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Hot Teacher Lets Her Guard Down
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Hot Teacher Lets Her Guard Down

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When a teacher becomes impressed with a student and she lets her guard down it turns into a hot time

I have been a teacher for the past fourteen years and have always been totally professional and dedicated to my profession. I was lucky enough to secure a position at one of the larger school districts shortly after I graduated from college.

About nine months after I started working I met John who was a salesman for a large company and was making a great income. We quickly fell in love and got married a year and a half after we met. It was two weeks before my twenty-fourth birthday.

Our life together was wonderful in the beginning. We traveled a great deal and enjoyed life, as John’s income was more than enough to pay our bills. My salary from teaching was a bonus; our mad money that we used to pamper ourselves with the finer things of life.

Fourteen years later I am now thirty-seven, but I have kept myself in good shape, despite the years mounting up on me. I enjoy working out and managed to maintain my weight at one hundred and twenty-eight pounds on my five-foot-eight-inch frame. I have been blessed with a set of 38DD’s which have always attracted attention. It also hasn’t hurt to have a tight ass and killer long dancer legs.

Over the years, as my husband has moved up the ladder in his company, which has necessitated that he spend more and more time on the road traveling. This has been a major factor in limiting our private times. Because I have always had a very active libido, his traveling has put a major strain on our relationship.

To distract myself from the lack of sexual activity I became increasingly dedicated to the development of my students. It totally amazed me the talents and maturity these young people brought into my classroom. They truly were more like young men and women, with their unique personalities and common sense beyond their years. Normally there are always one or two exceptional students, who not only excel in the classroom, but also in their extracurricular activities. This year was no exception.

Not only was there one student who excelled in both areas, but he was also an absolutely stunning young man. He was the captain and quarterback of the football team, as well as a high honors student. Besides his accomplishments in his young life, Brian was also an extremely handsome and sexy young man. He had piercing blue eyes that could make any female wet in an instant. His body was solid and very muscular and would make any model envious. It wasn’t just that Brian had a body that was incredible, but his personality seemed to be developed well beyond his years. He presented himself more like he was a twenty-five-year-old young man, which made him even sexier, if that was possible.

This is where at thirty-seven I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. I found myself dreaming and fantasizing about Brian. Since my sexual satisfaction had mostly fallen to self-pleasure, I had many fanciful thoughts about Brian while masturbating. In all of my fourteen years of teaching, I had never had such thoughts about any student, like those that permeated my mind about Brian.

This all led up to a Thursday night in September, three weeks after the start of the school year. John was away on one of his business trips, and would not be home until next week. It was highly unusual for him to be away over a weekend, but this was for a large client, that warranted his total concentration and focus. John would do whatever needed to be done to impress and retain this client. I finished up in my classroom at about seven o’clock and headed to my car.

Exhausted from more than a full day and wanting only to relax in a scented bath with a glass of wine, my frustration level soon went off the chart. When I attempted to start the car, it had other ideas and wouldn’t start. I was pissed off knowing with my husband away. I would have to call the motor club. It would be at least an hour before they could come to my assistance. I pulled my cell phone out of my purse and was looking for the number when a Honda Civic pulled up next to my car. It was Brian! I’m sure I felt my pussy moisten immediately upon realizing his appearance. Football practice had just ended, and he was headed home.

“Hello, Mrs. Reese! You’re here kind of late aren’t you?”

“Oh Brian yes I had some work to finish, and now I can’t get my car to start.”

“That sucks after a long day. Would you want me to see if I can help?”

“That would be wonderful if you could, I was just going to call the motor club.”

My hero then said, “No, no; let me see if we can’t get her going first.”

As Brian got out of his car and walked towards me, immediately my cunt felt very damp as I took in the sight of this young man. Brian was wearing a tight pair of shorts and a tank top. His body was ripped and very muscular. My mind filled with the most inappropriate thoughts, as I drifted off into space land with fantasies about having that body take me into his arms and ravage my body. What the hell was I thinking of?

