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How I Won Back My Wife (Chapter Five)

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The day to Payback approaches

Everything has a time. A time to laugh, a time to cry; a time to sow, a time to reap. to time to lose and a time to claim back. Acting at the right moment will reward you severalfold. How far are you willing to go to claim the one who is dear to you? how much humiliation are you willing to face to win back the one you love?

I woke up with a pain in the neck. Sleeping on the couch was uncomfortable for me. The pain was quite intense in the beginning, but of late, I was getting used to it. ‘Am I becoming a cuck?’ I wondered. I went to the kitchen and made myself some coffee. I breathed in the aroma of the coffee as I sat and drank my drink. I grabbed my phone, and sent a text to Bella, asking her a convenient time to meet her. I was aware that I was supposed to prepare coffee for Kate, my wife, and Derry, but my ego kicked in.  I dressed up and left for work.

It was Sunday but I had asked Samuel, my manager, for letting me work on weekends too. He reluctantly agreed. So I had the entire office for myself. I was aware that I spent more time away from home and I think even Kate noticed it.

Later during the day, I received a call from my wife. I inferred that she wanted to talk to me about last night. So I picked up the call.

“Honey, where are you?” Kate asked with suspicion in her voice.

“I am in the office, Kate,” I replied.

“But, it’s Sunday. I never knew that you worked on Sundays too.”

“Well, it’s a part of the promotion, Kate.”

“Okay … But come home soon. I will be waiting.”

I paused for a moment. I realized that, if I went back home, I would have to face some humiliation and the scene of watching my wife getting fucked by her lover. My anger got the better of me.

“Ah… about that. I might not come home tonight. I’ve got a bit of work pending. So I will come home tomorrow.”

“Noel. You didn’t tell me this,” she answered. I could sense that she was shocked by this news.

“I wanted to but I didn’t get an opportunity to talk to you last night. Sorry about that.”

“Oh… Okay. I will see if I can drop in later,” she replied.

“It’s okay, Kate. You and Derry can spend some more time together. I’ll manage by myself.”

There was a long pause. Did I let my anger get the better of me?

Without wasting a moment, I added, “But if it is no trouble, you and Sarah can drop by. We can have lunch together.”

“Oh… I will ask Derry and see what he says.”

The moment she spoke about Derry made my blood boil. Does she not even care about us anymore?

“Okay, Kate. Whatever makes you happy.”

I think Kate sensed my dejection. She immediately replied, “Don’t worry, Noel. I will drop in with Sarah later.”

“Thanks, Kate. I would love to spend some time together. Just we three as a family.”

“Sure, honey. I look forward to meeting you later.”

We ended the call. I sat in front of the computer thinking about my wife and my daughter. The other day I was contemplating a divorce, but now, for a moment, when I thought about us as a family, I began giving it a second thought.

In the afternoon, Kate and Sarah, my daughter, had arrived. We decided to go to the nearest restaurant. We walked in and placed our order. I felt happy for a moment to see Sarah and Kate together. Sarah sat next to me. The entire time, she told me how she and my mom had fun together. I smiled at her and placed a kiss on her forehead. In return, she gave me a tight hug. All this time, I had forgotten about the problem that was plaguing our lives. My focus was on my wife and my daughter: my world!

We had our meals and made our way to the office. I got out of the car and Kate accompanied me to the office door.

“Thank you, Kate. I had a good time. Sorry about you and Derry not getting to spend time together.”

“Noel! I am your wife. You may not be good in bed, but you are a good husband. I appreciate that,” she said as if she was trying to console me.

Again, it was a stab in my chest. Fuck. What does Derry have that I don’t? a question she had refused to answer me.

“I understand,” I replied trying to maintain my calm.

With that, she gave me a kiss and got in the car. I saw my daughter waving at me and I waved back. Kate smiled at me while I gave a short nod. I felt sad and lonely. I knew that she would drop Sarah at my mom’s place and get back home with her lover. With the sentiments of loss, I made my way into the building.

