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Incest Fantasies

Incest stories are concerned with relationships among siblings, other family members or closely related persons. Incest is defined as sexual relations between persons who are so closely related that their marriage is illegal or forbidden by custom. Incestuous relationships are illegal in many places around the world - the following stories are purely fictional, written by people who are turned on by such an idea.


Brother & Sister Watch Parents From The Closet

Siblings hide in the closet to avoid trouble but they experience more heat than they expected.

Bonnie, who is about to turn twenty next month, enters into a quarrel with Ben, her younger brother who had just turned sixteen a few months back. Ben had borrowed Bonnie's guitar to practice and he managed to rip three strings in less than one week, apart from dinging it and causing a sizable dent on the lower bout. Bonnie became furious when she found out about this and now, the fight...Read On


Packaged Deal Ch.2

After a bad breakup, a guy's mom & sister decide to date him

A couple of weeks passed, and everything returned to normal for Audrey, Michelle, and Cameron. Currently, he had come over to the girl's house, saying he wanted to discuss something important with them. “What is it that you wanted to talk about, sweetheart? Is everything with Sara okay?” His mother asked from across the table; they sat at the ends while Audrey was to the side, her...Read On


Losing My Virginity to My Mother's Best Friend - Part 1

Teen gets schooled by his mother's best friend along with a touch of incest and taboo.

Growing up in the 1960s and early 1970s was an awakening for a young teen like myself, from the music, the war in Viet Nam, and the sexual revolution, “times were a changing.” We were a normal family in the suburbs before my parents divorced when I was twelve years old. It wasn’t long before my mother had met and then remarried to my stepdad who just happened to be much better off than we...Read On


Getting Sis Pregnant, Chapter 1

A professional model returns home for a visit... but there's a hidden purpose behind it!

Mom had always had trouble with men. Her first marriage, to a man I knew only as Paul, lasted only two years. Mom was only seventeen at the time—she'd had to lie about her age even to get the license—and she was far too young to take on such responsibility.  From what Mom told me about it, they seemed happy at first. But then Mom got pregnant with me and about six months after I was born,...Read On


Her Brother, And His Friends, Have Sex With Kelly

Alone together for a week, they spend it fucking.

It was August of 1981. By the end of the week, Kelly would be packing up and heading back to Milwaukee to tackle her senior year of college. Not many weeks after her arrival she would begin interviewing for her post-graduation job, which she would begin just months later. And then spend decades as part of the working class. Something I had learned about Kelly is that one big way that she...Read On


Packaged Deal Ch.1

After a bad breakup, a guy's mom & sister decide to date him

Michelle and her daughter, Audrey received multiple bikinis to try them on in Michelle's room since she had a body length mirror on the far side wall; both stood some feet in front of it to check their current swimwear. “I think the sizes are a bit too small, Mom…” Audrey examined her reflection with unsure eyes. Her medium-sized and perky breast were barely contained by the small, red...Read On


How it all began - Me and my sister - Part 1

There she was. My sister's naked body under the shower. What was I supposed to do?

My sister screamed and moved frenetically while my dick, imprisoned in her holy tunnel, couldn’t take it anymore. I took my dick out of her pussy and let all my sperm fall into her belly. I tasted her pussy one more time, touched her boobs again while she caressed my hair. There I was, lying naked next to my sister. We had just had sex for the first time. But… How did it all begin? My...Read On


Naughty Daughter

Daughter surprises dad on her weekend with him.

The weekend I fucked my sixteen-year-old daughter then shared her with my two friends started off in a normal routine way. Sure didn’t end up that way. My daughter just had a birthday a few months back. Despite her young age, she really likes to show off her body. She is very developed, looks much older, and when going out likes to wear short skirts and revealing tops. Her mother and I...Read On


Bab's and Julie Chapter one

Julie is just what her aunt needed...

"I'm sorry Fran, got my sister's daughter coming to stay for two weeks, so no sexy romps for us, with a teenage brat into the house," Babs said to her long-term lesbian lover as she busied herself with a quick house dusting. In her mid-forties, Babs still had the sort of figure that had men lusting after her. But following a disastrous relationship with her only long-term boyfriend, she...Read On


Stage One Of My Journey To Becoming Joann

The beginning of a life of cross dressing.

