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Truth Or Dare (The Family Reunion) Chapter Eight.

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Stacey has a coming out as Billy gets a huge surprise.

Janie wanted to help Stacey lose her virginity. She loved sex and wanted her sixteen-year-old cousin to know how good it felt.  She walked out of the girls' cabin and over to the boys.

Knocking on the front door, she realized how buzzed she was from the stolen vodka. 

“Hey, cuz,” Jon said as he opened the door, “What’s up?”

“Hi, Jon. Not much,” she answered, “Just wanted to talk to you guys.”

“Billy isn’t here,” he said, “But your brother and Jim are in the common room. Come on in.”

The alcohol was really starting to affect her. She smiled as she walked past him and stumbled. Jon caught her arm to steady her and  said, “Easy, you’ve had a lot of vodka.”

Janie put her hand on his shoulder and looked at him through hazy eyes. “I think a little too much,” she admitted. 

Jon helped her to the couch and sat next to her.

Jamie laughed and said, “Sis, you're drunk.”

She looked at him with a smile and said, “You're right brother, but I have something I wanted to ask you guys.”

They all gathered close as she started to explain.


At the adult lodge, Billy had just finished fucking his aunts. They were all laying on the bed, naked and close. Linda was playing with the thin hairs on Billy’s young chest. Janis was on his other side kissing his ear. There was a knock on the door. Before anyone could answer, the door opened.

“Mom?” Billy sputtered as his mother walked in.

She paused as she recognized her son between her sisters... naked. “Billy?” She asked, “What’s going on?”

“His cock is amazing,” Janis announced.

Jeanie (Billy’s Mom) couldn’t take her eyes away from her son's still hard cock. Billy was in shock. He couldn’t move to cover himself.

Linda stood and walked to Jeanie. Taking her hand, she whispered, “Remember when we were his age? How Uncle George would visit, what we used to do?"

Jeanie’s mind raced back in time. She remembered how special it was to be filled with her uncle's hard cock. How much she enjoyed fucking him. Her pussy soaked her panties as she remembered. Linda smiled wantonly as her sister's nipples pushed against the fabric of her thin shirt.

Jeanie felt Linda’s lips on her neck, kissing softly. Her sister's hand pressed between her legs. It seemed so long since the last time she did anything like this.

Linda pulled her to the bed.

She looked down at her naked son. His cock was so hard and thick. She wanted him. Slowly, her fingers unbuttoned her blouse. She dropped it behind her on the floor. Her bra next, revealing her tits to her son's surprise. Her pink nipples stood proudly on her heaving breasts. Janis pushed her pants and panties to the floor.

Billy stared at his naked mother. Her full breasts rising with her nervous breath, her smooth shaven pussy between her pretty legs glistened with her wetness.

She sat by him, her hand finding her sons cock. His body trembled as his naked mother stroked his cock. She slowly lowered her mouth to his member and took him in. Her warm mouth engulfed her son's cock. 

“Oh, Mom,” Billy moaned.

She sucked his dick as her sisters kissed each other on the bed. Their hands exploring each other’s bodies. His heart raced as she nursed his throbbing cock. He felt a tide rising in his loins.

Jeanie sensed her son's impending climax and slowed. She lifted her face from his sex and faced him. He looked so enraptured as he stared into his mother's eyes. They kissed like lovers as she made her way up his young body. He rolled her onto her back and climbed between her soft legs.

“Mom?” Billy questioned.

She nodded her approval. He pushed his hips forward, sinking his dick into his moms hot pussy. Her eyes rolled back as her son started fucking her. His cock was larger than his dad's. He stretched her mature pussy as he stroked in and out. He fucked his mom slowly and tenderly. His cock was worn and sore from the day's events, but this was something he wanted.


The boys were excited at the news of taking Stacey’s cherry. But whom would she want? They were lined up by the fireplace, naked as the girls walked in. The light was low. Stacey stood shyly in front of them. Janie stood holding her hand. Lacey smiled as she watched. Missy just wanted Stacey to get it over with.

“It’s up to you,” Janie whispered in her ear, “They all want you.”

Stacey trembled in her shoes. She wanted to know what it felt like. She wanted to have sex but was nervous. Her sister had done it, Missy and Janie had also. Everyone she knew had done it long before. I want to do it too, she thought.

“Jim or Jon,” Janie whispered in Stacey’s ear “They both have long cocks. Jamie has a nice one too. Not as long but very thick.”

“Mmmmm, I don’t know,” she fidgeted.

“Jamie is a virgin too,” Janie whispered.

“Really,” Stacey asked, “Is he?”

