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Opposites Attract

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Nicola surrenders

It had been three weeks since the apartment opposite mine became vacant. The previous tenant, a middle-aged single man, had left on short notice.

Curious as I was about who might become my new neighbour I had kept half an eye on the place during my off days, but those tended to be few and far between and when I’m working my days are long.

Tuesday evening I got home from work, mid-evening and nipped in off the street pausing only for the automated gates on the garage to open before slipping my Mini Clubman into my allocated space.

The neighbouring space that had previously been home to a gleaming grey Porsche 911 was now occupied by a grubby VW Beetle convertible.

I checked the windscreen for a resident’s permit. To my surprise, a distinctive green disc was in place alongside the rear-view mirror.

Grabbing my laptop and purse, I took the stairs to the ground floor reception where each apartment has a mailbox. As I stood checking my box, I caught sight of my reflection in the mirrored wall opposite. 172cm tall, slim and toned with straight shoulder-length hair I looked good. My suit fits like a dream, my slim tapered legs showing nice tan ankles above Louboutin heels made me very sexy.


It took me twenty minutes to shower and slip into my sweats. Then as I was pulling together an avocado and green leaf salad, there was a knock at my door.

It had to be another resident as all visitors would be announced by the concierge before being allowed past the reception.

“Hello, I thought I should come and introduce myself. I’m Marlene, Marlene Van den Broeck but most people just call me Marley.”

“Hello, I’m Nicola, Nicola James,” I replied surveying the woman before me

A mane of curly black hair topped a not unpleasant face but oh my god what was that she was wearing?

A short sleeve knit top over a black and green tartan skirt, black tights and platform DR Marten boots.

I’m was standing there wondering how on earth this woman could afford to live in our complex when I realise that she was speaking again.


“Sorry, I tend to speak too fast, I was saying that I have left a few collapsed boxes outside my door, but they will be gone first thing tomorrow.”

I mustered a smile and with good grace agreed that it would be fine for the one night and wished her good luck in her new apartment before closing the door.

Firing off a quick text to my friend Tabetha who had a top floor apartment to see if she knew anything about the new resident and that I had reservations about her suitability for our building I sat down with my salad and a glass of chilled Chablis.

Just as I was slipping into bed, my phone pinged with a response

Hi Nicola, all I’ve heard is that she works for

a radio station and she’s moved from Brussels,

must have a spa day soon




Another week passed and I saw nothing of Marley although there were signs of decorators working in her apartment.

Tabetha and I had a weekend at a Champneys spa deep in the Hampshire countryside which is always good for the soul and on arriving back found we had invites to Marley’s for the following Friday evening.

It was described as a chance to get to know each other over a glass of wine and nibbles


Friday came and I made my way across the corridor to Marley’s apartment. It was a warm early summers evening, and I had opted for a rather short pastel green Lacoste polo dress and wedge heels, cool and comfortable. I had gathered my hair into a loose bunch to keep it off my neck in the heat.

Marley answered her door and waved me inside. I had been curious about how she would dress for the evening, and I wasn’t disappointed. A figure-hugging red leather waistcoat cut low over her full breasts that allowed a flash of taut midriff above a short black leather skirt, bare legs and then open toed black leather ankle boots, all straps and silver buckles.

I must admit that she carried the look off with panache and the leather looked incredibly soft and supple it must have cost a fortune.

I accepted a gin and tonic and mingled with my fellow residents.

The apartment was freshly painted in pale neutral tones and it looked clean and fresh. Discreet spotlights highlighted large abstract prints around the room.

I was listening to Delia from the ground floor who was listing the many shortcomings of our cleaning company and to be honest letting my mind drift when I realised just what I was looking at.

The large greyscale picture that I had been staring at was not a hill or a mountainside but an extreme close up of a single breast complete with a large nubby nipple with a ring through it.

Quickly I looked to the opposite wall and now being wise to the style recognized a pair of large swollen labia.

“Not immediately obvious are they?” Marley was beside me grinning.

“I can tell by people’s facial expressions when they tumble to the theme,” she giggled,

“It’s the closeness coupled with the greyscale that disguises what they are.” I struggled to sound calm and nonchalant as I responded to her, my eyes now settling on the third canvas; a smoothly shaven vagina topped with a triangle of short cropped hair.

I could feel Marley’s warm breath on my cheek as she leaned forward to whisper in my ear, “They are all of me.”

