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Erotic Poems

Erotic poetry is concerned with the sexually diverse and alternative aspects of the genre, rather than specifically with the love and romance associated with 'Love Poems'.

Although romance and poetry seem to go hand in hand, explicit, frank, and even fetishistic sex can also be great subject matter. Poems with a primary focus on sensuality and passion are better suited to our 'Love Poems' category, anything else is welcome here.


Mojo Baby

Damn baby you got it..

      I can tell the moment you walk into a room, That slow confident swagger, the boyish grin.. yeah you got Mojo baby. I wanna lick my fingers and run them along your beautiful mouth. I have never wanted to taste someone so badly, my poor soul is in such misery, Just the smell of your skin makes me wet. I can't look you directly in the eye, you shine too bright, Some days I...Read On


Owning Me

The sharp sting of your teeth

  What the hell am I thinking? Did I learn nothing the last time?! The endless nights of crying, How big this damned bed felt when I slept here alone, Clutching my broken heart below naked breasts, that fucking pain, so deep I thought for sure I was dying. I resolved never to trust another honest face! I promised that no matter how pretty you looked pulling that white t-shirt off...Read On



Everyone has a beast inside them...

Burdened by an anchor upon my chest, Driven by a burning desire of lust, Dreaming of a good time between your breasts, Caged beast within - between who’s legs we thrust?   Ball gag; Lashings; Leather; Whips; Chains...Pleasure Tied up against a wall; Hands cuffed, legs spread, Dripping with sweat; Caged beast found thy treasure; Tainted by blood, we will take you to wed;   Ménage...Read On



playing dirty

Silly pretty little thing, those big brown eyes hidden beneath dark lashes. You still keep glancing over at me,   You have no idea how sexy you really are, do you? That smile! So many ways to play with such a perfectly shaped mouth. Petal, really? Do you want to play dirty with me? That's so cute!  When you laugh and toss your head back like that how do you expect me to play fair.  ...Read On


Savoring the Wine

Ache to touch her sweet lips Honey coated fingers  Tasting forbidden nectar  Warmth that lingers    Smiling into her eyes  Puckering my lips Kissing her softness  Before my first lick   Hunger in a whisper  That satisfies the hurt Giving in together  Fulfilling our thirst    Licking and sucking  Fingers slipping in Grinding and fucking  In a forbidden land    ...Read On


Violet Colored Dawn

Each has her own goddess of Dawn

Rays rise above the violet colored dawn Dapple the dimples and goose bumps of morn Gentle tinkling laughter at work among the vines Nymphs cut and bend to harvest the crops nimble fingers filling baskets of flavor Smiles  of pleasing contentment with fulfilling companionable work fraught with coquettish teasing Older ones softly and robustly vamping younger ones in their fresh nubility...Read On


Killing Me Slowly

I belong to you

You're always there, That slow wide grin, That arrogant twinkle in your eyes, Hot, slow soft friction, that is what I see when you smile at me, I can barely breathe sometimes, I close my eyes but you just won't go away, This hunger is slowly killing me, The need for your touch consumes my every thought, It's killing me slowly, Your strong calloused hands around my neck, How my...Read On


Why I Do This

A cheating wife explains things to her lover

Stroke my skin with nimble fingers, Kiss my lips as red as wine, Lick me, taste me, with your tongue, It makes me feel divine. Oh, please take me on our love bed, Fill me with your burning lust, Lay atop me, penetrate me, Fuck me hard you must. But come next morning, you must leave, For my husband will return. Of our nights of wild passion, My husband then will learn. Then my man will bend...Read On


Firm Hand

I'm not looking for love tonight, so if you are looking for more, move along brother, I'd hate to break that little heart. Tonight all I want is a firm hand, a big cock, and very little talking, let's not pretend its more then it really is. Tonight I want to pretend it's a 50/50 love hate thing As long as your hands are firm, and you listen to the sound of my body when you trail...Read On


