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A shared porn website account leads to a surprise.

While the entire school waited for the bell to ring for the final time in the semester, I looked forward to beginning my summer break by getting home and checking out my favorite porn website. I now had full access to it thanks to my best friend, Porter, sharing his premium account with me. I still wasn’t sure how he had managed to fool his parents into accepting the monthly payment, but I sure was happy that we now had unlimited access to the hottest videos of amateur moms on the internet.

The sound of the bell rang loudly through the rooms and hallways, and I was the first one out the classroom door to avoid the horde of students jamming in the hall. Then, in a welcomed rarity, the school buses were already outside waiting for us to board them.

“Yo, the semester is finally fucking over,” Porter said to me as we spotted each other on our way to the buses.

“Yeah, no more bullshit,” I said. “But no more Mrs. MILF either.”

“Hey, but we got MILFS,” he said, pulling out a folded piece of paper from his pocket.

“Is this the login?” I asked, taking the paper from his hand.

“Yeah,” he said with a smile. “We’re in, baby!"

“Nice! You check it out yet?” I asked.

“Yeah, only a little bit though,” he answered. “The Latina section looks promising.”

“I can’t wait,” I said, putting the paper in my pocket. “You’re the fucking man.”

“You know it,” he said. We did our usual handshake before walking to our respective buses.

On my way home, I listened to music but really couldn’t get my mind to stop thinking about all the fun I was going to have masturbating to all the sexy moms. At sixteen, my greatest fantasy was fucking a MILF, so the videos never failed to put a smile on my face and a hard-on in my hands.

Pulling up to the bus stop nearest to my house, I could already see that my mom’s car wasn’t there. That meant that I would be alone and able to masturbate with no interruptions.

Getting off the bus, I ogled a girl with a nice butt as I received a text from my mom, “Congrats on finishing your sophomore year! BTW I’m at the grocery store, I won’t be too long.”

“Okay thanks,” I replied.

I quickly opened the door and entered my house, drop my backpack on the living room couch, and went up to my room to turn on my computer. Eagerly, my hand reached for the folded piece of paper in my pocket, and I opened it while I waited for my computer to boot.

I read Porter’s login credentials, which made me smile, “Username MIlfLover and password ilovemilfs69.”

With my uniform pants and boxers down to my ankles, I pulled up the website from my bookmarks and logged in as a premium member for the first time.

Looking at all the specific categories was a bit overwhelming, so I clicked on the trending section where the thumbnail of the number one video immediately caught my attention.

What an amazing ass,” I thought, looking at the small thumbnail showing the woman’s ass in just her pink lace hipster thong panty.

My mouse pointer dashed through all the other videos until it hovered over the top video and commenced the show with one click. I toggled the full screen option then reached for the bottle of lube in my bottom desk drawer. As the video began with a shot of the MILF’s ass in her blue leggings, my head and shaft hardened at the slippery feel of the lube in my hand.

I was ready to start stroking my dick when the video cut away from her magnificent ass and showed her sitting on the bed. I knew there was an interview part to all the videos but that wasn’t what stopped me in my tracks.

With my heart thumping inside my chest and my cock throbbing in my left hand, I thought, “She looks so much like my mom.”

“So, tell us a bit about yourself,” the guy said behind the camera.

“My name is Kelly and I’m a 32-year-old single mother from Texas,” she said, making me go into shock.

My mind and body were gripped under full arousal, I was confused, meanwhile my eyes struggled to believe what I was watching. “No . . . It can’t be,” I muttered.

“What brings you here, Kelly?” the guy asked.

“Uh . . . I guess I’m here to celebrate my divorce,” she continued.

It . . . it is her, there is no doubt,” I thought, trying to believe my eyes and connect the dots. “This is what she did last month when she said she was going on a short trip with her friends.”

“Yes, I have a teenage son who I love very much,” she said, answering a question I wasn’t able to hear over my thoughts.

Hearing those words come out of her mouth was strange and insane, but she had managed to make me feel loved while being the star of a porn scene.

“You think he’ll stumble upon this video one day?” the guy asked.

