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Joe, mum and me

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What happened when Joe, mum and me went on holiday together

Since mum and dad separated, mum and I have generally gone on holiday together at least once a year; either just the two of us or with mum’s current boyfriend of the time.

Just after my sixteenth birthday mum announced that we were going on holiday to Spain. Mum was still in her early thirties and very attractive but at that time mum did not have a boyfriend. She asked me if I wanted to take mine. I must have looked vacant.

“Joe,” she said.

Joe is my sort of second cousin and almost exactly the same age as me. He’s a ‘sort of’ second cousin because he is my mum’s cousin’s step son. I’ve known him for about five years. We don’t live particularly close and went to different schools but we’d meet at family gatherings and spend time in each other’s company, chatting about things we both liked and things we had in common, especially after my mum and dad separated. As we got older sometimes we’d meet up in town and if I needed a partner to take to a friend’s party or other occasion, it would be Joe. Recently we’d become closer and we’d kissed and I’d let him touch my breasts over my clothes and I’d sometimes felt him getting hard when we embraced, but that was as far as we had gone.

“Joe,” I replied, “that would be cool,” without thinking too much about it.

Holiday time came and we flew out of Glasgow to Alicante on a Sunday evening. It was in the early hours of Monday when we arrived at the hotel and checked-in. The room was not unlike many other modern Spanish hotel rooms. It had a balcony overlooking the garden and pool, a bathroom to the right as you entered the room and, in our case, a double bed nearest the bathroom and a sort of single ‘put-you-up’ bed between the double bed and the door to the balcony. It was obvious that mum and I would share the double bed and Joe would have the single.

As it was late, mum said “Let’s just get out our jammies and toothbrushes and leave the unpacking to the morning.”

To Joe she said, “Shazz and I will use the bathroom first and then you can take your turn.”

Mum and I are used to sharing the bathroom together. Our house only has one and neither of us locks the door in case the other needs access to the facilities whilst we are in there.

Mum and I got our things and went into the bathroom. Both of us were in the habit at home of sleeping naked but on this occasion Mum put on a nightie and kept her thong on underneath. I put on the cotton pyjamas that I had bought especially for the holiday.

“You’ll be warm in those,” said mum. I was afraid that she would was right. It was hot and humid. Mum had a pee whilst I brushed my teeth and then I peed whilst she brushed hers.

When we’d done, we flushed and went back into the bedroom. Joe was already in a pair of light cotton pyjama shorts. He took in me in my jammies and mum in her short and semi-transparent nightie, then went to the bathroom himself. Mum went to the side of the bed nearest to the window (which I knew was ‘her’ side of the bed when she wasn’t sleeping alone) and got in under the duvet. I got in the other side. We heard Joe pee, flush and brush his teeth. Then he came out of the bathroom and got into his bed. We said our ‘goodnights’ and went to sleep.

Not surprisingly, we slept late the next morning. Mum and I were first up and went to the bathroom together. Once we had showered and dried we wrapped towels around ourselves and went back into the bedroom. Joe was awake but still in his bed and didn’t look as if he was going anywhere.

“Morning,” he said looking from mum to me and back again. Mum was still a little taller than me and bigger breasted and I realised that the bottom of her towel was only just reaching the top of her legs.

“Why don’t you use the bathroom, whilst Shazz and I get dressed?” suggested mum. Joe looked disappointed but did as he was told, taking his clothes with him, held conspicuously in front of his groin; I suspected to hide an erection.

I put on a skirt and loose blouse top with a cotton camisole underneath. Once dressed, we all went out to find somewhere for breakfast/lunch. It had been raining during the night and it was a bit cooler. Afterwards we went for a stroll around the town to find our bearings.

After a while, mum said, “I’m going back to the hotel to sunbathe by the pool – why don’t you two carry on and have some time to yourselves?”