I felt my face blush scarlet, the temperature inside my dress rocketing up at this revelation.

“Another Gin?” Marley had stepped back and was smiling broadly.

The next couple of hours passed quickly, my fellow residents all chatting and getting to know Marley who seemed to be winning everyone over.

Eventually, people started to drift off and I made my way over to Marley to make my excuses.

“Oh, are you leaving so soon, I was hoping you would stay a little longer.”

I had pretty much decided that whilst Marley was okay for the building, I couldn’t see us being best friends, but at that moment George and Emma from the penthouse offered their thanks and talked of returning the invite before walking out the door.

“So, it’s just us. Please stay a little longer. I have questions about the area and building etiquette.”

I sat and we chatted over coffee, Marley slipped off her boots tucking her legs up under herself.

I followed her example but struggled not to flash my panties in the process.

“Nicola, relax I don’t care if you flash me.”

Another deep blush but contrary to my expectations I felt strangely comfortable in this woman’s presence.

The conversation spilled over into fashion and music, then travel and cuisine. We really had nothing in common. I don’t shorten my name; I dress in designer labels and appearances are everything to me.

Marley considers DR Marten to be a designer label, loves jazz and blues as opposed to my classical tastes and as she so sweetly put it did not give a fuck what others thought of her.

After a while, Marley stood, shorter without her spike heels and reached for my hand, “Come on and see the rest of my artwork.”

Still holding my hand, she pulled me into her bedroom. Again, plain white walls and like my own apartment large windows showcasing the London skyline but that’s where the similarities ended.

Black silk bed linen stark against the white walls and oh my god a mirrored ceiling above the bed and a large bathtub mounted in a black wood frame with gleaming chrome accessories.

My breath literally caught in my throat and then I saw her artwork. Large black & white prints of herself naked. Masturbating, teasing, kneeling, laying legs splayed offering herself to the camera’s lens just a subtle hue of pink or brown to highlight her pussy or nipples.

“Well, what do you think?”

“I’ve never seen a room like it, it’s quite something,” I stammered out feeling the blood pounding in my ears.

“I like my bedroom to be a personal space, a place where I can let myself go.”

And with that, she stepped forward and without warning locked her lips onto mine and kissed me hard, her tongue probing my lips.

“I guess it’s time I left.” I could hear the panic in my voice as the blood roared in my ears. I all but ran from her bedroom

Just as I reached the front door, her voice stopped me

“Nicola, I think we could be friends, good friends so don’t be a stranger.”

Just three strides took me to the sanctuary of my own apartment. How dare that oddball woman take such a liberty? Whatever gave her the idea I liked women.

Without realising what I was doing, I slammed my front door and raced into my bedroom dragging the dress over my head before roughly shoving my sodden thong down my legs. I swear there was no conscious thought to my actions, but in seconds I was kneeling on my bed with three fingers mashed into my pussy.

Oh, fuck was I close and so fucking wet. I just kept ramming those fingers in and out of my aching twat feeling my juices cascade down my thighs and then with a great wailing scream my body let go.

I lay there on my bed, every nerve ending screaming as I struggled to catch my breath and then I remembered, my fucking sandals were still in her flat.


The next week was a mess or to be accurate my head was a mess. I could not clear my mind of that kiss, on the train, in my car, sitting in meetings all I could feel was that fucking kiss. Those full soft lips brushing mine before they locked on, and fuck if the tip of her tongue hadn’t probed my mouth.

If I closed my eyes, I saw the swell of those full curvaceous breasts nestled in that soft red leather, or her neat feet with their black toe polish.

I had never felt this way before and certainly not over a woman and an oddball woman at that.

I decided to take a day off work, I called in and told my section head that something had come up and that I was taking a personal day.

First thing I headed to my local Thai massage parlour and let this petite and very pretty Thai woman work me over or do I mean kick the crap out of me. Sixty minutes of being walked on and stretched in ways I had never imagined, before being shown to a rainforest shower to rinse off.

Next stop a juice bar for a smoothie that would cleanse my body and soul then shopping.

Five hours later and I staggered back into my apartment with a selection of boutique bags that would gladden the heart of any woman.

I ran a bath, poured a large G&T and stripped off my clothes

I don’t know if it was the massage or the retail therapy, but I felt calmer as I stepped into my deep foaming bath.

My phone beeped with a message alert and I checked the screen.

Hi Nicola,

Tell Alexa to play cool Eurojazz

From eight o’clock.

