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The Casting Couch

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Another darkish story about an audition

The Casting Couch (MM/f)

My mind was set on seeing at least one celebrity while I was in Hollywood. I was taking a walk around the streets, taking in the sites and window shopping a little. I wanted to see someone famous but most people I saw looked liked actors and actresses, but I didn't recognize them. My family and I were taking a vacation in California. California was so much different than my midwestern home. Our hotel was very elegant, there were interesting shops and cafes that we didn't have back home, and the people were glamorous.

I felt akward sitting alone at one of the outdoor cafes, but I really wanted to see someone famous. I spent well over an hour at one to watch people. I wasn't sure what I'd do if I did see a celebrity. My friends back home would be excited to hear all about how I saw Brad Pitt. My parents, on the other hand, didn't care. They had opted to go to a wax museum instead that day. After I left the cafe I gave up people watching and browsed some of the markets. One of the stalls had cute bracelets that I could bring home for presents. I was looking through them for awhile when I first started to get a weird feeling someone was watching me. I felt like this guy was hovering over me so I moved around the stall, but I was too interested in what I was looking through.

"How much are these?" I asked the woman at the stall.

"Five dollars each," she answered. She gave me a weird look and looked over at my shoulder in a nervous sort of manner. I didn't think much of it and started to look through my purse for my money. Before I had taken my money out, the guy behind me reached over me and paid the woman for my bracelets. I whirled around, pretty freaked out by him. The guy didn't look very threatening to me. He was an older guy, not very old, but he was handsome and really well-dressed. He smiled at me which made me think he was just hitting on me. For a moment I believed he could be a famous actor. I got my hopes up really high.

"Don't worry about it," he said to me very casusally. He had a nice smile.

"Gee, thanks," I said like an idiot. My parents warned me somewhat about getting into trouble. I figured he was just a harmless rich guy who was looking for a dumb girl. I looked at him again to see if I recognized him from a movie but I didn't.

"Didn't mean to scare you, I'm Paul Richards with Platinum Casting," he said to me, making me shake hands with him. He had nice hands.

"Platinum . . . ?" I said. I had no idea what he was talking about at first. I thought he was trying to sell me something. I started to walk away but he stayed beside me. He was also persistant.

"Casting. You have the exact look for a minor part in an upcoming movie. I'd like to talk to you for a minute if you have time," he said fast. He was a bit of a smooth talker, he smiled a lot at me. My defenses should have went up but they didn't. Instead I got very excited, thinking I was going to be rich and famous.

"You're not from around here, are you?" He said.

"No, Iowa " I replied.

"That's good. I'm always looking for new talent. It's a lot better than hiring spoiled actresses," He was joking, but it offended me a little. I wasn't about to argue with a guy who wanted to give me a shot at being in a movie though.

"Oh, what's the part?" I asked, trying to play it cool.

"It's for a waitress. It's not a huge part, but it is a speaking role. I've already interviewed a couple of big name actresses, but I'd love to hire a down to earth girl for the role," he said. It sounded good to me.

"That would be . . " I stammered.

"I know, it would be great. But first do you think you could make it to an audition tonight around 6 pm?" He asked. He gave me a business card with an address to a hotel room written on the back. It looked legitimate to me.

"Yes, that would be no problem," I said. My heart was pounding like crazy, believing I was going to audition for a big movie.

"Great, I'll see you there . . .?"


"I'll see you at 6 then Emily," he said as he gave me a wink. I felt like I was walking on a cloud. I was going to be a celebrity instead hoping to see one. I raced back to our hotel room. It was quiet, my parents were still gone. All I could think about was I could possibly practice for this audition in the next couple of hours. Paul seemed to like me, so I though my chances were already pretty good.

I took a shower and changed into some new shorts and a tee-shirt. It was about 4:30 and I couldn't sit still in the hotel room, so I walked over to where Paul's hotel room was. I thought about leaving my parents a note, but I could picture them getting mad at me for talking to strangers, so I didn't bother. Any concerns I had with the legitimacy of this audition I ignored, this was my dream. I was hungry to be in movies and be rich and famous.

I was about an hour early when I knocked on his hotel door. There was no answer, so I sat in the hallway. My heart was pounding like crazy. I wanted to make a good audition. I jumped up to greet him when I saw him coming down the hallway.

"Hi Emily, you're early," he smiled.

"Well, I can wait if you want," I was willing to do almost anything for this opportunity.