I was wearing a pencil skirt with a four-inch slit on my left leg with nude stockings underneath, heels and sans panties. Brian asked if he could get in the driver’s seat so he could attempt to start the beast. As I opened my door, I also opened my legs without thinking. Suddenly I realized that I was giving the young man quite a show as my skirt rode up above my stocking tops. Looking up at him, it became apparent that he was pleased with the sight evidenced by his bug-eyed look and the appearance of a bulge in his shorts.

Being so mature and gentlemanly, he never hesitated in going about the business of trying to help me. His attempt to start my car was unsuccessful, so he lifted the hood of the car, to inspect for any obvious clues. He started twisting and tapping things here and there. As he was bent over, looking at the motor, I stood behind him and found myself focused on his tight ass and hot body. I found that I was not paying attention to what he was saying about the car.

He stood back up and turned to me, pulling me out of my fanciful thoughts and back to the situation at hand. “Well Mrs. Reese, I’m afraid I’m totally lost. It looks like you’re going to require the services of a real mechanic.”

“Well thank you for trying Brian. You truly are my knight in shining armor.”

“It is late Mrs. Reese. Would you like me to give you a ride home and you can have your mechanic fix this tomorrow?”

“That would be wonderful Brian. I am too tired to deal with this tonight.”

I gathered my things up and got into Brian’s car. We headed off to my place. Brian and I discussed a number of different things as we drove. Several times I caught him checking out my legs, as my short skirt rode up some. It was turning me on to have this young stud looking at my body in a lustful way.

We continued to talk even after he pulled into my driveway. I was so enjoying Brian’s company that I was unaware of the time. Before we knew it, it was nine o’clock. I was very comfortable chatting with Brian; so much so that I was moved to invite him in to continue our conversation.

As we sat on the couch having a glass of ice tea, I felt more comfortable that night talking with Brian than I did my own husband.

As we chatted, I found my own level of sexual excitement, rise within me. Then suddenly, totally out of character for me, almost an out of body experience, I moved closer to Brian and leaned into him, kissing him tenderly on the lips. My hands cupped his face as we continued to kiss. With a sudden sense of embarrassment, I realized what I was doing and jumped back away from him.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry Brian I didn’t mean to….I shouldn’t have…..that was so inappropriate of me.”

Brian was shocked at first, but quickly overcame his surprise. He moved towards me and whispered, “Oh Mrs. Reese please don’t be sorry. I have dreamed about something like this happening with you.” He then became more aggressive and leaned into me. He kissed me deeply and passionately.

Giving in to my baser needs, my cravings actually, I did not push him away nor try to discourage him in any way. In fact, I pulled him tighter into me as my tongue explored his mouth, feeling his hard body against me was so stimulating.

As we kissed, I felt Brian’s hand slide up my inner thigh. I did not try to stop him. When I felt his strong hand touch my soft bare skin above my stocking tops, I spread open my legs wider to give him better access.

Our kiss became even more passionate as I felt Brian’s hand brush against my wet bare pussy. A moan escaped from my throat as I felt him run his finger up and down on my wet labia. I am sure my arousal was heightened even more because it had been so long since anyone touched me so intimately. It had been months since I had experienced orgasmic bliss other than self-pleasure.

In the heat of the moment, my hand moved to Brian’s crotch. I caressed his hard cock through his shorts. Once again, my favorite student did not fail, but exceeded my every expectation. I was pleasantly pleased to feel his semi-hard cock and realize he was going to be much bigger than I imagined.

I was at the point of no return now. I knew I was going to give myself to him and there was no reasoning I could do to stop myself. I was out of control and really didn’t care. Simply put, I needed to get fucked, and I needed it now! My nervous fingers fumbled with Brian’s drawstring on his shorts, but soon I had overcome this barrier and lowered his shorts. His young hard cock sprung free of its prison! I smiled as I took hold of his throbbing meat and slowly stroked it. Raising a leg, I straddled his pelvis and sank my dripping cunt downward, feeling the delicious penetration of his manhood into my cauldron of white-hot female arousal.

Brian started unbuttoning my blouse to remove it. Once my ample globes were free, Brian smiled and was mesmerized with my tits, that were right in front of his face. I took my other hand and placed it on the back of his head and guided his face into my tits. He followed my lead as he opened his mouth and took my right nipple in his mouth and started sucking it. Our lust for each other was a pure passion as he mauled my tits and I bounced on his young dick.

