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Getting Sis Pregnant, Chapter 4

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Chris gets Anna pregnant and she breaks her modeling contract. But how will Mom take the news?

I lined up my achingly hard cock to her wet, glistening fuckhole and pushed into her slowly. She moaned loudly as my cock penetrated into her tight young model's body. I watched her face as I parted her thick soft lips, stopping just as my cock head nestled up against the entrance to her tunnel. 

"Look at me slut, I want to watch your face as I push my cock deep into your dirty cunt. I want to see your expression when I fill your womb with my Master seed!" 

Anna groaned again at my words, and her cunt spasmed. I gathered myself together to push on into what I soon hoped would be our babies' birth canal. As I started pushing slowly into her, opening her up, Anna moaned.

"Oh my God, Master! Oh, I never knew you were so... Oh, your cock... stretching me so wide...!"

Her eyes grew as big as saucers and she let go of one leg to cover her mouth as I pushed onward. Fucking Anna was just like I'd always thought it would be, her cunt wet and quivering around my shaft. She moaned and squeezed me tight, moving her ass slowly as I held myself inside of her. I could feel her walls shifting around my cock as she moved. I slowly slid my cock back out until only the head remained inside of her. 

Her pussy felt like it was trying to suck me back in as I rested just inside of her. I smiled, she had a pussy that guys always dream about. And now that pussy belonged to me. Until I got her pregnant, her pussy was mine to fuck as much as I wanted.

I began to fuck Anna with a firm, steady rhythm, pushing into her until my hips met her ass with a wet smack. She helped me by thrusting her ass back toward me as I pushed in. Each time I pushed into her she moaned, softly at first, feeling me open her and stretch her with each firm thrust. I increased both my speed and power with each forward thrust, working myself up until I was slamming into her dirty whore cunt at full force. 

"Oh God yes! Fuck me, Master, I'm going to cum! Oh, your cock is making me cum! Ohhh!" 

I felt her cunt tighten around my cock and her juice pour out over my balls as I fucked her. I could feel the muscles in her pussy walls rippling as if milking me and trying to draw out the cum I had to offer it. 

Both Anna and I hadn't been with anyone seriously in over a year - her because of her busy schedule, and me because I just couldn't find anyone I was interested in. So we were both in need of a good fucking and as soon as I felt Anna let go, it triggered my own orgasm. I groaned and pushed into her deeply as my cock exploded inside her. My cum poured into her needy body, filling her pussy and mixing with her own fluids.

"Oh yes Master, yes! Cum inside my slut pussy. Put your hot seed deep in my belly. Oh God, I feel it surging into me. Give me more, Master, make me pregnant. Breed your dirty slut, and I'll be yours forever! Please, Master, give me a baby. Your baby, please!" 

She pulled me closer to her, hoping to trap as much of my cum inside her as she could.

I stayed there between her splayed legs, buried deep in that warm, tight pussy for as long as I could. But after a while, my cock shrank and became too soft to remain inside her and it fell out with a wet plop. Anna then quickly covered her pussy with a hand and kept her hips as high in the air as she could.

Curious at the bizarre sight, I asked. "What are you doing?" 

"I am making sure none of your cum leaks out of my pussy until it has had its chance to get to my womb." 

I laid down next to her and put my hand over hers. This was to be our baby and I wanted to be a part of everything. She smiled. "I love you, Master. Thank you for doing this for me. And thank you for making me your slutwife."

We laid there side by side, holding what we hoped was the first beginnings of our new life inside her.

"Master, what are we going to tell Mom when and if we get pregnant?"

"Well, Mom is a practical, sensible woman. Once we explain what it is we are doing and why we are doing it, she will understand. She might be a little shocked at first, as I was when you approached me on this. But just like I came around, she will too. When the time comes and we are sure you are pregnant, we will both sit down with her and tell her what is happening and explain why."

"Oh, I hope it does work. I want to get pregnant and get out of modeling so I can come home to be with you. It kills me the way I treated you before. We wasted so much time we could have been happy together."

"Well, I think that had we been more brotherly and sisterly towards each other, we might not feel the way we do now. You don't know how much you want something until it's gone. If you and I had been like regular siblings, we would never have realized we actually love each other, romantically, not just as brother and sister." 

"You're probably right–I didn't realize how much I missed this town until I was thousands of miles away from it!" She snuggled a little closer to me and I held my new slut closely and tenderly.

We fucked a couple more times that first day and at least twice a day for several days after that. Anna wanted to make sure that she would get pregnant and I was more than willing to bed my beauty anytime she wanted. After that first day, I started teaching and telling her what I liked and what I wanted her to do in service to me. 

I laid down some simple ground rules such as she wasn't to play with herself or masturbate without permission, she was to ask permission before she came when we were having sex. She was to call me Master when we were home alone, but Sir in public (we used Chris and Anna or Sis around Mom of course!). 

