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Acts of Infidelity - Mary & Brian - Part 1

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After twenty years of persuasion, wife finally agrees to cuckold her husband

This is a true story in two parts. It has taken over a year to put together. Of the two main characters, one of their names is real. I leave it to you to guess which one.

Thursday 26 October 2017 - 1.33pm.

My wife’s lover Richie arrived nearly an hour ago. I opened the door to let him in. Mary was pleased to see him. So was I.

I joined the two of them in the kitchen for the usual coffee and chat. For quite a while, all seemed as it might in any house when a welcome friend came to call until fifteen minutes ago when Mary asked him directly if he wanted to join her in bed.

It was a redundant question and we all knew it; bed with my wife was the reason he had come. It was what all three of us wanted and needed.

In front of my un-protesting eyes, Mary took his hand and led him from the room. I watched them go as I had so many times before then returned to my desk to work as best I could.

I’m there now, trying to work.

My office is right next to our bedroom. Both the office and bedroom doors are always left open when Richie and Mary are together. There is an open window close by too, so I can see and hear everything that takes place in our room and in our bed.

They have been there ever since, as has the stubbornly unfinished presentation on my desktop screen.

Five minutes ago my mobile phone rang. It was a client. I took the call and as I talked on the phone I wandered around our single-story house until I was standing at the bedroom door, trying to make normal conversation as I looked in on my wife and her lover.

They had wasted no time and were already under the covers, naked. Mary was wrapped in Richie’s arms as he cuddled her, relaxed in each other’s familiar, intimate company and in expectation of what was to come.

I could see her left breast resting on his chest. They were kissing, their lips pressed tightly together, their naked bodies connected from head to toe in near-silent, near-total contact.

Absorbed in their intimacy and used to my presence, they ignored me completely.

I smiled; it would be good today.


The call over, I returned to my office with the intention of doing some work but work just isn’t happening today.

Knowing what’s already taking place close by and what will soon follow, I should have guessed it would be a fruitless task, but I have persevered and painfully slowly, two more pages of presentation have been added to the file on my screen.

If I listen hard I can hear low whispers and the soft, wet sounds of lips on lips. The bedsprings are softly creaking too.

I wonder what they are saying. Is she telling him what she wants today? Is he telling her how he’s going to make her cum this time? Are they talking about me? Laughing at me?

I leave them to their intimacy and try to work.


Less than ten minutes later, what little concentration I had was shattered when I heard my wife’s phone ringing in the bedroom. The soft sounds coming through the open door suggested Mary and Richie were increasingly in the throes of passion, so I went into the room where they were in bed to answer it for her.

Mary was on her back, her full thighs parted. Richie was on top of her, his cock already moving slowly and smoothly in and out of her vagina.

I paused in the doorway, my heart thumping. No matter how often it happens, the sight of my wife making love with another man always thrills me.

The phone rang again. It was on a chair by the dresser; I crossed over and picked it up. As I fumbled with the handset, the two lovers seemed completely untroubled by my presence. My wife’s legs were wrapped around her lover’s thighs as if drawing his body into hers; her aroused sighs telling me how much she was already enjoying herself and promising well for what was to come.

I looked down at them, my chest tight. Their intimate connection was complete; male and female joined as one; his body deep inside hers; her body holding tightly onto the shaft that was slowly but repeatedly penetrating her.

Reluctantly turning my back on the arousing scene, I took Mary’s phone into the living room, telling the caller that she wasn’t available; that she would call back later. I wanted to say that she would call once she and her lover had finished having sex in our bed; that she would get back once my cuckolding had ended for the day.

But I didn’t. Instead I hung up quietly then returned to the bedroom to replace the phone.

“Who. Was. It?”

Mary’s voice was soft and dreamy, her broken words in perfect time with her lover’s unhurried thrusts.

“Car insurance,” I replied in as normal a manner as I could manage.

“Did you. Say. I’d call. Them back?” she asked.

“I told them you’d call when you weren’t so busy.”

My head was spinning; this was truly surreal and utterly wonderful. My wife and I were having a conversation about a call from an insurance company while another man was actually having sex with her.

“That might. Not be. For some time,” she smiled, ending the conversation by pulling her lover’s face towards hers and kissing him passionately on the mouth.

Richie responded by quickening his pace. Mary began to moan softly and for several wonderful minutes I stood in the doorway in sheer Cuckold Heaven, watching my wife and her lover joined as intimately as a man and a woman can be before returning to my desk and trying once again to work.


It’s hopeless. I can’t work. This time my own body has betrayed me, responding in the only way it knows; my cock hardening and tangling in my pants as I listen to the sweet sounds of two human beings moving towards a state of ultimate intimacy.

Mary’s moans are growing louder, her voice hoarser. Richie’s grunting has become clearly audible above the persistent and increasingly wet slapping sounds made by two slightly overweight bodies colliding.