I resumed my work and began to browse through the financial records of the branch. I was about to be promoted to the position of the regional manager – a position I always longed for. But now, even with the promotion at hand, I was unhappy.

The phone call broke my train of thoughts. It was from Bella.

“Cathy is here. Are you coming or not?”

“I am at work. I will leave in twenty minutes,” I replied.

“Fuck you! I want you here in fifteen minutes,” she commanded and hung up.

I sighed.


I made my way down to the parking lot and got in my car. I drove to Bella’s house. The entire time, I had Kate and Derry on my mind. As I approached the house, I tried to clear my mind of these disturbing thoughts. I made my way to the door and rang the doorbell.

“Get in, Noel. It’s open!” Bella shouted from inside.

As I entered in I saw Bella sitting on the couch. I looked around to locate Cathy. Bella noticed the confusion on my face.

“Nah. She hasn’t arrived.”

“Why did you…”

“Yea. I wanted to speak to you about something,” she spoke cutting me short.  “Don’t just stand there. Get your ass on this couch.”

I made my way to the couch and sat beside her. There was a strange excitement in my heart. I felt a sense of warm air within my chest. What is this feeling? Am I falling in love with Bella?

“I want to tell you something before that lady gets here,” she spoke, looking intently at my face. The warm feeling inside my body increased.

“See, Noel. There is a reason why Kate finds Derry attractive. Derry is a rough guy and he gets what he wants. I think Kate likes his dirty talk. Secondly, Derry has a dominating personality. He has an ego. That is why your wife loves that cocky bastard. I bet you are always gentle with Kate during sex. Well, that is exactly what is missing in you.”

It took a while to comprehend what Bella said. I was even more confused. I was under the impression that women like passionate love. Being aggressive during sex and dominating a woman was something I never thought of.

“But Bels, won’t I offend Kate if I behave aggressively?” I asked feeling totally confused

“Oh… how do I explain this? See, you are a gentleman. As a woman, I find it attractive. But you also need to have aggressive behaviour. In bed, you definitely need to be aggressive.”

“Okay? I think I know what you mean. When I first saw Kate giving a blowjob to Derry, I remembered that bastard talking dirty to my wife,” I answered.

“Exactly. I think you get my point. And secondly, you need to make Cathy your bitch.”

“What? Are you kidding me? What if… ”

Our conversation was broken with the sound of Cathy’s vehicle. She knocked on the door and Bella got up to welcome her.

Cathy was slimly built, roundish 34E breasts, with short brown hair and brown eyes. She was four inches shorter than Bella. She wore a cream coloured top and black skirt. She came and sat on the sofa beside the couch. I could see that she was disturbed and her red eyes pointed out that she had a long restless night.

“Cathy, are you okay?” I asked trying to be sympathetic.

“I am hurt, Noel. I really am. I don’t know why Derry cheated on me. I have been faithful to him. I don’t know whom to approach.” As she spoke, tears began to flood her eyes.

“It’s okay, Sweetie; we are here for you,” Bella spoke as she reached out, grasping her hand and squeezing it in assurance.

“Yes, I know how it feels. I know you are hurt, but I don’t want you to take any drastic action. Anything done now will break us completely. So please bear with us,” I said still with concern in my voice, regardless of what happened.

“I have already made my mind up to divorce Derry. I don’t know about you. But I really have.”

Somehow, these words gave me a feeling of satisfaction. I really wanted to get back at Derry, and Cathy had already revealed her plans.

“Don’t you want to get back at him?” Bella interjected.

“How do I do that?” Cathy replied controlling her sobs.

After a pause, Bella replied, “Get a lover and get back at him. Ask Noel how he felt when he saw those two making love.”

The room fell silent. I could see the tension building up. If Cathy chose to reject Bella’s idea, then it would mean that all our effort was in vain.

“I agree. I actually planned to get back at Kate and Derry by involving Bella. But I think you can make them hurt real bad,” I spoke with urgency in my voice.

Cathy remained silent. I could sense that she was giving it a thought.