"No, it's no big deal. We can get started now if you'd like," he said as he opened the door. It was just a plain hotel room. I was picturing something more fancy for movie auditions. I never considered how odd it was for a movie audition to be held in hotel rooms at 6 pm though.

"Sure, I'd like to get back before dark," I said. I knew my parents would be pissed if I was gone for too long.

"Oh, this won't take that long hopefully," he said. He took his coat off and sat down at the table. I sat down next to him, it was hard considering how anxious I was.

"So do you have any acting experience?" He asked me, staring into my eyes.

"I've been in school plays before," I thought carefully how to answer, hoping I wouldn't say the wrong thing.

"Okay. . . anything else?" He asked.

"No, that's it really," I said, starting to get worried.

"It's a start. Would you like to read through the script a little? You'll be reading for a waitress named Ellen," he tells me as he hands me this huge script. My heart was pounding like crazy.

"I'll start," he said. "What are the specials?" He smiled at me, staring at me. I took a deep breath and began.

"Hi, we have a grilled salmon with sweet potatoes . . . It's very good."

"Is that all?" He answered.

"Sorry, I haven't really had a chance to check, I just got here to fill in for one of the other girls," I said, reading from the script.

Paul didn't read his next line. He closed his script and stared at me in silence. I was so nervous because I didn't know if I messed up badly. He either knew I had a hidden talent or I was no good.

"I'm sorry, I'm really nervous," I blurted out.

"Well Emily, you read through that very well, but I have to be honest with you and tell you that I spoke with the director earlier. He's really set on going with an established actress." My heart sank, I felt like I was wasting my time.

"Oh, so I won't get the part?" I asked.

"Well, I could convince him to change his mind, but it would be a lot of work," he said to me. I felt like he was teasing me in a way.

"Oh," I said meekly, holding back tears.

"I like you though, Emily. I just don't know if it's worth it to me to spend my time convincing the director to take a shot on you," he said.

"But I'd really love this, I won't let you down," I stammered, holding back tears. Paul sighed and leaned back in his chair. I was hoping he'd pity me.

"You really want this don't you?" He asked.

"Yes, I'd do anything," I said without thinking.

"Anything?" He said, grinning at me like a pervert.

"Well, almost," I said, akwardly crossing my legs. I felt nervous about this.

"I guess you have to ask yourself how much you want this," He said, in a threatening sort of way. My heart was pounding. This was probably my only chance at being famous. Making it worth it to Paul would mean giving up my dignity. It was a very tough decision for me. He grinned at me, taking joy in my anxiety. I normally would not do anything so stupid, but my inhibitions were fading fast in my pursuit of fame.

"A blowjob? Would that do?" I blurted out.

"Sure kiddo, only if that's what you want to do," he said. He had me right where he wanted me. I gulped, I had never given a blowjob before. All I knew about giving them was what I heard from my girlfriends that joked about it at school. I knew enough not to bite down, and to try and use my tongue. I couldn't believe I was doing this, but Paul watched me get up from my chair and kneel in front of him. I waited for him to unzip himself but he didn't.

"Go on, do you want this or not?" He scolded me. I didn't need anymore encouragement, I wanted this role. I unbuttoned his pants and unzipped him myself. I rubbed his thighs, looking up to see if he was really going to make me do this. He gave me an impatient look so I reached inside his boxers and tugged him out. He was big, but still falcid. I held him in my hand, gulping when I felt him grow.

"Take your time," he said as he put his hand on my head and ran his fingers through my hair. I hoped this would be worth it I thought to myself. I leaned over his lap and closed my lips around his soft penis. He grew really fast in my mouth. I sucked on him gently, trying to remember anything else my girlfriends said about blowjobs. I flicked my tongue around him until he got really heard. I started to move up and down, sucking on him and listening to him groan. I was hypnotized by my own rythym, it was more enjoyable than I thought it would be. Apparently I wasn't feeling the pleasure he was though. He kept growing between my lips until he stretched them apart. I gagged and had to stop a couple of times at this point. I rubbed him in my hand and caught my breath then. I loved how it felt, he was hard but still soft in way. I jerked him up and down.

"Show me how much you want this part," he grunted. I swallowed and closed my lips around him again. I flicked my tongue around him, fitting him deep in my mouth. It was warm and tasted salty, it was very intoxicating to me. He strarted to tug at my hair, hurting me whenever he felt good I think. I hoped this would be worth it if I became a famous actress. I kept at it for a few minutes, going up and down on him. He put his hand behind my head after awhile and really started to push on my head. He shoved my head into his lap so his cock stabbed the back of my mouth. I coughed a lot and almost threw up, but he wouldn't let me stop and catch my breath. He controlled me in tight movements, slamming my head back and forth on his cock.