He is in no hurry. It is going to be good today.


The sounds coming from the bedroom grew louder and more passionate. I abandoned my useless desktop and returned to the bedroom doorway to watch what I hoped would be only the first of many climaxes.

I was just in time; Richie was thrusting faster and faster between my wife’s open thighs and within minutes grunting. The intensity of their coupling was becoming more urgent as he pushed into my wife as far as he could. I could tell his climax was close. Mary was urging him on, spreading her legs wider as if trying to increase both the depth of his penetration and her own already sky-high arousal.

“Richie! Oh Richie!”

The sound of my wife in the throes of passion is music to my ears, exciting me like no other. Watching her reach the pinnacle of female pleasure brings me endless pleasure in return.

Unwilling to let their copulation end so soon, her lover paced himself well, rolling onto his back, pulling her plump body with him until she was astride him cowgirl style. His hands rose to her breasts and she rocked back and forth, rubbing herself against his cock so hard that not a glimpse of daylight could be seen between their united bodies.

Her penetration was complete. No two people could be closer and more united.

Now in her favourite position, it was Mary’s turn to take control. Richie’s eyes closed as he focussed on delaying his ejaculation. Mounted on her lover’s cock in the position that gives her the most intense orgasms, the sounds of my wife’s increasing arousal grew and grew until, after only a few minutes of rocking, I could see she was reaching her peak.

The sounds of mating grew louder and more intense; Mary’s body began to tremble as the wave of pleasure rose higher and higher within her. The bed creaked, the noises grew louder still and more feral as Richie began to thrust upwards to meet her gyrating hips and drive her over the edge.

It worked. There was a gasp, my wife’s body froze, her head fell to her chest then rose to the ceiling.

And then she came; hard and powerfully, right in front of me; her body shuddering helplessly out of control, impaled on her lover’s cock.

I felt a surge of love for her in that moment. My dream was alive. My sweet wife had reached a massive orgasm with another man in our bed. It had been one of the best I had seen; the release she was feeling expressed freely and unmistakably as her body was wracked by spasm after spasm of sheer, physical pleasure.

It was beautiful to see, but would there be more to come? As I knew well, Richie has great stamina and can last a long time. I watched spellbound, hoping that more and greater orgasms would swiftly follow.

But it was not to be this time. Hearing Mary’s almighty release, the explosion of all her built-up tension proved too much even for his endurance.

Realising the end was near and with his cock still buried deep in her throbbing vagina, Richie rolled Mary quickly onto her back and started to pound her hard. Her climax so strong and so recent, she was putty in his hands, helpless to do anything but let him have his way with her.


The sounds of frantic copulation grew louder and faster as he fucked her. The room filled with the wet slapping sounds that only the violent and repeated penetration of a wildly lubricating vagina can produce.

He grunted, she moaned. He growled; she wailed. He drove himself harder and faster into her body; her legs fell apart, yielding completely to his animal desires, allowing his cock to plumb the last remaining depths of her unfaithful body.

His rhythm grew faster still, then broke completely.

And then he came too.

Mary cried out with a new pleasure as her lover began to climax, his seed cascading from his pulsing, throbbing cock, flooding her hot, eager body with warm, fertile fluid.

She urged him on as he filled her, demanding that he emptied himself completely into her deepest place, desperate to feel his seed inside her.

Richie obliged her in the way he did so well; his orgasm long and semen-filled, invisibly pumping rope after sticky rope into my wife’s vagina as she drove him on. Mary’s hands rose as she came one last time, her fingernails raking his shoulders and arms, her eyes wide with the sheer, primeval female desire to have a strong man’s seed in her womb.

But this intensity of copulation could not last long. Eventually Richie’s ejaculation came to an end and they collapsed in each other’s arms, both spent, the hot room filled with the heady aroma of recent sex and sweat.

My enjoyment temporarily ended, I left them alone to enjoy their post coital bliss and returned to my office.


The doors are still open. I have been listening hard. At first there was silence, then a whispered quiet conversation, then a quiet chuckle.

I listened harder. There were more whispers and a giggle, then silence again.

I leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes as they recovered from their first mutual climax

They might be dozing now, Richie’s active sperm swimming frantically through my wife’s supine body desperately seeking one of the eggs that she stopped producing years ago.

My cock was still hard, my mind full of all I had just witnessed; had witnessed countless times before and no doubt would witness many times again.

But no matter how many times I see it, the amazing memory of Richie’s bottom moving up and down between my wife’s open thighs as he plunges his cock in and out of her body remains truly intense.

Today’s conversation about everyday events that had taken place while she was actually engaged in sex had taken my enjoyment to yet another new level.

My addiction has become even stronger.


My name is Brian and I am a cuckold.

I use the traditional Alcoholics Anonymous introduction because for men like me, cuckolding is an addiction as intense and hard to break as any smoker or drinker has ever encountered.

