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Boundaries Redefined

Boundaries Redefined

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Our relationship takes a dramatic new direction

In my first two stories, I told of our first meeting with Mike and Sally and how we had pushed our boundaries and, in some cases, destroyed them. This is the final episode in our journey and how things have developed in a rather unusual fashion.

Having ignored Sally comments about “you are mine” after the last meeting it was not brought up again as we continued to meet over the next few months. The comment had unnerved me a little and for the next few meets I engineered situations where we always played in the same room. I thought this would ensure that Sally behaved herself, but she quickly worked out a way to remove the condom without my wife or Mike being any the wiser as to what was going on.

I realise that I could have put a complete stop to it if I had really wanted but there was something about Sally that kept drawing me back, and I was scared that if I did stop her, then we would stop meeting totally. If I am totally honest, I think I was hiding some very deep feeling for her.

We eventually return to our old ways of meeting, arriving at the club and immediately swapping partners and later in the evening heading off for separate room fun. On one occasion as we all sat in the bar there was even a suggestion of us going out with the other partner on individual nights out, but I chatted with Alexis and said that whilst I was happy with the separate room play I felt a bit uneasy about taking things as far as what amounted to a date night. It transpired that Mike also felt uneasy about it so it never went further than a suggestion.

With our friendship going so well it came as something of a shock when one evening we noticed on the swingers’ site that they had put a status up saying they were taking a break from meeting. That was quickly followed by a private message to us to say that they were wanting a break from swinging, but would still like to meet us occasionally for vanilla nights out.

We asked if there was anything wrong and were told that they were fine but just needed a break from the swinging community to refresh and renew their relationship. We fully understood this motivation as it was something, we had done a couple of times ourselves over the years.

It was my birthday a month or so later, so we arranged to go out and the evening passed off uneventfully, but enjoyable, the flirting was still as strong as ever and it took a lot of willpower at the end of the evening to not invite the pair of them back to ours as we had done in the past.

After that last meeting, things went quiet and there was little or no contact, which was not unusual, but there was also an absence of activity on Facebook. The fact that we were all friends on Facebook showed how close the relationship had become.

Suddenly, after two months I got a message from Sally asking how we were and could we meet her for a coffee. I immediately fired back a message saying of course, and with the next day being Saturday I suggested that we could meet up in town. We discussed the message at length as we found it strange that Sally message had said meet her and not them, we decided that maybe Mike was working and she just wanted a chat.

We got to the coffee shop early and ordered a couple of Lattes and awaited Sally’s arrival.

She arrived on time dressed in a white blouse, skinny jeans and knee-high boots over the top of the jeans and came immediately over to us. She was not wearing any make-up, looked tired and a little weary as she greeted us by giving both of us a peck on the cheek.

I asked her if she wanted a drink and she asked for a Cappuccino, I went off to order leaving the girls to chat. I looked back at them whilst I was waiting at the end of the counter for the drink to be made and noticed that Alexis was looking a bit upset and Sally had a little tear running down her face. I was torn between wanting to get the drink and get back to the table to find out what was going on. Thankfully the barista did not take long, and I almost ran back to the table desperate to find out what they were talking about.

Sitting back down Alexis answered my quizzical look immediately by announcing that Mike and Sally had split up. I was stunned, and loads of questions ran through my mind before I asked the most obvious one which was why?

Over the next half an hour to forty-five minutes Sally explained that things had not been right in their marriage for a while and that was part of the reason why they had taken up swinging in the first place. I was surprised that we had not picked up on that when we first met as we had always avoided those couples where we felt that they were trying to use swinging as a way of papering over the cracks in their marriage as things rarely worked out in the long run.

Eventually a couple of months ago they had decided to take a break and try and concentrate on where things were going wrong, but the day before they had, had a massive argument and Sally had half walked out, half been thrown out of the house by Mike. We asked about the boys and she said that for the time being they were going to remain with Mike so as to not disrupt their schooling and to keep things stable for them. Sally was struggling to keep her composure as she murmured that she just had to get away from the there.

We were shocked, to say the least as we had never had a hint of the troubles in their marriage, I was a bit concerned that the way Sally and I had played on meets had led to the breakup, but that was not something I could ask with Alexis sitting with us.

Sally must have read my mind as she quietly said to us both that it was nothing that we had done. Alexis took that comment to be a general statement about our regular meeting and the way we had all formed a bond, but I knew what she really meant.

