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Life Lessons Part 1

Life Lessons Part 1

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Three women learn a bit about what they really want...


My lesson began when I had been divorced for a couple of years. My marriage had gotten stale after our daughter, Diane or Di had gone off to college. It became obvious to my husband and me that we were living together more like roommates than lovers. We had grown apart concentrating on our careers while making money to put Di through college.

We'd both been very successful in that endeavor. Since she was gone, we really didn't do anything together. We tried counseling, but that just made it more obvious we were friends, not lovers.

The divorce was amicable, he got most of the cash while I got the house. Di had seen it coming in her sophomore year. She wasn't shocked that we were separating then eventually divorcing. What came as a shock to her and especially to Dave was my confession that I was interested in future relationships with women and not men. I'd had a couple of flings in college and a tryst on a business trip during our separation. I loved how she made me feel sexually and emotionally.

It took some time for them to adjust, but they did which I was truly grateful for. During this time, Di met a guy in college; fell in love and married soon after graduating. She was following in my footsteps which I cautioned her about marrying so young, but my advice to wait fell on deaf ears.

I never would have guessed how close that little piece of fruit would fall from the tree. About a year after they wed, Di and James had a little girl, Cassandra. She became the light of my life, even though at forty-seven I felt I was too young to have a grandbaby.

My learning experience began on July fourth at a half marathon I was running. My dating life hadn't been going well up to this point. I'd sort of settled into a couple of 'friends with benefits' relationships thinking I was content with them. This was until I met Claudia. It was at the water station at mile six for me, she was running the marathon. I'd seen her tight ass and glorious physique ahead of me for at least a half mile before catching her at the station.

I managed a brief 'hello' as we sipped electrolytes departing the stop. I asked if she wouldn't mind if I paced her the rest of the way in. She smiled, looked me up and down then told me she didn't mind at all. We chatted the remaining distance, getting to know each other and discovering commonalities.

Claudia had an amazing body. She was taller than me by about three inches at five foot nine, toned, and from what I could tell, the only fat on her were her breasts which weren't that big, but they did stand out in my eyes. Her hair was a flaxen blonde. She wore it in a ponytail that swished back and forth as we ran which I found very attractive.

It turned out she was one of the track coaches at the local community college. She was running the marathon as a fundraiser for a youth group. That's why she was so damn fit.

By the time we finished the race, we'd covered many topics, mostly about keeping fit and running. After we received our medals, we cooled down and stretched. She asked if I'd like to meet her some time for coffee. I'm not the most outgoing person in the world, I agreed, blushing a bit that she would ask this old lady out to get to know her better. I was secretly hoping it would lead to more. We exchanged numbers then went on our merry ways.


My life lesson began when I met Laura last July fourth while running a marathon. She actually introduced herself which was a bold move on her part, I was later to discover. Despite her good looks and great body for an older woman Laura was quite shy, a tad on the submissive side. I found her extremely attractive since I'm more alpha delighting in women who aren't quite as confident as I am.

We got to know each other somewhat during the run and when it was all over I asked her out innocently for coffee, hoping to seduce her at some point if she wasn't into girls already. I do love a challenge. She accepted. I grinned as she blushed while I gave her my number. I knew I'd made an impression, she'd just taken the first step into my bed.

I called her about a week later and we set a date for coffee. Since school was in the Summer session, I was doing some training off the record for a few of the students and had lots of free time. We met for coffee probably three times before she confessed she found me attractive.

The first time was almost totally innocent. I'd touch her hand 'accidentally', laugh at all her jokes, made her blush a few times, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and treated her like a princess. The next two times I got a little bolder, complimenting her just to watch her blush, 'accidentally' brushed her leg with my foot while staring into her beautiful blue eyes.

The third time did the trick. I suggested we go someplace and we ended up in my bed for the remainder of the day.

She opened up to me between lovemaking sessions that she'd always considered herself bisexual. She'd acted on it once during her marriage, having been seduced at a time of brief loneliness. I've encountered this before and delighted in reawakening that inner lesbian.

Our first lovemaking session was frantic. She nearly ripped my clothes off me before we got through the doorway. We practically undressed each other kissing our way to the bedroom. We were in our panties by the time we hit the bedroom. It was there I took control slowing her down.

I placed my index finger to her lips to stop her. She gave me the saddest look ever as I quietly gave her instructions to remove my sandals before we got into bed. I noticed she delighted in being told what to do. I sat on the edge of my bed as she knelt before me. Offering my legs one at a time, she carefully removed my sandal, not before lovingly massaging my calve and ankle. She repeated her worship you might say on my other leg as I smiled down at her.

