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Love Poems

Love poems and poetry is a hugely popular section proving romance isn't dead! They are literary compositions written with an intensity or beauty of language more characteristic of verse / poetry, than of prose.

This category is intended for poetry about romance, passion, and sensuality, rather than friendship, loss or familial / brotherly love.


Your One

I always thought I’d be the one, To be your calm when you came undone, To hold your hand, To warm your heart, A seam too strong to pull apart. But you retreat into a world existing, Where darkness always seems persisting, Releasing the nefarious, To slink through your head, So thoughts of uncertainty, they stay well fed. And I try and I try to rein you in, Make sunsets dance across your...Read On


Bluebell woodland Romance

On the day I met my true love

Somewhere in a faraway place Where the fiery red sun disappears Over the distant crimson horizon Where tiny little bluebirds fly Amongst the hidden pots of gold From the cascaded rainbow Of a multitude of bright colours That burst out across the lands. All those many a moon ago On that near fateful day  When my beautiful English rose Came and won over my heart Through the myriad of senses...Read On


How Long

               How long will you keep me a dirty little secret, only pulling me to you when no one is around to see How long will you play with my emotions, telling me you want me then leaving me alone for weeks How long will I continue to let you be everything I’ve ever wanted and needed but I’m not that for you How long will you pretend things are different when your friends are around...Read On


Sweet Lover’s Kiss

As I go through my day, thoughts of you lingers on

I find it hard to keep my head as I think of you naked on our bed under the sheets your lovely body is tucked in I ached to be right there nestled within     Oh how I wished time could’ve stopped so I can stay with you till the day dropped I go through my day with restless wanting wishing the end of the day will come charging   As I try to go about with my day thoughts of you will...Read On



In days gone by I sat and watched  not ready for love or life it all it’s glory And then she came  And stole away my heart She taught me how to live and love supremely And now is gone  And broke away my heart How can I look and taste her flavours When she is gone And walks with me no more ? My eyes a blur through tear stained windows When looking here or there  She cannot now be found  ...Read On


And Really All They Wanted

They simply wished to share

So tired as you approach the very end You roam inside with gentle wondering. Consider if you really want it all, To do it one more time or even more. To do romantic things that fill your days, To love the ones you loved and love some more To cry and kiss and kiss and cry with joy, To stumble and to fall but rise anew. To whistle as you walk along your way, To gladly talk and laugh...Read On

Cute As Be

As a periwinkle sky turns a shade of dusk A night light of stars sprinkles dust As a calliope plays our promenade On our carousel of Saturn's rings With a hint of dew from your lips In a hammock between Venus and Mars Sweet as ambrosia on your fingertips That is way the winds blow When wiggling your piccolo toes   As the story ends    ...Read On



There's blood with my name on it tonight, and I may never be coming back, it was always going to be ride or die and I can't stop the coming tide.  You gave me something I can't name, something I don't know how to explain. But I made a made a few promises and this is what I'll remember.... We drove here a long time ago, engine screaming along the blacktop, as wind tore through our clothes...Read On


Shadows in my tea reflecting back on me Of memories in pekoe tied on a string With a ripple of echoes wafting scent As your breath caress my soul With spiritual wings and a gold halo As my tears recall all the years And the mist in my eyes will remain Of memories in pekoe tied on a string With kisses of your sweet caffeine...Read On


I Am Hers And She Is Mine

my hunger for her

  We met in one of those busy chat rooms Exchanged pleasantries and emoticons  Photos of things we’re fond of uploaded So each will see what our eyes goaded   Endless hours spent ignoring the consequences  Swapping stories of life, love and experiences Random thoughts we found extremely stimulating  Without hesitation we openly kept on sharing     A flirtatious line or a...Read On

Nothing Lasts Forever

In my mind's ossuary of tomes short on words, But long on shortening bread for my sweet tooth A shadow crosses my bed fathom deep in the spread Giving me love behind the blinds of night times From deep in my query as my pulse stands still    Of dreams and specter's ghost freeing my shrill   As your fingers grasped my will Giving me bedside sighs As a silence of echoes are screaming in my...Read On


The Flower And The Bee

Spring is coming ...

Come with me, my love. Your flower awaits. Let's wander In the anther and frolic In the sea of pollen. The time is fertile To taste the nectar Where the bees Collect the pollen Savoring the nectar That becomes the honey Stored in the honeycomb of the heart For the cold winds of winter.  ...Read On


My Evening Star

Shining so bright in the firmament...

Over the waves she resides Shining as a star in the darkness  Like a polished diamond glistening in the sky And yet  Her sparkle that radiates from her eyes  Makes a choice  To claim a space she is destined for  Her space Deep in my heart  Her joy and compassion outpoured in her life Speak volumes of why my desire is full Of why I would choose to gift my time Her smile, her giggle, the...Read On

Good To The Last Drop

In dark shades behind my words of gauzy My mind wandering in thoughts of Flossy   Tied up in omens wafting of caffeine Lusting a floozy as a Ouija board sings   With my soul wrapped in dusk's tomorrows For you my love in your web's playful sins As my pen drips of coming sorrows And visions of laurels on my condoms Dripping obsidian twilight calling it rust Dreaming from an ossuary of my kind...Read On

Carnal Pain

For those who have sinned without shame and less a farthing to their fame, I bear a script to confess on as you suckle the tits of ill-gain, spitting out seeds of omens. Feeling the carnal pain of old men and shadows that swim in my head, perhaps the raptures are calling giving rise to my impending name, while grasping the bedstead. Of the dreams that come to me at night so that you can...Read On