“And to add to that, Kate thinks that Derry is a bachelor. I assume that Derry has not spoken about your marriage with Kate,”  I added immediately.

“It’s your call, Cathy. Unless you get back at him, you will always hold a grudge against Derry and be upset with yourself,” Bella said.

Again there was silence. I didn’t know what was going on in her mind.

Finally, Cathy took a deep breath. “Okay.”

I breathed in relief.


As we sat down, we introduced ourselves once again. Bella spoke about how she and I were best friends in college. She even went ahead to tell Cathy that she had a crush on me. I exchanged my stories about Bella and her seductive behaviour and how she gave other boys a hard time. Bella laughed while I chuckled. I saw Cathy smiling and enjoying our stories.

“Well, Cathy, tell us something about yourself?” I said trying to involve her into the conversation.

“Umm… I have nothing to share,” she replied.

“Oh… Come on, sweetie. Tell me when you lost your virginity and stuff like that,” Bella interjected trying to help her ease a bit.

“Well, Derry was my first. And I think our sex life is good.”

“And how do you go about it? Does he seduce you or you seduce him?” I asked wanting to know more.

“Nothing like that. Whenever I want, he is ready to make love. We make love a couple of times a year.”

Bella and I looked at each other in shock.

“So, you have sex only when you want to,” I asked emphasizing 'you.'

“Yea… I am quite busy with the company and with my promotion coming in, I hardly have time for any sex.”

The room fell silent again.

“What? Anything wrong?” Cathy asked sounding concerned.

“I have a question, Cathy,” I asked. I took a deep breath. “Do you give Derry a blowjob?”

“Eww. That’s disgusting. All those things only happen in porn,” she replied sounding disgusted.

Bella and I exchanged looks. She smiled at me and said to Cathy, “Well… how far will you go to get back at your husband?”

Cathy’s facial expression changed. She became serious. She stared at us with angry eyes.

“I want him to suffer.”


Bella made me sit on the sofa. Cathy was sitting on the couch and watching her nervously. Bella knelt in front of me and placed her hand on my crotch. The sensation of her hand on my trousers gave me a tickling sensation.

“Remove the shirt. Let’s give this lady a good show,” she said as she winked at me. She turned to look at Cathy who was quite shocked and nervous. “Come here, Cathy; we won’t eat you.”

Cathy reluctantly got up and came near Bella. Sat beside her as she began to watch intently what was about to happen. With two ladies in front of me, staring at my crotch, it was an immediate turn on for me. Bella looked up to me and gave me a seductive smile, as she drew down the zip of my trousers. She then unbuckled my belt and unzipped me. My erection was visible through my boxers. Cathy’s eyes widened.

“Cathy dear, watch and learn. This is something which will bring any man under your control,” Bella said seductively.

Bella brought down my boxers and got hold of my dick. She brought her lips close to the tip of my dick and kissed it seductively. Her cold lips on my dick sent an electrical sensation through my body. I closed my eyes with the thought about the pleasure which was about to come through this tutoring session. I gripped the arm of the sofa and grunted.

My dick now grew to its full length. Bella now tightened her grip around my shaft. She began to lick the top of my dick with her tongue as if it were a lollipop. After a while, she held it between her fingers and slowly rolled her tongue from my balls to the tip of my dick. The sensation was so strong that I put my head back against the sofa.

She grabbed my shaft and looked at Cathy. “Did you see that, Cathy? That is called teasing. Now, he is under my control.”

She began stroking my dick and, looking up to me, said, “Remember your training, Noel. You must endure.”

“Train… Training?” Cathy enquired.

“Yes, I have been training Noel to endure. Under normal circumstances, men cum very easily. But I have been training him to endure,” Bella said. She now closed her mouth on top on my dick and began to swallow it from the tip. I could see that she had managed to swallow the half of my dick in her mouth.

With my dick inside her mouth, it became more and more difficult for me to hold back. It was as if she made an extra effort to make me cum while telling me to endure. She now began to caress and massage my balls with her other hand. She began working on my dick slowly, taking her own sweet time.

“Cathy, can you come closer? I want you to observe him climax.”