"That's it baby," he groaned while I turned blue. He did this for awhile then grabbed my hair and ripped my head back. He took his thing out of my mouth and let me breathe again. I hoped this would be the end, and he wouldn't want to go any further than this blowjob. He pushed my head back down in his lap again though, I sucked on him like a hungry animal, rubbing his legs, entranced by his moaning. He shoved his hips up along with pushing my head down so I was forced to gag on his cock. It was pretty humiliating, I still rolled my tongue around him and sucked on him as best I could. He throbbed in my mouth and was poking desperately at my throat. He didn't get that far thank God. I kept sucking on him and he kept abusing me until I felt his ejaculation start. His sperm shot right down my throat. He kept my head down so I had no chance to avoid it. It collected in my empty stomach. It was pretty gross, I guess I wanted this acting job really bad.

"Oh yes kiddo," he groaned. Letting me have a chance to breathe again. I wiped my lips, feeling pretty frisky now. I was turned on by this experience in some way. Paul zipped up and forgot about me it seemed. I stood up, trying to collect my dignity.

"That was great, you don't have to leave yet do you? Want to stay awhile?" He asked me.

"Sure," I answered. I wanted to find out about this movie, and my libido was catching up with me as well. I was just a normal girl who wanted her chance to feel pleasure. Paul smiled at me and stood up with me. I was very attracted to this handsome older man, but this was a one-night stand I was considering.

"Hungry girl?" He asked me as he put his arms around my waist.

"Not really," I replied. "I'd like a soda though." I wanted to wash the taste of sperm out of my mouth and my stomach. I put my arms around his neck and let him kiss my cheek. He didn't kiss my lips. My heart was pounding like crazy, and for the first time I realized I was wet. He let go of me and patted me on my head like his pet dog.

"I'll go down the hall and get a Coke, okay?" He said.

"Sure," I answered. I sat down on the bed. My head was spinning from the over excitement. I took a deep breath and laid back, I felt like I was on cloud nine. It seemed like Paul sincerely liked me and wanted to put me in this movie. I didn't care that it was 7 pm and my parents would be wondering if I got into trouble. They'd be happy that their daughter would be a famous actress.

Paul came back in the room with my soda and sat beside me. He rubbed my back lovingly while I took a few sips of the Coke. It helped wash the feeling of cum in my stomach.

"I'll talk to the director tomorrow," Paul tells me. "I'll tell him I found a better girl."

"So I have the part?" I asked, feeling very confident.

"We'll see, I can't guarantee it, but it's like 90 percent," He says, still massaging my tired muscles. I couldn't help but feel cheated though, since I just blew him for a 90 percent chance. I wanted a guarantee. He could tell I was a little upset and tried to bring my spirits up. He stopped rubbing my back and instead put his hand on my leg. He rubbed up my thigh, making me shudder. My eyes looked into his, I trusted him. He wedged his hand between my legs, trying to grab my crotch. I didn't really want to get too crazy with him, but I couldn't help myself. I was far from home and figured it was harmless. I opened my legs, allowing him to grab ahold of my sex. He squeezed me and rubbed me over my shorts. I dumped the soda on the floor when he made me squeal.

We both laughed, it was pretty funny at the time. He kept rubbing me between my legs, he was a little rough but I assumed he knew what he was doing. I leaned to him and put my arms around his neck, rubbing my head under his chin. He had a way of making me feel submissive. He kept making me squirm, it felt really good.

"Oooh wow," I moaned at one point after we kissed.

"You're very beautiful," he told me, which made me very happy. I wasn't used to being complimented like that. We made out for awhile and then he put his hand down my shorts. I felt his warm hand touch my bare skin. His fingers traced around my sex very slowly. I was getting very aroused by all of this. I knew if I wanted him to stop I'd have to say something soon, or else we were going all the way.

"Uhhnn.." I moaned when he pushed his fingers over my clitorous. It felt so good.

His cell phone started to go off and the action stopped. I was glad because it gave me a chance to collect my thoughts and think about what I was doing. Paul got up and left the room to take his phone call. I went into the bathroom and took a look at myself in the mirror. My hair was a mess. I tried to fix my hair, but I knew I should just go back to my hotel room before my parents got frantic about me being gone. I could leave Paul wanting more I though, which might help me get the part. I was wetter than I'd ever remembered being, it was hard to decide to leave. I came out of the bathroom and Paul was standing there with a sad look on his face. My heart sank, I knew this meant trouble.