Nectar From Her Flower

Giving my lover oral pleasure

The softness of my lips  Against my lover's bare skin While I left a trail of a million kisses Down her beautiful washboard stomach  Towards my ultimate goal With her soft silky panties Elegantly slides down my lovers Velvety soft thighs towards her feet. Panties tossed to the side Towards the shag pile floor Before my eyes glance up  And take in the angelic beauty  In her perfectly...Read On

Night Bites

From the desk of Adagio with a shadow of the jugular rest a paper, ink stained from the thorn of my pen To the sweetness of your womb quenching my ravishing lust of my poetic affliction as your lips weave on my chest With a craving of my pulse as your thighs twine on my torso and then comes the huckle-buck in deep penetration As the twilight falls a moon and your sighs fertile a swoon with...Read On


Pouring In Ecstasy, An Early Morning Delight

early morning is the best time to connect with my special someone

  Another cold and rainy day At home, naked, in bed we stay Smooth, sexy jazz music  in play Another moment for a long foreplay   In his arms, I am happily locked in His hot breath hovering over my skin My arms above my head pinned Lustful bodies, minds give us a spin   Incessant kissing we share and enjoy Our hands explore in ecstasy and joy His lips move down to the neck, then...Read On


Sex sections

She can’t get enough!

Your lips to mine I’m already intoxicated. Your tongue in my mouth I love our heat. Your fingers pinching my nipple I need you now! Your mouth licks my clit I buck and shiver.   I take hold of your cock it’s hard already. I kneel between your legs and suck your tip. I hear you moan your manly moan. I look up and kiss your lips.   Our heat is to much the lube is all over my pussy. ...Read On



From the abyss of time and the loss of centuries, he longs to find her again,  make her his as he is hers. There is no night he fears, he just dreads the sun, there is no vault to jail him no chain to keep him down. She waits for him in the dark, she longs to find him again, life without him is no life. She waits, wrapped in lace, asleep in dreams of old, she knows he will come ...Read On



I saw you in the sports bar...and I know you saw me.

Craving   I have felt your eyes blaze through this body, Feeling your loneliness escape within, I stare at your wedding ring that's gaudy, What gives you the idea that I'll give in?   Maybe when I walk by, I think of you Taking me from behind while on all four, Hair grabbed like a horse's rein; Will you subdue? Give it to me and make me beg for more;   What am I thinking? Just put...Read On


In my life's liver like a sponge absorbing Shadowing darkness with a wild martini    Dripping vermouth as my bones quiver As my muse wets my lips With her cunt's pimento As my tongue taste her sweet Up neat as my cock does its feat   Shadowing darkness with a wild martini   Over a Bombay Sapphire  ...Read On


I Gaze At You

Lust, beauty, passion, lust, and seduction

I gaze at you lying in my arms. My desire raging Like fire overtaking my loins. Our lips and tongues seek each other And our breathing quickens.   I gaze at you lying in my arms. I cannot resist your succulent breasts. The nipples protrude like peaks. My tongue glides over them And my lips clamp down, suckling them As my desire quickens further..   I gaze at you lying in my arms....Read On


The Inkwell

What lays within the pen

Lusting breathlessly a darker shade  with inuendos deafening the silence,  in my quarters penning erotic quartos,  of my sins in fours. Hosting my ghost, lost in the shadows behinds the walls closing in silently, up to my musing in the inkwell archives,  of magenta lips with seductive fingers.  With whispering venting from the dark from my weary mind's bag of tomes, in recesses of...Read On

Thy Kingdom Rise

Can I make one feel as if they are dead dreaming of a thorn and being in black on the wings of something obsidian nearing the stones where I will bed in the clover of something sweet Echos of the dead ringing in my ears as I think of your lips on my cock plucking life from my manhood milking my mettle with your lips raising my hips Writing in braille and covered by veil as ghosts give me...Read On