Nudging Brian’s mouth away from my tits, I slid off his lap to the floor and in between his legs. As I knelt before him seated on the couch, I took hold of his hard cock and fed his throbbing cock into my mouth, tasting my juices, with his penis being so recently embedded in my juicy snatch. I used my tongue to repeatedly lick from his balls to the tip of his cock and back again. He gasped and moaned loudly as I displayed my superior cock sucking skills. I easily took his cock slowly down my throat and loved it when he got even more aggressive and began fucking my mouth in earnest.

My eyes were looking up into Brian’s eyes as I moved up and down on his thick eight-inch cock. The excitement of having not only his young cock in my mouth, but also the taboo of him being one of my students was driving me wild. While my arousal was peaking higher and higher, I moved faster up and down his dick, feeling it twitch as it was between my lips. My soft hand caressed his balls as I moved faster and faster. His breathing became heavier and shallower, and I could tell he was about to cum. It made me suck him faster and harder as I wanted to feel his cock explode in my mouth while feeding me his hot thick creamy young load of man juice. He let out a loud scream as he thrust his hips upward into my mouth. I sucked and swallowed everything as he filled my mouth over and over again. As the last droplets of his cum were drained from his dick into my mouth, I felt Brian’s body relax as he lay back on the couch.

I stood in front of him as I undid my skirt and let it fall to the floor. Standing there naked in front of Brian I could see him inspecting my body. He was fixated on my freshly waxed smooth pussy. I moved to him and straddled his lap once again. I sat on him grinding my hot wet pussy onto his limp dick as I whispered in his ear, “I want to feel your hard dick back in my needy cunt.”

The dirtier I talked to Brian the harder his cock grew. His hands groped my tits as he whimpered, “Oh my god, I can’t believe this. I have dreamed about this every day that I sat in your class. I would watch you move about in front of the class and imagine what it would be like sinking my cock into ‘the teacher.’ Is this really happening? I think I’ve died and gone to heaven!”

“Yes baby, believe me, it’s happening. Fantasy is good, but the real thing is so much better. I so need for you to give me that hard dick and fuck me hard and deep!” His cock grew even harder as he heard me tell him just how much I needed his young cock.

My pussy was soaking wet and so ready for him. Brian took me in his strong arms; he lifted me off his lap and laid me onto the floor. He straddled my body then lowered his body onto mine. The press of his weight upon me heightened my sexual arousal even more, if that was possible.

“Tell me Mrs. Reese; tell me what you want.”

“I want your cock, Brian! I want you to drive your cock deep into my cunt and fuck me long and hard. I want your dick! No. I need your dick. I need to be fucked, and I need to cum. NOW, FUCK ME!!”

Through clenched teeth, he ordered me, “Take me and guide me into that beautiful cunt, Mrs. Reese.” With that, I reached between us and took hold of his hard cock and guided him to my pussy. I felt his tip at my hot wet opening. Brian then unceremoniously thrust it into me, with his cock spreading open my slit and sinking deep into me to the hilt. I moaned and gasped as I felt his cock fill my cunt; his cock head banging against my cervix in one swift move.

I gasped into his ear, “Oh god, yes Brian yes, fuck me now!”

Brian pulled his cock back only to ram it hard and deep back into me. His rhythm and force increased with every thrust. I was in heaven as he gave it all to me. His cock was rock hard and touching my special spots deep within me. My breathing became heavier and heavier, as my moaning turned to screams.

My body started to shake as I felt the first orgasmic waves forming deep in my womanly center. “Oh god, yes Brian, fuck me, ram that young hard dick in me!”

My body shook harder as I felt the wave of orgasm hit me. “OOOOHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSS, I’m CUMMMMMMIINNNNNNG.”

Brian kept pounding me until with one hard thrust I could feel his cock pulsating deep inside my cunt. I knew he was close and then he filled me with his young seed.

Brian collapsed on top of me after the last streams of his cum shot deep into my pussy. We both lay on the floor not saying a word, just taking in the hot wild fucking we had just enjoyed.

