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Looking for Sex in outdoor places: a cautionary tale

Boondocks or boudoir, for some it’s not an easy choice

What a fucking fantastic fuck! Making love outdoors was even better than Angie had imagined. Sitting astride her lover, feeling the sun and wind on her flushed, tingling skin was such a turn-on. Everything around them seemed so peaceful and sexy. The sounds of nature were accompanied by the rhythmic slurping of her lover’s thick shaft moving inside her wet, and, oh so happy, pussy. The more...Read On


The Hot Summer Day With My Friend's Mom

My friend's mom shows me how summer can be enjoyable.

It was a hot summer day and I knew my friend had gotten a pool a few weeks before. I helped him set it up. It was only one of those 4 foot deep, 12 feet around blow up pools, so we had no trouble except that his hot mom kept coming out to make sure we were OK. My name is Rob. My friend's name is Jack. His mom's name is Joan. I am about 6' 3" tall and Jack is about the same (give or take a...Read On


Breathing Underwater

The depths to which you love him Interest me, not How you strive For words to describe Heights of passion Bores me We all know the feeling We all feel as though it did not begin Until Us Don’t tell me what it is to breathe  When surrounded by air Tell me instead How you cope with uncertainty When it arises How you fight your way out of fear And depression How you continue to love...Read On


Anonymous Sex

Having sex with complete anonymity

As our sex life embraced the ‘alternative’ life style we decided we had to lay down the ground rules that we were both okay with, and to identify situations we would like to explore given the chance. One thing that had intrigued me for some time was having sex with complete anonymity. We talked about setting it up with me blindfolded and so on but it seemed too arranged; then this happened! ...Read On


Rough Sex

I love rough sex with anyone, anywhere.

Rough Sex   This is the thing, I like rough sex. When I’ve finished being one person’s victim, I swiftly move on to the next.   I adore being bitten. I desire to be owned. Fucking is always better when it is horny and full blown.   He grabs my hair and bites my neck. I wonder to myself, is Brian going to be my best yet?   He roughly enters me, his fingers playing with my...Read On


Morning Sex

A poem of morning sex

I love the feel of my skin being awakened by my lovers touch. Feeling his mouth upon mine in a gentle brush like motion, letting me know he is awake and thinking of me. His fingers gently dance over my plump breasts stopping just to pluck at one nipple before making their way beyond. His touch now upon my thighs, slowly and gently nudging them apart. My body aches for those fingers...Read On


Sex in Wales

Sunbathing leads to sex

I erected a tent in a field in Wales and went to a nearby beach which was fairly deserted. I lay on my back taking in the sun. As there was nobody near me, I slipped my bathing trunks down to my knees so that I was virtually naked. I wanted to get a sun tan on the whole of my front. After a while I began playing with my cock, getting it almost hard. Unfortunately, I hadn`t seen someone...Read On


Sex Class

Cassie needed cash...the sex class needed an assistant

When Sean first mentioned the idea, Cassie was aghast. "It's virtually prostitution, Sean. I can't believe you want to hire me out just because we're a bit short of cash!"   For three or four days, she barely spoke to him - three or four days in which their financial worries got worse. They'd tried everything - working in bars when they weren't doing their day jobs, selling...Read On


Sex with Rachel

A married woman is spanked and has sex with a younger woman

It was Monday morning and Rachel was back in the shop. She couldn’t stop fantasising about the really pretty grey haired lady she had served a few weeks ago. Actually she wasn’t grey rather a very dark brunette but she had lots of grey in her hair. Her eyes were the most beautiful brown to die for. She wasn’t the most attractive woman in the world by any means. Rather flat chested, but...Read On


Strangers and Sex!

Nightclub hookup turns into a fine couple of sex sessions

I don't know why it is but I have always been attracted to strangers. My sister in law and I sometimes go out clubbing together. This particular night my sister in law disappears for a long time. As she comes back in to the club we get up to dance and I accidentally bump into this really handsome well built man. He grabs my arm and steadies me so I don’t fall. Glancing back at him thanking him...Read On



So many choices...

There's funny sex and runny sex and dressed up like a bunny sex Fill your pretty cunny sex nice and tight. There's naughty sex and sporty sex better not get caughty sex and lovely over forty sex just for me. There's dirty sex and flirty sex and sometimes very squirty sex I remember under thirty sex long since past. There's kinky sex and pinky sex and over in a blinky sex and dressed up...Read On


Revenge Sex

Two couples have sex in a car, the result of their partners cheating on them.