Cathy was clearly aroused by watching Bella giving me a blow job. Bella had succeeded in seducing Cathy.

Without a warning, she tightened her grip around my dick and started moving her hand vigorously. The muscles in my stomach grew tighter. I could no longer hold it back.

“Fuck, Bels. I’m cumming!” I shouted.

Immediately Bella took my dick in her mouth and swallowed the cum which was shooting from my tip. Slowly she removed her mouth from my dick and began licking the tip of my dick and then moved on to the shaft.

“Not bad, Noel. Your capacity to endure has increased,” she replied wiping her mouth of excess cum. She stood up and, leaning closer to my ear, whispered, “It’s time we show this lady how sex is really enjoyed.”

I was slightly nervous. Cathy and I had interacted only a few times. But now, she agreed to get back at Derry and was ready to do anything. On my part, I didn’t want to force any of our ideas on her.

“Cathy, do you trust us?” I asked.

“Yea… yes. I think I do.”

Bella and I approached Cathy and stood in front of her with a vicious smile. I knelt down while Bella grabbed her wrists. She spread her wrists and pinning her to the sofa, kissed her forcefully. I quickly pushed up her skirt and pulled down her panties.

“What are you doing …?” she said, appearing to be shocked.

Bella stood up, and kissed her and said, “Relax. You are going to enjoy this.”

Without wasting a moment, I parted her legs and planted my mouth on her pussy.

“Fuck… Wha... What is that?” she shouted in gasping for breath. I could sense embarrassment in her voice. Her hand had moved to my head and her fingers had grasped my hair. There was no sign of any reluctance, which motivated me to continue my job.

Bella knelt down and began to observe me intently as I continued to work on her pussy.

“Tease her a bit. Make her want you,” Bella whispered seductively in my ear.

With my mouth buried on her mound, I began to caress her labia. I removed my face from her pussy and began to lick her erect clit. She left a soft moan which encouraged me to continue. She threw back her head and as she reached out to my head. I knew that she was enjoying it. I could feel her body convulsing and the muscles in her stomach tightening.

“Damn it!” Cathy groaned.

I moved my mouth away from her pussy and looked at her. She was gasping for breath. She looked at me all excited and confused. I could make out that she enjoyed the treatment we had given her.

“So, Cathy, are you enjoying yourself?” I mocked.

“You… you bastard. What was that all about?” she spoke, still gasping for breath.

“You are all wet. Looks like your body enjoyed the treatment,” I replied.

“No… not at all. I… I…” She was running out of words.

“Admit it, sweetie. You enjoyed your first experience of having your pussy eaten,” Bella interjected.

Cathy was silent for a while and then a smile appeared on her face. It was evident that she enjoyed her first experience but she was too shy to ask for some more. So I stood up and began to dress. As I dressed, Bella spoke with Cathy privately. I saw Cathy give Bella a hug before she left the house.

“What did you tell her?” I enquired.

“I think it’s time that Kate and you get some private time together. I told her to go on a vacation with Derry to some place far.”

“Oh, for how long?”

“About two months.”

Instinctively, I hugged Bella tightly. “Thank you so much, Bels. Thank you,” I whispered in her ear.

“Remember, Noel. No sex with anyone till I tell you. You need to make Kate feel guilty for what she has done. You need to make her feel guilty.”

“I can handle that. But I want to continue training with you. I really enjoy your company, Bels.”

“Okay, sweetie, go home now. Spend some time with your wife. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I got in the car and drove to the office. I managed to get some work done. The thought about spending time with my family without the interference of Derry made me glad. I couldn’t help but admire Bella and the way she planned things. After being satisfied with my work I left the building to go back home.



On arriving home, I saw Derry’s car. My heart sank. I knew he was inside the house. So I made my way to the door and rang the bell. Kate came and opened the door. She was surprised to see me.

“Did I disturb you two?” I asked appearing to be dejected.

“Noel! No. Nothing like that. I am only surprised to see you.”

“I realized that you are more important than work. So I came back to spend some time with you.”