Joe and I headed to the beach, hand-in-hand. Once there we found a quiet corner amongst some rocks and sat down together. We kissed and Joe fondled my breasts. He tried to put his hand up my skirt but I stopped him. Instead, we lay down together on a flat rock and kissed some more. I allowed him to put his hand under my blouse but still on top of my camisole. My nipples were erect and he played with them through my camisole.

“I’m hard,” he said and, before I realised what he was doing, he took my hand and placed it on his groin. I could feel his erection. I quickly moved my hand away.

“Not now, not here,” I said, not sure whether I meant ‘somewhere else, some other time’ or ‘not at all’.

We kissed some more then I said, “Let’s go back to the hotel.”

When we got to the hotel I didn’t want to go back to the room with Joe in case he got the wrong idea, so I suggested that we go look for mum by the pool.

If Joe was disappointed it wasn’t for long. Joe was the eldest of three brothers (the others being his half brothers) and family finances had meant that he had not been on a European ‘sun’ holiday before. As we walked towards the pool he could not take his eyes off the females sunbathing, swimming and otherwise going about their business without a bikini top. It was something mum and I had done on previous holidays and there were some girls of similar ages to Joe and myself similarly clad, or unclad, in and around the pool.

I spotted mum on a lounger by the pool. She was on her back with her eyes closed. Like others, she had taken off her bikini top.

Whilst we were still a distance away I said, “Hi, mum,” to try to give her time to cover up. She heard me and sat up. I’m not sure whether or not she had forgotten that Joe would be with me but she didn’t cover up immediately. She saw Joe and reached for her bikini top and put it on almost casually. Joe admired the view.

We chatted about where we had been and then mum checked the time and said, “Let’s go get ready for dinner.”

We went back to the room and took it in turns to shower and change and then went down for dinner. After dinner there was some entertainment so we watched and listened and had a drink. Mum asked if Joe and I wanted to go back to the room ahead of her, but I said ‘no’ and we all retired together.

This time Joe went to the bathroom first. Mom offered me a spare nightie as I had been too warm the night before. I put it on and mum put on hers, neither of us wearing bra or panties underneath. Joe came out of the bathroom in his shorts and mum went in. Joe and I sat on the edge of the double bed and kissed. Again he caressed my breasts and nipples. I could tell that he was hard again. His hand dropped to my leg and crept up under my nightie. At that point mum came out of the bathroom and Joe removed his hand quickly.

“Do you two want me to swap beds tonight?” mum asked. I wasn’t sure whether she was serious or not but again I said ‘no’ before Joe could answer and went to the bathroom myself.

When I came out both mum and Joe were in their respective beds. I got in too, said ‘goodnight’ and put out the light.

I was nearly asleep when I became aware of a creaking sound. Mum realised that I was stirring. She moved close and whispered in my ear “Joe’s wanking!”

I was shocked both at Joe and mum. Mum and I had a pretty open relationship but she wasn’t usually so forthright. Mum made a pretence of coughing and the creaking stopped. There was silence and then the creaking started again. This time mum remained quiet and we both listened whilst Joe wanked himself off.

Soon I was asleep.

The following morning mum was first up. As she got out of bed, she pushed back the cover and swung her legs around and onto the floor, pulling down her nightie as she stood up. Joe was only a couple of feet away and must have come close to seeing her pussy.

Mum went to the bathroom leaving the door unlocked, peed and then the shower started. Joe got out of bed quickly. This morning his erection was clearly visible under his shorts.

He said “I need a pee,” and went straight into the bathroom.

I heard mum say “Oh”, obviously a little shocked then, “OK just go ahead if you need to,” followed by a long and powerful pee from Joe.

Mum came out wrapped in her towel and Joe stayed and had his own shower.

By the time Joe came out, in his towel but still wet, mum was dressed. It was my turn. When I returned Joe was dressed, also. Joe watched whilst I put on bikini bottoms and top whilst keeping on my towel and doing my best to reveal as little as possible. I added a short skirt and a light top.