Alexis asked where she had stayed the night before, and Sally explained that she had thought about going to her parents, but they only had a small bungalow and so she had booked into a cheap hotel and was going to stay there for a week or so whilst she figured out what to do next. Alexis immediately told her that she could stay at ours as with our daughter now at University and son working away from home we had a couple of spare rooms.

Sally smiled weakly and said thank you, but she couldn’t impose on us, but we both insisted and eventually Sally agreed to come back to ours.

We drove round to her hotel and waited whilst Sally packed her one small bag and checked out. When she got back to the car, I asked her if she wanted to go home and collect any more clothes, but Sally declined saying that at this moment she was not ready to face Mike. To be honest, I was glad as I didn’t want to see Mike just yet, we didn’t really understand why they had split up and I certainly still thought of Mike as a friend, and I felt that it might look to him that we were taking sides.

Sally moved into our attic bedroom, and over the next couple of weeks we saw her occasionally for meals, but she mainly kept to herself and barely left her room when we got home in an evening from work. We knew that she and Mike had been talking things through, but we also knew that Sally had collected more of her personal belongings.

On the second weekend, we asked Sally if she wanted to join us for a few drinks in town, an attempt to lighten her mood and bring a smile to her face. She agreed and so at half seven I was sitting in the living room waiting for the girls to get ready. I had a while to wait as it was not until eight pm that I heard them coming down the stairs.

As I got up two visions of loveliness walked into the room. Alexis was wearing a black halter neck dress with a plunging neckline the oval gap arching round her cleavage meeting below her chest in a diamanté broach, continuing downwards the dress finished just above the knee. Her legs were clad in sheer black stockings and on her feet were her sexy black 4-inch heels.

Sally was equally stunning; her dress was red, tight-fitting and shimmered in the light as it was dotted with tiny crystals. It finished midway down her thigh, her legs were bare, and she had finished off the look with a pair of strappy high heeled sandals.

We all jumped in the car and headed into the city centre where we visited a number of bars throughout the evening. A couple of brave men would approach the girls when I was at the bar or had gone to the toileta but they were quickly rebuffed as Alexis would never flirt or even think about getting off with a single guy on a normal night out and Sally was not yet ready to put herself out there. As we entered and left the various bars in the city centre, I would get some admiring glances from men and woman as I had two gorgeous women on my arm. Alexis and I would occasionally kiss and rub our hands over each other’s arses, but neither of us behaved inappropriately with Sally.

As the rather ornate Rolex advertising clock above a jewellers shop in the centre chimed one in the morning, we headed back to the car and made the short drive home pulling onto the drive fifteen minutes later. Entering the house, Sally thanked us for taking her out for the night and then headed up to her room.

We, on the other hand, went into the living room intending to get a drink before heading up to bed but Alexis had other ideas. As I went to walk into the kitchen, she grabbed my arm and as I turned she hugged me and grabbing my head in both hands she pulled my head down to hers and started to kiss me.

Our hands wandered all over each other’s bodies, my hands eventually coming to rest at on her arse and I slowly pulled her dress up so that her bare arse was exposed along with her little red thong and suspender belt. I caressed her arse, and her hand wandered across the front of my jeans feeling my hard cock through the tough material. Her hand found the zip, and she pulled down my fly and slipped her hand inside.

Her hand roamed around inside my crotch searching for a way into my boxers but the tight jean material restricted her movements. Breaking the kiss, she suggested we take it upstairs and still with her hand inside my jeans we moved awkwardly up the stairs.

We had completely forgotten about Sally as we made it to the top of the stairs and Alexis started to undress me, I kicked off my shoes, and my shirt was nearly ripped off my back in her eagerness to get her hands on my bare chest. I reached around behind her neck and pulled on the bow which was holding her dress up, as it fell away from her neck and breasts I helped it on its way to the floor where it crumpled up around her feet.

Alexis stepped out of the dress and kicked it to the side; my hands started to run over her arse tracing the edge of her thong down between the cheeks.

Suddenly we heard the door to the attic bedroom open and down the stairs came Sally. Despite the fact that Sally had seen us naked and more in the past Alexis nipped behind me to hide.

Sally reached the bottom step and only then did she see us both, she stopped and took in the sight that confronted her. She apologised and turned to go back upstairs saying that she had only been heading down to the kitchen to get a glass of water and she would get it later.

