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No Longer A Virgin

No Longer A Virgin

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“I don't know John, I'm just not sure I'm ready,” I said grabbing the last things out of my locker.

“Come on, Sam. I promise you'll love it. I mean you do love sucking my cock,” John said standing next to me.

“Yeah, I do. Alright I'll think about it. So I'll see you tomorrow okay,” I said giving John a kiss.

“Okay, see you tomorrow,” John said as he turned and started walking away.

I shut my locker and walked towards the door. I walked out and looked up into the sky, the sun was shining and there was not a cloud in the sky, a beautiful day. But the only thing I could think about was whether or not I wanted to give my virginity to my boyfriend John.

Once I got home I decided that I would go for a jog. So I went upstairs to my room, and threw my bag on the floor next to the door. Walking towards my closet I began to undress. I started by pulling off my uniform top and threw it on the bed. Opening my closet door, I unsnapped my bra and let it fall to the floor, allowing my 32C tits fall free. Looking in the mirror admiring my shoulder length black hair, blue eyes, tan body, and flat belly. I decided that I wasn't going to wear a bra on my jog as I pulled off my uniform skirt. I grabbed a white tank top, a pair of shorts and put them on.

I stretched a little in my room before grabbing my iPod and headed out. I walked out the door put my headphones in and started jogging. I was going to take my normal route which was barely over a mile circle which brought me back to my house. While jogging I continued to contemplate whether or not to let John have sex me. A couple blocks away from my house I decided that I would finally let John take my virginity.

I figured I'm going to lose it eventually, why not now to my boyfriend. Plus I had already given him hand and blow jobs, so why not go all the way. Even though I new very little about sex other than what he had taught me, I was going to put it off until I found the perfect time.

When I finally got home I decided to take a shower. So I went into the bathroom undressed and hopped in the shower and turned it on. Letting the water run through my hair and down my body I couldn't help but caress my tits, which I loved very much. Looking down at my clean shaven pussy, I loved the way the water glistened off my skin. I washed my hair and body before stepping out and drying off. I threw my clothes in the hamper and went back to my room. Feeling tired I laid down and quickly fell asleep.

After 8 days of putting off John's constant attempts to fuck me I got the news I was hoping for. My parents Anniversary was coming up and they would be going away for the weekend leaving only me and my sister at home. So I told him to come over Saturday night for a surprise.

Once Saturday rolled around I was quite nervous, I only had a few hours left of being a virgin and still had little knowledge about sex. I took a shower, shaved my pussy just like he liked. I put on his favorite outfit which was a black tank top with no bra, short shorts, and a black lace thong. I got my sister to sleep at 10:00 and I waited downstairs for John. He showed up a little after 12:00. I quietly open the door and as soon as I did he grabbed me and we started making out. He walked me towards the couch and pushed me onto it as we continued kissing. He rubbed my right leg with his left hand and ground against me as we were still making out.

His left hand made its way to my shorts and began unbuttoning them. Once unbuttoned he reached his hand down them and started rubbing my pussy through my thong. Soft moans escaped my lips through our kisses. Finally he jumped up and pulled off my shorts. Knowing what was about to happen I quickly pulled off my shirt as he pulled my thong to the side and began to eat me out. His tongue covered the inside of my pussy, licking from one side to the other, top to bottom, and from time to time he would suck my clit.

“Oh shit John, just like that don't stop.” I said over and over as I grabbed his hair and pushed hiss face even deeper into my pussy. He continued eating my pussy until I was on the verge of an orgasm. “Fuck John, I'm cumming!” I screamed as I got rocked by a huge orgasm. My pussy juices squirted all over his face as he pulled away, while my right leg spasmed.

As I recovered from my orgasm John unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them off. Revealing a large bulge in his white boxers. When he pulled them down his rock hard, nine inch cock sprung out. I sat up and went to go grab it but he pushed me back down on my back getting on the couch himself. He pressed the head of his cock against the entrance of my pussy.

“Are you ready, Sam?” John asked rubbing his cock along my entrance.

I nodded yes as a moan escaped my lips.

“Alright babe you want me to go slowly, or get it over with really quickly?” John asked pressing just the head inside me.

“Slow ...” I started saying before John thrust his cock in balls deep.

I screamed out in pain as John took my virginity in a split second. A few tears rolled down my cheek as John started to fuck me. Pulling his dick nearly all the way out before thrusting all the way back in. After five thrusts the pain started turning into pleasure. Moans of pleasure escaped my lips John picked up the pace. The feeling of being filled full of cock was like no other feeling. Starting to really pound my pussy hard and fast I could feel another orgasm building.

“Oh fuck John I'm about to cum,” I gasped.

John didn't say a thing, he only continued to fuck me, but his pace started to quicken. Unable to hold back any longer I screamed out in pleasure as the biggest orgasm of my life hit me. I felt my pussy clinch around John's cock as he thrust deep into me hitting my cervix, which sent a shock of pain through me. I then felt a warm sensation growing in my belly as John collapsed on top of me keeping his dick inside me.

