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The Naked Professor

The Naked Professor

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Waterbury Hills College redefines the concept of a liberal education!

Professor Timothy Boxer walked briskly into the classroom wearing a blue tie with white stripes.

Just a tie.  Nothing else.

“Good morning, and welcome to Waterbury Hills College.  As you know, this class, Human Sexuality and Social Behavior, is a required course for all freshmen.”

Tim Boxer was a relatively young full professor.  At thirty-six years old, Boxer was on the fast track as a rising star with his research on human relationships and sexuality.  But he was mostly known for his unorthodox and highly effective teaching techniques. 

At six-foot-two-inches tall, Prof. Tim towered directly in front of Rebecca Hines, who was sitting in the front of the class and had the best view of her professor.  She had the advantage of examining his well-toned body.  His strong legs showed the benefits of years of playing tennis almost daily.  His tie lay between his pecs that had slight traces of chest hair.  As Rebecca’s eyes were drawn to his flaccid, yet ample, cock, she could see pubic stubble.  His facial hair was neatly trimmed around his beard and mustache.  He had gentle blue eyes.

Professor Tim caught Rebecca staring at his cock.  He startled her by quickly crouching down in front of her and asking, “What is your name?”


“Rebecca, would you help me make myself more comfortable?” he said with a broad smile.

“Sure,” she said, not understanding what that meant.

Prof. Tim took her hand and guided her out of her seat.  They were now both standing in front of the class.

“Would you please help me remove my clothing?”

“But you are naked already,” she whispered.

“No, I’m not!  I’m wearing a tie.  Please help me remove it.”

Rebecca blushed as she pulled his tie up and over his head.  She saw his brown hair under his armpits.  She could smell his manly odor.  Rebecca was worried that her wet vagina was becoming obvious to the class.

“Now I am naked, if you haven’t noticed.”

“I hadn’t noticed,” Rebecca joked to break the sexual tension.

The class giggled nervously.  Rebecca quickly sat down, hiding her excitement.

“That’s so much better.  I feel as if I can fully express myself now.”

“In this class, we are going to explore human relationships.  Sexuality is the most natural aspect of our lives and arguably drives our motives, intentions, and ultimately our behaviors.  Yet our American society represses sexuality rather than celebrates it.  In this class, we celebrate our sexuality and learn to appreciate our bodies and the bodies of each other.”

Jonathan, sitting in the back of the class, was a skinny, quiet bookworm.  While he had a vivid fantasy life, his real-world life was never very interesting or exciting.  Prof. Tim’s lecture made him uncomfortable for reasons he did not fully appreciate, but he soon would!

“In this class, we accept each other and their experiences, no matter how limited or worldly.  Honesty, openness, full participation, and a willingness to challenge your boundaries are my only expectations of each of you.  You decide whether you are comfortable with an activity, but I ask you to push yourselves, to challenge yourselves, to relax and mostly to have fun.”

“Ladies, you are looking at me naked.  A thirty-six-year-old adult male.  How many of you have seen your father naked in the past year?”

Sue looked around and slowly raised her hand.

“Tell us about seeing him naked.”

“Well, I don’t know.  He always sleeps naked and walks to the bathroom naked.”

“How does his penis compare to mine?”

Sue was startled by the question and fumbled for words.

“He’s bigger than you.”

Sue’s revelation drew giggles from the class.

“It’s true!” said a voice from the back of the room. 

“How do you have this information,” Prof. Tim asked the young lady. 

“I’ve stayed over at Sue’s house lots of times in the past year,” Cindy answered.  “Her dad always walks around naked even when we had sleepovers,” Jody explained.  “Why do you think all the girls like staying over at Sue’s house!”  The class roared.

“Is he circumcised or uncircumcised like me?”

“Oh, her dad is definitely cut!” Cindy added.  “Cut, long and hairy.  Huge balls too!  But no foreskin.”

“Cindy!  Stop talking about my dad like that!” Sue insisted.

“Well it’s true and nothing to be embarrassed about.  Look, Professor, our group of high school senior girls always liked to stay over at Sue’s house because we knew we would get to see her dad naked.  He was our varsity soccer coach, and seeing him naked was every girl’s dream.”

“Well, did he ever see you naked at these sleepovers? Did any of the girls walk around nude for him to see?”

“I always left the door open when I was showering early in the morning,” Cindy said.

“What?  You didn’t close the door to the bathroom?”

“No, why should I?”

“Well, what if my dad got up to go to the bathroom and saw you?”

“What do you mean ‘if ‘ he saw me?” Cindy said with a grin. 

“But I remember getting up when you were in the shower and the door was closed.”

“That’s because your dad closed the door when he came in to shave.”

“Well this has been enlightening for all of us, but I must bring this discussion to a close.  Thank you, ladies, for sharing your experiences.  As you demonstrated, the nude human body raises all sorts of issues, both sexual and social.  We will come back to your experiences later in the course.”

“We need to move on to perception and the role that visual cues give us—and how they can be wrong at times.”

“James, would you come up to the front of the class please.”

