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Latest Love & Erotic Poems


The Silent Masseur

In the moonlight darkness She lies motionless, still Her desires of her masseur's hands Firmly pressing across her shoulder blades Stiff and aching Slowly caressing, massaging Urgently, robust Dabbling warm oils down the length of her spine Releasing built up tension Her mind whirls His warm breaths hovering her neck "Relax, enjoy, my sensual muse" Her mind like a...Read On


  Salivating on the Ouija yawning with omens of sin   reflecting off polished nails as a shadow covets my skin silencing my pen With lips of moonlit tambourine and the rising of my joust   as dusk seeps through cracks   and the winged dracos appear   over rafters and dust On the cusp of night dreams as my cock is charmed with a tongue of imagination as stars peek through my window...Read On


Today’s Darkness

In the darkness  Of lovers' lies You’ll find a place  Where nothing hides  Flowers are many  Promises are made  But in this land  Only demons play Giving you time When needs are plenty Taking your hours  When desires come easy So fight for love Remember your worth In a place  Of masked courts  Look lust in the eyes  Behind his facade Grab his hand  Create your way For time...Read On


The Garden Of Eden

Freshly washed and ready to eat...

Looks fresh and beautiful Red and lusciously breathtaking That sweet aromatic scent That's very pleasing to my senses. I have to taste that skin How it would feel In my teeth and in my tongue In my lips and in my mouth Richly scrumptious That delicious juicy bite I have to taste that nectar How it would taste In my teeth and in my tongue In my lips and in my mouth Succulently sweet...Read On


With a whispering breeze sonata In dawn's midnight hideaway Like leaves of romance falling A lover's kiss calling Beneath the sky of the dew In a forest just you and I Where the portobello grow In fields of our Shambala Where dreams echo In dawn's midnight hideaway        ...Read On



I try to pretend that you don’t exist Acknowledgement is not bliss My heart breaks with every mention of you On social media pictures come into view Yet I know in my heart that I am blessed To have known you To have been with you To have felt your warm caress So many words between us said Yet the important word never confessed It is perhaps too late to recover To get back what we...Read On

The Button Tree

It is with this thread that I sew a button. A button of love with a picture of you. A button with a diamond like the stars in your eyes. A button with tears of happiness.   It is on this tree that a button may be. A button of rust in silver years. But a button I sew close to my heart. A button with ivory to play the keys we wed.  ...Read On


My Lover's Touch

The result of decisions made...

She’s a guardian angel who freed my conscience. What cursed thread bound you to my life? We meet at the bistro, to witness dawn’s light. My mind feels our hands caress over coffee shared. We stroll along the canal greeting friends and ghosts alike. My hands at my side our shadows' arms entwine. Your smile’s a baited trap your laugh like a prison. We discuss our life and the future. Why...Read On

Where The Dark Home Is

Hearing you calling out my name I can hear you but I can't see you it's really not the same just a breeze howling from a place, not our roam But the moments linger as dawn rises over the stones and you touch my soul with a kiss on hinges of lonely songs as the door to tomorrow peaks Into your abyss of sins I ride no more shadows over my eyes as dark becomes eternal life enchanted by...Read On


Lake Memories

Sound of loons in the distance. Two young lovers. Tanning in the sun. Oars in the water. You wearing your new bikini. Your eyes full of lust. Water splashing your arms. As we both laugh. My desire for you burns. Rolling my shorts off. Showing you my lust. Licking your lips. You take your lover deep. My hands in your curls. Urging you even deeper. My two fingers finding your nub....Read On


If The Boot Fits

If the boot fits..

This aint no fairy tale  So toss that glass slipper Cinderella  If the boot fits They will be stargazing in the bed of his truck Watching for falling stars making a wish  She's his Princess  He's her Prince Charming  They want forever and nothing less No one night stands will do  If the boot fits  There will be a white dress in the horizon  But tonight  Boots off  Tangled up in...Read On


How Love Grows

Oh, the games people play

They play a game. The room is warm, sunlight dappled, comforting. Frangipani scent on the breeze. The bed is firm, cool, welcoming. Final rays of dusk spread through bamboo curtains into their chamber. They strip. Not yet aroused. His cock flaccid, drooping, tempting. Her pussy firm, closed, enticing. She knows the game. She lies down on her tummy, spreading her curvy soft legs and...Read On



When true love shows itself to you, you become...hearted.

She took more than my hand as she smiled, And interlaced her soft, lithe Fingers with mine.   Confidently, She led me to a run-down park, In a run-down section of town. Where rust and dirt and litter and graffiti, Veiled what was once new and pristine and beautiful, Like the nurturing light of the sun, Caught by a thick canopy of tangled branches and leaves, Shrouding the forest floor below...Read On



Call me late at night Tell me our fantasies. Remembering our last meeting. As I stroke myself. Hear my muffled moans. As I hear your husky words. Your commands. Do you love me? Are you my naughty man? I touch the soft leather Your gift to me. Yes, my answer. Your small invisible hand Around my hard shaft. Your lips on my left nipple Bringing me my release.  ...Read On


Every Single Breath

When the voices fade And photos stripped away And I simply come Longing just to bring Something that’s of worth That will touch your heart. I will bring you more than a hope For hope is not all that you need Your longing deeper than it appears   You’re of endless worth I can’t express Just how much you deserve I can only give all that I am Every single breath. And your search...Read On


What is eternal without an ending    nothing last forever in a vacuum when there is no poetic oxygen or green on the yew Although a globe of a rainbow may shine reflecting off an hourglass of sand as the tides of love caress your divine   in our promised land Of angels and underlings on swings and seesaws with wings as we kiss   on a sunset moon of autumn's dew awakening on morning's mist...Read On


Between the covers

You penny dreadful thing, a five and dime dame. Whispering in my ear, you still love to wear my ring. Wise trollop queen, you still know how many licks to make your king's heart sing.  ...Read On


Driven to desire

Just what will you do, to gain what you desire?