Janie nodded with a grin. Stacey walked to Jamie and took him by the hand. She walked him back to Janie and took her hand too, leading them to the bedroom. Janie looked back at the others with a grin and closed the door.


Billy’s mind raced back in time as he fucked his mother. He recalled beating off into her dirty panties after sniffing them. He remembered spying on her in the shower, and as she made love to his father.

He felt her wet warmth as his dick plundered her cunt. He heard the sounds of sex as he gave his cock to his mom. Her moans drove him deeper into lust. His aunts ate each other’s pussies next to them as they fucked. Her legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him to her innermost depths.

Her fingernails dug into his back as he started fucking her harder. His thrusts were becoming ever harder. She rolled her hips in order to take more of her son's cock.

“Fuck me, baby,” Jeanie growled, “fuck mommy.”

Her commands inspirited his resolve. He thrust violently to her calls for more. His cock wanted more. He braced his knees and pushed her legs up over his shoulders.  Each thrust was harder than the last. Her eyes never left his. His cum boiled in his loins.

“Cum for mommy, baby,” she implored as their bodies slapped.

“Unghhhh,” Billy moaned as his seed filled his mothers pussy. 

He hammered on, even harder. His cum shot from his cock like a projectile from a cannon. It squished back out as he thrust. Her crotch was coated with his man juice.

Billy’s sweat dripped onto his mom's chest. His body exhausted, he collapsed beside her. She tousled his hair as he caught his breath. The raptured look she gave him made him fall in love.


Jamie stood as Janie undressed Stacey. Her petite body was tanned. Her tits were so small. Her nipples stood erect. He could feel the same apprehension she felt. His body trembled at the very thought of fucking someone so beautiful for his first time. 

He wondered if he would be a good first time for her. His dick was rigid in his pants. 

Janie pushed Stacey’s panties to the floor. Her body was so tight. No baby fat, just pretty feminine curves. There was only a small triangle of dark hair between her legs. He could see the goosebumps on her skin. Jamie had seen her naked earlier at the card game. But she seemed even more beautiful now.

Stacey wore no makeup. And just a yellow ribbon tied in her dark hair. She stood anxiously as Jamie stared at her body. She saw his thick cock standing at attention. It seemed to bob up and down. She wondered if it would hurt. She wondered if he thought she was pretty.

Jamie stood nervously watching his beautiful cousin. He wondered what it would be like. Janie took kid hand and pulled her brother closer to Stacey.  He could hear his own heart beating. He had to remind himself to breathe.

Stacey smiled nervously as his hand touched hers. He swallowed hard. Janie giggled as she watched them. She walked them to the bed. Stacey sat on the edge as did Jamie. Janie helped Stacey to lay back and get comfortable.

Jamie watched as Stacey spread her young legs. His mouth watered at the lovely girl smiling at him. He turned and positioned himself between her legs. He took hold of his swollen cock, guiding it to her pussy.

Janie shook her head and pushed him to the side. ”No, brother. She isn't ready yet, ” she hissed, ”Let me show you.”

Jamie watched as his sister crawled between Stacey’s legs. The two girls eyes met and Janie smiled. She dipped her head and kissed Stacey's pussy. Stacey gasped as Janie’s tongue slowly licked between her labia. Janie took Stacey’s scent in. Her own passion ignited. She focused her efforts on the little nub at the top of Stacey’s slit. Circling it with just a little pressure and teasing her tiny hole with one finger. 

Stacey was getting almost high on the feelings being administered to her clitoris. Her legs del further apart. Her head sunk back in the pillow. Her young fingers grasped the sheets. Her moans were soft and constant.

Billy took the experience in as his twin sister devoured his cousins pussy. His cock stood straight up and ready to fuck. He wanted to be where Janie was. He wanted to taste what she was tasting. 

”Move,” Jamie commanded, pushing his sister softly.

Janie smiled at him with her glistening lips and complied. She watched her brother assume her former position. His first try was awkward and unskilled.

Janie put her hand on his shoulder and whispered, ”Slow and easy brother, ” she instructed, ”take your time.”

He looked at his pretty sister's eyes and acknowledged her coaching. His next attempt was gentle and soft. Stacey moaned her appreciation. Jamie continued with dedication and determination. 

”Oh yes, ” Stacey moaned, ”Oh fuck, yes.” Her orgasm was quickly building in her small body. She trembled as Jamie continued his ministrations. She gripped the sheets, pulling them around her.

Jamie watched as he continued tongue fucking his young cousin. He saw her nipples pointing at the ceiling. He watched her back arch. He saw her eyes screwed shut and her lips part in a deep soulful moan.

