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We feature both female masturbation (masterbation) and male masturbation stories here. A typical story will feature either teens, women, lesbians, young men or girls masturbating and exploring themselves for the first time. Masturbating has been defined as the excitation of one's own or another's genital organs, usually to orgasm, by manual contact or means other than sexual intercourse. Closely akin to our toys section where external stimulus is involved.


When Social Misfits Find What Fits -- Part 1

Our heroine reveals the tawdry inner secrets of a woman who rejects the pursuit of social status.

I think we all know that one strange nerdy girl that's a little twisted, maybe even a little too insecure and bordering on scary-desperate. Like Michelle, the flute playing, band camp character from American Pie, or maybe more like Osgood, the scarf wearing, inhaler sucking character from Doctor Who. She typically mumbles sarcastic comments under her breath, dresses like she doesn't much...Read On

Editor's Pick
Series Award

Echo's Run 1

The machine streaked across the desert, screaming through bleak vistas of scorched earth where nothing lives without a little outside help. Joshua trees and desultory vultures. Fossils buried under the salt floor of ancient seas. She was hammering the gas, white knuckling the wheel until the screaming of the engine drowned out the screaming in her mind. She was riding inside a shot bullet,...Read On


Deep Wood Diaries, Part 1

I need some privacy to take care of my bush... and my aching clit.

Between my junior and senior year of college, I got the offer to do an ecology internship deep in the woods of New England. I jumped at the chance, knowing it would be a great educational experience as well as an excellent networking opportunity, and who wouldn't want to spend three months getting paid to hang out in the woods?   So come the end of finals in May, I packed up my Jeep and...Read On


Lush Moderator Of The Month

Jenny was beside herself, she was so close to the coveted award

Jenny was beside herself; it was the twenty-eighth of February and the last day of verifying stories, on her favourite Lush website, before the end of the month closed. She thought she was as close as anyone to that coveted award and she so desperately wanted it. There was one problem that stood in her way. Her husband! He had arranged to go on a short vacation to visit a church of some...Read On


Exposure II: The Photoshoot

Chloe asks Jimmy for a favor, leading to shared experience

A week had passed since Chloe caught Jimmy jerking off in his bedroom.  He tried to avoid her as much as possible since hiding in his bedroom when Chloe popped around to see his mother, Alice.  He thought he'd got away with it, until later that week ... "Jimmy, do you have a moment?" Chloe called out. Jimmy was arriving home from his class on photography when he heard Chloe call to him. ...Read On


An Unexpected Rescue

A fast-paced tale of seduction and betrayal between two friends. Which one will win the prize?

It’s interesting how our lives can rapidly be changed when a new person enters our social circle. Comfortable daily routines which have long been taken for granted may suddenly fail us, as we are plunged into turmoil and uncertainty. Such was the case when my housemate and best friend, Amy, brought her younger brother over to stay in my home for a week in order to search for an apartment....Read On


masturbating for a woman on a video site while crossdresing

I was messaged about one of my photos on my bio by a woman, she thought it was very erotic.

After years of crossdressing I joined a site that lets me show off a little. I started by reading the stories and then filled out a profile. I added pictures and found it quite satisfying getting comments and friend requests from others.As time went by I found myself enjoying chatting with others on the site and doing some role playing. The chatting was hot and I really liked sending pictures...Read On


Exposure I: Caught In The Act

Jimmy is caught masturbating by his mother's best friend. Where will it lead?

Jimmy was eighteen years old, currently studying photography and film-making.  He owned all the best equipment, from top of the range cameras to video editing software for his laptop.  All funded by his loving, and supportive single mother, Alice. Alice had gone to town for the day, leaving Jimmy alone in their beautiful home of a small residential neighborhood.  Jimmy had the day off,...Read On

Introvert's Indecent Proposal

Story collaboration lead two shy introverts into each other's arms.

“Fire. There is a fire in the kitchen. Please leave,” a timid voice stuttered after she opened the door to our cubicle. I looked at Molly, she looked back at me: we both stared at the embarrassed privacy intruder and waited for the punch line. I looked beyond the member of staff towards the café’s window. There, I saw the reflection of the flames in the kitchen. This was no joke. Molly and...Read On


Chaperoning Katie

Young coed practices handjob skills with handsome older man who isn't exactly who she thought he was

Katie entered our world a couple years ago when she rented our studio apartment. At the time, she was about to start her sophomore year in college. Bob and I found her to be a bright, cheerful twenty-year-old woman and a diligent, hard-working student, but unfortunately rather naive and immature. We often tried to serve as mentors for her, and over time, she would begin to confide in us,...Read On


Warren's Trail Cam

Upon a visit to his cabin, a man finds some enticing photos on his trail cam.