Moving her auburn hair behind left ear and flashing her radiant smile, she said, “I sure hope not.”

“Well he sure does have a MILF for a mother,” the guy complimented her.

“Yes, I do,” I said in response.

“Thank you,” my mom said.

“And, um, how was the sex life in your marriage?” the guy asked.

“Oh . . . let’s just say it was disappointing and unfulfilling,” she confessed, throwing another stinger about my father. “He was very selfish.”

“He couldn’t handle your sexy ass,” the guy said, grabbing her hand and helping her get up from the bed.

Shaking my head, I thought, “You fucked up, dad.”

Looking back over her shoulder, she teased him and everybody watching by asking, “You think you can handle me?”

He spanked her left ass cheek, making her bubble ass jiggle, and he replied, “I’ll try my best.”

“She’s so fucking hot,” I said, with my dick twitching and oozing precum. “Her confidence is so sexy.”

Swaying her hips seductively side to side, she pulled down her blue leggings to reveal to the audience how the bottom of her pink lace hipster thong panty wedged between her ass cheeks and accentuated the curve of her round ass to perfection.

That was definitely the right choice for the thumbnail,” I thought, focusing my eyes on her ass.

I was hypnotized by her ass and delighted by the fact that she was wearing such sexy panties. The thin neon hot pink waistband left a cut-out on the sides, giving the panty a thin waistband strap on either side. When she turned around to face the camera, I was able to see through the lace and mesh front of the panty that her pussy was completely shaved.

Even if I was still in shock, with my heart pounding and limbs trembling, I couldn’t deny how much I loved and lusted after my own mother. A part of me obviously felt jealous because I wanted her all to myself, but more than anything, I was extremely aroused at seeing my mom like I never thought I would. She was my mother and best friend and it was an absolute joy to be watching her in a different light.

She then took off her shirt and revealed her bra, which was pink like her panties. Her knees rested on a white pillow while her hands worked to free the guy’s cock from his jeans. Her tongue wasted no time in tasting his oozing head, and she proceeded to show every viewer, including her own son, how much of an expert she was in the art of fellatio. She alternated between licking and sucking on his head before showing off her deep throat skills. Her lips touched the base of his cock and her eyes watered until she let him out of her mouth with a loud pop.

“She’s unreal,” I said as I stroked my cock to the rhythm of her head bobbing on the guys cock.

After that initial part, the video cut to her taking off her bra and caressing her full breasts and erect pink nipples. The camera closed in on her breasts briefly before she got in bed in the missionary position. The guy walked up to the edge of the bed, fondled her breasts, moved her panties aside and pushed himself into her wet, pink pussy.

He pounded her in that position, holding her legs up, making her firm breasts bounce while she moaned to every thrust. Her hands did their best to grab onto the sheets to withstand the pounding but her confident green eyes begged for more, never looking away from his eyes.

Following the missionary position, the video cut to them in the doggy style position and made it a real challenge to for me to last much longer without erupting.

Not yet, not yet,” I told myself, easing up on my dick to make sure I lasted the duration of the video.

He spanked her ass a couple of times, making her cheeks a bit rosy, and once again made his length disappear into her. As he fucked her, he spread her cheeks out, giving the camera a perfect look at her enticing tight asshole.

“Oh my god, mom,” I said, taking in the beautiful sight of her bare ass.

Next, came a more advanced position, which was the reverse cowgirl position with her hands and feet flat on the bed. His hands firmly placed on her hips, providing her support so she could comfortably ride his cock.

“Perfect tits, mom,” I said, mesmerized by how they bounced.

Letting her fall a bit back, he raised his hips to begin thrusting up into her, with the camera zooming in on the beating her pussy was taking.

A few minutes later, the video cut for a final time and showed my mom dropping to her knees to finish off the guy with her mouth and hands. Her tongue teased his balls, lubricated his shaft, and flicked on the underside of his head. She displayed all her tricks but saved the best for last when her hand firmly gripped around his shaft and jerked it in a counter clockwise motion. Her pinks lips formed a vacuum and worked in tandem with her tongue to polish his head.