After breakfast we went to the beach. It seemed only natural for mum and I to take off our bikini tops whilst we sunbathed, which Joe clearly enjoyed. Afterwards we made ourselves decent again and had a light lunch at a beachside café and then Joe and I went for a walk whilst mum continued to sunbathe. We chatted as we walked.

“Your mum’s awesome,” he said. I had to agree.

Again we found a quiet spot and kissed and this time I allowed Joe to loosen my bikini top and caress my naked breasts and nipples under the light top that I had put back on. I knew that I was Joe’s first girlfriend, so this was all new territory for him. One or two people passed by but no one took much notice. I was getting horny and I was tempted to let his hand stray up my skirt when he tried to go a little further but again I stopped him.

“At least wank me off,” he said.

“Like you were doing in bed last night?” I asked. It just came out before I realised what I was saying.

“Did you hear me?”

“Yes, and mum too.”

“Cool,” he said, thoughtfully.

He didn’t get his wank. We messed around a bit longer and then I refastened my bikini top and we headed back to mum.

The evening went very much as the previous day. We all retired together and took our turns in the bathroom.

When we were all in bed and the light out the creaking started again but this time it seemed that Joe wanted us to know and hear what he was doing. Mum saved her ‘goodnight’ until he had finished, as if to make the point.

Similarly, Wednesday was more a less a repeat of Tuesday. In a moment when we were alone mum asked me if Joe and I had had sex. When I said ‘no’ she asked if we were going to. I said I didn’t know.

Wednesday night was hot and humid again. Again we listened to Joe wank. During the night either mum or I must have pushed back the cover because I awoke on Thursday morning feeling a little chilly. I became aware that the bed was rocking and there was a low moaning. I realised that mum was lying on top of the cover masturbating. I pretended to be still asleep. Mum continued to a slow climax; her breathing quickening and her body stiffening before slowly relaxing. She lay for a few minutes and then got up and went to the bathroom. I don’t know if mum had thought that Joe was still asleep but, almost immediately, Joe leapt out of bed sporting a full erection under his shorts, and followed mum into the bathroom ‘for a pee’. There were the sounds of peeing and running water in the bathroom and I heard low voices but I could not make out what was happening or distinguish what was said.

Mum came out first, wrapped in her towel and Joe followed soon after, also in his towel. I went to the bathroom whilst they both dressed.

Thursday morning was a bit awkward. I suggested to mum that Joe was out of order barging in on her in the bathroom like he had.

“Oh, he’s just being a boy!” she replied dismissively.

When I raised it with Joe, he said simply, “Your mum didn’t seem to mind.” So I didn’t press it any further.

Joe and I managed some time together in the afternoon. We went to the beach and in the sea. I was topless and Joe had on his swim shorts. After we dried I put on my short denim skirt and a light chiffon blouse. I didn’t replace my bikini top. We walked along the beach and around a headline to a secluded spot. We lay on our slightly damp towels and started messing around.

Joe played with my breasts and nipples. This time when he tried to put his hand up my skirt I allowed him to do so. This seemed to take him a little by surprise. He rubbed the crotch of my bikini bottoms with his fingers. He seemed unsure whether he should go further so I said “Just a mo,” and sat up and removed my bikini bottoms and put them in my bag. His face said it all. He was a kid in a sweetie shop. To make sure, I guided his hand back to my pussy and put his fingers on my clit.

“Just there,” I said. We kissed whilst he fingered me, moving between my clit and my vagina, at first tentatively exploring the latter but inserting his fingers deeper as I got more and more aroused. Not surprisingly he was horny too, so I rubbed his erection through his swim shorts. It wasn’t long before I felt his cock stiffen and then he ejaculated. Joe apologised but I laughed.

“Don’t worry,” I said, “but you better go in the sea and clean-up.!”

