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Friday's Pleasures

A wife fucks her husband

Jean gets home after I do. I thought I'd give her a hint of what I wanted. I went to bed naked hoping Jean would get the hint I was looking for a little action when she came home. I lay on my side so my back was toward the door. I left the covers off just to ensure Jean would see my bare body. Jean came home at her usual time and did her usual routine. I lay very quietly pretending to...Read On


A freindly visit

I was in college for about 2 years now doing a computer science degree and I was a little sad that I didn't have a girlfreind yet. I studied, I did homework, I ate, I slept, but I never got to fuck somebody In all the time I was here. the College stereotype is so misleading I remember thinking but oh, man was I ever wrong! I had met a freind in my class and he was holding a party...Read On



I need you to tell me to cum, I need to hear your voice

You bend me down over my desk and my large tits press against the hard wood. Your fingers roughly curl around my panties and you shove them down my legs and throw them into the far corner. I am now completely naked. Your hands caress my soft, firm ass, slapping each cheek a few times. I moan louder and your hands move around my waist, rubbing my thighs, feeling my wetness drip down my...Read On


The Cum Bath

A woman visits a special spa, with a hot tub filled with cum.

As she walked in, she was nervous.  It had always been a fantasy, but she never imagined it coming true.  A spa with a hot tub filled with cum.  She imagined it oozing in all her holes, dripping off her tits, being able to scoop it into her mouth. She had put it on a sundress – not too revealing, but sexy.  Skinny straps and a hem that stopped a few inches above the knee. At the desk was a...Read On


Cum covered fun

One lady and a lot of cum

As I get in the shower one evening, you come into the bathroom and tell me to hurry up and dress sexy as we are going out for a drive. I tell you to sit down and talk to me whilst I'm in the shower, and I slowly start soaping my whole body, taking my time over my tits, arse and pussy. I can see your cock getting hard as you watch me and I enjoy putting on a show for you. I use the showerhead...Read On


Learning To Eat Cum Two

Eating your own cum a couple of times

Lynne lay next to me in bed, asleep. She looked so sexy and now after her willingness to feed me my cum the night before she became even more desirable.  I gave her a quick kiss but I had to get up and go; a three day conference one hundred miles away awaited me. As she started to stir she said, “Don’t you go wanking yourself off whilst away, we don’t want you to waste your spunk; save it...Read On

A Story About Cum

A lady who loves cum.

Once upon a time There was a lady who liked cum Drinking cum was sublime She found this to be fun Cum in her shakes Or ice cube trays She'd put into cakes Or in pineapple glaze Men would leave deposits Of that sticky white goo Jacking off in closets This is what they'd do She'd give them head And they'd give her their seed She'd fuck them in bed Their cum filled her needs She loved...Read On


A Weekend Full of Fun … (cum)

I walked in the room, cum dripping from my satisfied cunt. I laid down next to Liz, if only she knew

A Weekend Full of Fun … (cum)   I was the dreaded of all weekends --- “The Family Weekend.” I hated those, all of my sexually deprived siblings and close family friends together in one small area complaining about absolutely everything! The only good thing out of all these family weekends was that I got a chance to see Mario (my brother’s godfather) and if I got...Read On


The Proud Cum Slut

I love his cum.

I love it when his cock stretches me. Any part of me. My cunt, my arse, or, as it’s doing now, my throat. It’s that feeling of being full that turns me on so much. That delightfully submissive feeling that I get when I know my body is internally transforming just so it can accommodate his cock. Stretching and straining to fit his thick shaft, wherever it is he chooses to put it. And I love...Read On


Cum Orgy: Six Guys, One Girl

His cum shot out of him like a faucet turned on at full force.

The last thing Cheryl Lynn thought that she would be doing at thirty-five years old was lying on a towel in the sand on a nude beach while six guys lined up around her naked body with their cocks hard, all of them at varying lengths, ready to splatter her already tanned body with their cum. She watched each one stroking feverishly and wondered which one would start the domino effect. Cheryl...Read On


Happy Birthday Baby

I'm positive this will happen again!!!

Happy Birthday Baby!! It was Ambers' birthday and it was almost our 1 year anniversary of being together. The past 12 months seemed to to have flown by without either one of us noticing. 15 months ago, I was still looking for her but hadn't yet found her. Its a long story, but I'll share it with you. We had kind of a lost love thing going. I'd met her 16 years ago, she was dating...Read On


Mutual Satisfaction 2

Megan returns to Terry's room

That evening as Megan was getting ready for bed, the memory of what had happened in Terry's room invaded her thoughts, and it got her excited. She crawled naked under the sheets and once again directed her fingers to slowly enter her already wet pussy. She closed her eyes and recalled the feeling of him touching, kissing and then licking her breasts as she masturbated. In her mind's...Read On


Taking That First Step. Part 5.

