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The Ballad of Suzi and Linni. Verse 1.

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Suzi meets Linni for the first time and takes her home.

Oh. Em. Gee. I have to tell you about this amazing girl I met a few weeks back. I’m so excited I have to share it with someone. Okay, once I calm down I’ll make a start …


There’s a pub near me that every Thursday night the back room gets taken over by women. I’m not telling you where as we try to keep it fairly quiet and I’m sure you’ve all got your own special places to go. Anyway, it’s just a village pub but it has a nice back room where we can be ourselves and chill out and have fun and a laugh. I admit now up front I’m a lesbian and so are some of the other regulars but not all of them by any means. There’s a few out and proud Bi’s and sometimes a couple of curious housewives. There’s also the occasional straight girl, usually dragged there by some mates after work who come in looking like rabbits in the headlights, but they soon find we’re not that scary. Mostly because we aren’t. We’re not just a bunch of butch lezzers as the locals so sweetly describe us.

It’s not a pick-up place but that’s not to say that sort of thing doesn’t happen. I’ve managed to go home with a girl a couple of times in the past. Shit! … I swore to tell the truth when I wrote this … Okay, when I say a couple of times what I mean is about six or seven, but I haven’t kept count. I don’t carve notches on my bedpost, I’m not that sort of girl!

How the whole thing started I’m not sure. I wasn’t around, and I’ve only heard the legend. It began apparently when one girl brought a few friends for a girl’s night out. They were fed up with the frosty receptions they’d got everywhere else and had ended up here where the landlady seemed not to mind at all. As the weeks went by and word spread more and more women started to turn up. The landlady was even good enough to start putting a ‘Reserved’ notice on the door on Thursdays. A mate of mine had found out and had gone and she then dragged me along. I’ve been coming here on and off ever since.

This was the first time I’d been back since I’d met the girl and I went to the bar to get a drink. As I waited I stood closer to the gang at the table and was bombarded with questions.

“Where have you been, Suzi?”

“What have you been up to?”

“Are you with anyone?”

This last question caused one of the girls to comment, “Yeah, last time you were here you went off with that little librarian.”

Oh fuck! I was hoping they wouldn’t remember. I turned red as a beetroot. My wine had arrived, and I took a large swig. Luckily, just at that moment three other faces appeared round the door which distracted them. I’m sure we’ve all been in situations where we’ve chatted someone up, gone back to theirs or yours, fucked them and then regretted it immediately. It doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female or whichever they are, most of us have done it. It’s not anything to be proud of but we’ve all done it. The difference with this particular girl was that the regret was different. I regretted not having stuck around after, not getting her phone number and not remembering her address. Yeah, it was that sort of drunken night! I only even vaguely remember her name, Linda or Lindi or something like that but ever since then I couldn’t get her out of my head.

But back to that fateful Thursday a few weeks back. I’d popped in after college mostly to grab something to eat before heading home. They do a really good burger and chips by the way. I hadn’t been in for over a month and I wasn’t even sure it was still happening. I stuck my head round the door for a quick look and recognised a few of the old crowd so I went in. When people heard the door squeak open they turned to see who it was, and it felt so nice that most of them broke into warm smiles for me. There was a chorus of, “Hey Suzi, how ya been?” and I felt instantly welcomed. As I stood at the small bar at the end of the room and ordered a drink and something to eat I turned and looked round the room.

Apart from the usual gang there were another four women sat at a side table. One of them was a regular and was a confirmed lez. In fact, she and I had hooked up one night several weeks before and that was one of those ‘regret it after’ hook-ups. We had a great fuck but about everything else we clashed but she was still always friendly when I saw her on a Thursday night. She was with three friends, one of whom was this dowdy looking girl who seemed very out of place. I wanted to see if I’d changed my mind about the one I’d gone off with, but it soon came clear that I hadn’t. So, I started chatting to the others, including this scared looking girl, Linda or Lindi and after a couple of glasses of wine she began to loosen up and she turned out to be easy to chat with.

Okay, call me an evil scheming bitch if you must but I was having fun and to be honest I quite fancied her in an odd sort of way. My burger arrived, and I said I was taking it to another table and why didn’t she join me, so we could carry on chatting which we did. Her three friends gave us both some odd looks which she didn’t notice. I just poked my tongue out at them and grinned. They grinned back at me, so it was all cool, none of them laid any claim to her it seemed.