”I'm coming, ” Stacey declared. Her body convulsed. She moaned in pleasure as he continued to drink her juices.

Jamie had never tasted such sweet nectar. He wanted all of it.  He devoured her young pussy as she came. He felt her body tremble and conclude. 

Stacey slowly rode the wave down again. Janie smiled as she ran her fingers through her cousin's hair. The girls smiled again. Stacey was breathing as if she had just run a mile.

Jamie crawled up Stacey’s slight body. Pausing to sample her nipples. His tongue circled each rubbery nub in turn. Stacey watched as her cousin licked her breasts.

Jamie felt her ass with his hard cock. He put pressure there, feeling her cheeks yield. She wriggled under his strong body.  Jamie kissed her neck as her fingernails traced up and down his back. Her thighs were warm on his hips as he tried to line his cock up. Pushing again, his cock followed her asscrack to the sheets. He was getting frustrated.

Janie slowed him down, taking her brother’s cock in her hand, she guided him to her opening. He started to push forward. Janie kept her fingers wrapped around his shaft.

”Slow and easy, ” Janie whispered in her brother's ear. ”It's her first time, don't hurt her.”

He fought back the urge to plow through. He pushed slowly into his young cousins pussy. Janie squeezed his throbbing dick, signaling to pull back. He pushed again, her pussy was tight and so fucking wet. Hid cockhead was past her lips. Stacey gritted her teeth.

Jamie understood now that he must go slowly. He watched his cousin's face as he pushed again. Her eyes tightly shut, she bit her bottom lip. But as he slowly worked in and out, his cousin's pain started to become something else.

”That's it, she whispered, ”It feels good. Go slow.”

Jamie was encouraged. He pushed a little deeper. His sister released her grip on his cock. Stacey tightly held Janie’s other hand. 

Janie smiled at her cousin as she felt a new pleasure. Her pussy was being stretched but it hurt so damn good. Stacey boldly wrapped her legs around her cousins waste. He pushed slowly and deeply. His balls rested on her ass. His dick was completely buried in his cousins virgin pussy.

Her pain was almost gone. She held him with her legs.  His cock felt enormous, but it fit perfectly.  He waited patiently for her to give him the go ahead. She seemed to be getting comfortable with the cock that was invading her privacy.

Her eyes opened and she realized she was digging her fingernails into the flesh of his back. ”I'm so sorry, ” she said as she gently rubbed his back.

”It's ok, ” he said, ”I kind of like it.” 

Janie laughed at her brother's sheepish comment. ”My brother the perve,” she giggled.

All three couldn't help but laugh.

”Are you ready?” Jamie asked.

Stacey looked at him with a smile and said, ”Yes, fuck me.”

Jamie started slowly. She was so right. His strokes were long and slow. He watched his cousin bite her bottom lip. His sister held her hand.

”Are you ok?” Janie asked her.

Stacey opened her eyes and looked at Janie. She could barely get the words out. ”It feels so good,” she breathed.

Jamie increased his pace. He could hear the sticky sweet sounds of sex. He could feel his cum starting to boil. He knew he didn't have long.

Stacey pulled him tighter with her legs. Her nails scratched his back. She loved the feelings she was receiving. She now knew why girls had pussies. She felt the wave building again. It threatened to carry her to a beautiful place. It lifted her. High above herself. She floated into a cloud of beautiful wonders. 

Jamie watched his cousin as she convulsed and moaned in climax. He tried to hold back but the sight was too much. Her pussy clenched his cock, driving his own orgasm. He grunted with each short stroke and finally his body tensed on the last stroke. He forced his cock deep into his young cousin's tight pussy.  His cum gushed forth. 

Stacey could feel the hot liquid flooding her down there. Her orgasm was persistent. Her body shook and convulsed. Her innocence washed away in the storm, she was a woman now. 

Jamie couldn't believe the scope of his own climax. The second time tonight and his seed just kept flowing. He continued to ride his cousin, their bodies grinding out a mutual apex.

After the wave crashed, Jamie collapsed on the bed next to his deflowered cousin. Her finger tracing sweaty hearts on his chest. His cock still half hard and bobbing still dripped with his cum combined with her juices.

Janie didn't want to waste such a treat. She leaned over her cousin and sucked her brother's dick into her mouth. He felt twinges of his faded orgasm as she sucked him clean.

”Damn brother,” Janie exclaimed as she lay between Stacey's legs and prepared to clean her pussy, ”You cum so much.”

Stacey smiled at Jamie and asked, ”Want to go again?”

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