my nose. Carefully, I stretched them over my head so that the crotch of the panties stayed in the perfect position for me to breath in her scent. I lowered my boxer briefs and grabbed my stiffening cock. Before long, I was rock hard. I closed my eyes and began fantasizing about eating the pussy that these were covering at some point today.

It didn’t take very long but I felt my balls tighten and I shot a load of cum all over my stomach and chest. I don’t know if it was pheromones or what but it was like I had tricked my mind into thinking I was actually fucking. It was one of the most intense orgasms of my life. I grabbed the t-shirt I had been wearing and wiped myself off. Moments later I fell asleep.

When I woke up the next morning, Janice’s panties were still under my nose and I panicked. I quickly scurried to the bathroom and put them back where I found them before heading down the hall to the kitchen for breakfast.


The next night, I checked the laundry basket again and found another pair of Janice’s panties. I repeated the previous night’s activities but was sure to replace them before I went to sleep. I felt guilty but it was unbelievably hot and I couldn’t help myself.

All day, my thoughts revolved around Janice and her panties. I started noticing her more as a sexual being, rather than my friend’s mother - her slim frame, short still-blonde hair, her firm ass - everything turned me on.

On the third night, I found another pair and snuck them back to my room. Just before I came, I absent-mindedly wrapped them around my seven inch shaft and sprayed cum all over the black bikini-style panties. Oh shit! What was I thinking?! I couldn’t just sneak these back into the laundry basket like I had with the others. She would find them crusted with my semen!

I decided that the only move for me to make would be to shove them into the bottom of my luggage and hope that she didn’t notice they were missing.

The next day was our last before we all left the following morning. Janice never said a word and we interacted normally all day long, despite my internal longing for her. We had a nice dinner and a few more drinks than the previous nights.

Janice and Lance said goodnight and headed to their room while Jonah and I finished our drinks. By the time I went to bed, I had a nice buzz going. I decided I had to get one last night of Janice’s panties before I left.

When I opened the closet, I noticed that the basket was empty. I was beyond disappointed. I checked the dryer and again, there was nothing. Disappointed, I brushed my teeth and got into bed. As I pulled the sheet down, a flash of black fabric caught my eye.

It could not have been what I thought it was... could it? I reached for the ball of fabric and picked it up. Sure enough, it was a black thong. I held it up to my nose to see if it had that familiar scent. Not only were they what I was hoping for but the scent was stronger than ever before and they were still damp.

My mind was racing. Had Janice known the whole time and left these here for me to find just minutes before? That was the only logical explanation! I was so turned on that my cock was already straining the fabric of my own underwear. I peeled off my boxers and wrapped the thong over my face.

My dick was already throbbing. I laid back and started slowly stroking myself. I wanted to make this last so I was in no hurry. Suddenly, a stream of light from the hallway appeared as my door opened by a fraction of an inch. As quickly as I could, I pulled the covers over myself and snatched the thong away from my face.

I pretended to be sleeping but I was all too aware that someone was outside my room. I opened one eye, hoping to god that Jonah had not caught me jacking off with his mom’s panties stretched over my face. What I saw shocked me.

Janice was quietly pushing the door open and entering the room. She was wearing a short black night gown that I was a little surprised she would wear in front of me.

“Matt?” She whispered.

“Um, hey, yeah, what’s up, Janice?” I said, trying to play it cool, like I was half asleep but we both knew I was bullshitting.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“Nothing... nothing... just about to fall asleep. Did you need something?” I replied.

“Yes, actually I do. Did you happen to find anything of mine in here? I think I may have left something earlier...”

My heart nearly stopped. Her tone indicated that it was no accident. She kept coming closer until she was right next to the bed.

“Oh here it is.” She said as she pulled the covers back a few inches and found the black thong laying next to me. “Matt... have you been stealing my panties and touching yourself this week?”

“I, um, no? I mean, yes,” I stammered. “Janice, I’m sorry. I can explain. Well, actually, I can’t explain.”

“Matthew, you’ve been a very bad boy!” She whispered, giggling. “Did you think I wouldn’t notice? I have to say though, I’m flattered.”

As she talked her hand began creeping under the blanket, towards my half-hard dick.

She continued, “you know, it’s nice to know that something like that can turn on a young man like you. Now why don’t you show me how you use these.”

With that, she pulled the covers away, revealing my dick laying against my leg. She took the panties and held them against my nose.

“Stroke your penis like you were when I interrupted you just now.” She commanded.

I was speechless. I reached down and began slowly stroking myself while maintaining eye contact with Janice.

“Mmm, that looks so nice. Would you like me to take over?” She asked.