So, what was so fascinating about her? For a start she was pretty rather than stunningly beautiful. She wore little or no make-up which I found to be quite charming. She had longish dark blonde hair and a nice face and really lovely green eyes. It appeared that she had come straight from work as she was wearing the almost standard white blouse and black skirt. The blouse was done up to her neck and I could make out very little about her figure. I would bet any money you liked that it was tights and not stockings on her legs. She had sensible flat shoes on. I know I’m not painting a very glamorous picture, but it was what I saw. Fuck knows why I felt attracted to her, but I did. Once I’d eaten my burger, and she’d stolen most of my chips, we had even more wine.

Finally, she announced that she had to go for a wee and stood up and almost fell sideways. I leapt up and grabbed her to hold her steady. I started to lead her out of the room to the ladies, making sure she didn’t fall. As we left, her friends laughed and made snide comments, but I just stuck a finger up at them and smiled. I was doing my ‘rescue the damsel in distress’ act. She managed to stumble into a stall and shut the door on me. I leaned against the wall and listened to the sound of her peeing. At least she wasn’t throwing up everywhere. When she came out she staggered to the hand basin. She had to grip it tightly to stay upright.

“I’m sorry, I think I’ve had too much wine,” she managed to mumble through her hair. “I think I should get home.” The poor girl was almost in tears and I put a hand on her arm.

“I agree but not on your own. You’re in no state to be wandering the streets. Where’s home.”

“I’m sleeping over at Shona’s. It’s not far I think.”

She was still swaying back and forth slightly and looking a little befuddled. I led her back into the main room and sat her in the first chair I found and then went over to the friends she had arrived with. I asked which one of them was Shona and a dark-haired woman in glasses identified herself. They’d seen me help Linda or Lindi in and wondered what the problem was.

“She wants to go home but she’s in no state to go on her own. She says she’s staying at yours?”

“Yeah, so she wouldn’t spoil the evening by leaving early,” she replied resentfully.

“I’m happy to walk her home if you tell me the address,” I told her, “but do you have a spare key? You can trust me, Rach will vouch for me.” The girl who I’d got off with previously smiled and nodded.

“I gave her a key before we came out… hang on,” and she reached down and picked up a small brown bag from the floor, opened it and rummaged inside. Triumphantly she held up a single key on a ring attached to a fluffy pink ball. She dropped it back in the bag, closed it and handed it to me. She told me her address, which was not far away.

“Look after her,” she cautioned me, “and get her home safe.”

There was a sudden genuine feeling of tenderness and care in her voice. I smiled reassuringly and went over to the forlorn figure by the door. With my arm round her waist we managed to get through the front of the pub and out the door. In the end it should have been only a five-minute walk. I say should have been as half way there Lindi (I was now convinced that that was what she’d said) pulled herself away from me and flung her head over a garden gate and threw up over the front path. I was torn between ministering to her by holding her hair out of the way and scanning up and down the road as well as the front of the houses in case anyone was watching us. Luckily no curtains twitched, and no late-night dog-walkers came out of the shadows.

As soon as she’d finished I dragged her further down the road before I fished through her bag by the light of a street lamp and managed to find a small packet of tissues. Some sad respectable middle-class couple were going to have a nasty surprise in the morning.

Her explosive outburst had not only got rid of what red wine remained but also wasted all the chips she had stolen off me. Poetic justice I thought. It also had the effect of sobering her up a little and she relied on me less as we walked back the rest of the way home. I kept my arm round her waist partly to be on the safe side but also because I was enjoying walking the darkened streets closely linked with another girl.

A few minutes later we arrived at the address I had been given. I left her standing by the gate while I made my way up the couple of steps. As the hall light had been left on I could easily find the tasteless girly fluffy pink key fob. I unlocked the door and pushed it wide and waved down to Lindi.

“C’mon let’s get you inside and into bed.”

She managed to negotiate the steps and squeezed past me into the hallway. I followed her and closed the door and then was just quick enough to catch her as she started to slide down the wall.

“Oh, no not here. You can’t sleep here. Do you know where you were going to sleep?”

“Upstairs,” she mumbled in a voice so low I only just managed to hear her.

Handling her none too gently I made her climb the stairs. Her legs seemed to have gone wobbly again, but we made it. When we got to the top she gravitated to one of the doors and I pushed it open. It certainly seemed to be a guest room as apart from some rudimentary furniture and a few knick-knacks it was empty of any personality. It was also dominated by a queen-sized bed that was already made up onto which had been tossed an overnight bag, presumably hers. I helped her in and almost threw her onto the bed. I took off her flat sensible shoes and then stopped. Should I go further? In the end I decided that she was too far gone for any fun and games and I’d done my good Samaritan bit for one night. I could leave her there and go back to the pub. I made sure she was snuggly covered over with the duvet and turned to leave when she said something in a plaintive voice that was too soft for me to decipher. I assumed that she was trying to say sorry, so I turned back and smiled down at her.