"Bad new Emily. That was the director," he frowned. I felt pretty upset that I just blew this guy for nothing.

"Well, I guess it was a longshot anyways," I said, holding back tears.

"You want this real bad don't you?" He sounded sincerely sad for me.

"Well, yeah," I wondered where he was getting at.

"How badly?" He asked me. I knew where this was going.

"I don't know," I answered coldly. I still had my pride, I wasn't going to whore myself out, not even for this opportunity.

"Na, I don't want to ask, you seem like a nice girl."

"Ask me what?" I said, I wanted to hear him tell me what I'd have to do, but I knew.

"I know this director, and I know he'll bend for certain agreements," he said, I think I saw him crack a smile.

"Like blowjobs?" I answered sarcastically. I wasn't going to be that easy. But I still considered it in my mind, I already did it once.

"Yes, well maybe more too, but this would be guaranteed," he tells me. I looked at him in the eye, I thought he was sincere enough about it.

"Ugh, I don't know," I said. I had a hard time deciding, I really wanted to be famous.

"I didn't want to ask you, but if you want this, it's the only way. He'll come down here and meet you now. You can be back at your hotel by 9." He said, he was doing a good job of convincing me. I was still very aroused from our make out session, I didn't care about my inhibitions. I rolled my head around my shoulders, the price of being famous was giving up some of my pride.

"Okay," I said meekly. I kept telling myself it would be worth it.

Paul gave me a grin and called the director. He walked out of the room as I sat down. I took some deep breaths and got my courage up. I knew I would be having sex in matter of minutes. My body, that I had worked so hard to keep pure, would be defiled by a complete stranger in exchange for my stardom. I picked the bottle of soda off the floor and drank what was left. Paul walked back in smiling, he was strangely happy for someone that seemed so concerned about me earlier.

"It will be worth it, it is a tough business to break into," he tried to console me.

"I hope so," I said. I didn't really care anymore. I was wet, I wanted to have sex. Paul rubbed my back again until the director knocked on the door. It was really fast I thought, jumping up when I heard the knock. The director was also an older guy. He had grey hair, but he was handsome.

"Is this our Ellen?" He smiled and looked at me. I gulped as he stood over me and petted my head like I was his pet.

"She's a little cutie, isn't she?" Paul spoke up. I was a pawn to them, they wanted to hire the girl they could get the most out of it seemed.

"Well, I'm sure you have places to be honey," The grey haired man said as he took his shirt off. He was well-toned for an old guy. I felt akward about having sex with a stranger with another guy watching. Paul got up and sat back in his chair. By this time the director, James, was in his boxers. I looked down at the lump in his shorts, I suddenly felt very small.

"Relax babe, this is a million dollar role," James tells me. It would be worth it I knew. That was a lot of money.

"Really?" I asked coyly. James pulled my shirt over my chest, I lifted my arms so he could take it off. My heart was pounding like crazy as he sat behind me on the bed. I thought I was going to be a rich actress, I was very ecstatic. James took my bra off and wrapped his hands around my breasts.

"Oooh.." I moaned.

"Nice tits," James said. He twirled his fingers around my sensitive nipples. It felt good, I put my hands on his and pushed his hands against my chest. I loved how his big hands covered my breasts. He groped me and tugged on my nipples. I was so hot at this point, I was very overwhelmed already.

James rubbed his hands down my sides and then turned my head around and kissed me. I darted my tongue in his mouth as he stroked my hair back. He pushed his tongue in my mouth, I felt his hands trace down my bare tummy. His hands were underneath my shorts while we made out. I was rubbing his chest and squirming like crazy when I felt his fingers part my labia. He shoved his fingers in me with confidence. One after the other until it felt like he was trying to cram his whole hand in me. I yelped terribly, but it was hot. I could tell he was an experienced man. He buzzed my clit as I leaned into him.

"Oh my God," I moaned and watched his hand moving up and down under my shorts. He was giving me three of his fat fingers at once, pressing them in and out of me. I squealed and looked at Paul who was enjoying the free show. It was exhilirating to have someone watch actually. When I was close to orgasm James stopped and turned me around on the bed. He pulled my shorts and underwear off as I lay back on the bed. He threw them on the floor casually and smiled at me. I gasped, feeling so vulnerable. I parted my legs, ready for him. I saw his huge thing poking out of his boxers. He was very big and hard, I was actually nervous about taking him. When I had my legs spread he was taunting me with his manhood. He put his hands on my waist and lifted me up, he turned me right around on my hands and knees. He was going to take me from behind.