I nodded my head, still stunned. Janice grabbed my cock and began stroking up and down, her pace increasing every few tugs.

“It’s so big! My husband has a little one and it’s the only one I’ve seen since we’ve been married. But this... this is magnificent.” She commented.

The words boosted my ego and made me even harder. Without warning, she leaned down and took me into her mouth. Her lips stretched around my dick and she worked it as deep as it would go, licking and sucking, while continuing to stroke the base. Her technique was a little uncoordinated. She was no professional but I didn’t have much to compare it to and it felt great.

After a few minutes, she stopped.

“I don’t want you to orgasm yet. How about you give me a taste?” She said, leaning back on the bed and spreading her legs slightly. She obviously did not put on a new pair of panties after removing the ones earlier tonight. I got my first glimpse at the source of the scent I had been enjoying all week. I couldn’t move fast enough. I jumped up and crawled towards her. When my face approached her cunt, I inhaled deeply. The smell drove me wild. I had plans of teasing - kissing and licking her inner thighs - before diving in. But I lost all my will power and pressed my mouth to her steaming pussy.

It was already soaked and I stuck my tongue as deep inside her vagina as I could - tasting the juices I had been smelling all week long. It was sweet and salty and everything I could have possible imagined.

“Oh my god!” She whispered. “That feels incredible!”

I decided to focus on her little nub at the top of her slit. I sucked, licked, and nibbled on her clit while she writhed on the bed. She was struggling to keep her moans down and I was starting to worry that someone would hear us. I kept at it because it seemed to be driving her wild.

“Holy fucking shit, I’m gonna...” She was still whispering but it was hardly quiet.

Janice grabbed my head and her body began convulsing as an orgasm ripped through her lithe, mature body. I knew not to stop now and slowed down my tongue to bring her down slowly.

She was breathing heavily and had a slight sheen of sweat on her forehead. Janice pulled my face up to her own and kissed me deeply. She kissed me hard and passionately. I knew she was tasting her own juices on my lips and the thought drove me wild.

Reaching between us, she grabbed ahold of my still rock hard dick and jerked it aggressively.

“Put it. In me. Now.” She said breathily in between kisses.

As she spoke, she lined up the head of my cock with her hungry pussy. As it grazed her lips, she groaned and thrust her hips upwards, causing the first inch to enter her. Another moan escaped her. I thrust forward and sunk half my shaft into her surprisingly tight cunt.

A few more thrusts and I was balls deep inside Janice. She was rolling her head side to side trying to remain silent but she was breathing loudly and whimpering. As my thrusting built, her hips began meeting me half way and soon our bodies were moving together in sync. I couldn’t exactly pound her so I was just giving her slow, deep strokes, slowly building our mutual pleasure.

“I want you to get on top and ride me.” I told her.

As soon as I spoke the words, she pushed me off of her and into my back. She swung her leg over my torso and realigned herself with my cock. Sinking down in one smooth motion, a louder moan than she intended escaped her lips. We sat still for a moment, waiting to see if anyone heard.

When we didn’t hear anything, she began gyrating in slow circles. My dick was massaging her the deepest parts of her. She reached over and grabbed the black thong that started all of this. She shoved it in my face and held it over my nose as she continued her gyrations.

Suddenly, it was sensory overload and I lost control. In an instant, my balls tightened and my dick swelled up even more before I unleashed a torrent of cum inside of her. My orgasm triggered Janice’s and she began shaking on top of me as I filled her with my hot semen.

As we both came down from our simultaneous orgasms, Janice leaned down and kissed me passionately. She raised herself off of me and my softening cock slid out of her. She then took the thong she was still holding and wiped some of my cum from between her legs.

“A little memento to remember this by...” She whispered.

Without another word, she climbed off the bed and left the room, leaving me there in a state of complete satisfaction and utter disbelief. I drifted off to sleep minutes later.

The next morning, I woke up wondering if had all been a dream but the dried juices on my morning wood told me that it had been reality. I was terrified to leave my room, worried about the awkwardness that might be waiting in the kitchen. I packed my bags and eventually made my way out for breakfast.

“Hey Matt, how did you sleep?” Janice greeted me, sitting at the table drinking coffee with her husband and Jonah.

I grabbed a cup of coffee and some toast and sat down to join them, feeling a little weird. As I sat down, Janice knocked her fork off the table.

“Oh, darnit. Matt will you be a dear and grab that for me? It’s a little closer to you.” Janice asked me, sweetly.

I leaned down and as I did, Janice spread her legs subtly, revealing that little black thong with our combined juices dried all over the crotch. I grabbed the fork and handed it back to her.

“Thank you, dear. You’re the best!”

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