How a real woman services her man after his long day of work

Dessert   Was once a thought, but I’ll say it out loud, I need to feel you inside me tonight, It’s been a long time since I have been plowed, Come to me now; I promise I won’t bite,   A plate of dessert in my hand, I drop To my knees, spread your legs and service you; Like the dessert, I squirt whipped cream on top; Your shaft; My hand; I this taboo?   I am not a slut but...Read On

Love Is Obscene

So cold it seems as my dreams chill frosting in patterns of condensation like blood dripping into a coagulation In our eternal heaven of darkness before the dusk of awakening lust with candles in the dark Dripping new life of the vampire   mirrored by recollection of once what was beaucoup Now that I have found grieving love as pastel as the shadow of dusk bound to ethereal harmony You...Read On


Santa’s Candy Cane

Santa is tired from delivering gifts

Waking with soft touches upon my legs, My eyes open wide to see a white glove, Inching its way, shakily as it begs, Santa Claus, what am I unworthy of?   Ho, ho, ho! You’ve been a naughty girlie, Deserving lumps of coal and spankings too, Panties soaked with creamy bliss; it’s early, Everyone’s asleep, but I’ll ruin you;   Good sir! How dare you defile my youth, Virginity...Read On

It Ain't Over

I have not yet tasted sweet death but I feel the urge to swallow as you pleasure me with girth with never ending darkness   Taking me to Gehenna     on the bye and bye as your tongue lathers my bung in my slippery hollow Go fast, go slow, with la petite mort carry me home to coffin-row and lay me down to sleep as you fuck me deep  ...Read On


Echoes in the Chambers of Your Heart

With my touches, all the romance may begin...

May it resonate within When I touch your fragrant skin, Echo deep inside the chambers of your heart; Deep within the giddy chambers of your heart. Like a schoolgirl, you may sing When I hold you as you cling, Feel the rhythms spreading rapture in your heart;  Deep within the dizzy chambers of your heart. As your lover, I've no doubt That the rules of lust we'll flout, I'll caress...Read On


Dark lovers.

Just meet me under dark arches, daylight will just not do. Wait till night embraces streets and your pale skin is the only light. Just meet me under dark arches, it is the only place where you can. I used to live in your fantasies, now I only live in your dreams. Been traveling through centuries,  through castles and dungeons, defying cells, bolts, and chains, just to claim...Read On

A Dream Of Sin

My dreams are always the same A beautiful house by the sea Hearing you speak my name After our walk we drink tea Hot tea and sweet cakes we share We gaze into each other's eyes We play with each other's hair I'm with my beloved guy You read me heartfelt poetry I lay on your lap Time moves still; no need to hurry I giggle and than I clap We drink some drinks Listen to some music...Read On


If ever...

If you ever think of me sometime... If you ever remember my name... If you ever wonder about me… Just know I used to love you far more than you can fathom. I did not need to justify some minutes of madness. Everything was perfect in itself except for our timing. Everything was doomed even before it started. I love you still, in spite of all. Nothing can melt away the passion...Read On


In the cold Mid-winter

When two lovers become one on a cold mid-winters day

As lovers embrace on a cold winters eve With subzero temperatures set to soar When the heat of passion sets a flame From within the bodily core That melts the snow flurries  Before they touch the ground With the heat of lovers passion Sends mercury levels through the roof. With a love evermore so passionate  That could last throughout the years A love so young and pure Built upon the new...Read On

Shimmy Shimmy

Shimmy shimmy, I like it raw A blowjob not soon forgotten Was one of many she hummed A cock between her bee stung lips   And squeezing the jism I strung Of my tasty creamy delight While shimming her shaker Buttering her tongue's bread As she gave me a little head    ...Read On


My Desire

I dream about the sweet taste of your lips as I gently suck them in between mine my tongue tip lightly tracing between them to your hard little clit as my fingers stroke your g-spot I feel your contractions squeeze and your hips rise as you moan and cry out in extreme ecstasy We are in heaven  ...Read On

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