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Bathhouse Transformation

A fantasy detour during a long trip home

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon in early spring. I was on a long drive home from an out-of-state extended visit and had many hours for my mind to wander. Add that I hadn't had sex of any kind during the prior two weeks; my mind wandered in erotic directions. Funny how the intensity of my fantasies grow inversely proportional to the length of time I go without relief.    It wasn't too...Read On


Clan of the Bigfoot

Enjoying a Bigfoot

Most people do not think Bigfoot exists but I am living proof that they do but I will get to that later in the story. First off let me introduce myself. I am Camellia McIntyre but my friends call me Cami. I am twenty-five years old and been married to Professor Morgan McIntyre who teaches Archaeology at the University of New Mexico. He has taken a sabbatical over the summer to partake in...Read On


Transcendant Sensuality - 11

A brief interlude and Karla issues the invitations to her Halloween party.

“I’ve got to tell you, sweetheart,” Kevin told his wife as they shared coffee at their breakfast bar, “I’m exhausted. I don’t bounce back the way I used to.” “Honey, that was two nights ago!” “But we went all night. I don’t know how you do it.” “It’s fun. Is it fun for you, or is it just work?” “It was fun,” he conceded. “But Tanya damned near wore me out and that was before you...Read On


Guys Move Her Into Her Apartment And Have Sex With Kelly

Kelly negotiates her pussy for their labor.

It was the end of August 1981. It was time for Kelly to move back to Milwaukee to take on her senior year of college. I was still out of town stuck working on a large project. Her brother Steve and his buddies had helped her load up her rental truck on Thursday. Steve had offered to go with her on Friday, to unload the truck but, with a wink, she assured him she would have no trouble...Read On


It Started on the Bus

A bus ride leads to another ride.

Sitting at the little diner, drinking a beer, wondering if the truth was really the way to go tonight. I sit here drinking a beer, she is in her apartment warm and cozy. She said maybe we should get back together. Not sure why I laughed but it was a mood killer. I mean she was the one that said we should take a break, hold off a bit. I guess later that day might have been a little soon but in...Read On


E071: Back with Sasha again

Another afternoon at the spa with a bit of a surprise

Wednesday and Thursday pass by, Emma getting contractors in for her house to start work.  The auction house jumps when she tells them she is ready and by Thursday afternoon everything is cleared from the house.  They even deliver the dining room set and dishes to Donald’s house for no charge, that is how confident they are of the value of the furniture. During this time, Sasha, now...Read On


Our Swing Story Pt.3 The Sexy Conclusion

They were so sexy, it hurt.

I kissed my way back to her pussy. I gave it a big kiss, stood and positioned myself for the next pleasure. I looked at Lena lying there and at Rick standing and winked at him as we both penetrated the soft wetness in front of us. I loved the fact that I could see what was going on right next to us. Watching him slip in and out of Lena’s pussy. Her pussy was covered with a small patch of...Read On


Don't Tell Mel

My perfect girlfriend - and her older sister

My girlfriend and I have been together for just over two years now. Melony was perfect for me. Twenty years old, five-foot-five, soft milky skin, beautiful emerald eyes, and jet black hair. She was a wild card fashion-wise. She enjoyed everything from studded leather pants and a biker vest to skin-tight party dresses and fuck-me pumps. Her ass was plump and spankable and her natural 38DDs...Read On


Getting out of the Rut Chapter 5

Dean and Jay are ruined— but it's time for serious thinking.

What now?   "What now?" Carol said again. The hug and the beginning of an explanation meant a lot; it meant the difference between divorce and rebuilding. Mao once said a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Had we just taken that first step? I felt euphoric and fragile at the same time. "We take it easy,” I said, “we enjoy your days off and we talk; talk a lot I think."...Read On


The Neighbour

Jason is in love but is afraid of telling Bella how he feels. An accident makes the truth come out.

“Would you fuck her?” I almost choked on the handful of pop-corn I had just shoved into my mouth. After a coughing fit I wheezed, “What are you talking about?” Bella pointed at the LED screen in front of us. “The vampire chick, would you fuck her?” Bella usually didn’t use foul language, so I guessed the question was serious. I looked at the pale teenager on the screen. “I guess, she...Read On


Fifty Shades of Silver: Ch 10 - A Day on the Catamaran

Silver, Gabriel and Chris travel to a deserted island where things get very hot, wet and sticky.