James was from New Hampshire and the quarterback on his high school football team.  At five feet ten inches, he wasn’t particularly tall.  But, as the class would soon discover, he was muscular.  James stood up and moved to the front of the class.  As the former football star of his small high school, he enjoyed being in the spotlight again with all eyes upon him.  He stood straight, flexed his muscles, and flashed his boyish grin that always charmed his teachers and the cheerleaders.

“James, please tell us a little bit about yourself.”

“Uh, well, I’ve been in sports since I could walk almost.  Soccer, baseball, football.  You name it and I played it.  My studies maybe suffer a little because that all takes time.  But my high school teachers always understood, if you know what I mean, Professor.  I was the Homecoming King and my girlfriend was the Queen.  I don’t know.  I guess that’s it.”

The class studied James and noted all the obvious characteristics that they could see.  James was indeed easy on the eyes.

“Thank you, James.  Next, Jonathan, would you please stand up here next to James?”

Jonathan nervously stood up and looked at the Professor.  Jonathan was taller than James and stood six feet one inch.  While James had a solid, muscular build, Jonathan was skinny and awkward.

“Jonathan, please tell us about yourself.”

“Well, nothing very exciting I suppose. I like video games.  I was on the chess team in high school.  I’m not in any sports.  Actually, I hated Physical Education class.  I was sick a lot so I had doctors’ excuses to get out of it thankfully.  Never had a girlfriend, but I did have a lot of exotic pets.”  The class giggled, having found something oddly funny about that statement.

“Thank you, Jonathan.  Would both gentlemen please step out into the hallway, but don’t go too far.”  James and Jonathan stepped out of the classroom into the hall.

“Now class, in your notebooks, I want you to write down the names of both James and Jonathan.”

The class did as they were told. 

“Now recall each one.  Reflect on your impressions of each one.  In your notebooks, answer the following questions for each gentleman based on your perceptions of each. First, is each one circumcised or uncircumcised?  Cut or uncut? Second, how long is their penis in a flaccid state? Third, how long is their penis when erect?”

“Professor, how will we know if our answers are correct?  Everyone knows that guys lie?” Sue asked.

“Sue, you raise an excellent question.  This exercise is about perceptions and how individuals exude certain images and expectations.  But to answer your question directly, seeing is believing.”

Professor Tim opened the door and invited the men back into the front of the class.

“Gentleman, recall that this is a safe place and that I am going to challenge you to push the self-imposed limits that we place upon ourselves.  With that in mind, would you please remove your shoes and socks.”

The men did as they were told and the eyes of classmates were on their feet.  Jonathan’s size 13 shoes were much larger than James’ size 10 shoes.

“You know I might have to change my answers,” Jan joked.

“Now, gentlemen, please remove your shirts.”

James jumped at the chance to show off his well-defined chest and arms.  Jonathan hesitated.

“Go ahead Jonathan,” Prof. Tim said.  “You are in a supportive place here.  We are all different, and we accept everyone as they are.”

Jonathan removed his shirt and displayed a hairy chest with very little muscle tone.  He looked as if a strong breeze could knock him over.

“I really like this class already!” Jan said, establishing herself as the class clown.

“Thank you, gentlemen, for your willingness to participate in this experiment.” 

Jonathan thought he was done and reached for his shirt.

“No, Jonathan, we’re far from being done.  Next, please remove your pants.  Both of you.”

Even James was a little unsure about this request. 

“Please remove your pants.  In this class, we are open and free.  Please remove your pants.”

James opened his jeans and pulled them off revealing his designer baby blue boxers.  James had very little hair on his chest or legs.  The class could see just wisps of blond hair on his legs.

Jonathan, on the other hand, opened his tan cargo pants and revealed very modest Fruit-of-the-Loom white briefs.  However, his chest hair continued down to his briefs and covered his legs.

“Gentlemen, while you were out of the class I asked everyone to predict three characteristics about you based on their first impressions.  In order to confirm their answers, would you both please remove your underwear.”

Both guys froze.  They were already standing almost naked in front of their class of males and females who they really never met before.  And now the professor wanted them to be totally naked!

James and Jonathan looked at each other for the first time, seeking support from each other. 

“Gentlemen, we are waiting.”

James gave his blue boxers a slight tug, waiting for the professor to stop him and tell him it was a joke.  But that never came.

He pulled them down a little farther revealing a patch of fuzzy blond pubic hair.  Seeing James get naked made Jonathan feel his penis grow slightly.

James leaned over and pulled them off and stood up to face the class.  The class erupted in modest applause.  James unconsciously tugged at his five-inch penis to try to make it appear more impressive.   He was so nervous that his cock did not respond to his hand and stayed in that limp state.

“Thank you, James.  Sue, would you come up here and measure James’ penis?”

Sue picked up the tape measure that was on the professor’s desk and measured James.

“Five inches.  Almost.”

“Class, how many of you guessed correctly?”

Two hands went up. 

“How many of you thought he would be smaller than five inches?”

Not a single hand was raised.

“How many of you guessed that he would be over five inches?”

The rest of the class raised their hands.

“Interesting perceptions.”