Lee pulled his car up to Denise’s town home, and set the car in park. Their expressions appeared to be shocked, as if they'd witnessed something striking. He turned off the ignition, and sighed. “Here we are.” He turned to her. Denise crossed eyes with him. Her mascara appeared runny, but she wasn’t crying anymore. “Thanks.” She sighed. “I can’t believe my fiancé was fucking around with...Read On

A Little Sex Outside

A couple have sex outside

I'm wearing my sexy nightgown,  My ass looks nice; its very round. Let's go outside and fuck on the ground. I beg you to fuck me with your cock, Your hard and stiff like a rock. In the window is our grandfather clock. Your hands have a very firm grip, While your holding my curvy hips. You push your cock through my pussy lips. I spread my pussy nice and wide, Feels so good once...Read On


Sex with my neighbour

Friendship with neighbour leads to nudism then sex

This happened several years ago. My wife was killed in her car by a drunken driver so I am now a widower. I continued working for nearly two years then changed to a new job in another town and bought a bungalow in a nearby village. My next door neighbour, Freda, appeared to have divorced her husband some time ago. We became quite friendly. One evening, over drinks, she said that when...Read On


Kitchen Sex

Sex in the kitchen was going to be perfect.

I'm 21 years old and newly wed to my husband, Jacob. He is the love of my life and I'm always working to spice up our sex life. This is what happened two nights ago: Jacob was in the kitchen sipping his mixed drink. I told him he had to wait in the kitchen and I would be right back. I went up the stairs and began stripping my clothes. I was wearing my new purple lace bra and purple lace...Read On


The Sex Shop

The Original Sex Shop Song music video are on Youtube with these lyrics from my charity poetry book!

THE ORIGINAL SEX SHOP SONG (Music Video Filmed in a real sex shop On Youtube/ Google search "The original sex shop song") Toys for boys Kamas and sutras Rabbits for girls Videos for adults Motors for any hole Models for all tastes Dry and moist The sex shop Do come in haste! Lip liner and lubricants Stilettos, suspenders and tights Quick flings and rings Long lasting and big things Ticklers...Read On


Cindy's Sex Party

A husband and wife are invited to a weekend sex party.

   Cindy's Sex Party My story begins in the Summer of 98. My wife and I had just moved into our new home in a suburb of Chicago. The next day our neighbor Cindy Johnson came over with a pie she had baked especially for us and she told us that she just wanted to welcome us into the neighborhood. It wasn't long before my wife and I started hanging out with the Johnsons. One evening my...Read On

Passionate Sex Tonight

Let's have sex

I love you so much, That's what I say. I love your soft touch, I love you in many ways. Oral sex is what I like to do, That's what I really live for. Getting each other wet to screw, This is what I truly adore. Licks and flicks to my slit, Really makes me delighted. I hold and caress my tits, This always gets me excited. Deeper and faster you lick my hole, I grind up against your face....Read On


Masturbation and Joint Sex

Nakedness leads to sex

In the rear garden of my bungalow was a high hedge between my garden and the house on the other side. The couple who lived in the bungalow were friends of mine. They had a swimming pool between the hedge and the bungalow and they often invited me to swim there. We all wore bathing suits and had a glass of wine before swimming. I was disappointed when they sold the place and moved away but...Read On

Hard Pounding Sex With You

I want to have sex now

Let's get all sweaty and have hard pounding sex, Little kisses and bites to my neck. Hands all over me, wondering what you'll do next. Gropes and squeezes to my firm tits, Fingers fucking my tight, wet slit. Rubs and massages to my clit. Pulls and tugs to your dick, Fingers stroking at your prick. You're very long and oh so thick. Up on my hands and knees, You take your cock and start...Read On


Sex games #2

The game gets wilder with sex with a stranger

My wife and I got involved in a sex game a few months ago. See Sex Games #1. We are a very social couple and go to a lot of parties. At one particularly wild party we went skinny dipping. My wife and I danced naked in the pool. At the end of our dance a friend of ours, Tom, asked if My wife would dance with him. They danced naked and he rubbed his prick all over her. She danced a second...Read On


Kathy's College Days and Sex

Sex and College seem to go together. For me it's wild sex

Well, at the ripe old age of seventeen, I was off to college, turning eighteen not long after I got there. I must say I tried to be a bit more reserved at college; I didn't want to end up with one of those nasty college reputations. Hah! But that sure doesn't mean things didn't happen, because they did! Other than doing a bunch of flashing on spring break, my first year at college was...Read On


Sex Shop Bargain

Nicki negotiates a bargain at the sex shop.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Nicki—when I was younger I used to put a little heart instead of a dot over the first ‘I’. But I have kind of grown out of that now. I am about five feet six in stocking feet, and five nine most of the time—I love wearing heels. I have long wavy brown hair and a… curvaceous body; sometimes it’s hard for men to make eye contact with me—they prefer making...Read On


Sex Toys Advice and short story

Sex toy advice from a fan

Don't be shy guys - Use those toys! Many men are intimidated at the thought of using toys when they play with their lady lovers. Why is that? Well, what man wants to be compared to his lady's 12" black, vibrating, rotating, phallic monster that runs off household AC so there's no batteries to die at a crucial point? What man feels that his woman isn't totally and completely satisfied by...Read On


First time at the Sex Club

James suggests he and Callie go to a sex club

They had been seeing each other for a month when James first introduced the idea, an afternoon at a sex club. Callie didn’t really know what to expect. She had her ideas but were they accurate? She really didn’t know. She wasn’t against the idea but she didn’t know what to expect and thought she might be a little nervous about it at first. He didn’t push the idea, casually mentioning it...Read On

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