My praise for her actions was a simple, 'good girl,' which struck a chord in her eliciting a smile and a moan. She asked if she could remove her sandals which made me smile. Someone had instilled in her some proper manners. This was going to be juicy. I told her yes go ahead. She tried to be as sexy as she could sitting on the floor removing them. Not the most alluring task, but I was impressed. I invited her to get on the bed after making her strip her bikini briefs in a cute little dance.

She was enjoying performing for me in addition to taking instructions. I stood, motioning her to me. Her sweet face was trying to hide her excitement as I placed my finger under her chin. Whispering, I asked her if she liked being told what to do. She blushed while nodding confirming my suspicions with a, 'yes, ma'am.' 

I grinned, calling her a, 'good girl,' once more which sent goosebumps up and down her arms.

Wrapping my arms around her waist, our breasts pressed together. I began swaying back and forth looking into her eyes. I told her a couple of my ground rules regarding how to address me along with I don't do pain, but I will punish her with other means if she disobeys. She agreed, nodding her head while confirming with the required, 'yes, ma'am.'

I turned her around, her back to the bed, gently pushing so she lay, legs straddling it. I told her to scoot up to the pillows and get comfy. I watched as she focused her attention on me while making her way to the head of the bed. When she reached her goal, she lay anxiously awaiting further instructions. I told her she looked delicious laying there for me.

Her blush along with her response of, 'thank you,' sealed the deal. It was then I really noticed her dark pubic area trimmed into what looked like a teardrop. The soft hairs sprinkled sparsely with strands of grey denoting her maturity. Here I was at least ten years younger craving her body as well as her mind.

Smiling, I climbed on top, straddling her at the waist. The look in her eyes told me she hadn't had anything like this in quite some time. That, along with how enthusiastic she was, delighted my soul.

Leaning down on top of her, I nuzzled her neck, softly kissing her face, then teased her lips with mine. Sweet soft gentle brushes against them. I loved how she whimpered. She tried to make my teases more passionate by kissing me. I resisted making her want them, actually crave them. When I had enough, I moved down her mature firm body.

Sucking each breast in turn, enjoying how her nipples felt on the roof of my mouth. Playing with each one, gently biting then grazing those little taut nubs with my teeth, she squirmed beneath me. I could feel my own arousal building inching my way down.

By the time I placed my face between her sweet lips, she was so close to climaxing that I had to slow down. This drove her crazy which delighted my inner domme. I wanted her so close to the edge that she'd beg me to let her cum. Tracing her inner thighs with my tongue, my fingers toyed with her breasts, pinching her nipples, squeezing, and massaging them.

When I thought she was going to burst, I brushed her swollen lips with my tongue. Her reaction was like an electric shock as she practically bounced on the bed. Cupping her ass cheeks with both hands, my tongue slid between her labia. She was already soaking wet as my saliva mixed with her sweet nectar. Swirling and savoring my new conquest, I drank from Laura until both she and I were sated.

When she'd finished writhing on the bed, I slipped in next to her telling her what a good girl she was. Her eyes lit up, she smiled calling me Ms. Claudia. Her expression was one of anticipation as she waited for my reaction. I smiled, telling her once again she was a good girl. It was then she smiled and wrapped her arms around me, hugging me with all her might.

When she released me she whispered she'd hoped I would react that way. I told her I would outline the rules to follow in detail later on. I wanted to be sure we had our roles clear. She nodded enthusiastically as we lay naked. She looked up at me with her doe eyes asking if she could pleasure me first. I laughed telling her of course.

She kissed me full on the lips, her tongue playing with mine as she tasted herself. I had a feeling she'd repeat my actions, surprisingly she didn't. When she'd had enough of kissing she asked me to straddle her face. Of course, I replied moving away from her so she could lay flat with me close enough to grip the headboard.

Placing myself over her sweet face, she guided my rear end down over her to begin pleasing me. She stuck out her tongue proceeding to slide it back and forth. I moved over her heightening my arousal. She gripped my ass at times, massaging, releasing then gripping it again. I kept all of my weight off of her which began to be extremely difficult as the deliciousness she invoked in me spread throughout my body.

She seemed to enjoy pleasing me as much if not more than I did being brought to orgasm. She varied the intensity of her swabbing so perfectly that with my heightened state of arousal from our previous lovemaking I soon white-knuckled the bed in a glorious climax.

Giggling as she cleaned me, I gracefully rose from her face only to plop down next to her with a serious case of afterglow. The domme/sub characters were put away for a bit as I held her close kissing her. I whispered how good she made me feel and thanked her for being.