"The cabin is at least still standing," Warren said to himself once the old, wooden building came into view. His truck slowly crawled across the worn, bumpy gravel drive that led to his rural hideaway. For days, he pictured his cabin in disrepair as he let his son use the place to host his friends for a weekend getaway from college. Despite the promises his son made to clean and take care...Read On


L is for Labor Day

“How am I supposed to concentrate on furniture with my girlfriend vibrating her gushing pussy?"

“The apple was hard. The orange got wetter.” “Can we compare them, though?” Sitting cross-legged on the rumpled bed in a black Pong t-shirt and white cotton panties, I released my focus from the two fruits on Jacob’s dresser. They were each bruised from my telekinetic practice. “We could eat them.” “Toss me the apple,” Jacob said, reclined next to me like a lazy lion in his eggplant...Read On


Designated Pool Boy

A Chance Encounter by the Pool

I liked my sister, Connie, even if I didn’t really know her. I was the “surprise” of the family, born twelve years after her. When I was starting elementary, she was off to college; as I was entering my teen years, she was married. I dare say I wouldn’t have known her at all if she and her husband had not decided to stay at the Beach. Of course, she married up, so they lived at the North...Read On


E Is For Easter

“I don't wear a pointy hat or own a black cat or cast spells in a cauldron.”

“You gotta catch them all.” “How many is enough?” “Whatever fits in your basket.” As the three of us milled about in the freshly-mowed grass, I surveyed the park filled with hundreds of rambunctious children, and a few determined adults, searching high and low in the trees and bushes for pastel eggs for our town's annual Easter carnival. “Don't you have to find all ten colors to win a...Read On


S is for St Patrick's Day

“Is satisfaction all that you are searching for?” “Sometimes I like surprises.”

“Dinner was… unexpected.” “You didn't like the stew.” “I really liked the stew,” I told him honestly, as we stood in the open doorway of my apartment. We lowered our voices so we wouldn't disturb the neighbors. “I’m glad you brought it. I’m still surprised we ran into each other today.” He shook his dark, floppy hair out of his eyes. “I do run the store, so I'm in there all the time.” ...Read On



Relief from the summer heat

A drop of sweat dripped over my temple and landed on my pillow while I swatted hopelessly at the darkness in front on my face. It felt like I was being robbed of my sanity by the persistent high-pitched hum of the mosquitos floating around my head. In my fitful state, I fantasised what Emily’s shapely legs would feel like wrapped around me with my cock deep inside her. ‘This is hopeless;...Read On


Something New

The power I was feeling was incredible.

I had had a few days off work, and now I was in an indifferent mood. I had gotten used to waking, feeling a pair of Pat's lips surrounding my cock. We didn't rush, we fucked regularly, slow and easy, taking our time.   Then yesterday, something unusual happened.   After breakfast, we were sitting on the deck having coffee. "What?" Pat asked when she caught me staring.   I don't know...Read On


Teachers' Union: Girls' Night In

The after-party party

It was a girls’ night out. Actually, it was a bachelorette party for one of the young teachers at the high school. It had been arranged by my wife, Carol, and my buddy’s wife, Barb. His name is Frank. The group had gone out for dinner and drinks in nearby Three Rivers. And since the wives were gone, Frank and I decided to get together, the two of us, share a few brews, and watch some...Read On


The Maid Part 5: Let’s Take A Look At Things

My wife makes the rules clear and then Katie makes other things clear

Following our time with Katie that morning, we all had to come back to some semblance of daily life.  I had some work I wanted to finish at the office that would help me get paid on a project so I took off.  I blew each of my girls a kiss on the way out.   Cee and Katie had been home any number of times when I wasn’t around.  Even so, I sensed a different kind of energy between them as I...Read On


Park Bench Adventure

A lunchtime mutual masturbation encounter in a public park

I work in an office in the centre of a small town and, at lunchtimes, I like to get out of the office and go for a walk. I like to go down to the nearby park, picking up a sandwich on the way and sit on a bench till it's time to get back. Now, I admit that I can be a horny bitch and from time to time I get those feelings. This is especially true when its a hot day and my mind has been...Read On


A New Home And A New Career

Michelle finally gets to try out an old fantasy, but it doesn't quite work out as expected.