Love Tabetha

I called through to the bedroom, “Alexa, what’s the time?”

“The time is seven fifty-five.”

“Alexa, play cool euro-jazz.”

Immediately a morose trumpet solo filled the air and I relaxed back into the foam.

As I said, I’m not a jazz lover, but that mournful sound seemed to soothe my soul.

Eventually, the trumpet faded away to be replaced by a more upbeat and funkier number and then I heard her…

“Hi, welcome to my new show. I’m Marlene Van den Broeck and I’ll be with you until ten o’clock.”

Fuck, despite my better instincts I was enjoying the music but worse I was waiting just to her voice again.

Marley was chatting, explaining how she had moved from Brussels, what kind of music she would be playing how the show would run.

She had a voice like warm molasses it just wrapped around you and drew you in.

I lay back in the steaming, fragrant water and let my mind dance with images of Marley, her full breasts encased in that red waistcoat, her taught shapely legs, those big liquid brown eyes.

Thirty minutes into the show and I realise that her voice is making me horny, horny as hell if I’m honest.

My nipples had swollen and started to ache; my hand was moving in all that foam as my fingers teased my slit.

Duke Ellington was deep into “The Blues with a feelin,” when my feet lifted out of the water to rest on the edges of the bath and I nudged that big powerful waterfall tap on.

That full foaming torrent of water hit me dead centre of my pussy, right where my fingers had been teasing.

Screaming over the Duke my hips bucked up sending a tidal wave of water over the floor as I gripped and stretched my aching nipples, riding my release for as long as I could before everything became too sensitive to touch.

Drying off I wrap myself in a towel before heading into my bedroom.

Dropping the towel, I settle onto the bed and start to open my packages; the first bag contained ultra-sexy lingerie from Agent Provocateur.

Slipping the first set on I stood before my mirror seeing my hard-stubby nipples straining against the sheer demi cups whilst the skimpy thong disappeared between my cheeks.

Bag two opened to reveal a sheer, no not sheer rather a transparent chemise that barely covered my ass or pussy.

Bag three, a pair of trousers, but these were figure hugging and in the softest of black kid leather.

I quickly shed the lingerie and eased myself into the trousers and oh fuck did they feel good. The soft fine grain leather hugged my taut ass to perfection.

Bag four, strappy spike-heeled sandals with a lot of silver trim. As promised by the young girl in the shop they did a great job of lifting my ass and hips not to mention looking amazing with the trousers.

As I moved, stretching and posing at the mirror admiring my breasts full and firm with large erect nipples sitting high and proud above my toned midriff, I became acutely aware of that tight leather encasing my ass. My pussy was swollen with arousal and every time I moved the mid-seam would rub against my slick lips.

Bag five, where the fuck was that small bag with my new dildo in it?


Another four days passed, and I continue to struggle with my emotions. I now had an evening routine; I’d get home from work and shower before fixing a light meal and then with my heart racing I’d settle down to listen to the radio. For two hours every evening I curled up on the couch or my bed and I listened to Marley.

I’d listen to her thoughts of the day, I listened to her likes and her dislikes. During all that time I teased and edged my body. I’d rub my feet or my calves maybe with a little scented oil, or I might massage my breasts teasing and stretching my nipples until they throbbed with pent-up desire or my thighs skirting around my wet and needy slit because that’s a pleasure I wanted to wait for.

However, I played it one thing was for sure as the last notes of her show fade away and her warm melodious voice wished everyone a good night, I’d scream my release.


Saturday! I waited until early evening before crossing the corridor and quickly knocking on Marley’s door.

It took just moments for her to answer the door although it seems like a lifetime to me as I fought the urge to turn and bolt back to the safety of my own apartment.

“Oh, hi Marley, I believe I left my sandals here last week.” Even to me, my voice sounded thin and reedy.

“Nicola, high darling, yes come in.” Oh, fuck! It’s that warm soul caressing voice that I’ve cum listening to every night all week. A spasm of excitement passed through my belly and I instantly felt my pussy moisten.

“Can you stay for a drink?”

I had promised myself that I would get my sandals and leave immediately. Yet unbidden by my conscious self, my head was nodding agreement.


“Yes, yes please, lovely.” Fuck! I’m burbling like a fool

Quickly I took the indicated seat and sucked in long slow breaths to try to steady my beating heart.