The relentless work of her mouth took him near the edge, so she took him out of her mouth and stuck her tongue out to receive his load. Ropes of semen landed on her forehead, nose, cheeks and tongue. My mom’s beautiful face, the one I had kissed goodnight to for years, had just been covered by warm cum and her eyes and smile couldn’t have looked any brighter.

“Ohmmm,” I moaned, pushing my hips upwards and releasing my plentiful load into a small hand towel.

The screen slowly faded to black, with her hips swaying and ass jiggling on her way to the bathroom to clean herself. I gave the video a five-star rating and downloaded it to make sure that I never lost access to it. I balled up the hand towel and threw it in the hamper then came back to my chair to process what had just happened.

Just unreal,” I thought as I closed the website and powered off my computer. “It’s like I’m dreaming.

The rest of the day, I stayed in my room to avoid my mom but did make plans to confront her about the video. I didn’t know what her reaction would be, but I needed to talk to her about the possible consequences of the video. Also, being a hormone-driven sixteen-year-old, I replayed the video several times just to enjoy the sight of my mom sucking and fucking.

The following day, the first day of summer break, the sunlight coming through the window brought along a rush of thoughts into my head. Everything popped back into my mind as if I was inserting a USB drive into a computer.

Before I could decide how exactly to approach my mom, Porter texted me, “You have to check the number one trending video on the site.”

Shaking my head, I replied, “Fuck, so now you know.”

“Your mom is a goddess, man,” he added. “You know what I think of her.”

“Dude, you aren’t gonna fuck her,” I said, adding an angry face emoji at the end. “So, don’t get funny ideas.”

“No lol, I would never but I’m just happy for you since you know . . . we’ve talked about her before,” he explained.

“Yeah, so you think I can fuck her? Blackmail her or something?” I asked. “That shit is pure fantasy, but I do gotta talk to her for real.”

“Idk man, you never know but think before you act and talk to her,” he advised. “You know I got your back.”

“Thanks,” I said. “You think that everyone will know tho?”

“Nah, it’s premium members only,” he explained. “They don’t leak to free sites either . . . which is why I got the membership in the first place.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” I replied. “I’ll tell you how it all goes when I talk to her.”

Taking Porter’s advice, I thought carefully before deciding my course of action. I knew I could talk to my mom about anything because we had experience with many interesting and open-minded conversations, including ones about more than just the birds and the bees. The one idea that kept running through my mind was also the simplest one, it only required a piece of paper and a pen. I ripped out a sheet of paper from my notebook and wrote, “I love you more than anything in the world, you are my beautiful mother and best friend, but I found out about your video and I’d like to talk to you about it.”

I placed the paper on the coffee table in the living room and waited for her to come home for lunch so she could read it.

After pacing back and forth from the living room to the kitchen, I went up to my room when I heard her car pulling up to our house. With my head resting on the headboard and my eyes closed, I inhaled deeply through my nose and exhaled through my mouth to try and calm my nerves.

“I’m home, sweetie,” she called out as she entered the house but then didn’t follow it up with asking what I wanted to eat. That let me know that she had seen the note on the coffee table and would be coming up to my room immediately after reading it.

The clacking of her heels got louder as she came up the stairs and said, “Honey, let’s talk.”

“Yeah, I’m here,” I said, sitting up in my bed.

She walked into my room, looking sexy in a white blouse and gray dress pants but with tears welling up in her eyes. Looking ashamed, she said, “I’m . . . I’m sorry.”

“No, mom,” I said, standing up to hug her tightly. “You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“I regret it, I was selfish,” she lamented, with her full breasts pressed against my chest. “I screwed up, especially in not telling you.”

We sat on my bed next to each other and I said, “Look, I’m not angry, I’m just worried it can affect us. That’s all.”

With her eyes looking down at her feet and tears running down her face, she said, “I did the whole thing without really thinking, and I’m the one who is supposed to set the example for you.”

“It’s okay and, uh, you set quite the example,” I joked, trying to cheer her up.