The difference is that I don’t want even to try and stop. I like being a cuckold; I even like being openly called a cuckold because it makes it clear to all where I stand in relation to my wife’s sexual preferences.

I’m sure this will upset a lot of readers but it’s true. I’m sure our relationship will baffle, divide and even annoy many readers too. It represents a harder, more humiliating perspective on cuckolding than many people are comfortable hearing about, still less talking about.

But far from being apologetic, I am enthusiastic about the way my wife and I have chosen to live our lives and want the world to know all about us.

Brian the Cuckold!

In most circumstances, the word is considered degrading and implies that I am not an Alpha Male. It’s true; in my marriage in the bedroom I am not the Alpha Male. I confess I feel a little humiliated admitting this, but I love the feeling of being dominated in this way and conniving at my own figurative emasculation.

In my daily life I am the one in control; I have had a lifetime being ‘the one in charge’. In my working life I am in control too; I am the go-to person and all decisions are mine to make. That is simply the nature of my job.

But when it comes to sex I don't want to be in control. It took over twenty years of marriage before my lifelong fantasy became reality but now it has, I can say without hesitation that the reality has really lived up to the dream.

When it comes to sex, I’m very happy being the submissive one.

In the bedroom, I will do as I'm told, having given all control of sex to my wife. She is free to have sex with whomever she chooses, whenever she chooses, wherever she feels comfortable and as often as she wants. I do not need to know beforehand; she doesn’t even need to tell me afterwards although, as far as I know, she always does.

The only request I make is that she doesn’t try to conceal what she had been doing in any way, allowing me to discover what she has been doing for myself – or not, if I choose not to know.

On a good day, she might drop a delicious hint into the middle of a normal conversation saying something like:

“I had a wonderful orgasm today.”

When she does that it really lights my fire. I love coming home to find her unexpectedly in bed with her boyfriend too; a situation that occurs with delightful regularity.

So why does a successful, mature, confident husband want his beautiful wife to have sex with other men?

It is a very hard question to answer, though I have asked myself many times. I will try to explain as best I can but to come anywhere near understanding we need to go back to the beginning.

I have probably always been open to sharing Mary, the woman who was first my girlfriend and then my wife, but I didn’t realise the extent of my desires at the time.

We are both now in our late 60s, have three grown-up daughters and a good few grandchildren. If you didn’t know, no-one meeting us would guess that for something over the last ten years, the love of my life has been a Hot Wife and I have been a willing Cuckold.

Mary is just over five feet tall and, after three children, is still carrying a little extra weight around her tummy. She has struggled with this over the years; it seems to be a losing battle but she keeps trying. She has shoulder-length blonde hair with fair skin and full breasts that she sometimes wishes she could reduce in size.

Her awesome firm legs and beautiful little bubble bum are still kissable even at our current ages and every one of her six lovers has enjoyed the special spot that between her legs that, until she found her current lover, used to be endowed with a soft bush as blonde as the hair on her head.

Richie, her fifth and current boyfriend asked her to shave her pussy for him and, in spite of having refused many requests from me over the years, she did it for him.

Occasionally he shaves it for her; an act that turns them both on. It turns me on too; picturing him inspecting and touching my wife so closely and intimately.

The fact that she overcame her shyness to allow this is fantastic too.

I am a couple of inches below six feet tall and stocky in build. I have very short hair so it’s hard to see whether I’m going grey or not. My cock is modest at just over five inches long but is quite thin, in sharp contrast to Richie who sports an impressively thick cock nearly eight inches in length.

I have seen it often enough to know. It’s impressive.

Richie is a little shorter than me and has a good head of light-coloured hair which gets a bit unruly at times. He is a lot fitter than I am too, drives a very good car, owns a boat and is active in his local match club. He has a relaxed, generous personality and is easy to get along with.

Also in his late sixties, he claims to be in a sexless marriage. He is quite slim and is good-looking and best of all, has a very high libido. As soon as he walks into the house, it is evident that he is already semi-erect.

It is wonderful seeing the entire length of that huge, rock-hard piece of flesh slamming into Mary’s body.

It’s even hotter when I hear her urging him to “Cum inside me! Cum inside me!”

But more of that later.

I left school early to follow my dream career rather than go into higher education. I guess I got my degree from the University of Real life by doing rather than studying. Mary and I have owned and operated our own business since our mid-twenties, now providing online marketing services for small and medium customers.

Every day I deal with decision makers, business owners and senior managers. When it comes to decision-making within our business, I make them all. When I’m working, I am asked what, when and how I want things done. The outcome of every project I undertake is entirely my responsibility. I am the one in control.

All Mary wanted to be was a mum. Luckily, she was able to be a stay at home until all the children were grown and had left the nest. For many years she did the books for our business and has worked as a PA to a manager.

When we were younger, we travelled quite extensively within our state of Western Australia and for five years lived and explored the country in our caravan. Our marriage is strong and our relationship is close, even if it isn’t what you might call conventional.