I said nothing, but from behind me I heard Alexis say, “you can join us if you want, but we understand if you don’t want to.”

I glanced back in surprised and mouthed the words, “What are you doing?” Opening my eyes wide in astonishment, I think I stopped breathing as I waited for Sally reply.

Sally stopped with one foot on the next step and for what seemed like ages to me but was probably no more than a couple of seconds, in reality, she pondered the question.

Turning to face us, she smiled and said that she would like that very much. I held out a hand and she came back down the stairs and taking my hand we led her into our bedroom.

Having pulled her into our room, I was suddenly at a loss as to how to proceed. I was conscious of everything that had gone before and really felt nervous. Alexis took the lead moving in and starting to kiss Sally with passion I had not seen from her before when kissing another woman.

Sally returned the kiss with equal passion, and their hands roamed across each other bodies exploring. Breaking the kiss, they turn to face me, Alexis pushed me, and I fell back onto the bed, Sally grabbed my belt undid it and quickly pulled my jeans off. Alexis climbed next to me and started to kiss me. I could no longer see Sally, but I could feel her and having quickly divested me of my jeans I felt my boxers being pulled down and my cock sprang free.

I reached around and unhooked Alexis bra letting her tits fall from their bound constraint; I pulled her up ever so slightly so that I could get my mouth around her nipples and I teased each nipple, sucking, biting and licking till they were rock hard.

Sally was now between my legs her tongue licking up and down the length of my shaft. I felt her mouth slip over the head of my cock, and she slowly engulfed my entire cock. I could feel her tongue swirling around my shaft as my cock was deep in her throat. I arched my back driving my cock even deeper down her throat; Sally started to slide back up my cock before plunging back down, her nose touching my pelvic bone.

Alexis slipped her thong off and straddled my face so that I could lick her pussy; she leaned forward to bring her head down to join Sally. Sally released my cock from her mouth, and I felt two tongues licking up and down my shaft as I devoured Alexis pussy, running my tongue up and down her pussy lips before pushing my tongue inside her and lapping up her sweet juices as they ran from her.

We continued in this fashion for nearly ten minutes with Alexis and Sally taking it in turns to swallow my cock whilst the other licked and kissed around it. I could feel myself getting close and wanted to stop so was pleased when suddenly Alexis started to moan louder, and with a shudder, I felt her legs clamp tight around my head as her pussy released a stream of liquid into and around my mouth.

Climbing off me Alexis swung round, and Sally guided my cock into her pussy, she started to rock back and forth on my cock.

Sally crawled up the bed and proceeded to lick Alexis juices off my face and then we started to kiss. My hands explored Sally's body and finding the zip to her dress I lowered it down her back. Sally stood up and shimmied out of it revealing that she had not been wearing any underwear all night.

She returned to kissing me, and my hand slipped under her body, and I started to stroke and finger her pussy.

Alexis was moaning louder and louder now, and I knew she was getting close to orgasm. She moaned and fell forward as another orgasm flowed through her, I felt her gush all over my cock. Sally moved between my legs and with my cock still buried deep inside Alexis I felt her licking at my cock. She was obviously eager to drink as much of Alexis juices as possible. I slipped out of Alexis and Sally pounced on my cock wiping Alexis juices over her face.

Alexis turned around and grabbed Sally's face and started to lick her juices from Sally's face.

Pulling away from Sally and looking at her she said its time you got fucked now. This was what I wanted to hear, but before I could get up and start searching for the condoms, she said, “Well hop on before it starts to deflate.”

I froze, looking up from the bed I could see that Sally was also staring at Alexis. Alexis said that she felt that we had played together so many times now that she was happy to forgo the condom as she had always had a fantasy of sucking my cock with the taste of another woman and she liked the woman to be Sally.

Sally nodded slowly and leaning in; she kissed Alexis and said that she was honoured that she thought that highly of her. With that she straddled my body and Alexis guided my cock into her pussy, I felt the familiar warm feeling of her pussy and Sally started to move up and down with gusto on my cock. Alexis moved behind Sally and helped to raise and lower her whilst playing with her tits and kissing the back of her neck. Sally moaned that she was close and plunging down on my cock; she groaned that she was coming. Alexis told her to get off and as promised she grabbed my cock and consumed it, moaning as she tasted Sally's juices on my cock.

Sally rolled onto her back and Alexis released my cock and climbing up looked me in the eye saying, “Get that cock back in that tasty hole, I want it covered in her juices again so I might taste it again, but you must not cum. I want that in me so that she can clean it out of me.”