I also gave her a few protocols to learn too - never touch a doorknob in my presence, always wait to be seated, and wait until I begin before eating. Ask to be excused before you leave me and let me know where you are going. These things were more manners than rules and she smiled when I said them. 

She, like me, believed in the old way men and women treated each other and the roles they played. She used to watch the old sitcoms and I could see in her eyes how she wanted to be like them... a 1950's era happy housewife. Perfectly content to stay home and take care of her home and her man.

One day I came home from the shop and Anna was there to greet me as I had instructed her–kneeling on the front room floor with her back straight and her knees apart, head up and chest out. But I could tell this day was special... as she knelt there, she was shaking with excitement.

"Hello, my sweet wonderful Master! Oh, I am so very happy you are home!" she said, nearly busting out with excited happiness.

"Hello, slut... what's wrong? You seem like a kid waiting to open a Christmas present or something!"

"Oh, Master, it is wonderful! Look!" She showed me a home pregnancy kit and it read POSITIVE– not a plus or minus sign or some color that could be misinterpreted, but the definite, absolute, word POSITIVE.

"It looks like all that hard fucking has done the trick!"

"Oh yes, my beloved Master. I am late for my period. I am normally regular as clockwork, and I am a week late. So I got this test at the store and took it. I'm pregnant!" She practically glowed as she spoke.

"Well, that is wonderful. But we should take you to the doctor and see for sure–get a second, professional, opinion before we break the news to your work and to Mom."

"Yes, I agree. We could do it next week!"

And so it was settled. She made an appointment with an OB/GYN doctor and I took the day off to take her. When the day came for her appointment, Anna could barely sit still in the doctor's office until her name was called. Anna introduced me as her boyfriend just to keep the questions to a minimum and we went in to get her checked out.

"Yes, Anna you are definitely pregnant. About two or three weeks now. It's just a tiny thing, about the size of a poppy seed right now, but your blood test tells me you are definitely pregnant and soon your baby will start growing and becoming more noticeable. And before long you will start seeing it in the mirror."

"Oh thank you, doctor! Thank you so much! This is wonderful news!"

Then it was my turn to ask the all-important question: "Doctor this is our first baby. How long do we have before we can't have sex until after the baby is born?"

The doctor smiled. "Well, there is no real cut off. So long as there are no complications like bed rest or anything, you can have sex as long as it's comfortable–even up to the delivery day if you want. Now she might have to be on top in the later stages, but if it works then go for it!"

I looked at Anna and she was blushing but smiling.

Anna had taken off three months to be home with the family and we were just coming to the latter end of the first month when she got pregnant. We decided to wait until closer to when she would have to go back to announce anything... just to give the baby a chance to get bigger. 

We continued to have regular sex and she was loving serving me. In fact, she couldn't do enough for me! We had to be a little restrained when Mom was home and when Mom asked her why she was so happy and giddy all the time, she just passed it off as being "glad to be home with the family"

However, when Mom went to work and I was home, the gloves were off and she could go crazy! Ana loved playing the submissive slut too–kneeling, crawling, offering her body any and every way I wanted. She had promised me when she first told me about this arrangement that she would do anything I wanted, and she meant it too! 

She didn't mind one bit about being out in public in "character" (we did have to tone it down but she was willing to go as far as I wanted!). I took her to a restaurant once and toyed with her until she very nearly came right there at the table! 

Another time we were at the mall and I took her into the ladies room and fucked her in a stall. When we came out we had a very appreciative and jealous audience! She blushed beet red, but I took my trophy proudly, listening to the wistful sighs of a couple of the women! We also went "parking" a few times when we just had to have each other and it was inconvenient at home.

The next couple of months went by quickly and soon it was time for the big reveal. She was scared of what her work would do–her agent, the company she was modeling for, and the clients would not be pleased with her. 

But I was right there beside her, holding her nervous, trembling hand as she called them up. Yes, they were more than a little upset and some of them yelled at her and told her what a terrible mistake she was making. One even said they would pay for an abortion if she still wanted to model.

She told them all "no" in no uncertain terms and even though they threatened to sue for breach of contract, she simply pointed out the pregnancy clause in the contract and they quieted down. Like it or not, they didn't have a leg to stand on since they drew up the contract themselves!

Once her work contacts had been notified, they said that if there was nothing else they could say, they would tear up the contract and she would be free. But she would never model again, at least not at that same caliber. She might get a local car dealership gig or something, but her days of being in magazines and famous tv company ads were over. Which she really didn't mind. She was home with me, with our new baby on the way, and she was fine with that.

"There, that's everyone. I'm so glad that's over, Master! And thank you for being here to support me."

