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Oh, narcissistic me

Twins sharpen their skills in bed together.

  I dealt with the twin crap growing up. All of the "cute" matching outfits. All of the "I can't tell which is which" Har har har. All of that made me sick. We were two separate people but we were treated as one sickening entity. Finally, at 17 we actually get our own rooms. It took THAT long for mom and dad to finally let go of the cute twin stuff.   Samantha, my sister, was a nerd like me....Read On



Lonely eighteen year old girl loses her virginity to her twin brother on her birthday.

TWINS Part 1 My sex life sucked. Growing up in a tiny country town under the watchful eyes of my dad, the County Sheriff sucked. I celebrated my eighteenth birthday last Friday and, as hard as this may be to believe in this sexual liberated day and Age, I was still a virgin. I wasn’t a virgin because I wanted to remain a virgin until I married or some silly shit like that, I was still...Read On


Reality Twins: Lily and Logan Commence Relation

Logan tasted the heat elude his sisters taut nipple as he flicked it with his tongue.

Lily slowly rolled her nude body off the bed and began stripping it of the sexually soiled sheets. She could not believe that she had forgotten the towel, but her twin brother, Logan, was so far embedded in her brain and making her so horny, she gave no thought about having the one item that would soak up her inner core as it was expelled from her tiny opening. Lily balled the sheets up in...Read On


It's All Over For My Sister

Things got interesting got interesting when my sister wanted to improve her tan.

My freshman year of college was over and the main thing I learned was how little money I had. So, it was looking like I was stuck one last time going with my parents on vacation. I really wanted to go with a couple of guys from college as they went west for the summer but the funds just weren't there. This being the case, it was off to my parent's cabin on the mountain lake that they liked...Read On


Maybe Incest

Losing my virginity to my (maybe) twin brother

I was seventeen when I first met my brother. We were twins, separated at birth. I don’t know why our mother gave me up, why she chose him over me, but I’m sure she had her reasons. The family that adopted me cared for me above and beyond anything I could have hoped for, and were completely honest with me about everything. Still, I have always felt something was missing, and wondering what...Read On


I bet you can't!

Michael loses a bet with his bratty twin sister and older cousin

It was the summer before my junior year in high school, I was sixteen, and so was my twin sister Kate.  We were about as different as twins could be, except for looking alike. I was a bookish, intellectual nerd.  I like sci-fi, comic books, and school.  I had friends, but I had never had a girlfriend.  I was shy, quiet, introverted, and very reserved. Kate on the other hand was...Read On


Fifteen Minutes Of Sibling Heaven

A different version of 'Seven Minutes in Heaven' brings brother and sister closer.

Ben and Amy are twins. They aren’t identical by any means but both have light brown hair; Amy’s long and curly while Ben’s is short and straight, and both have deep blue eyes. They have always been close and always went everywhere together, until recently. Ever since their sixteenth birthday Ben has been growing distant from Amy, spending more time with his friends and never sticking around...Read On


Brother-Sister Pool Party

He saw his younger sister looking. He knew she would be.

She always loved watching out her bedroom window down to the pool. It was not a scenery thing to her. It was where she watched her older brother clean it every week. She would sit beside her window and watch him for the whole duration. It had become her ritual. She looked forward to it every Thursday. Nobody knew she watched him either. She would close and lock her room door and just enjoy...Read On


Brother Sister Experimentation

A brother and sister experiment sexually.

I was only 17, my younger sister, Jessica, was 16.  She was intrigued with by my body since she began to become sexually aware and her curiosity transitioned into her later teen years. We both went to the same high school, but saw each other rarely there.  At home our rooms were separated by a small bathroom with a shower, this was mutaul territory for the both of us. The bathroom was...Read On


Mark and Masha learn alot from each other

Twins Mark and Masha get involved, fearful that Mom will find out

My twin sister Masha and I have always been close, as twins are, but we could not be more different people.  Masha is brash, gregarious, outspoken, and rebellious.  I am reserved, shy, reticent, and a brainy, studious type. Physically, though, despite the difference in gender, we are very similar. Both of us are athletic, with very well proportioned bodies.  Masha, of course, has her...Read On


Birthday lust with my brother

Years of pent up sexual tension exploded with my brother on my birthday

My brother and I were total opposites. In school he was always popular, and athletic, and admired. I was just the younger sister. I was the smart girl, the one who got good grades and stayed out of trouble. My brother is only eighteen months older than me. We always fought like cats and dogs, but I knew that he loved me, and I thought of him like a God. Everything came easy to him. People...Read On


The Love of Twins - Part One

Thanks to scrumhalfguy for the inspiration.

This is the story about my twin brother Craig and I, and how we fell in love. Craig and I are seniors at our high school, making us both 18. I'm a little bit older only by a mere 12 seconds. It was 8 o' clock on a Saturday morning. I got out of my bed and went downstairs seeing my twin brother Craig already munching on his cheerios. As I walked past him I tickled the back of his neck...Read On


Sister's Thank You

Little sister says thank you in her own special way.