Marley sat across from me; her figure-hugging yoga pants and singlet leave nothing to the imagination. My eyes are drawn to her loins, the clingy white fabric splitting and enhancing her full labia, a classic camel toe.

Quickly I glanced up as I feel my face heat up. My eyes now focus on her left breast, the nipple full and swollen against the lycra top and I can see the bar that pierces through it.

I drag my eyes up to meet Marley’s, she’s smiling an indulgent kind of mocking smile. It takes me right back to my teen years standing before the house mistress awaiting my fate for failing in some task.

“Nicola, do I intimidate you?”

“Pardon?” I replied my voice wavering.

“Do I scare you?” Marley leaned forward her eyes boring into mine as if she was reading my soul.

“I don’t know what you mean.” I was fighting to sound strong and dismissive of her question.

“I think that behind that façade of designer labels and disdain is a lonely rather frightened little girl who just wants to be loved.”

FUCK! She had me.

“Answer me,” She ordered her voice firm and strong

I could not speak, I was unable to raise my eyes to meet her eyes. All I could do was nod my head in agreement.

“When did you last have a meaningful relationship?”

I found my voice at last and quietly muttered about my work and being focused on my career

With a long slow sigh, Marley reached forward and took hold of my chin to raise my head so that my eyes looked into hers.

“Nicola, when did you last fuck?”

Again, I tried to talk of work but finally, admit that it had been months since I got a good fucking and that it had been a one-night stand after I got totally drunk at a friend’s party.

“Well Nicola I think we should fuck; I think that we should lick, kiss, finger and fuck until we can’t fuck anymore. How does that sound?”

I was speechless, I didn’t know how to answer this woman. My pussy wanted the fucking, it was wet. Soaking wet as was my underwear and I wondered if Marley could smell my arousal, but my mind was rebelling at the idea of enjoyment.

Sex, frivolous enjoyment was wrong, a sin. I still remembered my parents’ words repeated so many times throughout my formative years.

I just stared fixated at Marley a slight tremble passing through my body.

She stood, took my hand and pulled me to my feet.

Her hands released mine and she instructed me to place my hands on my head. Her voice was firm and authoritarian brooking no dissent.

Quickly she slipped the fastening on my skirt and it dropped to the floor, I felt a cool breeze against my bare cheeks before the warmth of her hands as she gripped my sodden thong and pulled it down my legs.

Reflexively my hands dropped to cover my pussy.

SLAP, a stinging blow landed on my bare ass cheek quickly followed by a matching blow to the other cheek

“Hands on your head, did I tell you to cover your cunt.”

I yelped as my hands flew back to rest on my head.

Marley stroked my stinging cheeks her hands caressing the warm skin.

I felt myself relax. “This is not my fault; I am just doing what I’m told,” I reassured myself.

I sucked in a deep hissing breath as her fingers parted my lips. I could feel them slide through the slick fluids oozing from my pussy.

Her eyes had not left mine; she watched my every reaction.

Slowly she raised her fingers to my face and offered me one cum smeared finger. “Lick it!”

I reached forward and hesitantly licked her finger clean of my tangy juices.

“Good girl.” and with that, she slipped her other two fingers into her own mouth and tasted my cum

“Now kneel on the couch and raise your ass, don’t worry you’re just doing what you’re told.”

It was as if she could read my guilty mind.

Moments later I was kneeling ass high in the air, and her fingers were pistoning my aching pussy.

I could smell my cum as her fingers stretched and probed my pussy. It felt so good, so terribly fucking good.

“Nicola, cum for me. Feel my fingers deep inside your cunt and cum for me.”

With a huge sobbing scream, I came on Marley’s fingers. I clenched my pussy as hard as I could as I felt her thumb pressing against my star.

Slowly I relaxed as I came down from the high of my orgasm. I moved forward to lay face down on the couch my whole-body basking in the pleasure of such a huge wet cum.

“See how much pleasure your body can give you if you let it,” Marley said stroking my back as she spoke.

Eventually, I sat upright still breathless from the finger fucking and my shuddering wet cum, “Marley, thank you, that was amazing.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, now you’re going to eat pussy,” smiling Marley starts to slip out of her singlet. Her large firm breasts springing free from their nest.

“Have you ever tasted another woman’s cum before?”

“NO! No that would be so wrong,” I managed to answer my eyes fixed on her large dark nipples and the shiny metal bars that bisected them.

“Nicola, you owe me a cum, but I understand that you have been told that it’s wrong to give and receive carnal pleasure.” Marley was just sitting opposite me, her eyes never left mine as she teased her large nipples.