"Like this my dear," he teased me. He and Paul laughed, while I was feeling very tense. He rubbed my bare butt and poked his fat cock against my thighs.

"Oooh.." I moaned, I took a deep breath.

"So you want to be an actress?" James taunted me. Between the two of them I felt pretty small. The end of cock began poking through my labia. I squirmed, but I wanted him inside me.

"Auughhh..." I groaned when I felt inch after inch of him open me up. I tried to pull forward to slow him down, but he held me in my place with his big hands. He forced me to take his entire length. He was huge.

"Oooh no.. Stop! Stop! Stop!" I yelled. Both Paul and James laughed, it was pretty humiliating for me. He didn't stop, he quickened his rythym instead. He leaned over me and thrust his hips against me over and over. He was touching me in very deep spots. He shook me back and forth during this like I was a helpless doll. It was intense and I was moaning like crazy. They laughed whenever I cringed because I was hurt by him. It felt so good though. He was nice about rubbing me between my legs, especially my clit. He kept buzzing my clit until I started to orgasm.

"Ohh.. Oh God! Oh God!" I yelled. My head was spinning as very intense waves of pleasure swept over me. I pushed my body back against him until I felt his heavy balls hitting my butt. He was touching spots in me I had never known.

"I'll make you famous," He groaned at one point. I was so overwhelmed.

"Uhhnnn.." was all I could mutter as he slowly pulled his huge cock out of me. It felt like hours since we started. James groaned loudly and then laughed at me, he crawled to my front and pulled my chin up. He made me put my lips around his slimy penis. I sucked on him, tasting myself and his precum. I didn't care, I was very satisfied and was in a good mood. I gulped hungrily, taking him as deep as I could without gagging. He put his hand on my head and pulled my hair back. I kissed and sucked underneath him, darting my tongue around him. He liked that a lot. His sperm shot across my cheek quickly. It caught me by suprise because he manage to force himself back into my mouth. He was shooting off like crazy. There was sperm from two guy's in my stomach now, it was pretty gross. But I sucked on him until he decided he was finished. He tugged my hair as everything was drained from him.

After he pulled out I wiped my cheek off on the bed sheets. Both of the men looked at me like I was the biggest slut in the world.

"Oh man, you want this job don't you?" James said teasingly. I sat up and caught my breath.

"Mmmhmm," I nodded. I was glowing a lot, I had never had an orgasm like that before.

"You got it babe," James smiled. I was very happy, I couldn't believe I just had the best sex of my life and I was going to be in a movie. Everything seemed to be going well. Paul sat up slowly, I watched him as he came over to me wearing just his boxers. He grinned something awful at me. I curled back on the bed.

"Oh no, please no," I started to beg, but he acted like I was joking. I gasped, I wanted to get back to my hotel room before my parents freaked out at me being gone.

"What's one more?" He laughed. I was about to jump up but he pushed me down on the bed. He held me down on the bed by my arms as James got dressed. I felt like a cheap whore. He layed on top of me and pushed my arms over my head. I felt his cock swelling below me, I tried to squirm away but he just held me tighter. His cock found my pussy, I cringed as I felt him plunge into me. He held my wrists tight as he tried to balance himself over me and give me a good thrashing. I think he was laughing as he started to pound his hips into me, he was really aggressive and stretching me deep.

"Oh yeah, give it to her!" I heard James yell from the background. I groaned a lot, I was helpless to stop him, but it really felt good. I couldn't believe I had taken two older and more experienced men today.

"Uuuhhhnnnn," I moaned, close to another orgasm. He kept slamming his cock in me, making me feel small. He kissed my lips several times, but I could barely return the favor. He kept a steady rythym, really filling my insides with his manhood.

"Uhhnn God!" I squealed as a very intense orgasm swept over me. I felt so overwhelmed, sexually spent. I was squeezing him tightly inside me. He was groaning a lot, I was worried about getting pregnant at this point. But after a few more manly thrusts from him he pulled out and let his cum fly on my tummy. I came down from my cloud after a few minutes, I felt so good. I went into the bathroom as Paul dressed. I tried to make myself decent for my parents. When I left the bathroom both guys were gone and I never saw them again.


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