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Panty Fetish Diaries - Part 1

My dirty panty fetish beginnings

‘Mmm yeessss...’ I murmured as my cock began to throb in my hand, just as it had a hundred times before. It was guaranteed that more blood would rush to my genitals, giving me the largest erection possible, when the familiar scent of snatch filled my nostrils. I pleased my engorged member with a gentle caress by my right hand, while my left held the creamy crotch of my latest panty find to...Read On


Panty Fetish Diaries - Part 2

My dirty panty fetish commences

A few months later my chance came when Grace went away for the weekend. I had been enjoying the spring, spending far too much time at the window of my bedroom. I have always enjoyed people-watching but I like it far more when those I have my eyes on are dropdead gorgeous, just like Grace was. I would catch her leaving for work in the morning and returning home in the evening. She had...Read On


The Panty Boy

That gorgeous scent coming from panties drives me mad.

It was a rainy summer, a long time ago, and it was my birthday on that day, so we decided to party in my place, and entertain my buddies, and have a good time.  As I was there in my apartment, guests began to arrive, unhurried, though. Perhaps this would be a good gathering, until last guest arrived. She was my girl friend named Blanca Guerrero, a Spanish, dressed elegantly in black...Read On


The Beginning Of My Panty Fetish

How and why I love panties

To begin with, growing up I was that short, skinny, scrawny kid that everybody picked on. Even in my late teen years I was only five feet tall and weighed approximately a hundred pound and even that was on a good day. So needless to say, I didn’t have a lot of dates, and sex was only something I read about in books, or if I was lucky enough to ‘find’ one…an adult magazine. Usually I bought...Read On


Pee Perverts: Sexy Little Panty Pisser

The unedited version of husband meets wife

She was eighteen; I was sixteen. She was a goddess; I was a spotty little oik - according to my brothers. According to the eighteen-year-old goddess, I was adorable. She claims that she fancied me straight away but I don’t believe her. I still don’t believe anyone could ever fancy me when I’m wearing shorts. “But those shorts meant I could see exactly how much you fancied me,”...Read On


A Toy Boy for Martha

You are my Adonis for true Alex!

"Where are you off this afternoon then?" Pete asked me. We'd finished an electrical job which was supposed to have lasted the day but it was only noon so we gave ourselves the afternoon off. I put the mobile phone down and grinned at Pete. "I might have known, you’re going to see Martha again aren't you?" he said with a smirk on his face. Martha was a middle aged lady we'd done a job for...Read On


My Wife's Hot Boy Toy

My wife gets it on with a college boy and I love every minute of it.

I'm a fifty year old white male married to a very attractive forty-five year old woman, Tina. We are both very athletic and work out every day. Our sex life is excellent; she is always horny and is multi orgasmic. Over the years it has become increasingly difficult for me to keep up with her. She wants it much more often than I do and she is not satisfied with a single orgasm but often...Read On


Britain's Got A Naked Singin' Boy Wiv A Boner

A naked aroused singing boy enters a talent contest.

All characters and terms including boy and lad refer to people age 18 and over. This talent contest has come to town. It’s something like Britain ’s Got Talent. I thought I’d give ‘em something totally different. It hasn’t been done before. I’m gonna sing Unchained Melody naked with my cock on bone. Keep my erection all through the song. Not as easy as it sounds. Takes some...Read On


The Prince and the Bell Boy

Prince Charlie and his forbidden love for an innocent and sexy bell boy

Far north of England, high on top of a hill stood a grand gold palace where a king and queen lived with their only son, twenty year old Charlie. Prince Charlie. He was spoilt rotten and got everything he wanted and when he wanted it. One bright sunny day, Prince Charlie came down to the dining room for afternoon tea and noticed a strikingly handsome young bell boy in a red suit outside...Read On


My Toy Boy Experience

The first part of this story is in Mature. “I seek a Toy Boy...” This is Part 2.

My Sex Life is Restored. I decided to use the services of a toy boy to reintroduce myself to a sex life again, whilst at a golf tournament a couple of years ago following the death of my husband. I realised what I had enjoyed with him had not died with him, and I needed my sex drive to be rekindled. I had attended a massage clinic to prepare myself for the experience and Lucy the...Read On


Missy becomes a Mistress

This makes more sense if you read the final Paula story of the party - says your little fetishdoll

Missy couldn’t believe she was masturbating in confessional but fuck if it wasn’t about to make her spray her juices all over the padded vinyl seat. She had walked in wanting absolution but she knew as she rubbed her swollen little clit that life was forever changed. Inside her mind she could still see Paula's lips quivering as the whip slapped across her body and see her tiny breasts heaving...Read On


Boy Toys

Like colorful jelly beans in a jar; I collect my slave boys from near and from far. Each one is unique and special to me; Their flavors so sweet and so varied. Delicious in different ways they are; I love their fantasies no matter how bazaar. Love teasing them until they cum; Controlling their bodies is so much fun. Tell me slave boy what you dream about; Your deepest secrets let...Read On


A Panty Boy in Paradise: Part One

Being an escort for men leads to new sexual adventures for Courtney.