Michelle was exhausted. Everything was finally in place in her new apartment, after a long week of painting walls, cleaning, and disassembling and reassembling furniture. One thought had kept her going, however: she knew that as soon as those helping her had left, she'd get to try out something new. A suction-cup dildo had long been in her collection of sex toys because she'd always...Read On


Nozomi Episode 1 "Dick Tease"

A sexy nurse dick-teases a former patient who is now a good friend. How does he handle it?

Nozomi is a sexy Latina, twenty-six, with a doll's face, curvaceous and voluptuous. Plump lips that make you melt, eyes that can bring a man to submission, and a personality to make you fall head over hills. Overall, this woman is a FOX, a certified dime, with some serious booty that fits so amazingly on her short stature. Nozomi is a woman who knows what she wants, gets it, and...Read On

Audio version available

I’m Going To Play With Myself

Join me as I fuck myself in my dorm room.

I’m feeling a little bit naughty tonight. I’ve been trying to contain myself, but as of late I’ve been so horny and things are finally coming to a head.  You see, I’m a student at university. I’ve been living in a dorm room with three other girls and haven’t had the privacy to get off in weeks. But that’s all changing tonight. Even though two of the girls are still in here, I’m going to do...Read On


Interrupted by My Husband

My hubby comes home early and my vanilla masturbation session turns into much more...

I pour myself a heavy glass of cabernet. Finally home after a long day, and I intended to enjoy my evening.   I was alone, for the first time in weeks. I love sex with my husband – hell, I ADORE it.  We enjoy a frequent and kinky sex life, and I wouldn’t change anything about it.  Sometimes, however, it’s nice to have some… alone time.  There’s no pleasing anyone else, no time constraints,...Read On


Touching Myself

She knows trying to sleep is pointless when she's this turned on...

I sighed, closed my laptop, and turned off the light. It was 1:57am and I had to be at work at 8am - story of my life. I was restless with worry about impressing my boss at my new job, but staying up late and getting five hours of sleep was probably not the way to do it. I was in a state of too much stress, not enough down time, and practically a zero in my sex life. Every 23-year-old's...Read On


Make Me an Exhibitionist Slut

I shivered when he called me his slut and I did what he asked.

I lay in bed, laptop on my lap. It was my day off and I planned to make the most of it. I logged on to one of my favorite sites for a while, catching up on the latest stories and reading a few I had bookmarked. Sufficiently worked up, I headed to the chat rooms to find someone to chat with. I started a few chats, none really piquing my interest or leading anywhere. Beginning to become bored,...Read On


Freya Gets Naughty

Freya, a beautiful young woman, plays with her pussy by the pool.

Sat back in a poolside chair, Freya let her long wavy, brown hair fall around shoulders. She reached for the SPF and squeezed a dollop onto her finely manicured hand. She started slowly over her toned arms, rubbing the lotion into her sun-kissed skin. She wore a light peach and turquoise blended bikini that only just seemed to cover her perfectly round boobs. The colour made her aquamarine...Read On


Weekend chores, and more

Anna rewards herself

I felt tense and needed release. I felt dirty and sweaty after spending all morning running errands and cleaning the apartment. Three-day weekends should be the norm, not the exception. It had been another long work week, and then Steve got me all excited on Thursday. I could still remember how he smelled and how he tasted – at least I think I could. I should not have told him that I’d...Read On


The Other Cathy Chapter Three

Ken's love life takes on a new dimension

By the time Ken arrived home, Cathy's resolve to be asleep and ignore any request he made for sex had, to a greater degree dissipated. As she showered, the memories of her cyber session with Martin, and her phone call with Carol, had stirred up once more that familiar itch in her groin. She allowed the warm water to play over her body as she recalled Martin’s huge black cock, and despite...Read On


The Healing of Scrooge

Money was all old Eustace knew about, till a young girl asked intimate questions...

Charming young thing, my niece, what? Aha, I could see you found her fetching. Not that I've had much time for the tender passions myself. So far, anyway. Retired decades ago, but when business has always come first, it's too damned late to change. Been a bit of a Scrooge if you must know. Cynthia's not really my niece of course. Her grandfather and I went through school together....Read On

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