Sister's Thank You I have always had a secret desire to make love to my younger sister. Ever since she was in college, her sweet sexy curves and gorgeous breasts fueled so many of my fantasies. All you had to do was look at my girlfriends over the years, they all looked like my sexy sister Amy. But none could ever arouse me as much as my own sibling could. Now at age thrity-six, my...Read On


Gangbang Brothers Part 2

Savannah lay there, lost in orgasmic confusion as her brother switched sides.

Savannah’s cum-covered body left gooey footprints in the hallway as the sexy, lingerie-clad assistants led her to the cleaning room. The entire floor was covered in thick plastic, and there was a bucket with some plastic scrapers and a clear plastic tube sitting next to the door. They walked Savannah to the middle of the room and began scraping the thick goo off her and into the bucket....Read On

Suddenly wanting incest!

A parody of bad incest stories

(Real) Author’s Note: This is not a parody of incest stories in general or the concept in general, and there are several incest stories that are quite good. It is only a parody of poorly written incest stories, of which there are quite a few. -------------------------------------- Johnny N. Cestorama woke up one morning in his bedroom to the sound of his mother yelling at him from...Read On


Brother and Sister make a porn

A brother and sister are forced to make a porn movie to solve money problems

My sister and I made a porn video, yes it sounds weird but it was different times and the situation was so dire, we were so desperate for money that it was the only option we had, I know it sounds dirty and weird but it really happened. Here´s the story. Dad had been gone for some time and our mom had just died, but not after been in ICU for about two months the insurance had run out a...Read On

Suddenly Wanting Incest!

A parody of bad incest stories

Johnny N. Cestorama woke up one morning in his bedroom to the sound of his mother yelling at him from downstairs to come down and eat breakfast. Johnny yawned, and then got out of bed to put his clothes on. As he was doing so, he admired himself in the mirror for a moment. He was the perfect stud, with muscles all over his body and the most handsome face imaginable. People always told him...Read On


Brother/Sister Discovery's.

When my sister comes over things get steamy.

(Please note the characters for this story are fictional) A little background my name is Caileb, I am 25 years old & I am a Senior in College getting a bachelors degree in Meteorology with an emphasis on Tropical weather & Hurricane forecasting I am 6' 4" Blonde Hair, blue eyes 7" Cut Cock. My Sister Bryn (Ber-in) is a 19 year old Freshmen in College getting her bachelors degree in...Read On


The Awkward Brother

Read what a brother and sister do without any parents home.

This is my first story, so I would very much appreciate any advice that can be given. Be easy though :) "I'm home!" I called while opening the front door after driving home from school. "Hey! Dad's at work and Mom went to an old friend's house or something," my twin brother, Matt, replied from the kitchen. "Shit, really? I needed to talk to one of them about my car, it sounds like its...Read On


Friends watch incest

Friends watch me and my sister fuck

I am Peter and have been a widower for three years. My sister, Audrey, has been widowed for two years. She lives in a bungalow about 100 yards from mine. Her next- door neighbours are a married couple, Frank and Mabel. My sister and I are friendly with them. I had recently returned from a holiday in the south of France where I frequentlywent to a nearby naturist beach. On the telephone...Read On


A night with my sister

Me and my twin sister have a nice night together fucking

This story happened a while ago we are now 23 but she is still as hot as ever. So me and my sister where extremely close now I was still a virgin at 16 almost 17 I was 6'8" with curly brown hair and a 9" dick my name is Jacob and I was a bit athletic but definitely not a body builder and I did not have many girlfriends and the ones I had never when very far. But enough about me you...Read On


An Incest Birthday Chapter 7

Things get testy the first day at the cabin.

As usual, comments and honest opinions are greatly appreciated. If you didn't read the first parts you should, it will make more sense if you do. “It’s about time you slowpokes got here!” I looked around the tower of stuff in my hands to see a woman in about her early 40's smiling back at me. She was very pretty, standing at 5’4” with brown hair and hazel eyes and a nice set of breasts;...Read On


An Incest Birthday Chapter 4

comments and feedback are greatly appreciated

If you didn't read the first parts you should, it will make more sense if you do. “You had sex with mom?” Rita asked surprised. I was still in a state of shock. I couldn’t believe I was deceived like that, but at the same time, I was a little turned on at my mom’s boldness. Rita was the splitting image of mom, except mom was 35, 5’8, 120 pounds, and had a 36C bust. “I swear I thought it...Read On


An Incest Birthday Chapter 5

As usual, comments and honest opinions are greatly appreciated.

If you didn't read the first parts you should, it will make more sense if you do. I woke up to the most perfect sight imaginable, my little sister lying next to me. She looks so beautiful when she sleeps, with her hair pulled back, that big smile on her face, her cute little button nose, I was head over heels for her. I watched her sleep for ten more minutes until she finally opened her eyes....Read On


An Incest Birthday Chapter 3

The next chapter in my story, comments are greatly appreciated

If you didn't read the first parts you should, it will make more sense if you do. Aunt Lisa, our mom’s younger sister, was staring us directly in the eye as we lay naked on my bed. What a way to get busted. We were so busy trying not no get caught by our parents that we forgot our aunt always comes to visit us the week of our birthday (only one day out of the week though, and its never...Read On

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