I didn't say anything, I just pulled her up into my arms. I looked into those soft blue eyes and brushed a lock of her hair from in front of them. "I love you, Anna. I love you so very much." Then I kissed her deep and powerfully.

"I love you too... Chris." I had told her that there would be times when we wanted to speak to each other without the Master/slave thing getting in the way. This was a time that her heart did the talking, and I was perfectly all right with it.

After dinner, we were all sitting in the living room watching television and letting our food settle like we usually did when Anna and I looked at each other. It was time to talk to Mom about us.

"Mom, Anna and I want to talk to you."

"What about?"

"Well, before we start we would like you to listen to what we tell you and not jump to any conclusions. What we have to say is important, and we need you to hear us out, okay?"

"Okay, Chris, what's going on, honey?"

"Well, Mom, Anna has decided that she doesn't want to model anymore. She says that it isn't the same anymore, and she doesn't like the way she is treated. She wants to come back home, and she has asked me to help her."

"That's wonderful! Of course we will help her, however, we can! What do we need to do, Anna?"

"Not us Mom, she needs my help. And I have agreed to help her."

"What do you mean? What kind of help?"

"Mom, the only way Anna could get out of her modeling contract without a long costly court battle was to get pregnant. And because she has been so busy flying from one photo shoot to another, she hasn't been able to have any kind of social life. Now that she wants out of her modeling contract, she doesn't have time to find a guy that she can love and have a baby with. 

"So she turned to the only man she knew she could love and who wouldn't turn and run or run away with the baby if they divorced. She asked me to father her baby. And I agreed. She has explained and I verified that it was not illegal–it isn't incest since we are actually not blood relations and it's even possible for us to get married in any state in the country.

"I will grant you it isn't the way we had planned to have a family, either one of us, but when you think of it it's actually better–we don't have to worry about divorce because even if we did, we would still be step-siblings. Nothing we can do will change that. 

"And we do both love each other. She is the best thing I have ever found in a woman and I believe she feels the same way about me. So we have gotten pregnant–Anna here has taken a home pregnancy test and it read positive. Then we confirmed it with a regular OB/GYN. 

"She has called her agent and agency and said she met an old boyfriend and 'accidentally' gotten herself pregnant. They are right now tearing up her contract and in the process of sending her things home. So now Anna won't have to leave us. She is home for good, Mom and you won't have to worry about her 'traipsing all over the world' as you used to put it.

"Now, because of what I had to go through with having different 'fathers', I told Anna that if we did this, I didn't want my kid to have to suffer like I did. Mom, you did a great job of raising me and I love you for all you've done, but I want my kid to know who his father is. So I told Anna that if I was going to get her pregnant, that we were going to get married.

"And because of how people talk and gossip, we have decided that you and Anna and I will go on a weekend trip here soon to a town a couple of towns from here and get married there, where no one knows us. Then when we come back, no one outside the family needs to know that Anna and I are husband and wife... they will just see us as a regular family. A mother with two kids."

"I see. You two have thought about almost everything. But how will you support yourself, Anna? You made really good money as a model, honey."

"I did Mom, and I put away a lot of it. These last couple of years I have been studying and I am about to take my real estate exam. I am ready for it and I have had help from some of the best real estate people in the country. They have told me that they would help me get my license and if I wanted, I could come to work for them.

"They would put me to work selling high-end commercial properties as well as expensive homes. They said I had a good face as a model and I have what it takes to make it big in real estate. And it wasn't just talk–I already had a good job as a model when they said those things."

"Well, there aren't too many big fancy homes around these parts. What will you sell here locally?"

"Mom, if I can sell million dollar homes in other places, I can sell a 300,000 home here! And there are real estate companies that would hire me–especially if they got a reference from my other real estate friends."

"Yeah Mom," I added, "Besides, I have a good job at the construction company. I can support us until she finds a job. Or even if she doesn't want to work and just stay home with the baby. The important thing is she is home. And we love each other and are getting married."

"Well, you are right about that. I guess this is the best way and I certainly am glad to have both my kids back home. And I guess I have a grandbaby on the way too! Oh, I am happy for you both! I never would have figured you two would find you love each other–why I remember when you could barely tolerate each other. This is wonderful!"

"Thanks, Mom, I knew you would understand!" 

Anna piped in "Yeah, Mom!"

"So when were you planning on getting married?" 

"Well, whenever you can get some time off from the bank. We need to go during a workday so the JP will be in his office."

"JP? Oh no! My kids are going to have a church wedding! It may not be a big fancy thing, but it will be in a church!" Mom insisted.

So two weeks later Mom, Anna, and I took a drive about 150 miles to a nearby (relatively) town and got married in a quaint little white country church. Anna never looked more beautiful. She officially became my wife and didn't even have to change her luggage!

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