I wasn't sure how it was going to go. My new client hadn't given me any specifics. But I was excited about the glamour of being on a yacht with a rich older man and his young crew. We would be sailing for the weekend to the Bahamas and I would have my own cabin to sleep in and take naps during the day. All expenses, including the lingerie and bikini bathing suits I would wear, were paid for....Read On


Coming of Age

A farm boy celebrates his birthday.

It was 1962 the year that I turned 18, that my life as a young man took a dramatic change. My mom and dad were farmers and had never taken a vacation that I could ever remember. We were a cattle and crop farm operation and the crops were all in and doing well. Dad asked me if I thought that I would be able to run the farm for three weeks while he took my mom on a much-needed vacation. I told...Read On


A Mom for Her Boy

A mom lets her hidden fantasy overwhelm her son.

My name is Linda Jamerson. A few years back I had become divorced to by husband of twelve years. I was given full custody of my only son Sam, aged sixteen. He's a good boy, always does his work and chores, and gets in the usually teenage amount of trouble. I’m thirty-nine and since my divorce, I’ve been awfully lonely. I've been too nervous to get back on the dating scene, so I've been...Read On


The Bad Boy Gets Sexually Schooled--Chapter 1

My twin bed has never been fucked in so lets break it in.

My name is Ann and I am eighteen years old and in twelfth grade. I can remember the first time I met Will. He was the “new kid” in school, having just transferred to Elmore High School. He came to live with his grandmother while his parents were overseas for his father’s work. Will came at the beginning of the summer and it did not take long for him to get the reputation of being a “bad...Read On

The Cabana Boy

I'll give you a good tip if you help me out

My name is Anthony and I’m eighteen. I got a job at the Catalina Beach Club on Long Island’s South Shore, in New York for the summer. My job is being a cabana boy. I mostly greet guests and fetch their towels, drinks, and snacks. I even get to put suntan lotion on any guest that asks for it, or spray them down with cool water to keep them cool. Often, I clean the bathrooms, change the...Read On


Boy Meets Girl

Boy Meets Girl as Sparks Fly, Passion draws them together as love blossoms.

He saw her across a crowded room. Everything around them became a blur as their eyes met, sparks flew and their beating hearts fluttered like butterflies. He crossed the floor towards her. Words were few and far between, apart from the ones both wanted to hear whispered from each others lips. Those words that can open a heart and allow love within. The journey home was tedious, but...Read On


My beginning and pathway to group sex. Part 9

More practice with boy 3

Continuing story. Please read Parts 1 - 8 first to understand where I am in my development.   My ‘at school’ boy responded to my challenge of finding somewhere better by inviting me to his house the next day.   Both his parents and his older sister worked, so we had a couple of clear hours after school to be alone.   He told me during the day that we could go to his house, and I was...Read On


My introduction and pathway to group sex. Part 7

My third fuck boy

Must read parts 1 - 6 first. I saw my ‘travel home’ boy on the bus the next morning.   He sat next to me near the back and gave me a slightly nervous smile and a quick “Hi”.   He clearly wasn’t sure of the reaction he would get.   I was actually looking forward to seeing him again, so was very cheerful and chatty.   He turned his head towards my ear after a while and said in a low voice,...Read On


Penny's Panties

Caught in the sister act

I really can’t say I know when it started exactly, and I suppose one could present a number of reasonable theories as to the ‘whys’, but I’ve always had a thing for panties. Perhaps it’s best summed up in the old adage: It’s the closest thing to pussy. At a fairly young age, I discovered the magic of humping my mattress. It’s doubtful that I was truly aware of what I was doing, but I...Read On



Brittany and Jenna take revenge on Barry.

When I first met Barry, I immediately noticed that his smile was gorgeous.   The second thing I noticed about him was how great his ass looked in tight jeans.   He was flirtatious and playful.   Barry and I had been dating just a month when we made a bet on a basketball game.   I won the bet and jokingly said that I wanted Barry to wear a pair of my panties.   Barry blushed but...Read On


How It All Started For Me

I would never had thought this would happen

It all started when I was a teen boy. Our grandmother came to visit and she had to sleep in my sisters room. So that meant that my sister had to sleep in my room with me. She was 3 years older than I was. It was summer time and very hot out. Of course we had no AC to keep cool. I liked to sleep in my underwear to try to keep cool and she wore just a pair of panties and a T shirt. As I got...Read On


Bob and Koen (Part 1)

Bob Sees A Hot Boy on the Beach and Takes Him Back To His Room For Sex

Bob was cruising the beach looking at all the beautiful boys when his eye caught this one good looking kid who was about 16 yo. Bob took a picture of the boy when he noticed that the boy was smiling at him. The boy wiggled his hand into his shorts and manipulated his package. This was a hint that the boy was interested in Bob. As Bob sauntered toward the boy, a sexy smile crossed...Read On



A teenage boy has a weekend with a mature, older woman who teaches him about more than just sex.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation, you knew many would consider wrong? No, I’m not talking murder wrong, so calm down, dear reader. I guess to tell this story right; I have to begin at the beginning of my story. A while back (no, I’m not telling you when, as for all I know, the wrong person or people are reading this) I was helping a friend move into her new place. Now, I know,...Read On

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