Completely partied out but still vibrating with sexual energy, we stand with the small group exchanging friendly hugs and kisses all around. Chris motions us over, saying, “Hey you guys, I’m glad I caught cha before you went up. Got any major plans for tomorrow?” We look at each other, Silver answering, “You planned this trip sexy man, any plans? I’m with you.” “Well, no not really, I...Read On


Feeding an addiction Part 3: Ch 5

A long hot summer of decisions and waiting

Scarsdale, New York: Monday 6th August 2018 Central Park was beautiful this time of year. I looked out over the still waters of Harlem Meer, enjoying the relative peace in our bustling metropolis, enjoying the aroma of my fresh coffee. Glad to finally have escaped from the madhouse atmosphere of our home, finally able to find some peace and quiet to contemplate the future. In theory, it...Read On


Daphne's Lesson Ch. 7 - End

A bright, but arrogant young woman attends an all-futanari college, with expected results.

“Yessss?” Mallory groaned. Even with the pillow smothered over her aching head, she could hear the gentle rapping against the door. She pivoted her hips and sat up, keeping her ears covered as she yelled. “It’s unlocked! I’m not getting up!”  Daphne’s eyes caught Mallory’s figure just before it slammed back to the mattress. It took a moment for her vision to adjust in the silent dusk...Read On


The Last Time For The Last Time

Last time I ever had fun with a guy

The breakup part is never easy for me.  I usually go through a whole series of thoughts in my head trying to figure out how the breakup could have been avoided.   Then my mind goes through a whole series of trying to win the girl back.  In the end, I usually end up doing the same thing:  pouting for a while, then having a gay fling.  Yup, that’s right--I have a gay one-nighter and usually...Read On



Every wave that smacks into the side of the boat reminds me how grateful I am to be here. I breathe in the salt-infused air, relish the soothing sound of restless water, the way the breeze stings after making contact with the seaspray. I love it all. My eyes squint as they scan the thin line that separates the ocean from the sky; two shades of blue existing side-by-side. I would wear...Read On


Cleaning Lady Brings Her Young Daughter to Work

I had to make time to break in the cleaning lady's daughter.

My wife is a meticulous, OCD level housekeeper, so I was surprised a few months back when she told me she had hired a service.  Every week, these two middle-aged Hispanic ladies show up and do a marvelous job.  So yesterday, they brought a third person, a young, beautiful girl who looked to be 18-20 years old. Magdelena is her name, or Maggie as she said she prefers.  This perky little ball...Read On


New Foursome Position

I've tried a similar position with a male/female couple but it was much more fun with 3 gay guys.

I flew back into Australia last Thursday, and while everything went well it was still thirty-six hours of travel from door to door.  When I got back to my little house on the beach I stripped out of clothes that just felt gross and got into the ocean as quickly as I could. While I felt like a beer or a whiskey it was only mid-morning so I sat out on my deck and opened my laptop to see what I...Read On


Jeri's Love...Chapter 2

The saga continues

"Gah Jeri, how much longer will this take?" "Keep it together, Jeri, just a bit longer," she thought as she narrowed her eyes, trying to give her sister the best "don't fuck with me" look she could muster. "We've been here for two fucking hours…and I will not go into that bathroom so if he isn't here soon I'm going to cop a squat in the corner." "Go ahead, Zoey, maybe they will put you...Read On


Her Brother, And His Friends, Have Sex With Kelly

Alone together for a week, they spend it fucking.

It was August of 1981. By the end of the week, Kelly would be packing up and heading back to Milwaukee to tackle her senior year of college. Not many weeks after her arrival she would begin interviewing for her post-graduation job, which she would begin just months later. And then spend decades as part of the working class. Something I had learned about Kelly is that one big way that she...Read On


Packaged Deal Ch.1

After a bad breakup, a guy's mom & sister decide to date him

Michelle and her daughter, Audrey received multiple bikinis to try them on in Michelle's room since she had a body length mirror on the far side wall; both stood some feet in front of it to check their current swimwear. “I think the sizes are a bit too small, Mom…” Audrey examined her reflection with unsure eyes. Her medium-sized and perky breast were barely contained by the small, red...Read On


Pearls 1 - The Green Light

A 'chance encounter' leads to...?