When you see something you desire   And you need to make a choice  When you see the vision of your deepest need  What cost will you pay To feel that radiant glow  Burn within your arms? What will you put in place  To focus your mind  As you live to make your choice  So you gain the desires of your heart? To take their hand And place it on your heart  Having the patience to wait  until...Read On


Mojo Baby

Damn baby you got it..

      I can tell the moment you walk into a room, That slow confident swagger, the boyish grin.. yeah you got Mojo baby. I wanna lick my fingers and run them along your beautiful mouth. I have never wanted to taste someone so badly, my poor soul is in such misery, Just the smell of your skin makes me wet. I can't look you directly in the eye, you shine too bright, Some days I...Read On


A shadow in passing of the moonlight in sleep as you enter my dreams whispering sweet kisses with songs of love and counting to ten as I smile Holding you in nocturnal cradle in dreams of angels with wings obviously on satin sheets touching me in places on soft duvets  ...Read On

Editor's Pick


It's that one song we both loved, I played it to you the night  we finally met face to face  and I was probably too nervous when trying to explain what it meant. To me it was the hum of your car  silently driving through some neon city, homesick for a place you've never been to, the longing for a touch when the nights are just starting to leave us with a phantom chill caressing skin. One...Read On


The Human Touch

My 150th Poem / Story for Lush, so hope you enjoy.

I still yearn for that human touch A deeper connection with another lost soul The one to warm me through those cold wintry nights To wipe away my tears of this endless waterfall To place their hand upon my beating heart To caress these lips longing to be kissed To take away these fears of loneliness that grip me To comfort me those days of feelings of self shame I long for a loving...Read On


Owning Me

The sharp sting of your teeth

  What the hell am I thinking? Did I learn nothing the last time?! The endless nights of crying, How big this damned bed felt when I slept here alone, Clutching my broken heart below naked breasts, that fucking pain, so deep I thought for sure I was dying. I resolved never to trust another honest face! I promised that no matter how pretty you looked pulling that white t-shirt off...Read On



Everyone has a beast inside them...

Burdened by an anchor upon my chest, Driven by a burning desire of lust, Dreaming of a good time between your breasts, Caged beast within - between who’s legs we thrust?   Ball gag; Lashings; Leather; Whips; Chains...Pleasure Tied up against a wall; Hands cuffed, legs spread, Dripping with sweat; Caged beast found thy treasure; Tainted by blood, we will take you to wed;   Ménage...Read On



playing dirty

Silly pretty little thing, those big brown eyes hidden beneath dark lashes. You still keep glancing over at me,   You have no idea how sexy you really are, do you? That smile! So many ways to play with such a perfectly shaped mouth. Petal, really? Do you want to play dirty with me? That's so cute!  When you laugh and toss your head back like that how do you expect me to play fair.  ...Read On


Savoring the Wine

Ache to touch her sweet lips Honey coated fingers  Tasting forbidden nectar  Warmth that lingers    Smiling into her eyes  Puckering my lips Kissing her softness  Before my first lick   Hunger in a whisper  That satisfies the hurt Giving in together  Fulfilling our thirst    Licking and sucking  Fingers slipping in Grinding and fucking  In a forbidden land    ...Read On

Bye, Bye Bunting

Hearing a percussion of thunder with shadows on the quay as night rhythms pulse a bye, bye Bunting With a soliloquy of your love as your verse rings clear while the buoy echoes as night time cheers            Through your evergreen eyes and enchantress dark veil as your fingers loop-the loop across my rising chest For your bounty rewards in quest of the cock's pipe    at the hour of the...Read On


Violet Colored Dawn

Each has her own goddess of Dawn

Rays rise above the violet colored dawn Dapple the dimples and goose bumps of morn Gentle tinkling laughter at work among the vines Nymphs cut and bend to harvest the crops nimble fingers filling baskets of flavor Smiles  of pleasing contentment with fulfilling companionable work fraught with coquettish teasing Older ones softly and robustly vamping younger ones in their fresh nubility...Read On


Killing Me Slowly

I belong to you

You're always there, That slow wide grin, That arrogant twinkle in your eyes, Hot, slow soft friction, that is what I see when you smile at me, I can barely breathe sometimes, I close my eyes but you just won't go away, This hunger is slowly killing me, The need for your touch consumes my every thought, It's killing me slowly, Your strong calloused hands around my neck, How my...Read On


Thinking of you

Thinking of you is filling my mind Each lovely thought Finds echos in a smile Thinking of you is filling my mind Each wave of pleasure Washing away the past Thinking of you is filling my mind Etching your beauty Deep in my heart Thinking of you is filling my mind Each sensuous curve That my fingers explore  Thinking of you is filling my mind Each dance of my finger That arouses you more...Read On

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