My name is Joseph and I want to explain how I started on the road to eventually becoming Joann. I grew up with my sister Amanda, who is two years older than me. I have always called her Sis. My father left my mother when I was around sixteen years old and we continued to live in the house. Eventually, my mother had to start working as a bartender in a high-end hotel bar at nights. I...Read On


Out To Pasture

I pulled Katherine into my chest, arms scraping against the cheap motel quilt. It was dark, but I could feel her eyes beating into mine. Our legs rubbed together. My arms slid down her body, feeling the spot where her t-shirt had rolled up and the soft crevices in her hips. Her nose touched mine. I let my fingers slide up beneath Kat's shirt, remembering how she'd pulled out her bra before...Read On


Peeping Son

Things get interesting when Mom catches me and a friend spying on my sister

I grew up a normal boy in a normal household, interested in the usual – football and girls. My parents married young. My older sister Rhonda was born when Mom and Dad were just eighteen. I came along just two years later. Our family lived on a small farm in a small town. The town where I went to school had very few cute girls. Actually, my sister Rhonda was the best looking girl in the school....Read On


The Third Time Was Still Not a Mistake

My sister and mother meet once again

If you are following the saga of my family and my reunion with my long-lost sister then you will know about the first time I fucked her at the frat party. We had both been attending the same college and she came to the final frat party of the year just before finals and my graduation. I had fucked my sister Wynter after she had sucked and been sprayed with cum from five of us frat guys....Read On


Pushing My Luck Shopping

Mom gets hungry while shopping

We had the trunk of the car full already when we pulled up to the shopping mall. It took a few circles of the parking lot to find an open space to park. We locked the car and walked through the doors and into the crowd of shoppers. Mom led the way, her snug jeans swaying with her curvy hips as she walked. Dad and I trailed behind, both of us mesmerized by the motion of her ass. I noticed...Read On


A Surprise For Big Brother

A sister finds a way to get what she wants from hrt older brother

Zoe was annoyed and frustrated. Since turning sixteen a few weeks before, she had made it clear to her big brother, Paul, that she wanted him, only to be met with laughter and flat rejections. She had been told often enough how hot she was with her 32B boobs on her slim frame, and a shade under five foot tall.  He was eighteen, and everything she dreamed of in a lover, but he showed no...Read On


A Song for my Sister

She'd shaved completely

The day started out fine but ended in heartbreak. I was married to Judy, a lovely, vivacious woman with a massive sexual appetite and a great voice. She recently got a job on a cruise liner as a singer and today was the day her ship was docking at the end of a three-month cruise. I worked on an oil rig as a welder in the north sea, we worked a month on and a month off, but there’d been...Read On

A Taboo Evening With Mom

Peter Boyd loved his mother.  She was a single mother that worked hard and cared for her and her son.  His mother had several jobs and when she wasn’t home, Peter liked to look through her room.  He knew she wouldn’t like that, but he sometimes was there for many hours by himself.  It wasn’t like he was a kid, he was eighteen. His mother loved lingerie and had so many different outfits. ...Read On


Mommy Dearest

The family that plays together ...

I was born in London but I grew up in Toronto. I was also married and widowed there. After my husband died I returned to London to live with my mother. I had not seen her in ten years, but she was there for me when I needed her. My mother was a lush and a slut but she had a heart of gold. I had a boyfriend I met at work, but we were not a heavy item. Occasionally we would have a drink and...Read On


A Summer In Western Massachusetts

A long summer of short notes and cleaning Mom's glasses, leads to lovemaking.

Mom and Dad have always worked hard and their diligence paid off by way of a nice log cabin on the lake in western Mass. Then, Just when things were going fine, Dad accidentally juiced himself to death. The water heater was fed by two fuses. One fuse blew, leaving a hundred and twenty volts instead of two hundred and forty and with wet ground, you can see where this is going. That was...Read On


The Enlightened Family

An all-out sex-fest with an enlightened family

"Mum! Suzy won't let me come in her mouth!" Mum, without lifting her head from her book, lazily replied, "Suzy, let your brother come in your mouth." "And tell her to swallow it." Another lazy reply, "Suzy, swallow your brother's cum." My eighteen-year-old sister struggled against my hand holding her head down and spit my cock out. I grunted in frustration, lifting my ass off the seat to...Read On