“It's okay,” I told her, “it’s been no trouble.”

As I turned to leave once more there came the same pleading voice. This time I heard it more clearly but wasn’t really sure. I turned back to face her and moved a couple of steps closer.

“Say again.”

This time it was unmistakeable. “I need a cuddle.”

“A cuddle?” I answered gormlessly.

“Yes. Will you?”

The top of her head and those beautiful green eyes were peeking over the top of the duvet which she suddenly pulled aside leaving an inviting open space next to her. My mind was in a whirl. I had been struggling with a moral dilemma since we left the pub. Was it right to take advantage of her drunken state? Seconds ago, I had made up my mind against it and now here she was inviting me into her bed.

“I just need a hug,” she said in a voice that twanged at my heartstrings like a harp.

This was too good an opportunity to miss so I sat on the side of the bed and took off my heels. I swung myself in beside her and pulled the duvet over both of us. I held out my arms and she came into them. The door was open and the dim light from the landing gave enough to see the look of peace on her face before she buried herself in my hair. We lay on our sides with our arms around each other for what seemed like an age. She pulled her head back from where it had been nestled and looked at me.

“Will you…? I mean can you…?” and her voice faded away like the end of a musical track and her eyes closed with embarrassment.

“C’mon sweetie, just ask me.”

After a pause her eyes opened again as she summoned up a new-found bravery.

“Will you… stay with me for a while?”

“I’ll happily stay all night if you want me to,” I replied, trying to play down the note of glee.

And the pressure of her arms increased as she tried to hug me to death. I responded in kind but with slightly less force. Having Shona come home and finding me lying next to her dead mate would not go down well. In for a penny in for a pound I thought and decided to go bold.

“If I’m gonna stay all night I have to get out of these manky street clothes,” I suddenly announced to her.

Without waiting for her to comment I swung my legs back off the bed and sat up. I stripped off my t-shirt and dropped it on the floor. I lay back sideways, and my head came to rest on her tummy as I unzipped my jeans and wiggled out of them. I was still more or less covered in my bra and pants although they were my sexiest set. I’d gone out, after all, with the intention of maybe picking someone up although I hadn’t planned on a shy librarian. Okay, I knew she wasn’t, but I still thought of her as one.

Once stripped down I switched on a small light on the cabinet next to the bed and then stood up and padded across to the door to close it. I could feel her eyes on me as I walked across the room. And why not? I kept myself trim and I knew my panties showed off my bum nicely. I looked after myself and had nothing to be ashamed of. Okay, I was slightly small in the boob department but what I had was trim and pert. Something which I’m sure she noticed as I walked back to the bed and climbed in. I reached out and gently stroked her arm and asked if she was okay and she nodded shyly.

“Should I…”

Instinctively I knew what she meant. She was now the one with too many clothes under the duvet.

“Sweetie it’s up to you, whatever you feel comfortable with.” I wasn’t going to force the issue, but there was one other thing that needed dealing with first. “But before that… it’s a bit delicate, sweetie, but could you maybe make a trip to the bathroom and brush your teeth. I can still detect half eaten chips.”

I think we both blushed, but it had to be said, right? I wasn’t being horrible, but I wanted more and more to kiss this girl and it was just getting in the way. With an “oh em gee sorry,” she scrambled from the bed on her side and made a run for the door. I lay back with my hands behind my head and listened to the sounds coming from the bathroom. First there was a familiar tinkling sound as she used the toilet, followed by the splashing of water and lots of scrubbing and spitting and gargling. It was all wonderfully entertaining.

Eventually she reappeared at the door looking very sheepish and slowly came over and climbed back into her side of the bed. She didn’t snuggle back down as I’d expected but sat upright in the bed. She had a new air of decisiveness. She glanced at me before she slowly unbuttoned her blouse. She stripped it off and dropped it on the floor next to the bed. Her bra had originally been white but had turned a drab pale grey with too many washes. I didn’t know yet but expected to find out soon that she wore matching panties.