“I am going to make it easy for you. You will eat my cunt, but I will remove the choice and consequent guilt for you my darling.”

In moments her yoga pants were off and I was staring at her pussy. Dark swollen lips framed by dense short cropped black hair. Her lips reflected the light, they glistened with her fragrant juice. The strong scent of wet pussy assailed my nostrils.

Slowly ever so slowly Marley dragged a finger across her lips, groaning as she did before slipping the finger into her mouth.

“Nicola, finish undressing, and I will be back in a moment.”

I stripped and awaited her return, a brief moment that seemed to last forever.

Nicola walked back into the room, and my eyes fixate on her right hand or to be honest what she clutched in her hand. A shudder passed through me as I recognised it as a flogger.

“You are going to be very naughty Nicola, so very naughty. Now bend over the couch arm.”

I am unable to resist. My pulse raced, and I struggled to draw a breath as I bent over the couch arm. The leather was smooth and cold against my bare stomach.

Marley’s small soft hands caressed my bare cheeks sending little ripples of pleasure through my pussy. I relaxed and let my legs spread further aware that my very core was on display.

I heard a hiss and the feel of a sudden breeze before a line of fire flared across my ass.

“Aargh,” I squealed in pain.

Before I could react; another hiss of air and another fiery line ignited across my upper thigh.

Nicola gently rubs my throbbing skin, “Stings a bit eh?”

I moved my hands to feel the heat from my ass as I choked out a yes.

Nicola took a handful of my hair and forced me to kneel as she sits back in the armchair.

She hooked a leg over either arm and thrust her hot, slick pussy just inches from my face.

“Now you will eat my cunt until I tell you to stop if you hesitate, I will punish you, so you see you have no choice.”

I moved forward, my nose parted her hair, it was matted with her juices and the aroma blew my mind.

I wondered whether I should lick her swollen lips or dive in and suck the slick flesh.

Another HISSSSS and fuck my ass was on fire again.

“I told you to eat my cunt, Nicola.”

Quickly I dropped my head to lap at her wet entrance. Eager to avoid another stroke of the flogger I greedily sucked in her swollen lips. A gush of tangy, creamy fluid filled my mouth.

Swallowing it down I licked and sucked at Marley’s cunt. Normally a word that would cause me to shrivel in shame. I relished using it just as I enjoyed pleasuring this woman with my face.

My enthusiasm compensated for my total lack of experience, I’d never even had my own cunt licked, but I licked her slit with the flat of my tongue, I forced my tongue inside her, I used my nose to pressure her clit. I threw everything I had at the task in hand, desperate to please and even more desperate not to feel that flogger again.

Marley got wetter and wetter as her body writhed before me. I clung to her hips as her moans got louder.

Instinctively I slipped a finger away from her slick cunt and scratched it across her ass, slowly pressing and opening her most private of entrances.

Marley went wild, bucking her hips and pushing her cunt against my mouth as she coated my face with her tangy juices.

“Enough Nicola, enough.” firmly she pushed my head away.

I sat licking my fingers clean as Marley regained her composure and sat up in the chair. She really did have the loveliest tasting cum.

“I knew the first time that I saw you that I wanted you.” Marley poured two glasses of water, sliding one towards me.

“How?” Smiling with happiness and more than a little disbelief I struggled with a reply.

“Yes, you answered your door, and I saw your eyes scan over me. Your face said it all, I was not worth your time.”

I busied myself gulping my water feeling my cheeks pink with shame.

“But you looked so sweet and sexy in those designer sweats that I knew that if I could get past that dismissive arrogance, you hide behind there would be a fun, sexy woman.”

“I’m not that sexy I don’t even have sex all that often,” I offered in my defence.

“I know. I know that behind that designer image there is a shy hesitant little girl ridden with guilt when she enjoys herself.”

It was at that point I finally let my defences down. A single tear ran down my cheek, then another and another and in moments I was knelt before Marley sobbing my eyes out.

Kneeling herself, Marley wiped away my tears with her thumbs before gently kissing me.

So, now we will take a shower and rinse away all this stickiness, yes, and then we sleep… together”

Letting myself be taken by the hand I slowly stood, “Thank you, I kinda know I’m a bitch at times.”

“Yes, you are, but now you’re my bitch, and it’s time for you to learn how to enjoy your body and to give without guilt.”


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