Santa Clarita

I went there years later where you whispered for us to meet. Wind quietly caressed the valley and a faint sweetness hovered as its own temporary ghost of lavender and iris and skin. And I already remembered the way  my arms laced tightly around your waist, starlight gracing the young with its knowing incandescence like light still dancing and throbbing along  edges of an...Read On


Letters on a Keyboard

Letters on a keyboard  Are the way they communicate  In a world of words  No touch beyond the screen  No kiss goodnight  Yet what they feel  Can leave you breathless  Stir feelings within your soul Creating a safe place  To release a need Not met in the flesh Yet have they produced a world That fogs reality  Can they keep their feet grounded  And their hearts in check Or...Read On



You look at me as if there’s no tomorrow Your green eyes probing, Seeking deep down to my soul. My knees weakening at the touch Of your fingers. Crawling along my skin On the mountains of my cheeks, On the contours of my neck. Fluids forming in my throat, I forced them down – To give way to the words that crave to get out Of my mouth. Intoxicated by your flushed cheeks, Hypnotized by your...Read On


Only a shadow of the autumn hours and falling leaves whispering to me in the seasonal imbrication of my mind's felicity   With a song and grinder's tea of love's poetic intoxication in merriment of glee from nectar of wild wood flowers     Surrounded by a rainbow of hues and piccolo trees to fife our love as willows bow like pendulum sticks with a wish seeding our tomorrow's    ...Read On



Two lovebirds found their way Singing in love  Overtaking the wind  Building their home Every spring they bring life Leaving pieces of themselves  In different parts of the world  The sun watches them  Marveling at their dedication  Only leaving  When the moon embraces their dreams During the winter they travel  Finding hope in the beauty  Of new flowers and scenes  The pair...Read On



Shadows haunt my senses into a space I can’t obtain The darkness cripples me with blinding images I can’t contain This was when chaos dared, and sanity falters From where I lay, no sense, no reason… nothing else matters Doomed in this lonely world without someone to hold I eased my pain, held my pillow tight, reminisced stories untold Forbidden passions, chained illusions seem to...Read On



In shadows of tomorrow's dawn Lusting for the flow of a loving sluice. Waiting for me to fall asleep, In an overture of the dark. As you caress me From deep within my wishing well.   With your lips of violent blue And your pale breath, Beneath the glitter of your chatoyant eyes, Our collations in a book of wedding, We tie our knot of eternal quest, And seek forever....Read On


Your Special Presence

  Your skin so warm and soft Over your skin my fingers dance Under your gaze my touch reveres Radiant your smile  Teasing your desires  Opening your lips a sigh escapes Upon your tongue my finger rests  Calling to ecstasy Hardly moving  Inspiring sensations  Subtle tingling building  Warming your inner spirit  Hatching deepest desires  As your eyes close  Tempting feelings begin to...Read On



I’ve traveled this road many times before The loneliness  The peace The acceptance of just being    I know that I can succeed at life’s turns With every bump in the road  Take every obstacle  And conquer every stop   I know who I am and what I deserve  I know that I am continually  Traveling solo  Even though I am not alone   You are always there  With guidance  ...Read On


With rumors from the sawmill of the passing of my solo, I remain true to my quest, scribbling with my pen. Now visiting you in dreams with flirtations of my sins, and of your waking eyes of the aria's coming dusk. Caressing the nape of your being bringing chills to your lips, in longhand I script, ravishing poetry I prose. Beneath a pale moon of the passing of my solo, hearing the...Read On


Stainless Steel Rain

Underneath the rain...

Life sometimes throws you a painful joke. You must laugh out loud to hide the tears. Some days, when the pain is too much to bear, tears uncontrollably overflow from your eyes. You can't hide it anymore from the brightly shining sun outside. Silent tears roll down from your eyes. You want a garbled scream to be released with the utter pain. The agony that can only hide in the shower with...Read On


I Belong to Nobody

My soul floated on an ocean of tears As my heart drowned of blood From all the pain I gathered trough the years I was killed, my senses were brought numb I’ve lost the people that I cared for Death took two, my immaturity engulfed one An angel came and flew and closed the door He had everything, while I am left with none I – a victim of my own fate Succumbed into a pit of insatiable longing...Read On

Editor's Pick

Even the Dispossessed Gonna Fuck Like Angels Sometime

ain’t much good at the usual stuff daily stuff like shaking hands or saying hello can’t even hold your eyes through a whole conversation as if the weary hands that made me quit before they were finished just shoved me out here on the edge of the cosmos all these rough edges that never got shaved off but tonight this hunger lives inside me the way the...Read On


My Sleep of Death

To oblivion, my soul did succumb As a heartache made my senses numb My mind was prevaricated, whirled, and was lost I was taken away from the one I love the most To him, I bestowed my fidelity Yet he knows he is just a dream, not my reality But still, he charmed me with his pulchritude Sent my every fiery passion in their solitude Gave him my enamored yet foolish heart But all he could ever...Read On

Recommended Read


Your skin will forever contain winter. Please forgive me for what I've done. I will always see you covered in snow, beyond my knowing touch but moonlight still caresses your entirety and illuminates where I am no longer able to reach. Just remember that I knew warmth once, that your embrace ignited some deep core, I suspect it's where stars collapse and form, where rainbows burst and...Read On

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