She playfully pushed me and asked, “How did you even see the video?”

“I, uh, got a premium membership from a friend,” I confessed.

“Naughty boy,” she said, smiling and wiping her tears. “Then you know it is premium and won’t be really out there like that to affect us.”

“Yeah, I know that,” I said. “But still it’s, um, it’s tough.”

“I didn’t think of you and I’m really sorry about that,” she said, l. “I guess I got a little desperate and wanted to have some fun.”

“It’s okay, I understand that and at least you enjoyed it,” I said with a smile. “And the members will enjoy it.”

Her confident and daring side came out when she said, “And . . . you are one of those members.”

Hearing that sent a jolt of sexual excitement through my body. “Yeah, I must admit it was a heck of a scene,” I said.

Giving me a coy smile, she said, “It really was.” Then, after a brief pause, she continued, “That’s the thing that gets me. I knew you’d be completely supportive, and I still left you out of it.”

“Don’t beat yourself up over it, we just gotta figure out how to protect ourselves from it,” I said.

“Well you are only sixteen, so you don’t gotta worry about it other than your classmates,” she teased, lightly bumping me with her shoulder.

“Oh, they would love it. I’d just be the guy with the really . . . attractive mom,” I bragged.

She kissed me on the cheek and added, “You already know how they look at me.”

“Oh, for sure,” I said. “But, uh, what about work?”

“It won’t affect me professionally at all, so it really is just about what people say about me … and you.”

“I can deal with it if you can,” I said, placing my left arm around her to comfort her.

“Ok, then there is just one thing left to do,” she said. “Let me just call work real quick.”

As she walked towards the door, my eyes admired how well her ass filled her gray work pants. It was still surreal to me that I had seen her ass in all its glory.

A few minutes later, she returned to my room in just a short black silk robe and said, “I feel like I need to make it up to you.”

Confused, I asked, “What are you talking about?”

“You are my son, my everything and you deserve better,” she explained as she walked closer to me.

I looked at her with surprise and curiosity but didn’t stop her when she began untying her robe.

“Oh, mom,” I said, extending my arms to grab her by the hips. “I love you and nothing will ever change that.”

“I know you want this,” she said, letting her robe fall to the ground to expose her nude body. Before I could react, she bent over, put her hands on my shoulders and kissed my lips.

“I love you, mom,” I said confidently.

Her delicate hands ran through my hair while my hands reached around her back to caress her soft ass and my lips planted kisses all over her toned abdomen. Taking control of the moment, she dropped to her knees in front of me, locked eyes with me and started tugging down my shorts.

“I . . . think we should replicate the video,” I said, feeling my cock throbbing and stretching the fabric of my boxers.

She quickly hopped up and gave me a deep kiss that I was too naïve to know how to properly return.

“Yes, baby,” she said. “You deserve it, you deserve me.”

Like in the video, her green eyes looked up while she unveiled the cock in front of her. The difference this time was that I wasn’t just some male performer, I was her sixteen-year-old son who was about to lose his virginity to her.

Her tongue swirled around my head then gave way for her warm mouth to take me all the way in, with her pink lips tightly sealing around the base of my cock. Her vivid green eyes didn’t break contact with mine as she showed me how good it felt to get deep throated. My sensitive head oozed precum, tickling the back of her throat.

“Oh, mom, that’s so good.”

Bit by bit, her mouth let me out with strings of saliva connecting my cock to her lips. Her right hand grabbed a hold of my shaft and squeezed it to let her tongue taste the drop of precum that was oozing out of the head.

I brushed her auburn hair to the side, giving myself a better view of my first ever blowjob. Like in the porn videos, I watched my throbbing cock receive a glob of saliva and go all the way back into her mouth.

“Ohmmm, mom, you’re gonna make me cum already,” I said, feeling my cock twitch inside her mouth.

Almost as if challenging me or herself, she held me inside of her and lightly bobbed her head for about ten seconds and then said, “Not yet, mister.”