We lay talking, kissing, and cuddling until we both fell asleep. When we woke she told me it had been about six months since her last lover apologizing for her enthusiasm. I laughed, asking her if she'd heard any complaints from me. She blushed, answering with a timid 'no'. We stayed in bed for the rest of the afternoon, making love, napping and talking. These sessions continued for around a month before she asked me to meet her daughter, Diane.


I met Claudia a few times for coffee and banter. I'm not a go-getter when it comes to women, preferring to be led. Claudia seemed to sense that at some point. We ended our third coffee date with me having multiple orgasms at her house. I lost track of how many times she made me cum that afternoon. I returned the favor as well. We discovered or at least I did, she knew from the beginning that I was on the submissive side when it comes to lady friends.

We came to an agreement regarding how we would interact in the bedroom. It seemed like I had finally found someone who would be with me for a very long time. I was a happy girl. After our first lovemaking session, I was exhausted so much the next day I stayed home from work. We started dating after that like a real couple.

She planned most all of our time together which was fine with me. I was infatuated, lusting after her body like no other woman I'd ever met. After about a month of dating, I decided it was time for her to meet my daughter, Di.

Di was happily married and her daughter, my darling grandbaby Cassandra was nine months old. I invited Di to go shopping with me to give her a break from the baby and James. That way she could meet Claudia without the baby being a distraction. I was hoping they would get along since Claudia seemed to become a big part of my life.

Hopefully, Di would ignore the ten year age gap between us. I planned our little excursion for a Saturday afternoon. James didn't mind watching my little munchkin, so Di could get a break. When Di arrived she walked in asking about the sporty car in the driveway. I hadn't expected her so early. She caught Claudia and me kissing in the kitchen rather passionately.

Her look was one of surprise; she'd never seen me being intimate with another woman until now. She stood there staring as we broke our kiss. I apologized profusely while Claudia grinned, walking over to introduce herself.

I could see Di's eyes widen as my blonde bronzed amazon approached her. She looked over at me as Claudia shook her hand, introducing herself in the process. A tiny stammer emerged as my girl greeted my lover.

We were all dressed very casually since it was Summer. Shorts, tees, and sandals were the order of the day. However, Claudia's top was a bit tighter than the loose tees Di and I wore. She loved showing off her taut body and I couldn't blame her.

Claudia complemented my petite girl, standing nearly six inches over her. I could feel the awkwardness in the room. So, I introduced Claudia as my new friend and not girlfriend which would have just added to the awkward situation. I had warned Claudia that Di might not be too accepting with our age difference, but she reassured me she'd make the effort to remove any doubt.

When the awkwardness subsided a bit, I ushered us all out to the car. I wanted to get myself and Di some sexy lingerie. Her, because I wanted another grandbaby and me because Claudia suggested it. My girls seemed to be hitting it off nicely. Di showed off her bundle of joy to Claudia via her phone. I could see Di beaming as Claudia thumbed through the pictures. They were bonding and I was happy.

We hit Victoria’s Secret. Di and Claudia each picked out some sexy things then went to try them on. I chatted with one of the salesgirls patiently waiting for them. When they came out I was floored. Di looked like a VS model, so petite and adorable. Claudia looked like a VS model on steroids. I nearly wet my panties. I gave my approval then picked out a couple of things for myself that Claudia had written down for me. They returned to the fitting rooms, dressed and we switched places. A couple of items I wore lit Claudia's eyes up. I knew I had a winner.

I paid after changing and we ventured out into the mall to kill some time before dinner. I was so happy, both girls were getting along superbly. I had dinner assembled in the refrigerator and after a couple of glasses of wine, I did the finish cooking so we could eat. After the dishes, Di excused herself to pump. She put her milk away in the freezer for Cassie while Claudia and I discussed how the day went.

Di rejoined us helping kill a couple of bottles of Cabernet. It was about ten when Di announced she was driving home. I took her keys telling her to call James to let him know I wouldn't let her drive home after drinking as much as she did.

She tried arguing with me but, she was outvoted. She called and James understood. He's such a good guy.


My life lesson began one August Saturday afternoon. I walked into my mother's house prepared to go shopping with her. I was grateful for the afternoon off from Cassie. James is a great father and adores her so, I didn't feel too much guilt leaving them alone. I needed a break from changing diapers and mom knew that. I'd used up my maternity leave and was working part-time, leaving Cassie with a trusted friend who had a couple of older kids while I worked.