“John did you just cum inside me?” I asked.

“Uh... Yeah Sam I did,” John said breathing heavily.

“But wait, couldn't I get pregnant?” I asked concerned.

“No babe, don't you know you can't get pregnant on the same day you lost your virginity.” John said still laying on top of me.

“Oh wow, really? I got scared there for a second. Well that's good because it felt great being filled with your cum,” I said wanting to get fucked again.

“Really? I'll keep that in mind. So you ready for round two?” John said before leaning in and kissing me.

“Hell yes I am,” I said breaking away from the kiss.

“Okay, hop up then,” John said climbing off of me. “Now I want you to lean over the back of the couch babe.” John said showing me where to go.

“Like this?” I asked once I got in position.

“Yup, just like that,” John said walking up behind me.

Once behind me he started to rub my pussy lips. I then felt the head of his dick rub against my pussy before he thrust inside me again. Suddenly being filled made me gasp loudly, but that gasp quickly turned into screams and moans of pleasure. John grabbed me at the waist and started fucking me with a constant hard and fast rhythm. Eventually I picked up the rhythm and began to move my ass back, meeting his thrusts in nearly perfect unison. Each thrust brought his cock deeper and deeper until it was eventually hitting my cervix.

All of a sudden I felt a sharp stinging pain on my ass, turning my head around I saw John slap my other ass cheek. But instead of pain, this slap actually felt good.

“Oh yes John, slap my ass, I love it!” I moaned to John.

“Gladly Slut,” John said as he slapped my ass again. Now I had always thought of the word slut being negative. But being called a slut during sex seemed right. So I went along with it.

“Fuck yes, just like that fuck me like the little slut I am!” I screamed out.

“Mmmmm I love it when you talk dirty Sam,” John said continuing to pound my pussy.

John's pace started quickening as he used his right to grab my hair, pull my head back, nearly standing me straight up as, and used it to thrust right into my cervix. I felt his cock twitch as he exploded right up into my womb for the second time tonight.

"Ohhhhh fuck!” I screamed as I came all over John's cock, squeezing it as his cum filled me.

Once John was done, he collapsed on my back and breathed heavily, as his cock held all the cum in me.

“Damn John I should have let you fuck me a long time ago,” I said loving the warm feeling in my belly.

“I tried to tell you babe,” John gasped, clearly exhausted. I began to feel his cock soften.

“I hope you're not done, I need to feel you sliding in and out of me one last time,” I said pretty much begging him to fuck me one last time.

“I'm nearly spent Sam, can't you wait until tomorrow or something,” John said standing up, but still standing behind me with his now soft cock barely in me.

“No I can't, I need to feel you cum in me again, we both know you wont be able to tomorrow,” I said in a begging manner.

“Fine, but you're going to have to do the work, I'm exhausted,” John said pulling out of me.

I felt a something start to roll down my leg, I realized it was a mixture of our cum. Reaching down I scooped it up and tasted it. It was sweet, and a little salty, but it tasted pretty good to me.

John walked over and sat on the couch. He began to stroke his now limp dick, trying to get it hard for our last fuck of the night. I walked over and sat down next to him, deciding to help him out.

I grabbed his cock and slowly began stroking it. After a few slow strokes, I took just the tip of his dick in my mouth and began swirling my tongue over the head. Immediately I could taste the mixture of his and my cum, once again it tasted good. John tilted his head back and moaned as I began to go deeper and deeper, swirling my tongue all around his cock, tasting as much of our cum as possible.

I was now stroking his cock as my head bobbed up and down on his cock. It took me by surprise when John grabbed the back of my head and shoved it down on his now hardening dick. I gagged a little at first before I relaxed my throat and began to deep throat his cock. He held my head until I was almost out of air, that's when he grabbed my hair and pulled my head off his dick. I gasped loudly for air as a long line of saliva hung down from my mouth to his now hard cock.

“Alright slut hop on,” John said pulling me up by my hair.

Still breathing heavily I quietly climbed up on John, straddled his cock before I impaled myself on it. I felt it go in balls deep and I gasped. I just sat on his cock for a few seconds as John reached around and grabbed both of my ass cheeks and squeezed them. I started fucking him slowly, but I was steadily picking up speed until I was bouncing up and down on his cock with a passion. My tits were bouncing up and down in John's face before he took them in his hands and began sucking on my nipples. Loving the feeling of having my tits played with it didn't take long for me to cum again.

“Fuck! I'm cumming!” I screamed collapsing on John, my whole body trembled and I was not in control of my body movements.

Then John slouched down, pulled me close into him and began to fuck me as I spasmed on top of him. Unable to do anything but moan in pleasure I felt him quicken his pace. Soon after he wrapped his arms around me, held me tightly as he thrust in one final time and erupted deep inside my unprotected pussy for the third time. Another set of orgasms hit me and I passed out. When I awoke I was laying on my couch. My pussy was sore from the pounding I had taken, and I was exhausted. I managed to make my way to my room, and quickly fell asleep no longer a virgin.
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