I helped her up to the bed where she got in the missionary position with her legs spread wide for me. I got in front of her, on the edge of the bed, and marveled at a sight too taboo for most, the sight of my own mother’s glistening and swollen labia.

“It’s all yours, baby,” she encouraged me.

I guided my cock to her entrance and spread her lips with my head, watching my cock slowly penetrate her until my balls touched the bottom of her ass cheeks.

“Mmmm, baby,” she moaned.

Holding her legs in the v-position with my hands on her ankles, my hips got into rhythm as my cock got used to the velvet feeling of her pussy. With every second, I picked up more confidence to really give it to her like the guy had done in the video. She welcomed my every thrust with a moan, which was made hotter by the sight of her bouncing tits. As if all of that wasn’t hot enough, what drove me absolutely mad with lust was how she bit her bottom lip.

Her hands busied themselves, one rubbing her clit and the other playing with her breasts, which soon resulted in her juices flowing from her pussy. She moved up the bed and invited me to get on top of her in the classic missionary position, but I first had to give her sopping pussy a couple of long licks. My flat tongue ran from her asshole all the way up to her clit and back.

“You taste so good,” I said as I climbed between her legs.

As I pushed myself back into her, she brought me closer so our tongues could introduce themselves to each other. Her lips pressed against mine and our tongues swirled and wrestled. The tongue kissing made it more intimate and nearly took me over the edge, but I managed to keep myself from exploding inside her warmth.

Her legs wrapped around my waist as I took a moment to rest with my entire cock buried inside her. I broke our kiss and held her tightly in my arms then gave her a couple of long licks on the left side of her neck.

“Oh, baby,” she said, “I love you.”

I responded by giving her a peck on the cheek and my tongue returned to play with hers.

A few minutes later, she got out from underneath me and got on all fours to move into a doggy style position. With the magnificent sight of her bare ass in front of me, I leaned down, spread her ass cheeks, and kissed and licked her asshole.

After positioning myself behind her, my cock stretched her lips and entered her previously forbidden vagina. Both of my hands spread her ass cheeks and my hips got into gear, making her moan deliciously. Emulating the countless porn videos I’d seen, I spanked her left ass cheek hard and pounded into her juicy hotness.

“Fuck yes, baby!” she encouraged me. “Fuck me!”

Clenching my teeth, I fucked her harder and filled the room with the sounds of our bodies slapping against each other. I continued spanking her, alternating which cheek felt my dominance, until both her cheeks were rosy and marked by my hands.

Overwhelmed by the sexual pleasure, I grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled on it. That was something the guy from the video hadn’t done to her, but it was definitely something I had long fantasized about and juices running out of her pussy and onto my thighs let me know that she loved it too.

“Oh, fucckk!” she screamed. “Mmmnngg!”

Again, to my surprise, I managed to keep myself from hitting the point of no return. I fought off my climax and laid down on my back to change my position. With her back facing me, she tucked her calves under my thighs and sat on my cock while her hands rested between her knees. It was the nun position, an alternate of the reverse cowgirl position that was very popular in my favorite porn videos.

My hands caressed and squeezed her soft ass while she rode me, dropping her weight on me and moving her hips in a circular motion. The penetration was deep, and it made her juices run like a fountain. I took the liberty to massage her asshole with my right thumb and slowly pushed it in about halfway.

“Mmmnnnggg, I’m gonna cum,” she said, throwing her head back in pure pleasure. “Fucckkk, baby!” She pressed down on my cock and a long stream juices poured out of her pussy.

Right as I smiled at a job well done, she showed me her lustful will to continue fucking by lifting herself from my cock and positioning herself in the reverse cowgirl position with her hands and feet flat on the bed. I grabbed her hips as she eased back onto my cock with her contracting pussy.

Moving my hips upwards, I took control of the penetration. It was a position I had seen countless times but none hotter than in my mom’s video. I thrusted up like a savage into her pussy, making her moan like a madwoman.

“Ahhhmmmnngg, baby!” she loudly moaned, unable to escape my assault.

My swollen balls slapped up against her pussy and begged for an orgasmic release. The relentless pounding led to her legs and arms shaking, but she managed to push herself up and shower my cock with a gush of her juices.

