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Our novels and novellas section is for more substantial erotic stories, which often stretch to several chapters or installments. They are not as substantial though as romances, which are essentially books. Novels give a chance to serious writers to show off their talents on a larger scale.


The Club - Chapter 2

Take the cloak off of a simple housewife to uncover the heart of a vixen.

Chapter 2   O n Wednesday afternoon, Beth and Lexi met at a little shop in a small shopping center near their homes. The place was called ‘Tony’s Toys.’ It featured all kinds of adult sex toys that ranged in price from just a few dollars to many hundreds of dollars. Picking up a simple vibrator, Lexi said, “We probably should keep our first purchases pretty simple. We don’t want...Read On


Getting out of the Rut Chapter 3

Evidence is gathered, the trap is set.

The evidence I had an early alarm and packed before breakfast, throwing things casually into my bag with no great attention. Knowing Carol was half asleep behind me, I packed trying to look casual and careless. The trip was nothing special. I do freelance work with clients all over; mostly we meet by Skype, but now and then it needs eyeball to eyeball. Tedious, but that's how it goes. ...Read On


Getting Out Of The Rut

Carol gets a new job, but is that all she's getting

Chapter 1 Is it spying or cheating? Maybe I never should have opened Carol’s laptop but there’s something seductive about spying. Carol was a hundred miles away when I got her password right and the screen opened up to her desktop, file icons scattered across a picture I know she took on our honeymoon, seven years ago. Ironic that, given what I found. I could feel my pulse raging...Read On


Love Thy Neighbor, Chapter 10

Tommy finds a job to help his mother and still keep Connie happy!

The next morning, Connie woke up and found Tommy was awake before her, laying there watching her sleep. "Mmm… morning baby," she said, smiling and stretching. "How long have you been awake?" "I dunno… about twenty minutes I guess," he said, brushing a lock of hair from her face. "Oh, you should have woke me up hon," she said. "That's okay… I like to watch you sleep. Besides I was kinda...Read On


Assignments At The Hotel: Part Four

For twenty-four hours, in his territory, she gave herself to his complete control

Within no time she had told the front desk about needing help with her hot tub, took the elevator back upstairs, and was in her room.  She shimmied out of her skirt first, then tossed off her shoes, quickly unbuttoned her shirt, and then removed the vibrator from her panties before tossing them to the side as well.  For the time being, she didn't even think about taking off her stockings....Read On


Then Came Johnson Chapter 4: The Revelations of Rachel

When we last heard from Chuck, he was interrupted when his daughter joined him in the shower.

Continued from Chapter 3: Unexpected Treasure In A 55 Plus. I absolutely cannot flipping believe this.  Never in a million years would I have even dreamed that I would be doing this. I'm standing in the shower letting my sexy and voluptuous daughter Rachel, deep throat my dick. The baby girl that I brought home from the hospital and doted over for twenty plus years is so adept at giving...Read On

Recommended Read

The Club

Take off the cloak of simple housewife to uncover the heart of a vixen.

  Chapter 1 The ride home from the party had been reasonably quiet. Charlie assumed his wife, Lexi, was tired and didn’t attempt to start any conversation. Instead, as he drove, his mind kept bringing images of Wanda, a woman he had met at the party. She was loud and dressed provocatively, but the woman was as sexy as hell. She was not overly discreet when talking about sex and made...Read On


Then Came Johnson Chapter 3: Unexpected Treasure In A 55 Plus

Chucks meets MILF and also does 'daughter'.

I was happy for Anna now that she was free to begin a new life in our world, the English world as Anna and her Amish relatives often refer to it.  However, I was greatly disappointed that the young and beautiful ex-Amish widow and I could not build a relationship together. I had parked the motorhome near the edge of town and drove Anna to her Aunt’s in my Yukon.  On my return, I made the...Read On


Love Thy Neighbor, Chapter 9

Tommy wanted to make Connie's birthday extra special... and he did!