I was expecting to park in the driveway, but when I drove up there was a sexy little sports car already there. I wondered who'd parked there or if mom got a new ride. I called out to mom as I entered the house. Hearing nothing, I yelled once as I rounded the entryway to look in the kitchen. I stopped and did a double take. There was my mother in the arms of a much younger woman, lip-locked. The younger woman looked like she was sculpted from a piece of granite yet smooth as silk. She had a long, blonde ponytail that swished when she turned her head to greet me.

Mom, of course, blushed deep red, trying to form words to explain what was obviously going on. The girl walked over to me, her eyes bright and blue looking me over as if I were her next meal. It felt sort of creepy yet exciting at the same time. I felt a shiver shoot through me as she smiled introducing herself in the process.

I blushed deep red this time as she held my hand a bit longer than needed. Mom came over introducing Claudia as her new friend. I noticed she didn't say girlfriend which was obvious from the scene I broke up. I relaxed a bit as I set my purse and bag down on the dining room table.

I also brought my breast pump in case I needed it to relieve the pressure from not feeding Cassie. The three of us stood around chit-chatting for a few minutes then mom ushered us into her car. I sat up front conversing with her new 'friend' Claudia while mom drove.

We went to the local mall where things went fairly smoothly as far as shopping. Claudia was actually very nice. I've met one or two of mom's 'friends' before. Claudia seemed to be the exception, a few years younger and definitely in better shape and very congenial. We talked about working out, how she and mom met and all sorts of tidbits about Cassie. She even offered to create a workout plan for me that was intense and didn't require too much time.

Mom had shown her pictures of Cassie that were at least a month older than I had. I had a slew of current ones on my phone. So, I handed it back to her and for the next five minutes, all we heard was oohs and awes. Mom beamed with pride as did I. I was liking Claudia more and more.

When we arrived at the mall mom funneled us to the VS store. I told her I didn't need anything which fell on deaf ears. Her only comment was that she wanted to get me something or rather James something so she'd have another grandbaby. I was so embarrassed.

Claudia laughed as I explained to mom that James had no problem in that department. We'd just been too tired lately with Cassie and we had agreed to a two-year gap with our second baby. She sighed, telling me that she still wanted to get me something, "who knows, you could change your minds!"

To appease her we went in. She started picking out lingerie for me, not having a clue what James considered sexy. I was again beet red. It would have been easier if she'd just gotten me a gift card. I turned to Claudia with an exasperated look on my face look that she picked up on. She convinced mom to let me at least pick out what James would like. It dawned on her that was a good idea. Claudia winked at me while I mouthed a thank you back.

She suggested to my wonderful mother that she find some things that Claudia would like handing her a small list. That seemed to make mom very happy. I was liking mom's new girlfriend more than I thought I would. I picked out a couple of outfits. The tops were in different sizes due to my larger than normal boobs. I made my way to the dressing rooms to try them on. Nothing too expensive since it doesn't stay on very long.

As I was changing, I heard the door in the next stall open and close. It was Claudia. She started talking about rescuing me from mom. I thanked her, laughing at my dear old mother. When I finished putting on a powder blue babydoll, I did some adjusting of the top, inserting tissues to prevent any leakage from wetting the fabric.

Maybe she planned it or it was just circumstance, but my mother's lover and I exited our stalls at the same moment. I stood there halfway through the door as Claudia stood in the entryway adjusting the skimpiest negligee in the store. I thought Claudia was buff when I first met her, but in what she chose to wear for mom almost made me wish I were gay. She picked out a red number that barely covered her vagina with a tiny patch of silk. Her top, or should I say the pieces of silk, did the same for her nipples which were poking at the thin fabric.

She saw my expression grinning at me with that hungry look moving up and down my petite body. She asked if I thought mom would like it, I nodded enthusiastically. I told her I liked it and I was straight. She laughed, complimenting my outfit, telling me I was too darn cute to be straight. I giggled, blushing as she sighed. She noticed how tight the top was against my breasts and one of the shoulder straps twisted. She reached over slipping her forefinger under it, to untwist it. She made that little move feel so very erotic I nearly melted.

I managed to tell her without too much stammering that it's my normal size. I figured I should get it anyway since my boobs were going to shrink back down at some point. I followed her out to show mom who approved of both outfits. We went back to change, Claudia following close behind me. She opened the door to the dressing room for me, smiling as I walked past her. Her only words were to compliment me again only they were followed by a lustful moan. I giggled, blushing once more as she closed the door behind me.

She jokingly asked if I needed any help getting out of my selection. At least I thought she was joking. I told her thanks, but I could manage. We got dressed to meet mom, who was looking at things she thought she'd look nice in, holding to the items from Claudia's list.