Perhaps the first indication that my tastes might be unusual came early on in our relationship. Like many couples, our courtship had its ups and down and at one time Mary and I were having a break from each other.

Actually, Mary found it hard to decide about marrying me and we had quite a few breaks during the early stages of our relationship. During one of those breaks, she went out with a much older guy. At the time I was living quite close by and one evening when I was coming home with my mate, we passed by her house.

To my surprise, I saw Mary standing on the porch kissing her date goodnight. Unable to contain my curiosity, I asked my mate to stop and wait around the corner while I went back to watch.

They were kissing slowly and deeply, their mouths moulded together, their bodies pressed close.

To my astonishment, far from making me jealous, watching her kiss the man with such obvious passion really turned me on. My heart thumped in my chest, my breathing stopped and my body responded in the way it knew best; my cock became painfully erect.

In a perverse way I did not understand, watching the woman I desired, intimately involved with another man was actually making me desire her even more. When our relationship eventually resumed, this perversion resumed with a passion which continued long after we were married.

I found out later that they had gone parking but had been moved by a cop. If that’s true, perhaps the Policeman’s intervention prevented any further action in that department because to my disappointment, even now Mary has only ever admitted to kissing and fondling on that date.

If they had been left alone, perhaps her virginity would have been taken that night instead of by me.

The thought arouses me as much today as it did then. Deep inside me a seed had been planted; the desire to see her with another man again had taken root and was growing insidiously.

Over the years, it grew stronger and stronger until… but more on that later too.

So what about early our sex life?

We were both virgins when we married, having been brought up in very religious families where sex out of wedlock was an absolute taboo. Of course, we played around and enjoyed limited oral sex, but it was never to completion. We went to the driving movies almost every weekend where we made out and explored within the confines of our car.

Like most teenagers we had an active social life; going to parties, going away with large groups of kids staying at a variety of places. Once again, although we managed to sleep in the same bed a few times, a full-on sexual experience was never possible.

Kids of today will find that hard to understand but back then it was the norm.

On one occasion we thought we were alone at her place. We were both naked; Mary was lying on her bedroom floor and I was giving her oral (one of my favourite pastimes). My legs were sticking out of the doorway and into the hallway where they would have been quite visible from the kitchen.

I heard a noise; her brother and his girlfriend had arrived and were already sitting at the kitchen table.

We scrambled around got dressed and casually entered the kitchen. To this day I don’t know if they saw us but we still have a laugh about it.

Anyway, after four years together in this unsatisfactory way, Mary finally succumbed to my charms and we decided to get married. Nine months later we were man and wife. It was and remains one of the happiest days of my life.

The first time we had full unprotected sex was just two days before our wedding, and it was beautiful.

So, we embarked on married life together. At first it was amazing; being accepted as a couple, free to make love whenever we wanted, enjoying each other’s company in any way we wanted any time we wanted.

But throughout all this time, that niggling perversion was eating away at me.

Please understand that I love my wife Mary completely and always will but, whatever you might read in books and see in movies, love on its own is not enough to keep a couple together. However unpalatable it might sound, a marriage without a functioning, satisfying sex life is a marriage at risk.

By the time we were in our thirties, we had three kids, life was busy and sex with Mary had become so routine that it was boring and satisfied neither of us. It was the same totally predictable process each time; we would undress, go to bed, I would go down on her then, after a while, I would get on top and we would make love.

It was nice; not thrilling or exciting but neither of us talked about it.

For a long time that was the extent of our sex life. No variety, no experimentation, no real pleasure. Mary had never like giving oral sex and will not allow me or any other man to come in her mouth. Even now after having had so many lovers, she doesn't really like going down on them.

The prospect of having a satisfying sex life at all was looking more and more remote, let alone ever having my wife-sharing fantasy fulfilled. So, I began to look for excitement and variety elsewhere, beginning with a visit to a sex shop that had many magazines and trashy erotic stories.

I devoured a great number of them and unsurprisingly found that the ones that really got me going were those stories where the wife was shared with other men. My absolute favourites always involved the husband watching, encouraging or waiting at home while his wife had sex with other guys.

It was a Penthouse letter that really sparked my interest because it resonated with me at a deep level. It was written by a husband who had come home and discovered his wife in bed with another man. He did nothing but watch. After that, he spied on her over and over again until one day she told him that she had seen him watching.

After that, they arranged for him to watch more openly while she fucked many other men.

As soon as I had read that story, I realised that I was a voyeur too. I started to devour stories on that theme in greater and greater quantities and as I masturbated to them, my dreams of sharing my own wife growing in earnest.

The more I imagined Mary naked and in bed with other men, the more I realised that it wasn’t just a fantasy anymore; I really wanted it to happen.

The next real step on that road came when later in my thirties when I almost succeeded in sharing her with a friend.

But then I was stupid and blew it.