It was nearly a month later when one morning Barbara and Tommy were sitting down to breakfast. "Tommy did you know Aunt Connie's birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks?" she said. Barbara still preferred to call her "Aunt Connie" around Tommy as a way of dealing with the fact that her son and her best friend were in a sexual relationship. "Really? We need to do something! Can we have...Read On


Then Came Johnson Chapter 2: Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad

Cont: Traveler meets horny Amish Widow

Continued from Chapter 1: The Amish Way On the first full day of my new lifestyle, that of a fulltime RVer, I met Anna a young Amish widow who also was transitioning from an old way of life to something new.  She was on her way to Florida where her Aunt lived and where Anna believed she could find a support infrastructure to help her as she left her old Amish way for a modern way of...Read On


Orange is Desire's Flame Ch. 2

A surprise before dinner, then a show and a decision

Abby went on a quick shopping trip. A few snacks for when we get home. Now for something intimate for him to find when he unwraps me. Her phone buzzed for a facetime call. It was Allen. “Hello bro, what’s up?” “Nothing with the kids, I called about you.  What’s something you’ve always wanted but haven’t had?” Abby’s curiosity was piqued. “Several things I can think of. Care to be...Read On


Love Thy Neighbor, Chapter 8

Tommy wakes up Connie the best way imaginable, but that's only the start of the day!

It had been several years since Connie had been woken from a sound sleep by the feel of a hard cock pushing its way into her pussy. Her last two men friends didn't stay overnight; one was married and wouldn't risk getting caught having an affair with her, and so he had to be home at night, and the other had serious commitment issues and somehow thought that spending the night would be...Read On


Then Came Johnson Chapter 1: The Amish Way

Traveler meets horny Amish widow

The clock on the dash of the big diesel RV that I was driving, as well as my stomach were both reminding me it was well past noon and I had not taken out time to eat before hitting the road early this morning; a single cup of coffee apparently wasn’t enough to satisfy the appetite that my stomach seemed to think it was entitled to. Although officially retired with no schedules to meet or...Read On


Orange is Desire's Flame

How dangerous can one date be?

“Al, so glad you’re here. How long until that kitchen fan is installed?  When’s the AC repairman going to get here? Oh, don’t forget the grass.” Abby said this as she sat on the bench by the front door, stripping her sweat soaked stockings off. She slipped out of her suit jacket, unbuttoned the top buttons on her blouse and walked into the kitchen. Her brother, in a tight pair of speedos,...Read On


Conversations With Amy Chapter 8 Of 8

Finale, or is it?

Thursday Rob woke up to a wonderful sensation; Bren was licking his cock. This is the only way to wake-up, he thought, then he looked down. It was Tracy! He really didn’t care at the moment; she had a delightful technique. Her teeth lightly caught the edge of the tip and she pushed her tongue firmly on the tip, then pushed him past her teeth and lips while her hand squeezed the base....Read On

Recommended Read

Dangerous Games Ch 3

Ryan discovers her secret

Chapter 3   "You really are unbelievable. Well, let me tell you something, Erin, or whatever the hell your name really is, this shit ends today. I'm in a relationship. One that I don't intend to fuck up, and there's no place in it for you, you got that? You need to go find another playmate and leave me the hell alone." It felt good finally to lay it out for her, but if I thought a...Read On


Love Thy Neighbor, Chapter 7

Connie needed help again and Tommy was willing to give her whatever she needed!

It was probably a week or so after the barbeque when Tommy was sitting at home feeling a bit dejected. He had been busy trying to find out what his options were now that he knew he wouldn't be attending MIT that fall. He had half-heartedly looked around for some kind of job that he would like to do, but he wasn't having a lot of luck. He had been looking forward to going to college that...Read On

Recommended Read

Dangerous Games Ch 2

Ryan's Life was improving, but his stalker's reappearance threatened everything.

My night with that crazy brunet had been a dizzying experience to be sure. Like most guys, I'd had my share of one-night stands, but I'd never met a woman like her before. As the next few weeks passed, I kept searching for this apparition of a woman, but after that night, she was nowhere to be found. I could only assume that she got what she was after and decided to move on. I did ask...Read On

Series Award

Dangerous Games Ch 1

A mysterious beauty plays a game of sexual cat and mouse, but who is hunting whom?

I was at the community center of my condominium complex when I saw her that night. That same dark haired woman who had been haunting me for the last few weeks was back again! She'd been playing a game of cat and mouse with me, watching me, and giving me that same tantalizingly sexy smile from a distance away, only to round a corner or step into a shadow every time I tried to approach her....Read On


Assignments At The Hotel: Part Three

For twenty-four hours, in his territory, she gave herself to his complete control...

He only left the vibrator on for a moment this time; he had just wanted to toy with her to let her know how much she was under his control.  He got down off his ladder, folded it up, and walked out of her view for a few moments before appearing again on the other side of the bar.  She watched him intently as he walked closer and closer to her with his ladder until he was standing almost...Read On


Love Thy Neighbor, Chapter 6

Out of his cast now, Tommy and Connie wanted to make up for lost time!