I stayed where I was, lying back on the pillow with my arms behind my head and only covered from the waist down, not even making a pretence about not watching her as she scooted down the bed and covered herself. There was then a lot of scrabbling about under the covers before first her skirt and then a pair of tights emerged. Finally, she got herself comfortable and relaxed. I smiled down at her and then joined her under the warm duvet.

“Another cuddle?” I asked to get us started.

Nervously she slid across and put her arms round me. She was hesitant when she found so much naked skin for her to hold onto. I encouraged her by putting my arms around her, one behind her neck and the other dangerously low on the small of her back. When I felt her tension ease I started to slide my hand up and down her back, confining my caresses to the area between the back strap of her bra and the waistline of her panties. I didn’t want her to refuse at the first hurdle.

She moved slightly, snuggling into me even more. With my other hand I pulled her head towards me and kissed her, quite firmly, on the forehead. She jumped slightly and tilted her head back, so I grabbed the chance and kissed her on the lips. Mmmm she tasted of minty freshness. More to the point she didn’t try and pull away, so I kept my lips on hers as my hand continued to explore her back. For her part she had both hands at my waist, one trapped underneath me and immovable while the other was free to roam. As the kiss continued it started to explore but seemed careful not to stray too far.

This obviously wasn’t her first ever kiss as, when I pushed my tongue out and traced the outline of her lips, they opened and let me slide inside. Pretty soon she was giving as good as she got, and our tongues were locked in a battle for territory. Meanwhile my hand had strayed a little further and I was now cupping her arse cheeks and pulling her into me.

I broke off from our mouth to mouth skirmishes and began to spread my kisses further afield. All the usual places, the tip of her nose, along the line of her chin, her closed eyes. Then onto her neck and her ears which received a special tongue and nibble treatment before I returned to her lips. My hand had briefly swept along her outer thigh before coming back to rest on the side of her waist. I broke off our kiss and then started my hand on its slow journey. I wanted her to experience this moment without distraction.

With deliberate slowness it continued to move, up and up, higher and higher. We both knew where it was headed, and she surely knew that she could stop it at any time. She only had to say the word, but she remained still and silent. Up and along her ribcage until I found the lower hem of her bra. Without pause I carried on, delighting in the curvature beneath my fingers. Slowly my fingers splayed out to cover her breast. I could even feel her fast heartbeat. I was loving the tension of the moment and I let my hand linger for an age before I slowly brought my fingers together until I felt her nipple clamped between two of them. I relaxed them and then squeezed again. Even under the fabric of her cheap bra I could tell it was already stiff.

As I continued to squeeze and release I renewed our kiss. She was ever more eager, so I guessed it was time for stage two. My hand reluctantly left the soft comfort of her breast and went up to her shoulder and slipped the thin strap over and then down her arm before I moved on. The clasp at her back was as old and worn as her bra and came apart almost as soon as I touched it. I tugged her bra aside and had my first feel of her naked breast. I ‘accidentally’ shifted the duvet out of the way and had my first sight of it. She was never going to win any ‘busty woman’ contest but what little she had was delightfully pretty. It was soft under my exploring fingers apart from that rock-hard nipple at its centre. I’d broken off our kiss to get a good view and now I couldn’t stop myself as I lowered my head and took it into my mouth. Above me I heard a gasp of surprise and then a moan of pleasure.

I exposed the other, as yet untouched, breast and attacked that with my mouth and tongue. She was doing a lot more moaning now, so I sucked even harder and used first my tongue and then my teeth on her hard nipple. I reached down to where her hand lay on my waist and led it up and placed it on my breast. At first it just lay there but as I continued to kiss her boobs one after the other she started to make nervous movements as she explored mine.

Sneakily I reached behind myself and undid my bra and, in doing so, shifted more of the duvet out of the way so that we were now both exposed to the waist. I pulled at my bra and she let it slide under her hand leaving her holding my boob. She began to be braver as she felt it. I lifted my head and looked at her. Her eyes were half closed, and she appeared to be in some other place. With my hand on the back of her head I exerted a little pressure and her head moved downward. It took little persuasion for her to begin to move. I waited and then that wonderful moment when I felt her first attempts at a kiss on my nipple. I let her take her time before I shifted slightly to let her have a turn with the other one. I moaned and groaned as a way to encourage her and soon she was attacking them almost ferociously.

