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Mrs. Parker's Massage, Part I

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Mrs. Parker allows a former student to practice massage on her. Was she in for a surprise!

Being the good girl that she always was, Margaret undressed as she was instructed, carefully folding her clothes and placing them on the chair.  She took the large bath towel and nervously wrapped herself in it and laid down on the massage table.

Matthew gently knocked on the door and sweetly asked,  “Are you ready, Mrs. Parker?”

“Yes, Matthew, I’m all set,” Margaret answered tenuously.

Margaret never had a massage before.  But wanting to help her stepson’s friend, Matthew, she agreed.  She had known Matthew since he was six years old. Now, as a twenty-four year old massage student, she was unusually nervous meeting him in this new relationship.  Margaret couldn’t understand her nervousness.  Matthew was a long time family friend, having even given him baths when he slept over with Stephen, her stepson.  But that was a long time ago.

Margaret was laying face down on the massage table with her head turned towards the door.  Her arms lay at her side with open palms facing up.  Matthew walked in and she could see that he was only wearing the baggy, silky pants that he bought in Thailand with a black and white elephant print design.  Matthew had completed his massage coursework and now had to complete one hundred hours of practice massage before becoming licensed.

“I really appreciate you letting me practice my massage on you, Mrs. Parker,” Matthew said.  “I give Stephen a lot of massages to develop my techniques, but there are some that I cannot practice on him since he’s a guy.”

Not appreciating the full implication of his statement, Margaret just smiled and naively said, “That’s fine Matthew.  I’m happy to help any time.”

Matthew pulled the towel out from under Margaret’s body and folded it down to her ass revealing her back.  He stood at her head and ran his strong hands from her shoulders down her back and ending at the top of her ass.  His tall swimmer’s body gave him the advantage of being able to reach down Margaret’s body.  She finally started to relax and breathe deeply.  Margaret carried the stress of years of teaching in her shoulders, and the more time he spent on her back and shoulders the more relaxed she became.

After ten minutes of shoulder and back work, he moved to her side.  Matthew made long, flowing stretches from her back down to the side of her leg.  Margaret breathed deeply and gradually opened her eyes.

She casually turned her head to the right and thought she was in a dream.  Margaret was looking at Matthew’s pants and saw that the fly did not have a snap or button to keep it closed.  With each long stretch that Matthew made, his fly opened up revealing the fact that he wasn’t wearing any underwear.  With each long stretch, Margaret was face to face with his soft five inches of uncircumcised penis.

This of course wasn’t the first time Margaret saw Matthew’s penis.   Margaret had been assigned to monitoring the hallway at school just outside the senior boys’ locker room.  Because of the age of the building and the nonsense that boys sometimes cause, the door to the locker room was permanently open.  Her post was right outside the door, and if she looked in she could see the senior boys going back and forth between the lockers and the showers.

It wasn’t uncommon for her stepson, Stephen, and Matthew to be walking from the showers nude and yelling out to her. 

“Hi Mom,” Stephen would yell out.  He wasn’t shy at all around his stepmother and ran naked at home regularly.

“Hey, Mrs. Parker,” Matthew shouted and waved.  He always seemed to pause for a minute in full view giving Margaret and anyone else in the hallway a little treat.  The two boys were always together.

Still, seeing the naked Matthew twenty-five feet away in the locker room with a quick look wasn’t the same as now.  His penis is inches from her face and hanging there for her to admire.

“Matthew, you aren’t shaving your pubic hair any more?” she just blurted out wanting to take the words back just as quickly as they left her mouth.

Matthew stepped back, pulled his pants back to look down which made his cock fall out of the opening, and said matter of factly, “No, since I’m not swimming anymore I let it grow.”  He smiled at her.

Margaret smiled back.  “It looks nice.”

Matthew had stayed over at Margaret’s house many times over the years with Stephen.  She used to give the boys baths together.  However, this was not the same penis that she saw when he was four years old.  This was the penis of a full-grown man.  Large.  Strong.  Powerful.  Growing.  Exposed. 

Matthew pulled his penis back inside the pants and continued with the massage and checking in with Margaret every so often.

“Is everything OK, Mrs. Parker?” Matthew asked.

“Mmmm yes.  I’m very relaxed.  You have wonderful hands Matthew,” Margaret said.

Working from her side, Matthew reached under the towel and ran his long hands across her ass.  Margaret was startled and jumped.

“Just relax, Mrs. Parker.  Breathe deeply,” Matthew whispered into her ear.

Margaret closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment.  Matthew, her stepson’s childhood friend, had both of his hands working her ass under a towel.  She naturally parted her legs a bit as she relaxed.

Without asking, Matthew pulled the towel down over her thighs exposing her ass.  He moved to her other side and massaged her ass pulling each cheek apart.  She felt the air run across her asshole.  This was a new feeling for Margaret.  Even her husband never did this.  Matthew’s fingers grazed her hole teasing the sensitive nerves that had never been touched before this way.  Margaret sighed deeply and gave in to the pleasure.

“Are you enjoying the massage, Mrs. Parker?  Everything OK?” he asked, trying to get a read on how far he could go.  Matthew was training for erotic massage, which he failed to fully disclose to Margaret.

Matthew came back to her head and ran his hands all the way from her neck down her back and extending across her ass and pinching just below her ass and back up.  Margaret could feel his hairy chest as he stretched the length of her body.  After doing this for two minutes, he pulled her ass cheeks apart and ran his fingers across her hole again.

Margaret was in heaven.  No man ever treated her this way before, and today a beautiful twenty-four year old man was taking her to a place she never knew.

Margaret sensed Matthew moving to her side again.  She opened her eyes to find that working on her ass had as much of an effect on Matthew as it did for her.  Matthew’s cock had grown and kept snaking out of his pants with each long stretch.  He wasn’t fully erect, but had developed a sense of firmness and fullness. 