Kate didn’t know what to replay. I walked in and saw Derry buttoning his shirt. He appeared to be pissed. I realized that Cathy must have called him home. Looking at me he shouted, “Yea, I fucked her all day, cuck. I enjoyed every bit of her.”

I sighed and made my way to the bedroom.

“Hey, cuck. Come here!” he shouted again.

I stopped and turned back.

“Listen, cuck, I am going out of town for some work. Till then, you are not to touch her.”

I looked at Kate. She herself was shocked at what Derry had just said. I was hoping that she would protest, but she didn’t.

“Look here, cuck! Do you understand me? You are not to touch her in my absence. You can touch her only when I tell you to.”

“Yes, sir,” I replied.

With that, I made my way to the bathroom and had a shower. As the water cascaded from my body, I felt a sense of pride. I felt happy to see Derry being denied the pleasure of making love with my wife. After the shower, I realized that I had forgotten my towel. I made my way out of the bathroom naked. As I stepped out of the bathroom, Kate entered the room only to see me naked. She froze. I saw her blush as I made my way to grab the towel. All the workouts helped me develop a good physique. I was sure that she was turned on looking at me. Having grabbed my towel and rushed to the bathroom, as I wiped my body I smiled. Looks like the tables have turned.


For the next two months, things were falling back into place. I slept on my marital bed beside Kate.  As the days rolled by, we would wake up with Kate in my arms. I would kiss her forehead every time I found her in this position. We began to have breakfast together as one family. Sarah would go on with her complaining about breakfast while Kate continued to pester me to feed her. All the commotion in the house had returned. I would drop Sarah to her school and go to work. Before returning, I would go to the gym and train along with Bella. At times, we would have a Skype session with Cathy. She told us that she had managed to get Derry to eat her pussy. She really loved it. What made me happier was that Derry was denied sex.

On returning, I would find Sarah playing in the garden while Kate was busy preparing supper. We had our meals together and occasionally went out to my mom’s place for our meal. I made sure to give Kate a goodnight kiss before we could retire. Sometimes the kiss we shared was prolonged, but I had to force myself to stop it. I knew very well that Kate wanted to be intimate with me. I longed to feel her naked skin and to make love. But I had to wait. Bella had told me half her plan, and the other half was known only to her.

I realized that I had not had sex for six months. Bella continued giving me a blowjob while I returned the favor by eating her pussy. I must admit that my pussy-eating skills had improved. Each time I left the gym, Bella warned me not to have sex with Kate. I really enjoyed seeing Kate being denied the pleasure of sex. I felt that I was in control of the situation.


Good time flies quickly and so did the two months. I received news about Derry and Cathy’s arrival. Cathy wanted to meet us. Bella invited us all to her place and began explaining the final part of the plan.

As she explained, I couldn’t help but notice Cathy blushing. I myself was surprised when I heard the plan.

“So, what do you think?” Bella asked.

“I don’t know, Bels. Are you two willing to do this?” I questioned nervously.

“I have never done something like this before. But if I have to make Derry suffer, why not?” Cathy replied.

“Noel, a final thing. You remember I told you that Derry and Kate were high school lovers?" Bella asked suddenly becoming serious.

“Yes, Kate, I remember,” I replied.

“I am really sorry, Noel, but there is something I need to tell you. I am sorry I hid this thing from you.”

I was getting nervous.

“What is it, Bella? Is something bothering you?”

She gave a long pause. Cathy looked at us with confusion.

“Noel, Have you ever wondered from where Sarah got her blue eyes from?”

I held my breath. “I think Kate’s mom had blue eyes.”

There was a long pause. She stood up, went to the bedroom and got a file. She handed me the file.

I opened the file with my trembling hand. It was a DNA test report.

“Bels, what is it?” Cathy asked.

“Sarah is not my daughter,” I managed to reply.

(To be continued)

I am grateful to my friend, Cuckold_husband who gave me ideas for this chapter. I am also indebted to Curvy who took the painstaking trouble in verifying my previous stories.


This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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