Mum had gone on a sight-seeing excursion, so we had the afternoon to ourselves. We went to a café and looked at a few shops. Joe wanted to visit the watersports centre and find out about booking a parascending session. I felt a little naughty walking around town in my beach wear of exceedingly short skirt and sheer chiffon blouse with no bikini or underwear, but Joe did not seem to mind.

We headed back in the general direction of the hotel and arrived just as mum was disembarking from her coach. Mum raised her eyebrows a little at my attire. We exchanged pleasantries and small talk as we went to our room. Joe went straight to the bathroom. I unpacked the towels and my bikini bottom and hung them on the balcony to dry then I took off my top and skirt and put on a long cotton dress. Mum’s eyebrows were raised even further when she saw that I had not been wearing any panties under my skirt.

We’d decided to go clubbing after dinner that night. We hit town around 10.00pm and went into a few bars and then a club. Joe had a beer or two and mum and I had a couple of white wine spritzers along with some soft drinks. In the club both mum and I danced with Joe and we accepted a few offers of dances from other guys. Joe’s hands were all over me in the close dances and I felt his cock grinding against me. Mum was popular with the other guys, too, and was getting particular attention from three lads who looked to be in their early twenties and who we recognised from our hotel. They came over to sit with us and Joe hung on to me possessively.

Mum and I danced variously with the lads and with Joe. Both mum and I enjoyed the attention and as the evening progressed our new friends became more forward with mum in particular.

About 1.30am mum suggested that it was time for us to leave. Our friends pressed us, and mum in particular, to stay longer but mum used Joe’s and my relative youth as an excuse ‘for an early night’ and we left shortly after.

Before we left the three guys extracted a promise that we would join them clubbing again the following night.

On Friday we slept quite late. We had brunch out and then Joe set off for the parascending session which he had booked earlier in the week.

Mum and I decided to have some girlie time together so we went shopping. Mum wanted a new dress to wear for clubbing that evening. We visited a number of shops until mum found what she wanted. She bought a tight fitting white mini dress with a low back and a deep cleavage. It would only be possible to wear an absolute minimum of underwear with it.

“Are you sure?” I asked her.

“I’m feeling sexy,” she replied.

We went back to the hotel and went to the pool to sunbathe. There we met our three friends from the night before and they joined us for a drink and a chat. They asked where Joe was and I explained his absence. Both mum and I were topless as were many others around the pool but the guys seemed keen to give us their full attention. Mum was wearing a string bikini bottom and had adjusted the material so that it was little more than a narrow strip disappearing between her legs. She did nothing to rearrange it.

Later Joe joined us. He seemed torn between being jealous of the three guys seeing quite so much of me and taking in the display which mum was providing.

There was a frisson of expectation every time mum adjusted her position or crossed or un-crossed her legs. Despite this, somehow, her bikini bottom just about managed to cover what it essentially had to cover.

When the sun dipped a little we made our excuses and went to change for dinner. Mum put on her new dress. The top barely held her breasts in place and showed off her cleavage to full advantage. Her nipples were clearly visible through the material. Under the dress she wore the tiniest of g-strings. Even then the string was visible beneath the material, circumnavigating her waist and disappearing between her bottom cheeks which were barely covered by the hem. Sat down she would have difficulty not revealing her crotch. Again I asked her if she were sure she wanted to wear it. Her response was to ask if it would better without the g-string. When I said that no way should she go out without underwear she reminded me that I had done so as recently as the day before! In the end we agreed that she should wear the dress and the g-string.

Once ready, we joined our three friends for dinner and then went with them pubbing and clubbing. The three of them seemed to be vying for mum’s attention and, to a lesser extent, mine. Again, Joe hung on to me possessively.

We ended up at the same club as the night before. The three guys danced with other girls but kept come back to mum and me. Meantime Joe also danced with both mum and I.

The evening passed quickly. About 1.30am Joe said that he was ready to return to the hotel. I think he had had enough of all the attention that mum and I were receiving.