We were staying at a beach house with a group of friends as we did often back then. It was warm and sunny; few clothes were being worn and, with the help of a few beers, a great deal of light-hearted joking and flirting was going on.

I was pleased to see that Mary in particular was relaxed and happy. Bright, cheerful, slightly tipsy and at her most attractive, she was flirting happily with one of our male friends who was responding in kind. Doing much the same myself, it was a little while before it dawned on me that perhaps their little flirtation was getting more serious. He seemed to be finding excuses to make light bodily contact; their hands accidentally touching as they poured drinks; his body brushing against hers as they passed around the house or on the sand outside.

There was little that an Alpha Male could object to, but I was not an Alpha Male and for Mary, this was further than she would normally go. My tummy began to fill with butterflies as my mind filled with wicked, excited thoughts. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched the two of them more and more closely as the day progressed.

At one point, someone suggested going for a walk along the seashore. Mary was keen and I was not in any way surprised when her ‘friend’ said he wanted to go too. They looked around for other volunteers but found none. Mary looked at me with her eyebrows raised. Whether she wanted me to go with them or stay behind, I couldn’t tell but this was an opportunity I couldn’t miss so I made an excuse and said I would stay in the beach house and help get things sorted.

The look on her pretty face was puzzled.

“Have a nice time,” I told her, the intonation on my voice intended to convey meaning.

I have no idea whether she understood, but with a half frown, she turned towards her friend and the two of them left the house together, turning to walk along the sand in the warmth of the evening. I had to agree it was a beautiful night, typical of so many in Western Australia: warm and romantic; plenty of opportunity for privacy. I knew Mary found him attractive; I was sure he felt the same about her so, with my tummy rumbling excitedly, I let them go off together.

The thrill and pain as I watched them disappear, side by side was almost indescribable: Mary’s full, feminine body alongside his tall, muscular frame. As they went out of sight, my mind filled with images of the two of them together; of their hands accidentally brushing together - once, twice. Of him taking her hand in his, of her initial reluctance then acquiescence. Of them walking close together, hand-in-hand; their bodies touching, first accidentally, then on purpose.

My arousal as I pictured this was powerful. My heart thumped, my chest ached and I had to go to great lengths to conceal my persistent erection from the kids and the rest of our friends.

Half an hour passed and they hadn’t returned. Despite the distractions all around me, new and more intense images filled my mind. Of the handsome couple finding a secluded spot; of Mary leading him by the hand into an even more private place; of their lips touching, of their mouths opening, of their tongues intertwining. I pictured them together, arms around each other, bodies pressed close as they kissed in the darkness.

My cock stiffened as the images grew more intense. In my mind I saw them exploring each other’s scantily-clad bodies, I watched his hands rise to her full breasts, kneading them. I saw her removing her top for him; baring herself; loving the touch of his fingers on her body, her breasts, her large, hard nipples.

The people around me faded into nothing as I pictured Mary, her eyes locked lustfully on his, lowering herself to the sandy ground. I saw his large, strong hands stripping away her panties, I saw her press her knees together for a second then yield and allow him to spread her thighs wide, exposing her sweet, trimmed triangle, glistening with lubrication.

My cock grew even harder, tangling in my shorts as I imagined him lowering himself onto her, her warm, familiar face, eyes open wide as he rubbed his cock up and down her slit. I saw her mouth open as his rounded head worked its way into the mouth of her vagina. I saw her whole body tense and her back arch as with a powerful flexing of his buttocks, he thrust himself deep into her sweet, open…

“Brian? Are you okay mate?”

I don’t know what might have happened if my friend hadn’t brought me back to reason so suddenly but thank God he did. The spontaneous ejaculation I was on the verge of having would have been very difficult to explain either to the kids or our group of friends. For the first time in my life I was pleased to have so small and inconspicuous an erection.

With one eye still on the distant sands, I re-joined our friends and tried unsuccessfully to put whatever might be happening out of my mind.

They were gone for over an hour; an hour of agony and uncertainty. When they finally returned to the rest of the group, I looked desperately for evidence of what might have happened, to find signs of her infidelity; disappointed that there might be none, terrified that there would be.

Her hair was definitely tousled but was that sand on her back too? Were his knees scuffed? Was the pink flush on her chest just the sun, or was it the aftermath of a powerful orgasm?

I was distracted for the rest of the evening, unable to keep my eyes off the pair of them, looking for signs of recent intimacy in the way the looked at each other; their body language; anything! And all the time my heart was thumping in jealous arousal as I drank more and more.

In the end I could stand it no longer and, when we were finally alone, I asked her if anything had happened.

It was a mistake, but not in the way that might have been expected. Instead of either reassuring me she hadn’t cheated or telling me in detail how she had, Mary simply dismissed my question

In my drunken, half aroused, frustrated-wannabe-cuckold state, this casual dismissal infuriated me beyond reason. I got angry. I was stupid and yelled at her. I don’t think the word stupid comes close to describing the way I behaved.