Connie lay on the bed before him, legs spread and pussy dripping with need and desire. Her body trembled in anticipation and her breathing was ragged and unsteady. She was primed and set to go. Tommy took one long lap at her drooling pussy and she nearly fainted. "Ohhh my god, Tommy!" Her hands immediately clutched the sheets and her head fell back on the pillow. Then he started lapping...Read On


Assignments at the Hotel: Part Two

For twenty-four hours, in his territory, she gave herself to his complete control.

Her body was covered with goosebumps before she even reached for the phone. Upon grabbing it, she was overcome with such a mix of excitement and nerves that she fumbled it multiple times before unlocking it and pressing the messages icon.  As she read it, she nearly fumbled the phone again... he was going to start testing her right away.  She set her phone down, grabbed the hotel phone on...Read On


Assignments at the Hotel: Part One

For twenty-four hours, in his territory, she gave herself to his complete control...

It was a beautiful, slightly chilly, afternoon in mid-May... She arrived at the hotel exactly when she was told to arrive, bringing exactly what she was told to bring, and wearing exactly what she was told to wear.  Everything was exactly how it was supposed to be, all the way from how her hair was styled, down to the shoes on her feet.  Per her instructions, she was wearing...Read On


Love Thy Neighbor, Chapter 5

Tommy's leg has healed, the cast was taken off and he had some time to make up for!

With Connie standing in front of him and between his legs, Tommy was in the perfect position for her show. At her lusty request, he reached out to pluck the waistband of her tiny lace panties and eased them down over her swaying hips as she danced for him. He moved slowly revealing an inch or two at a time, savoring his treat. Her pussy was soaked and the sopping wet panties clung to her...Read On


Conversations With Amy Chapter 7 Of 8

The conspiracy deepens!

Sunday dawned clear and perfect. By ten, Bren headed out and the kids hit the pool. Luckily Joanie and John headed out, so there was no chance of slipping up. Donna came by and helped Rob referee. She was in a two-piece that made it hard to believe she was a mother and ten or so years older than Aim. He bet Joanie's camera followed her every move. During the noon-time siesta, enforced as...Read On


Love Thy Neighbor, Chapter 4

Tommy was headed to college now. But what about Connie? Would she wait for him?

Now that Tommy had finally graduated and was out of high school, his next step would be heading off to college that fall. He had mixed emotions about this next life step. On one hand, he could hardly wait to get to college and find out what college life was all about.  He had heard from his mother and from others how much fun college life could be, and he was slated to go to a good...Read On


Love Thy Neighbor, Chapter 3

It's graduation day and Connie has a special gift for Tommy!

The next week was a blur with all the preparations the last few days of school and everything trying to come together. Before he knew it, it was graduation day. As the time to leave drew near, Barbara was just finishing up getting dressed. "Why don't you go see if Aunt Connie is ready to go, Tommy," she said. "Okay Mom," Tommy said. He walked next door and knocked on Connie's door. She...Read On


Conversations With Amy Chapter 6 of 8

Tracey and Brenda enjoy some time while Rob calls in more help.

The next morning, Aim came by before heading to the airport. "Rob, the kids are off to school. They are excited about 'camping out' here the whole weekend. Just no marathon computer games, OK?" "So I can blame you when they complain?" "I know that you’ll do that anyway. Just toss them into the pool once in a while and they won't do any whining." "Can do, easy." "And, Rob, thanks for this."...Read On


Conversations with Amy Chapter 5 of 8

Amy and Dave call in some much-needed help.

Later that night, after a nice evening with the kids, Dave took Amy to bed. They both stripped and without a thought to nightgown or pajama bottoms like usual, they slipped under the cold sheets and snuggled. "Let's place all our cards on the table, Amy. I love you, more than ever, and while I was angry when I saw you and Rob, once you went down on Brenda, I thought I had died and gone...Read On


Love Thy Neighbor, Chapter 2

Tommy makes "Aunt Connie" his fuck slut and she loves it!

Connie looked down sheepishly as she said quietly, "Well, to be completely honest, honey, I have had many a dream about this very thing. When you were little it was different, but as I said earlier, you have grown into quite a good looking man. And now I know that you know how to please a woman too!" "Well, thank you, Connie, you did pretty damn good yourself. So you have had sexy dreams...Read On

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