Auntie's Stocking Slave - Chapter Three

Final chapter, naughty nephew is punished for masturbating with auntie's nylons

Chapter 3 After I had finished my homework I came downstairs for dinner. It felt strange sitting at the table dressed in only in my apron and my cocquette. Aunty Jean was still dressed in her mauve satin blouse and white duchess satin pencil skirt, flesh-toned sheer seamed stockings and white high-heeled court-shoes. She had refreshed her perfume before dinner and her scent was delicious. ...Read On


Online Date Part 4

Kimmy and Bret have a decision to make

We lay in bed for what seemed like hours.  In reality, only a few minutes.  Thinking about our dilemma.  I had just had sex with my sister…again!  We had just met the other day, unaware that we were related.  We had sex the night before, then we found out we were brother and sister. Then we actually ended up in bed screwing again. Now, here was the problem: do we tell Mom, and how do we...Read On


The Movie

I wasn't afraid to give him a release.

My grandmother passed away three years ago at the beginning of spring. Though the death was sudden it wasn't to be unexpected. Her body didn't age well; her decrepit skin stretched tightly around fragile bones -- some of which were made of plastic or steel. She was nine years the senior of the man she married back in the early 60's, and lived to the ripe age of 81. With what should have...Read On


Auntie's Stocking Slave - Chapter Two

Boy is trained to wash Auntie's lingerie but he has to wear an apron and a 'cocquette' to do so

Chapter 2 I crawled out the door and, still naked, I made my way down to the laundry to get a mop and bucket. After filling the bucket with warm soapy water I returned upstairs to my bedroom to find that my Aunty had gone. She had left me a note; it read: 'Wear this ... AND ONLY THIS!!! After you have completed your chores stand in the corner facing the wall and wait!' The note was...Read On


Auntie's Stocking Slave - Chapter One

Naughty boy develops a fascination for auntie’s lingerie which requires a spanking and discipline

Chapter 1 It was 1959 and I was sixteen years old. My mother and father had died over a year ago in a car crash and after spending six months in a foster home my Aunty Jean had taken me in as her ward. Aunty Jean was forty-five and quite an attractive woman for her age. Her body was a little on the large side but she had large creamy breasts and stunning legs for a woman her age. She...Read On


Sub-Training From My Daughters

Two dominant daughters decide to use their mother as a sub.

My two girls were home for the holiday. One, Amber, lived some distance away, working. The other, Tanya, had been away at University, and this was the first time in almost a year that they were both home with me at the same time. I noticed how much they had changed while they had been away, both of them more confident, more dominant. It was only their second night home and I had enjoyed a...Read On


Hi Hank

Hank, while having a good time, sees reflection of Mom in her glasses.

Hank Hello, my name is Hank, twenty-two years old and making a good buck working as a motorcycle mechanic. Dad was sentenced to ten years in the black bar hotel for the embezzlement of two hundred grand from work so he could bet on horses, ponies and dogs. He figured he'd hit the so-called jackpot and pay it back. What a dreamer. I can't believe he never saw anything wrong with this.  I...Read On


Betty’s Boys

My four sons find me drunk one night and fuck me senseless.

As I do maybe a couple times a year when my boys are out for the evening, I dressed in sexy clothes and prepared to go out, pick up a man and get laid. Sometimes I just get so horny that I need to have a cock inside of me, never mind that there's never any relationship other than sex between me and the strangers I let fuck me. This evening, my sons were all at a college game. The urge was...Read On


The Second Time Was Not a Mistake

My mother surpises me and my sister

Just so I don't need to rehash much, I and my sister had been separated when very young. In fact, we had not even been told of the other's existence. Mom had taken me at the divorce and my father had taken Wynter. I had not learned of this until my senior year in college. At a frat party I had totally used my sister as a fuck machine. She still didn't know that I was her brother. I was...Read On


Sister’s Solace

I’ve split with my girlfriend, so my sister cheers me up.

I was sixteen and had just broken up with my girlfriend Jill. We had been dating all year and I thought it would last forever. She said she needed to spend time with others and wanted to date other people that summer. None of her reasons were very good. Well, we separated. I was devastated. I didn't understand what had gone wrong. For about a week, I ran through everything in my mind to...Read On

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