“Now, then, Jonathan, we are ready for you.  Please remove your underwear.”

Jonathan had already broken into a sweat. 

“Come on, brother, I did.  It’ll be OK,” James told Jonathan in a surprisingly supportive tone that gave Jonathan some courage.

Jonathan breathed deeply, grabbed the sides of his briefs, and slowly pulled them down revealing an impressively thick seven-inch cock.  And he was soft!  Jonathan removed his briefs from around his ankles and stood up to face his audience.

Silence.  Not a word.  The class stared in amazement.

“Surprised?” asked Prof. Tim.

“Perceptions.  False perceptions.  Janet, would you please come up and measure Jon?”

Janet sat in the back next to Jonathan.  She was a swimmer with long dark hair that fell down to her shoulders.  Jonathan started getting hard.

“Hurry, Janet, we want a flaccid measurement.  You’re about to lose your opportunity,” Prof. Tim said.

Janet hurried and confirmed that Jonathan’s penis was seven inches soft.  “Well, mostly soft,” she qualified.

“Class, please note your classmates’ measurements and jot down your informal observations in your notebooks.  You will also see that both gentlemen are circumcised.”

“Isn’t there one more question?” Shelly asked.

“Ah, yes, of course.  Erectile capacity.”

“Gentlemen, we now need to measure your erections.  How long is your penis when hard?”

“I’m seven inches,” James said.

“Thank you, James.  It’s not that we don’t believe you, but the scientific method requires us to conduct the measurement.  Self-reporting is appropriate in some studies, but this is not one of them. Sue and Janet, to maintain scientific rater reliability, would you please conduct the measurement of the erect state of your respective subjects?”

“How long do we have to wait?” Sue asked.

“Excellent question.  Class is over in thirty minutes, so please encourage your subject to become erect.”

“We have to give them a motivational talk?” Janet asked.

“No, no, please touch them.  Use your fingers, tongue, mouth, whatever will achieve a full erection in as short a time possible.”

Sue gazed at the penis in front on her.

“OK, here goes nothing.”

Sue began stroking James’ penis with light feather touches up and down his shaft.  She alternated strokes by tickling his balls.

After eight minutes of stroking James finally achieved an erection, blaming the pressure of performing in front of the class for the delay.

“Sue, please measure James’ erect penis.”

Sue took the measuring tape and announced, “Seven and a half inches.”

The class all cheered for James!

“Janet, please encourage Jonathan’s penis now for his measurement.”

Janet wasted no time.  She looked in Jonathan’s eyes as her head moved closer to his soft penis.  Maintaining eye contact, Janet opened her mouth and took as much of Jonathan’s cock into her mouth as she could without gagging.  Maintaining eye contact, Janet sucked his cock in and out.  He could feel her long hair brushing his cock and balls.

Jonathan was experiencing oral sex for the first time in his life, and in front of a live audience!  He blocked out his classmates and professor from his view.  It was just Janet sucking on his cock and giving him the most sexual pleasure he had ever experienced.

But then something remarkable happened.  Just as he thought it couldn’t get better, she stopped.

But only for a moment.  Janet took her tongue and circled it around his cock head.  She took his balls in her teeth and gently teased him.  Her bites never caused pain, only pleasure.  She used her mouth to suck on his cock head making four short thrusts followed then by fully swallowing the length of his shaft.

Jonathan was sweating and could tell that the unimaginable was about to happen.  After three rounds of sucking his cock head and then taking his shaft, Jonathan’s balls seized up, he arched back, and moaned, “Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.”  Janet supported him by grabbing his ass and holding him up.

Jonathan shot four days worth of semen into Janet’s mouth.  Her mouth was filled with so much cum that it dripped down her face despite her best attempt to swallow it all.

Once Jonathan emptied his cum into and onto Janet, he came back to the realization that everyone was watching him.

“Way to go, man!” James said as he slapped Jonathan on the ass.

The class erupted in applause.

“Janet, don’t forget to get a measurement before James’s penis goes soft,” Prof. Tim reminded.

“Oh my God, I almost forgot.  I got carried away.”

She got the measuring tape and announced, “Nine inches!  And I can personally attest that they are nine amazing inches!”

Jonathan beamed.  Something that could have been a horrifyingly embarrassing experience turned out to be life-changing.  His personality seemed to change instantly with this public affirmation.  He stood taller and straighter.  He smiled and made eye contact with everyone.  Janet gave Jonathan a sticky kiss on the lips, took his hand, and walked him back to their seats.  The class admired his still hard cock as he passed them in the aisle.  Everyone slapped his ass.  Some touched his cock to feel it for themselves.

“Thank you, gentlemen, and of course thank you, ladies, for participating in this demonstration about perception.  As you can see we are going to learn a lot this semester.  You will each experience tremendous personal growth and development, and I am privileged to be your guide in this course. Your only homework for next class is to please bring a backpack in which to store your clothing when you come to class each time.  Thank you and see you next time!”

The class ended with cheers and laughter. 

'A backpack in which to store our clothes?' Rebecca thought to herself as she walked past her naked professor taking one last look at his stiffening cock.

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