Margaret looked up at Matthew.   Again he smiled.  She smiled back. 

Matthew moved to her side to do more work on her ass.   He folded the towel lengthwise exposing her right side from head to toe.  He continued the massage and she felt the silky pants brush her hand.  As he leaned in to reach, she could feel his strong thighs pressing against her hands.  As he made rapid repetitive motions up and down the length of her body, she felt something different.  She felt the silky pants punctuated with flesh and hair.  She realized that she was brushing against the opening in Matthew’s pants and grazing his penis and pubic hair. 

Matthew slowed the stretches down as he focused again on her ass.  Margaret gasped as she felt Matthew’s swollen cock finally land squarely in her open palm.  She didn’t know if it was an accident and should be ignored, or if he deliberately placed it there for her to grab.

It had to be an accident.  There is no way that this twenty-four year old friend of her stepson intentionally placed his semi-erect penis in her hand.  It just had to be an accident.

Matthew removed all doubt when he took her hand and closed it around his cock.  She didn’t need another sign.  She closed her hand tight, as closed as was possible since he was so big that her hand barely closed all the way.  She tightened her grip, then loosened up, and then just played with it feeling the precum leaking from his penis.

Matthew removed the towel and continued the ass work.   Becoming bolder, he reached further below her ass.  Margaret opened her legs more.   He reached down, running his fingers along the sides of her labia without inserting his fingers into her.  She moaned deeply as she was masturbating Matthew and he was caressing her in a way she never imagined a twenty-four year old man could.  He was a master at his art, and she was swept away to another place.

Margaret’s eyes opened up when she felt Matthew gently slide his finger inside of her.  She quickly turned her head up to look at Matthew.  This time, though, he didn’t say anything.  He smiled at her and continued pushing inside her clit rubbing ever so gently. 

“Matthew…” she tried to say.

“Shhhh, Mrs. Parker, just breathe deeply,” Matthew told her.

She sighed and collapsed on the table and gave in to her massage therapist’s directive.  The only sound in the room was coming from her wet pussy and Matthew’s finger swirling around inside of her.

Margaret tugged harder on Matthew’s penis, which was now far larger than any cock that she had ever held in her hand and certainly bigger than her husband’s cock. 

Margaret felt Matthew pull his finger out of her pussy and he backed away forcing her to release his penis.  He whispered in her ear, “It’s time to turn over, Mrs. Parker.”

She struggled to lift herself up and onto her back.  Her right hand was sticky with precum, which as a gift for Matthew she licked her fingers clean.   He smiled and said, “Is that tasty?”

She replied, “Delicious.  It tastes just like I imagined you would when I watched you in the locker room.”

Margaret suddenly felt exposed, naked, and vulnerable lying in front of Matthew in this state.  She was embarrassed that she revealed her secret lusting for Matthew when she saw him nude at school.  She blushed for the first time in years.

“Don’t be embarrassed, Mrs. Parker.  Maybe this will make you feel more comfortable if I take these off.  Nothing you haven’t seen before,” he calmly said.

With that comment, Matthew stepped back for Margaret to watch him remove his silk pants revealing the handsome nude young man that she had seen so many times before. 

“I feel better now,” Matthew said as he flashed his winning smile.

Margaret breathed deeply and rested her head on the pillow. 

“Let’s continue, shall we?” Matthew asked.

“OK, Matthew, I’m in your good hands,” she said.

Matthew started at the head of the table and immediately placed his hands on her breasts.  Margaret breathed deeply and let Matthew do his work.

He gently squeezed her breasts and rubbed them slowly and sensuously.   Matthew came to her side and gently licked her left nipple.  She breathed deeply.  He pinched her and she jumped.  He went back to licking her nipple and she relaxed. 

Matthew moved to her other side and repeated the motion sending her into a daze.  She couldn’t move as Matthew was stimulating her in a way that no one has done in years.

He returned to the head of the table and leaned over her head stretching down to her pubic hair and squeezing her breasts as his hands came back up.  She smelled his light scent coming from his outstretched armpits.  She felt his penis on her forehead with each sweeping motion.  Occasionally it flopped to either side of her face.  Margaret imagined taking his entire cock in her mouth, but she resisted for the moment. 

Matthew moved to her left side again, and with her head propped up on a pillow she could she his nude torso.  She reached out behind Matthew and felt the strong ass that was the result of years of competitive swimming.  She caressed it in a motherly way.  Margaret then moved her hand from his ass and grabbed his soft penis, running her hands through his pubic hair and playing with his foreskin.  He continued to massage her stomach and breasts as she played with his manhood.

But then she couldn’t take it any longer.  She grabbed his cock and started stroking it intensely making him return to his full eight inches.  She pulled him towards her and she leaned up to take him in her mouth.

Margaret took charge for the first time today.  She played with the head of his cock, licking and kissing it furiously.   Finally she shoved it into her mouth devouring it and swirling her tongue along the length of his shaft.  She sucked and released, sucked and released.  He stopped massaging her and began to fuck her mouth.

He couldn’t hold it any longer and started to cum in her mouth.  Margaret started to gag being on her back.  Matthew pulled his cock out of her mouth and sprayed her nude body with his endless stream of cum.  Matthew’s hot sticky cum covered Margaret’s face as well as her tits and pubes.  Matthew collapsed on top of her with their naked bodies smearing cum between them.  They kissed deeply and Matthew had his first taste of his own cum.

They lay still except for their heaving chests still trying to catch their breath.  They kissed again and held each other. 

“Oh my God, Matthew, that was wonderful.  Thank you so much, honey,” she whispered.  Matthew replied with one more gentle kiss and a smile.


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