Claudia then took over, telling mom what she wanted her to wear. Mom was giddy. I'd never seen mom interact with a woman before in this type of setting; it was enlightening. Claudia was firm but gentle, guiding mom to her ultimate selections. Mom culled the list down to a few things as Claudia sat with me waiting for the show.

It felt a little weird waiting for my mother to walk out in skimpy underthings, but she did look good. Claudia was very impressed and told mom so. Deciding on two out of the four she modeled.

Mom paid for our selections then we strolled the mall for a while. We continued our chatting as we walked around window shopping. Claudia seemed like a good match for mom. They laughed, held hands and acted like they really were a couple. They even made sure to keep me in the conversation.

We were at the mall longer than I expected. I called home, talked to James who said Cassie was being great. When I was on the phone, mom told me I was staying for dinner. James heard that laughing at her demand only to reassure me they were fine. I told him I loved him then hung up.

We arrived home with our purchases, leaving them on the sofa. Mom opened a bottle of Cabernet, filled three glasses then herded us out to the deck. It was a gorgeous day and evening. We all slipped off our sandals to sip reflecting on our day together. Then it was time for dinner. Mom had prepped most of it beforehand so all she had to do was put the finishing touches on the salad and boil the noodles for spaghetti, my favorite.

We giggled and gossiped through two more glasses each of the Cab then we worked together bringing dinner out to the deck. I've never socialized with a lesbian before, except mom. I know that sounds weird, but unless someone has come out to me how would I know? Claudia was really sweet. We talked working out, babies, and a hundred other subjects. Then my boobs started hurting. I excused myself to go pump leaving mom with Claudia after helping clear the table.


Laura and I were kissing quite passionately when her daughter Di walked into the house calling out for her. I didn't release the girl’s mother until I made sure she saw us. We broke our kiss then I turned to see one of the cutest young women ever. Laura had shown me pictures of Di with her family; they didn't do her justice. She had to be all of five feet two, maybe one hundred ten pounds. I knew she'd had a baby about nine months ago, in her shorts and a loose tee, you'd never have guessed it.

I could tell even in her tee shirt her breasts were larger than they should have been the way the shirt draped over them. I sucking on my lower lip walking up to her to shake her hand to introduce myself. I could see her checking me out, a dazed look in her eyes. I don't know if it was me kissing her mother or just me that caused that look. If Laura hadn't been there I'd have tried every trick I know to get that sweet little straight girl in my bed.

I was respectful and kept my naughty thoughts and actions to myself. After a few moments of introductions and small talk Laura ushered us out into the car. The drive was fairly short. Di and I talked a bit with her showing me pictures of her baby. I had to admit it was cute, but her mommy was much cuter.

We went to VS to pick out lingerie for Di. I had to stop Laura from selecting things for Di to wear. One, it was creepy and two, she hadn't a clue what the girl's husband liked. Once that was settled, Di found a couple of cute items then went to try them on. I found some things I thought would impress the little married straight girl in addition to her mother then went back to change in the next stall.

 After giving Laura the list of things I would like on her, I quickly changed so I could exit when she did. I wanted to see her reaction. I know I'm bad, but she was so adorable I couldn't help myself. We exited within milliseconds of each other. I stood looking down at her in that babydoll wishing I could just take her right there. She looked so sweet, but I refrained. Instead, I stood admiring her in all her nymphette glory.

She'd chosen a powder blue babydoll with a G-string. Her breasts were straining at the thin fabric which just made them look that much more appealing. I told her she was too cute to be straight, but I understood. I noticed a strap out of place. I reached over caressing as much bare skin as I could without being creepy to straighten it. She blushed, moaned slightly thanking me before we walked out to show off.

Laura was anxiously awaiting our arrival. Her jaw literally dropped as we both came out to show off. If we'd been in heels you'd have thought we were professional models. She approved so pixie girl and I went back to change. I followed that sweet little ass all the way back admiring how she walked. Opening the door for her I smiled as she passed by me her face a little flush.

We rejoined Laura who found the items I told her to get. Di sat with me as we waited for Laura to model. I schmoozed the young wife at times making her squirm with my compliments and questions. I didn't flirt too much for fear she'd tell her mother.

Laura came out looking so sexy knowing it was for me gave me a tingle. Even Di commented on how good her mother looked then defending herself for saying that about her own mom. I laughed telling her it was fine, I knew what she meant. After paying, we strolled the mall killing time talking. The trip back to Laura's was pleasant. We had a nice dinner, but Di had a couple too many glasses of wine. Laura, always thinking about her baby girl took her keys, refusing to let her drive home.

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