If Mary had been tempted to cheat before, my behaviour knocked those stirrings out of her. There was a terrible row and my dreams were put back years.

But that bad behaviour brought its own punishment. Having had a taste of what being cuckolded might really feel like, my mind, heart and yes, my groin were now ever more dead-set on making it actually happen. Seeing my wife having sex with other men became a full-on obsession.

Over time, gradually but irrevocably, the driving force in my entire sex life became the desire to see my wife in bed with other men. It was to take twenty years before that fantasy came true; years in which the perverse desire took deep, permanent root but, like most of the best things in life, it was worth the wait.

So what was the next step?

With a moribund sex life and my fantasied denied, I was frustrated and despairing. In my search for excitement, I started talking with other women, men, and couples in chatrooms. These encounters frequently got me aroused especially when I was talking with a real hot wife or her cuckold husband.

I also started to chat online with other guys and their wives about the cuckold lifestyle. This opened my mind to other sexual possibilities; possibilities that I had never thought I would ever be interested in.

Early on, I remember reading an erotic story about a group of friends playing a sex game of dare. If a person lost a round, they would have to do whatever the winner wanted. It was pretty standard stuff but what I particularly remember is my unexpectedly strong reaction to the part of the story where the woman told her husband his forfeit was to suck another man's cock.

My first response to this was, why ruin a good story by introducing man on man stuff? However, many months later and after several chats with guys who had gone down on their wives after they had been filled by another man, I started to rethink.

After a short while, I began to wonder what it would be like to go down on Mary immediately another man had cum in her, an act that I had come to know as eating a creampie. A natural addition to my main fantasy of seeing Mary with another man, it took several months but gradually the idea of tasting another man's semen began to appeal.

The appeal began to grow stronger until it became one of my favourite fantasies.

Then, contrary to all my previous fantasies and a full ten years after Mary’s near-miss, in the end it was me who finally cheated. Driven by years of fantasy and frustration, my sex drive was through the roof. I desperately needed release and it was clear that my wife was not going to provide this.

I do not claim this as an excuse but it is the truth. My need for excitement grew intolerable so in desperation, I went online seeking a married lady who wanted some adventure and sexy fun.

Lorraine responded and we began an affair that lasted two years.

An awesome, exciting woman stuck in an unrewarding marriage with an ultra-conservative husband, Lorraine told me from the start that she wanted to have as many new and exciting experiences as possible - and boy, did she ever go for it.

In many ways she was the perfect match for me in bed.

We started with daytime meetings, moved quickly into nights in hotel bedrooms and eventually even managed to spend a few weekends together. The sex was simply sensational. Lorraine wanted to try all those things Mary had always shunned. She wanted me to cum in her mouth, do anal, loved missionary, and insisted on trying every other position she could think of.

Lorraine delivered in spadefuls the excitement that had been missing from my marriage for so long. She was simply insatiable; the rather modest size of my erection didn’t seem to matter. I will never forget the things we did or the way she made me feel but in the end the deception ate away at me. I could not carry on with the dishonesty and guilt.

With a heavy heart and after two amazing years, I ended the relationship.

Though I knew it was the right thing to do, I did it in the expectation that for the rest of my life, at best sex with Mary would at best remain as unsatisfying as it had become and more likely, our sexual relationship would wither away into mere friendship.

Several more years passed by, years in which my obsession with being cuckolded was as strong as ever. Knowing that an affair was not the solution, I did not want to give up on my fantasy so, once again I went online.

Soon I met Chris, a guy who lived a few streets away from us. We connected. After a few conversations, I told him of my desire to share my wife sexually. He was single, about the same age as us and claimed to have a large penis.

I began to put two and two together and make… a possibility at least.

We chatted more, discovering that he and Mary shared a love of dancing. The possibility grew stronger and more interesting. We met a few times; he was indeed quite good looking and fit as well. I knew Mary would find him attractive but would that be enough?

I invited him home to meet Mary. Well used to what she considered my perverse fantasy, I’m sure she had a pretty good idea as to what I had in mind but to my delight and amazement, she went along with it, though making it quietly clear that nothing would happen.

Even so, I knew this was a huge step forward for her and for me. Remembering clearly my last disastrous attempt at match-making, I made sure Chris understood clearly how sensitive she was and that it was imperative he wasn’t pushy.

If he let things flow and develop naturally, there was at least a chance he would be able to get her into bed.

Chris however had different plans. After he arrived, I made an excuse and left them alone together. It was only for twenty minutes but he couldn’t control himself even for that short time and asked her straight out if sex was going to be on the cards in the future.

Mary’s reaction both to him and to me was unrepeatable. When he had gone, we had a row that rivalled a world war during which she threw the TV remote against the wall where it smashed into pieces.