The Green Light Tavern. I’d had this vision of the place being bathed in emerald light, sort of like in the Wizard of Oz. It was, in that regard, somewhat disappointing, being boringly normal. The legendary green light turned out to be a green shade on a table lamp behind the bar. This was what I’d travelled a few thousand miles to see? That wasn’t the real reason I was here, though. It had...Read On


Our Swing Story Pt.2 The Oral Sensuality

We watch each other and it's sexy

Cassandra got the zipper down and my dick popped out and stood there twitching like it had too much caffeine. I could feel it pulse like a heartbeat causing each twitch. Cass touched it and slid her fingers down the shaft to my balls making it move even more. To the floor with my pants and I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of them. Lena had started to unzip Rick, and Cass watched...Read On


How it all began - Me and my sister - Part 1

There she was. My sister's naked body under the shower. What was I supposed to do?

My sister screamed and moved frenetically while my dick, imprisoned in her holy tunnel, couldn’t take it anymore. I took my dick out of her pussy and let all my sperm fall into her belly. I tasted her pussy one more time, touched her boobs again while she caressed my hair. There I was, lying naked next to my sister. We had just had sex for the first time. But… How did it all begin? My...Read On


Slut Training

A plan to put my girlfriend on display

I was surreptitiously training my girlfriend to become my submissive slut. I'd have her wear a leather skirt with fishnets when we'd go dancing, visited topless bars, and had her text me increasingly risque selfies during the dry spells we were apart. We even talked about the idea of going to an out-state sex club. They were only baby steps, but all with the intended goal of eventually...Read On


Perversion Begins At Home

Hotwife introduces hubby to swinging...

I thought I had died and gone to heaven when my soon-to-be bride sucked my cock on our first date. While I normally think men suck cock better than a woman, she gave me pause to think otherwise.   She was a decent fuck, but that is not why I married her, it was her fabulous cock sucking skills that won me over. A quick trip to City Hall to obtain a license and ten minutes in front of a...Read On


Naughty Daughter

Daughter surprises dad on her weekend with him.

The weekend I fucked my sixteen-year-old daughter then shared her with my two friends started off in a normal routine way. Sure didn’t end up that way. My daughter just had a birthday a few months back. Despite her young age, she really likes to show off her body. She is very developed, looks much older, and when going out likes to wear short skirts and revealing tops. Her mother and I...Read On


Fifty Shades Of Silver: Ch 9 - Starlight Pool Party

Silver finds herself laying prone on the bar as the two hard body men slurp the cherry jello shots.

Silver is looking super cute, wearing a short, lacy, black skirt and a spaghetti strap, cold shoulder crop top along with her sexy Roman sandals. She also decided to keep the glittery treatment adorning her skin. Yay! Walking around to the other side of the bar, we see a small group of couples assembling under a beautiful lamp lit pergola. “Hey there!” comes the greeting from Chris,...Read On


The Flame of Vengeance Is Red Part 2

Abby and Vince get closer as his return to college nears.

Martin Martin had done everything that Tammy told him to do. He did admit that calling Abby a slut wasn’t very smart. He liked Abby more than most of the girls he dated. If she didn’t have any kids he might have considered actually dating her. He liked kids and hers were okay but single mothers were looking for a father more than a relationship. He agreed that he’d change, at least to...Read On


Feeding an addiction Part 3: Ch 4

Arriving back from LA, there’s a price to be paid for my fun

Scarsdale, New York: Saturday 4th August 2018 Hell, I was tired. It had been the week to end all weeks. Wall to wall meetings, clients and colleagues who seemed hell-bent on bickering and arguing about every tiny detail. Somehow me and my number two guy, Steve, had managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. But it had been a real stressful, roller coaster ride of a week. And now...Read On


After the Reunion Ch 19-d

Saturday evening, Nov 4, 2028 I had just arrived at the house, the blind date that Michelle had arranged for me, trying to get enough courage to actually press her doorbell button. My mind wanted to turn and run, all the way back to Boise, then lay in my bed alone until some long time in the future, when morning came. My legs were too damn wobbly, though. I’m not sure I’d have made it to...Read On

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