To say I was shocked was an understatement. I had never seen Alexis be both so horny and so dirty before, but I was not going to refuse her in this mood. I got between Sally's legs and drove my cock deep into her, Sally squealed with delight which caused Alexis to laugh and ask, “is he fucking you good?”

“Huh huh, oh yes he is” was all that Sally could splutter as I pounded her pussy for all I was worth. I decided that this could well be the last time I got to fuck Sally so wanted to make it one to remember, my hand snaked up her body and closed around her throat just the way she likes it. Immediately her hand flew to my back, and as I squeezed gently on her neck, I felt her nails dig into my back. I continued to fuck her hard, all the time Sally moaned and groaned saying “oh god, oh god, oh my god.”

I knew she was getting close so I upped my speed and tightened my grip ever so slightly; it was enough to send her over the edge, “Oh my god oh-oh-oh-oh my my my godddddd” she screamed as she came violently, her legs wrapping themselves around my body and her body writhed around. I released my grip on her throat and fell forward to bury my cock deep within her and ride out her thrashing.

Sally had been watching this show with fascination whilst slowly masturbating, she stopped playing with herself and moving over, asked Sally if she had enjoyed that before lowering her pussy over Sally face, “time you licked me for a minute whilst I get this beautiful cock cleaned up and ready to fuck me, now get licking you lucky slut.”

I pulled out of Sally’s cunt and Alexis licked and cleaned my cock all the time humming and moaning from the attention that was being paid to her pussy.

Once she was happy she looked up at me, “you're ready, now get around the other side and fuck me good, I want to feel that cum of yours filling me up.”

I moved around, and before pushing my cock into Alexis dripping wet pussy, I lowered it down and into Sally's mouth. Once she had suitably lubricated it with her mouth, I positioned it at the entrance to my wife's pussy and then rammed it home.

I fucked her as hard as I could. Alexis fell forward so that her face was buried in Sally's pussy whilst her arse and pussy raised up off the bed. I knew I would not be able to last very long like this but wanted to ensure that Alexis had one last orgasm before I came, so I started to play with her arsehole, running my thumb around her puckered nub and then pushing it into her tight hole. It was all that was needed; I felt her squirt as she came, her scream muffled by Sally's pussy.

That was my cue, and I released stream after stream of cum deep into her cunt. As I withdrew from my wife's pussy, cum dripped off my cock and onto Sally's face. She licked it up with her tongue, and so I lowered my cock down so that Sally could suck up the last bit of cum slowly oozing out of my cock.

Alexis raised her head and glanced in the mirror to see what we were doing, “Hey, if you want cum then there is plenty in my pussy, now get licking.”

I fell to the floor and watched as Alexis tightened her pelvic muscles and squeezed my cum out of her pussy into the waiting mouth of Sally who licked and sucked up my cum as soon as it appeared at the entrance of Alexis' pussy.

The next morning, I awoke early with both snuggled up on either side of me and wondered what would happen now. Was this the end of things, was last night a goodbye fuck, would they wake up and say it was all a mistake and not to be repeated? I looked at each girl and smiled, whatever happened I was glad that it had happened.


Well, that was six months ago and I never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined how things would turn out.

The rest of the weekend was spent together in bed, and although nothing was ever officially said, we have become a threesome. I think the correct terminology is a polyamorous relationship.

Sally is in the process of winding up her business and went back to teaching, not that either of us was even aware that she had ever been a teacher until the day she announced she had gotten an interview at a local school. For appearance purposes, she has a flat around the corner from us, but she rarely stays there except when she has the boys over every other weekend.

We all sleep in the same bed, although sometimes I will sleep with just Sally or Alexis and occasionally, they will sleep together and I will sleep on my own in the other room. We have not said anything to our families as we don’t think they would understand, but we do think that our daughter suspects something.

We attempted to remain friends with Mike at the start, but it proved difficult as although we didn’t want to take sides in their divorce, we felt uncomfortable when in his presence so chose not to have contact with him. Sally has told him about the relationship, he has been manganous and is not choosing to use it as leverage in the divorce proceeding and we are all grateful for that.

I am truly blessed to have fallen in love with two beautiful women and to have that love reciprocated. What we have seems to be working at the moment, and we all hope that it will continue for some time to come. In the meantime, we are enjoying it for what it is.


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