“Ohhhmmmnngggg!” she moaned, as I held her up so she wouldn’t collapse.

I lay there with a big smile on my face and congratulated myself on making her orgasm so hard. Her squirt felt like a water balloon popped and it was the most amazing mess I had ever made. I was gladly and proudly going to wash my sheets.

With just enough strength out of her shaky, jelly-like legs, she dismounted me and got on her knees right in front of my bed.

Standing over her, I was about to stroke myself when her stamina surprised me as her hand wrapped around my shaft before mine did. Determined, she stroked my shaft and sucked tightly on my head.

“Oh fuck, mom,” I said. “I’m gonna cum.”

She looked up at me expectantly with her green eyes and stuck out her tongue, jerking me towards the greatest orgasm of my life.

“Ohmm, mmmnngg!” I moaned. My cock twitched, releasing rope after rope of warm cum that landed on her delicate face, painting her much more than the facial in her porn video.

With her forehead, nose, cheeks, and mouth full of my cum, it looked like two or even three guys came on her face. “Oh my god, sweetie,” she said, “That’s a lot of cum.”

Also, unlike in her video, she cleaned herself with her right index and middle fingers and repeatedly brought them into her mouth to lick them and savor the taste of her own son’s semen.

“You’re incredible,” I told her as I helped her get to her feet.

“Not more than you, baby,” she said, planting a kiss on my lips.

This time, I pushed my tongue inside and savored the long and passionate tongue kiss.

We got in my bed to rest, her head on my chest and my left arm hugging her. I planted a kiss on the top of her head and received a text from Porter asking, “So what happened?”

My mom saw the message when I picked up my phone and took it from me to take a selfie of us while she gave me a peck on the cheek. The picture captured a great moment for us but also showed off her bare breasts, which I knew Porter absolutely loved.

“That’ll do it,” she said, sending him the selfie as a reply. “He’s gonna love that pic.”

“You’re so naughty,” I told her. “And, um, he already saw and loved your video.”

“Fuck yeah! Congrats you two!” Porter quickly replied, bringing a smile to my mom and me.

“He’s a great friend to you,” she said. “Maybe, um, we should invite him to play one day.”

“Really?” I asked, unable to hide my smile. “That would be amazing.”

“I mean, I’ve heard you boys talking about me,” she confessed.

Before I could say anything, her tongue was back in my mouth and my left hand was reaching down to caress her ass. A rush of excitement and blood got my cock throbbing again, and she was quick to hop on it in the cowgirl position. My hands cupped her breasts. My tongue licked and flicked on her nipples before my index and middle fingers pinched and rolled them.

She leaned down to resume the dance between our tongues. I squeezed her breasts then moved my hands behind her to get handfuls of her plump ass. Her velvet pussy contracted on my throbbing cock as she sped up the movement of her hips.

“Cum in me, baby,” she said. “Fill mommy up.”

“Oh, mom,” I said. “You’ve always been my dream.”

I held her down by her ass, squeezing her cheeks, and pushed my hips upwards to unload my balls.

“Nnnmmgg!” I moaned, feeling her walls squeeze my spasming cock.

“Ahhhmmgg!” she moaned right back. Closing her eyes and biting her bottom lip, she welcomed the waves of pleasure shooting through her body.

“Oh my god, baby,” she said then kissed me deeply.

Moving her hair aside, I looked her in the eyes and said, “I love you so much, mom.”

“I love you more,” she said. “And I’m all yours. Your personal porn star if you want.”

“Yes, I’d love that,” I said with a grin. “My mom, my MILF.”

Tired from all the loving we had given each other, we continued caressing each other and kissing until we dozed off to sleep. As I felt myself relaxing and falling asleep, the taste of her pussy was still in my mouth, which gave me an idea of how to wake her up in the morning. The next chapter of our life wasn’t very clear but there was no doubt that we were now closer than ever and that we would take on any obstacle and adventure together. We were not just mother and son anymore, not just best friends anymore, we were now lovers.

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