I said “OK” and mentioned it to mum.

Mum said, “Why don’t you two go back together? I’ll stay a little longer with the guys and follow on later.” I checked if she was sure and when she said “Yes,” Joe and I left together.

When we got to the room I grabbed my nightie and went to the bathroom. This time I locked the door whilst I got ready for bed. When I came out, Joe had on his pyjama shorts. He took his turn in the bathroom whilst I got into bed. When he came out he looked at me and paused. I pulled back the cover and invited him to join me in the double bed. He did not hesitate. We continued where we had left off in the afternoon. We kissed and he removed my nightie and I took off his pyjama shorts. It was the first time he had seen me fully naked and he took in the view. Joe fondled and tongued my breasts and nipples and fingered my cunt. I played with his cock.

With a little encouragement from me, Joe worked his mouth and his tongue down to my pussy and I guided him in how to stimulate my clit with his tongue whilst finger fucking me at the same time (something I love). He went to the task with enthusiasm and brought me to a slow but satisfying orgasm. He was clearly happy with his work.

I returned the favour and used my mouth on his cock. It was clear that he was close to orgasm and I didn’t want to stain what was mum’s bed as well as mine, so I took him to a climax in my mouth and swallowed enthusiastically. There was quite a lot considering it was at least his second orgasm of the day.

“Wow, that was awesome,” said Joe.

Joe was for staying in the double bed but I reminded him that mum would be coming back soon and he reluctantly got into his own bed.

I slept well. It was bright daylight the following morning when I became aware of mum at the foot of the bed, dressed as she had been the night before but minus the line of her g-string around her waist. I checked the time. It was after 10.00am.

In answer to my quizzical look mum said: “I went back with the guys to their room for a drink and, as it was late and I didn’t want to disturb you two lovebirds, I stayed over with them rather than come back here in the middle of the night.”

Joe was stirring.

Mum said to Joe, “Do you want to use the bathroom before I have a shower?” Joe hesitated but clearly the need was great.

“I need a pee,” he said and got out of bed and went to the bathroom. He was still naked and his cock was erect. He returned a few minutes later, his cock now flaccid, and collected his pyjama shorts from the floor next to the double bed and put them on. He got back into his bed.

Mum went into the bathroom for her shower and I followed her. She took in that, like Joe, I too was minus my night attire.

“You two obviously had a good night,” she said.

“Not bad,” I replied, “How about you?”

“Not bad,” said mum, enigmatically.

Saturday was our final day and I had booked to go horse-riding in the afternoon. Neither mum nor Joe was keen on horses so they chose not to join me. I and the rest of the horse riding group left the hotel by coach to a ranch and hacienda about forty-five minutes away.

The ride lasted about three hours and stopped at a country bar en route.

There was another café and bar at the hacienda and we all went for a drink at the end of the ride. I was hot and dry so I had a long, cold soft drink.

It was quite late when we got back to the hotel. I went straight to the room to shower and change before dinner. I let myself in and realised that both mum and Joe were in the bathroom. Joe came out naked and was obviously shocked to see me. “Oops, sorry,” he said, blushing. Joe called to mum, “Shazz’s back!” Mum followed out of the bathroom wrapped in her towel. She went to the double bed and pulled up the cover.

“I had a nap this afternoon. I was tired after last night,” she explained.

I left Joe and mum to dress whilst I went for a shower. They called to me that they were going to the bar for a pre-dinner drink and that I should join them there. Our three friends were there, also.

After dinner there was a disco and we stayed for a while and talked and danced. Our friends pressed us to stay longer, but we turned in around midnight. Mum declined an invitation to join them in their room, which clearly disappointed them.

The following morning we breakfasted and then returned to the room to pack. When we had finished we had one last sweep of the room to make sure we had not left anything behind. I pulled back the cover on the double bed. Tucked right at the foot of the bed was a pair of Joe’s boxers.

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