Lana began to protest at being pulled toward the bed; she felt she had been punished enough. Her ass was on fire due to the spanking she had just received. Her protests were ignored. Lana was pushed face down on the bed and she felt Cassandra sit on her back before she could attempt to rise. She felt Cassandra attach something to her wrists. Lana opened her eyes and saw restraints....Read On


Cum Shower

All he wanted was to ease his loneliness

Let me just preface this little narrative by saying that I am not the most proficient of lovers. I have trouble meeting ladies. I don’t know why. I’m shy, you could say. But I'm human, like Morrissey says, and I need to be loved, just like anybody else does. So, instead of going out and meeting someone, I thought I’d try hiring a prostitute. I’d never done it before. And, to be honest,...Read On

Recommended Read

Cum Compulsion

A girl develops an overwhelming desire for semen

It all started the end of my sophomore year in high school. When I turned sixteen my parents decided I was old enough to go on actual dates, at night, alone with a boy. With the testosterone running high, and my own sexual desires now freed after having been a bit repressed, it did not take me long to begin down my road of sexual exploration. Greg and I were already totally enthralled with...Read On


Cum Enthusiast

Cum Enthusiast is my name I'm sure you can guess why I'll guarantee you one thing The name is no lie I'll rock your cock Like no one else can And when I'm done You'll be my biggest fan Hearing your moans As you slide all the way in Fucking my face Will definitely be a win-win You can have me on my back Or even on my knees It makes no difference to me Since I aim to please My lips...Read On


Cum As You Are

The perils of public sex.

My car was filled with the musky fragrance of your most intimate self as I withdrew my fingers from your spent pussy, raising them to my mouth to extract your sweet, warm nectar. As we sat in a dark corner of the parking garage, my throbbing cock strained against my slacks as the result of fingering you to a loud, wet orgasm. With an impish look, you grabbed my belt and tugged at it until...Read On


My Boss' Hyperspermia Feeds My Hunger for Cum

My high school friend has hyperspermia and I develop a hunger for his cum and my boss' cum.

I was a pretty normal boy growing up in a small town near Birmingham, Alabama, and I had a large group of friends who were very involved in sports. We were in little league and pee wee football together and continued to play together through middle school and high school. My best friend was Alan, and our families lived close together from the time we were in the first grade. This story...Read On


Cum and Cookies

I invited my young virgin neighbor guy to taste my handmade cookies.

I saw him again, with his books spreading over a small table and himself sitting in a chair he was studying in his backyard. I went to the wall that separated our backyards and I bent over it. I called his name. He looked at me, starred at my cleavage and I smiled looking at him. He was eighteen, a little shy with lots of dirty thoughts in his mind. My cleavage was enough to make his...Read On


A Flash In The Dark

Kim stepped into her dark bedroom reaching for the light switch after her shower. She was cleaning up before going out to dinner with her husband later. She was naked and wet. Suddenly, she felt familiar hands on her back shoving her to the bed face down. It could only be her neighbor Sam. He had done this many times before, and she always loved it. A syringe was inserted into her ass...Read On


The manicure can wait.

Candy meets a hot new girlfriend in the sauna.

Waking up in the morning to the tenderness of Anna’s slender finger gently massaging my clit with a steady circular motion is the most magical way to start the day. Turning my head towards hers I can feel her warm breath on my face as our tongues touch and our lips meet in a soft sensual kiss and I instinctively part my legs slightly to signal my submissiveness. I can feel the...Read On


The Christmas Party. Part 2

I returned to the kitchen table and took a seat after pouring myself a double of Jack Daniels on the rock to calm my nerves. "I thought you fell in," was my brother's greeting upon my appearance. "Hey, something I ate something that just didn't sit well. By the way, I would not go down there for about an hour," I lied. My admission for my lengthy bathroom visit brought on a whole...Read On


The Virgin

Dave takes Virgin to fraternity dance, night takes strange turn.

There are three types of girls I don't trust: girls who are horny yet don't have sex, girls who believe in pinky swears, and girls who say Snoop Dogg's "Ain't No Fun" is "their song." If a guy suggested that a single line in that song were true about them or ought to happen that night, that guy would be "such a dick." Sadly, in college these were the only girls I was able to attract,...Read On


Cousin Cum

Bella's cousin teaches her about pleasurable incest...

*Thank you for reading this! This is my second story and I know is short, but I hope you enjoy them nonetheless! :D     Bella was panicking. It was Christmas, and to the Andersons that meant a family reunion. She had to tidy the house, pick out a dress, and more. Bella had long, chestnut hair to her elbows, and they were in big curls that looked perfect. She had creamy, pale skin...Read On


Permission to Cum

I have to ask to cum...

Her name is Arianna and she has controlled her man sexually for five years.  He cannot even cum without her permission and if he does he is punished. This morning she caught him looking at pictures of naked women and wanking off, so as punishment he was now sitting naked on a hard wooden chair wearing a cock cage with a porn DVD playing on the television in front of him. Arianna does not...Read On

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