Make hay while the sun shines I thought and I let my hand drift across her soft warm belly, taking the duvet lower as I did so. I found the waistband of her panties and traced its line from one hip to the other before I started to drift under it. She was still distracted by my boobs and made no move to stop me, so I delved lower. I felt the wiry tangle of a small patch of pubes and then the delight of her pussy. It was already wet, and my finger slid easily between her lips. She encouraged me by shifting slightly and spreading her legs. I found her clit and started to rub it slowly and gently. She knew it was coming and reacted by suckling me even harder. When she came up for a breath of air I quickly kissed her again. When I pulled away I whispered to her.

“I want to take them off.”

She looked me in the eye. Instead of trusting herself to speak she simply nodded and gave a half-smile. With that permission I knelt up and placed myself between her legs throwing the duvet onto the floor in the process. With both hands I took hold of the waist of her panties and started to pull. She willingly helped by lifting her arse off the bed and then lifting her legs high in the air so I could pull her underwear completely off. With a dramatic gesture I flung them over my shoulder.

I looked down and smiled at what was one of the prettiest pussies I’d ever seen. She had a small thin landing strip but the rest of her was neatly laid bare. Her lips were neat but shimmered with moisture and her clit already showed prominently, probably from my touching it. I put a hand under each knee and lifted them up. As I began to slide my hands up her inner thighs her knees fell sideways exposing herself ever more invitingly. My hands slid up her thighs and my thumbs met at her pussy. I breathed in the heavenly musty scent of her arousal as my thumbs slipped up and down her soft wet lips.

Gently I pulled them apart showing off that inner pinkness that I so loved and giving me a glimpse of her entrance. I could wait no longer so I bent down and gave her pussy its first ever contact with a woman’s tongue. I flickered around her clit for several moments before sliding down and probing inside her. She had both hands on the back of my head, her fingers tangled in my hair. I could sense the tension already beginning as her legs squeezed at my head. I sensed that it wasn’t the tension of impending rejection but that of rising arousal.

I continued to probe going as deep as my tongue would allow before switching to her clit once more. With one hand I pushed two fingers slowly inside her and her tension increased. She was ready to cum almost immediately and I loved her for it. All her nervousness and doubt had gone, and she was now lost in this moment. As my fingers pushed deeper and then started pumping in and out she gave a little cry and her fingers tightened in my hair quite painfully. I retaliated by giving her clit a little nip with my teeth and then she was gone completely. She thrashed around quite violently making strange guttural noises. More of her juices oozed from her pussy. She wasn’t a squirter, but she was very generous with her essence.

Slowly she quietened down and began to relax. I let my fingers slip out of her and took my mouth from her clit. As I looked up at her, with her eyes closed and her little boobs rising with each deep breath, I realised I had a problem. I could make her cum again, there was no doubt she seemed easy to arouse, but would the second be anywhere near as good as the first? I doubted it. I wanted to leave her with happy memories.

Softly I called her name and got no response. The combination of drinks and orgasms is a heady brew and she’d responded by falling asleep on me. I lay there with my chin resting on her little patch of pubic hair and kept looking at her distant face. I called her name again with the same effect. With infinite slowness I eased myself off the bed and carefully covered her with the duvet then looked around for my clothes. My bra was nowhere to be found but I gathered the rest of my stuff and headed for the door. I turned around for one last look. She hadn’t moved and the smile was still on her sleeping face. I silently wished her sweet dreams and happy memories for the morning and went to the bathroom.

I put on what clothes I had found and checked myself in the mirror. Two of my fingers were still sticky and I licked them clean, re-living the glory of her taste and smell. I desperately wanted to cum but that was something I could sort out when I got home.

As I left the bathroom I heard the sound of the front door opening. I froze on the top landing before a figure came into the light. I’d forgotten this was Shona’s house. I started to come down the stairs just as she reached the bottom and looked up.

“Fuck, Suzi, you made me jump.”

“Sorry, I was just leaving.”

“Not stopping all night?”

“Naaa. She’s fallen asleep. Too much wine I think.”

“Or too much sex?”

“Okay maybe a little of that as well. She’ll be fine.”

“Well if you have to go…”

“I’ll see you soon.”

I slipped past her and headed for the front door. Without looking back, I walked out and closed it behind me.

That was then and this is now. I’d ordered a drink and now turned as I waited for it and immediately froze. When I’d come in I’d only noticed the large gang sat around the main table. Now I noticed a trio sat at a small table in the corner. I immediately recognised Shona and Rach but then the butterflies filled my tummy. The girl sat with her back to me was Lindi. The moment I’d been both hoping for and dreading had arrived. I paid for my drink and picked it up. I knew I had to say something, but I had no idea how to begin. I only knew, as I walked towards their table, that I had a lot of explaining to do.



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