I picked it up, taped it together and for the next few years, as we used it, it was a nightly reminder of my fantasies, my stupidity but also what Mary could do if she ever changed her mind.

To say I was pissed off with Chris would be an understatement on a grand scale, putting my plans and fantasies back even further. If he had shown just a little maturity and patience, they could maybe have become lovers, but you can’t help some stupid people.

I was despondent and thought that my dream was finally over. Though I didn’t know it at the time, I could not have been more wrong but I had to wait another eight years before things changed completely, my fantasy became real and I found myself married to the Hot Wife I had dreamed of for so long.

Fortunately, my obsession would not let me give up, though my discretion made me wait another year or two before I felt able to raise the subject again.

Well, discretion, extreme familiarity and a complete lack of excitement with the little sex we were having, coupled with a marked deterioration in my own performance caused by a combination of severe bedroom boredom and a medical condition I had that hadn’t been diagnosed at that stage.

My frustration reached a peak one day after a singularly unsatisfying and unengaging session in bed. On the edge of despair at the prospect of never having a sex life again, I sat Mary down and told her that we need to talk.

Finally recognising the seriousness of my problem, she agreed.

I started by saying that there were two of us in the marriage, both of us with needs and that our sex life was not healthy. I told her I loved her so much but I needed a satisfying sex life too.

Something had to change because I was genuinely afraid for the future of our marriage.

After a long talk, we agreed that we should go away for a long weekend; just the two of us, somewhere we could explore the problem of our sexual disfunction and think about our future relationship. As part of that, we should explore my fantasy in depth for the first time, giving it real consideration rather than simply dismissing it as perverse as had happened every time in the past.

We could explore her own fantasies too and try to understand the reasons we had reached this point.

We both had to be honest and agree not to argue, fight or get defensive. After that, even if it my fantasy remained just that, at least we could have fun with it. Perhaps she could tease me and even role play a bit. Ester Perel’s book ‘Mating in Captivity’ was to be the start point for our discussions.

Thank God she listened. We went away. We talked. We explored the fantasy. We discussed her concerns and fears. We reached an agreement.

I returned home if not with a Hot Wife, then with a wife whose mind was at least partly open to the idea. The excitement I felt was almost indescribable but this time I wasn’t stupid; this time I forced myself to be patient and let Mary take things at her own pace, however frustratingly slow that might be for me.

She agreed to begin by talking anonymously online with a couple I had been chatting with for a few years. Though members of a church in the USA, the wife was a real, live Hot Wife whose boyfriend visited her regularly and took her to bed where they would make love.

Her husband approved of and encourage their relationship.

Unsure at first, Mary began chatting with them, first alongside me, then on her own. To her surprise, they weren’t devils incarnate; in fact, she found them both rather normal and they got on very well. They chatted more and both Mary and the wife quickly opened up more and more.

In a short time, they became friends, beginning a relationship that has lasted for over eleven years and which, with a few diversions on the way, has led directly to the marriage we enjoy today.

Warm and reassuring, this online friendship helped give Mary the courage to take the next tentative step; making contact with potentially-available men. Although she refused to talk with local men – she thought them too risky - she did start chatting online with men from overseas.

These long-distance conversations quickly became more personal, then became intimate, then to my amazement and delight, resulted in some heated online cyber-sex.

At first anonymous and invisible, as she gained confidence, she went through a phase of having regular cyber-sex with one man in particular, eventually and to my complete astonishment, with the camera on. Sometimes I would stand behind her and fondle her breasts as she chatted with these men. Other times I would leave her alone but after these sessions, she would come to bed so wet and aroused that she was insatiable.

The results for our relationship were quick in coming and powerful in impact. The first and most welcome was that my performance problems in bed ceased to be an issue. In fact, I had to beg for an occasional night off.

A week later I discovered that she had started chatting with local men after all. Shortly after that, I discovered that, unknown to me, Mary had placed an advert on Adult Friend Finder.

She was surprised how many responses she received. The momentum really was building.

Soon she agreed to meet Bob, one of her new friends for coffee. I was thrilled; the very nature of how they had found one another meant that the possibility of sex was on the table from the start.

They met; they got on well.

The next day they met for coffee again and met a third time the day after that. Coffee soon became eating lunch together in a secluded park.

That evening she told me about it how they had fondled one another in the park. She said they were going to meet again the next day. Once again, my imagination ran riot; alive with images. I could picture clearly; their clothes loosened, his hand under her clothing, her bra loose.

I could feel what he would be feeling; the beautiful soft flesh of her breast; the warmth of her body. I could feel his surprise and joy when he discovered how wet and willing she was; her state of arousal sending him a message he couldn’t miss.

They met this way every day for a week. Bowled over by the pace with which things were progressing, the adrenalin was racing through my veins until I was quite literally shaking with excitement.

Could this be really happening? After all these years was my fantasy really about to come true?