After what seemed like eternity Brain kissed my lips softly and said, “Oh Mrs. Reese if you only knew how much I had dreamed of being with you like this. It was even better than I had possibly imagined.”

I looked into his eyes and smiled, “Oh Brian after fucking me like that do you really think you should call me Mrs. Reese? Let’s try Diane, shall we?”

We both laughed about that as I moved into Brian’s arms and kissed him. His hands started caressing my body as he moved to my tits kissing and sucking on my nipples again. Oh, Mrs. Reese, you’re so hot I can’t get enough of you. He caught himself and laughed, I’m sorry Mrs. Reese I am just too comfortable calling you Mrs. Reese. I don’t know if I could ever call you Diane.”

Laughing I reached down and took hold of his semi-hard dick, “That’s okay baby, as long as I get this cock, you can call me whatever you want.”

Seeing that he was getting hard again and knowing I wanted more of that dick I looked in his beautiful eyes and asked him, “Why don’t we go to the bedroom where we can be more comfortable?”

He agreed. When I got off the floor, I ran towards my bedroom, with Brian in close pursuit. We both leaped onto the bed, and he took me in his arms and once again started kissing and caressing me. His hands were like on a search and rescue mission, fondling every part of me. He was sucking on my tits, and his hand was between my creamy thighs. Soon he was fingering my cunt and teasing my clit. My hand found his cock as I stroked him slowly. He was hard again, very hard. Obviously, this is one of the benefits of having a young cock to fuck; he can recoupe quickly and is ready to fuck again in no time.

Even though no match for him physically, Brian let me wrestle him onto his back. I swung my still nylon clad leg over him and straddled his body. I reached behind my back and took hold of his big cock. I moved it to my soaking wet hot cunt. Once I guided the head of that beautiful organ to my opening, I leaned back and took that delicious cock into my body once more. As I road him the thought blazed in my mind about the jeopardy in which I was placing my career by fucking my student. The amazing thing was, I did not care at this point; I just wanted him to fuck me! I needed to be fucked like the dirty little whore I knew I was! I cared nothing about any consequences that may come about if anyone ever found out. At this point, Brian’s young muscular body and cock were all that I cared about.

I rode Brian through two more orgasms; two more mind-blowing orgasms! Then once again his throbbing cock erupted inside my pussy filling me with spurt after spurt of his hot creamy young cum. I collapsed on top of Brian with my breasts hot against his well-defined chest. I was totally spent and could not move. Finally, I rolled off Brian and lay next to him on the bed.

After a few minutes of silence and heavy breathing, Brian leaned on his elbow looking into my eyes as I lay next to him. Mrs. Reese, I am going to have to go. I hate to leave, but if not, my parents will be questioning where I was.

I looked up into his eyes, my hand tenderly touching his face. “Well, we would not want that to happen. In fact, Brian you’re a smart kid, and I know you’re already aware of this, but we cannot tell anyone about this.”

“I know Mrs. Reese,” he replied dismissively.

“No Brian, I mean it! I know how guys love to share details of their conquests with a friend; how he fucked someone just to brag about it. You cannot do that; you need to promise me. You can never tell anyone about this, or I will be in so much trouble. You realize that I would be fired in a second. DO YOU UNDERSTAND BRIAN!!!?”

“Yes Mrs. Reese I do understand, and you have my word that no one will ever know.”

Brain got dressed and left. I laid there on my bed reliving the events of the evening. I realized that the taboo nature of being with a young student made the evening even more exciting. I couldn’t explain, even to myself, why I let my guard down and allowed Brian to fuck me. But my mind was already thinking of being with him again.

My love affair with Brain continued throughout his senior year. We would always find ways to meet, and we had some wild times, in some really peculiar places! The clandestine nature of our rendezvous made our forbidden sex all that much hotter.

Brian moved away for college, and although we do not get to fuck as often, we continued to have our hot sexual encounters. I would go and visit him from time to time, and we have always found time to get together when he comes home from school.

Brian has never gotten comfortable calling me Diane. To this day he still calls me Mrs. Reese.



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