Something had definitely changed because from then on, our sex life really took off too. Mary’s self-confidence went up like a rocket and she became much more active and adventurous in bed. For a full three months we had the best sex of our entire marriage – including our honeymoon.

It was a period in our lives I will never forget and, as I think about it now, the feelings return almost as if it were yesterday.

But still they hadn’t had sex. Still something seemed to be holding them back.

What if he was worried he might come face to face with an angry cuckolded husband? I couldn’t get this close to my dreams coming true and let it all fall apart at the last moment so to try and calm his fears, I arranged to meet him at his office.

To my surprise he was quite a bit shorter than me and had what I can only describe as a nuggety appearance. I could see evidence of hard work in his life and perhaps the hint of a military background too.

Was he handsome? Well, my wife was attracted to him so who am I to judge?

He was clearly nervous so we took a stroll around the gardens during which I assured him that I was more than content with them having sex. In fact, I assured him that I wanted them to enjoy the ultimate physical intimacy between a man and a woman. I told him he could see Mary as often as he liked, the only condition being that Mary had to be in complete control.

As long as she wanted him in the house, her bed and her body, he was welcome.

My plan worked. That evening Mary came home excited, coy and embarrassed. As we lay in bed together, she confessed that she had held another man’s penis for the first time in her life and that he had explored the most private regions of her body.

She told me that she had invited him to our home at the end of the week, when they would be alone. The unspoken implication was obvious; there would then be nothing to stop them going all the way.

You can imagine how I felt about this; my nervous system went into overdrive sending thrills racing through my entire body. I wanted this badly and it was apparent that finally, Mary did too.

That knowledge produced a feeling the like of which I had never experienced before; I was alive with anticipation. My wife was going to experience the intimate touch of another man.

Only a few weeks after our weekend away, my dream of the past thirty years was actually going to come true. Our online friends; the couple that had helped her overcome her initial hesitations were amazed at the rapid change too, but wished us the luck and love in our new marriage that they had enjoyed for so long in theirs.

Mary and I made love that night; possibly my last ever time with a faithful wife. Afterwards, denied sleep by my excitement, that night in bed I pictured his hands exploring her body, her fingers holding and stroking his cock. The images gave me another erection that had never been stronger or harder.

The day came, and concentration was impossible. I remember basking in the humiliation of answering the door to a man who was there to bed my wife. I could see that he was nervous too and I did my best to put him at ease.

“Hi,” I said. “I’m so glad you are finally here.”

I shook his hand as warmly as my trembling hand would allow, before guiding him into the family room where Mary was waiting. She was nervous too but seemed surprisingly in control as she went up and kissed him on the lips in front of me.

I hadn’t expected this level of confidence and my heart thumped in my chest; surely this was a sign of the intimacy they were about to experience. Shaking with excitement I left them alone and went into the kitchen to make us all a coffee.

I took my time and when I returned, they were seated in the garden chatting away quite happily.

Mary looked at me with a hint of a question in her eyes. I smiled at her and silently mouthed “I love you.” I could see her relax even more and yet another thrill shot right through me.

With my arrival, the conversation became a little stilted until Mary asked Bob if he would like to see the rest of the house. I knew what that meant; it was all I could do to keep myself from emotional overload.

Of course, Bob accepted her offer and after a perfunctory tour, they inevitably ended up in our bedroom. I heard the door close behind them.

A short while later, another man’s erect cock entered my beloved Mary’s vagina for the first time, she became a Hot Wife and I became a real cuckold.

It was a life-changing event.

Everyone I had talked with online had warned me that the reality might not be as good as the fantasy but for me, it was one thousand times better; my lifelong dream had been realised.

The first time my wife’s body was penetrated by another man was the most memorable and pleasurable moment of my life. Finding the words to describe my feelings adequately is almost impossible.

When Bob eventually left, I entered the room where Mary’s fidelity had been shattered and reclaimed her. It was the first creampie of my life and was simply awesome. Being so close to her sex, seeing the evidence of their union, knowing that another man's penis had been inside her just minutes before and that his semen was still inside her, visible and fertile was sensational.

All I had to do to complete my fantasy was taste that gooey evidence before mounting her for the first silky seconds of our marriage. I was in a dream as I licked his semen from her vulva; everything seemed unreal as I did for the first time, something I have done many times over the past ten years.

Each time has been as good as the last but none had been as good as the first.

The two lovers had regular sex for the next four weeks. Mary was shy about these encounters; sparse with details which I loved because it fired my imagination. When the details did slip out from my beautiful wife, it was like it was happening all over again.

I had hoped that they would become long-term lovers but unfortunately, he turned out to be a control freak and became quite demanding. After a while, his demands began to upset Mary and for a while, I was worried that she would be turned off the whole Hot Wife lifestyle.

But I should have known my wife better. Mary got rid of him before it had gone too far and returned to AFF where she quickly found someone new.

(Continues in Part 2)


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