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23 And Me

Joan-e meets Sailor and gets the spanking of her life.

Joan-e MCallister was a rather regular woman... except for the weird spelling of her name and her once-a-month fetish show at The Club, a local BDSM establishment. The weird spelling was because her name had been recorded wrong at birth. Her first name was supposed to be Joan followed by just an E for a middle name (an idea of her mother’s) and then a hyphenated last name (also her...Read On



A lost friend returns home to swinger friends

The early morning summer rain washed away my tears as I sat naked in a lotus position on top of a cliff overlooking Eros Valley a few hundred meters below. I allowed myself to feel sorry for myself. Two years ago, on Christmas Day my ex-husband left with his affair of three years, never to return. After the divorce I threw myself into yoga practice and even went on an eighteen month retreat...Read On


Between Holes

It was a gorgeous sunny day for a walk, so Julie and I decided to set off on a regular route along the main road, through the golf course, and back home via the canal.  Weather permitting, we do quite a lot of walking, covering between twelve and fifteen miles on an average outing. We do it mainly for fitness but sometimes we indulge in open-air fun. Today, Julie was in a naughty mindset...Read On

Comp Entry

The Rainbow In Pandora’s Box

Sometimes it’s not what you are – it’s what you want to be.

Melissa lay on the bed, arms and hands outstretched and her face buried in the white silk sheets; sobbing and wetting the bedclothes with her false tears. Her bum pointed upwards and her pussy, sopping wet with excitement. Her gurly lover pushed her cock into Melissa’s virgin asshole without any lubrication other than what had smothered it from whence it came, moments earlier. Melissa looked...Read On


Agatha Allbut and The Bimbo Squad Ch. 01

Agtha pays the price for being kissed.

Agatha Allbut was a nerd. Not a hot nerd like Willow, or Velma but a real honest to God, down to Earth NERD. She would have fit in with Lewis and Booger if she had been alive in the eighties. She looked just like one would expect a girl with that name to look; five-feet-one-inch, ninety-five pounds, measurements of 32A-26-31. Long mousey brown hair, always in a ponytail, pale oily skin,...Read On


Humiliation At Home

Dale and Mary miss a committee discipline session and pay the penalty...

Dale Brown and Mary Barton, both sixty-six-year-old grannies, were happily shopping at the mall, having totally forgotten that their meeting with the resident's committee had been brought forward from tomorrow to today. It wasn’t just a meeting, of course, but both were due to be spanked once again by members of the resident's committee as they had still not fully repaid their debt to them....Read On


E088: Emma’s confession

Emma enjoys the consequences

After a glass of wine together and some cheese and crackers, Emma and Donald go back into the water one more time.  They swim and play together, but Donald can tell Emma is distracted.  When they get back on the shore, he has her lay on her stomach as he rubs the aloe vera over her shoulders, back, and thighs where she is the reddest. Emma sighs with contentment as he does. But then she...Read On


Divine Love Chapter VI - Forgive Yourself For The Mistakes You Have Made

We all make them, the difference is what we do after we make the mistake, how we see the mistake - a learning experience or a failure. Dr. Julie Alexander had gotten up at 3:00 a.m. to see her husband off on his month-long business trip, and after trying unsuccessfully to get a few more hours of sleep, she was now sitting in her office waiting for her first appointment. As she did,...Read On


Jewel's Cock

I play a nonspeaking role in my wife’s fantasy

As I slowly woke up, I fought back, trying to hold on to a sweet but nonspecific dream. The redhead sucking my cock was and wasn’t one of two ex-girlfriends or three porn stars or four actresses. She looked up from where she knelt between my legs with her green, blue, or brown eyes. I tried to focus, to resolve her into one face and hold it long enough to complete the wet dream, but it...Read On


On the Road again ...

Bored in a hotel room, but relief was at hand.

You know how it is, you drive for what seems like forever and end up in a soulless hotel room. I can't cope with it, my life on the road is getting to me.  There’s nothing on TV and the wi-fi’s too slow for a movie but it can just about cope with a little surfing.  Feeling bored, frustrated and horny, I think about my equally horny wife who is probably masturbating right now or worse - I...Read On


Stress Release

There is only one way Helen can relax and that's her secret.

“Helen, why are you so bitchy? You just got home and already you are complaining about everything,” sighed Mark as he leaned against the kitchen sink. Helen turned to him from where she stood emptying grocery bags. ”Because when I come home, I expect to find a clean house, with things where they are supposed to be, not a fucking war zone.” ”I’m sorry, but Chris came over and we played...Read On


Giving my first proper blow job

I'd never really sucked a man's cock before I sucked Jim's…

Jim giving me a ride home from the rock gig was a turning point in my sex life. As described in my previous story, I masturbated almost as soon as I was back in my bedroom. I was 18-years-old and it was as if my body had woken up – finally. I’d presumed I’d see Jim again at The King’s Head pub, where our crowd gathered most Friday nights, but I didn’t know for sure. The next few days...Read On


The Room At The Top Of The Stairs

Middle aged lesbian moves back home.

The hugs and gushy love that Mom was giving me as I stepped into the old house was wonderful. This was the first time I'd seen her in three years and at one point considered that I might never see her again. Her health was starting to go and for the past twelve years, I had been living on the other side of the country. But as it always was with Mom her warm spirit and kind demeanor was all...Read On


Me And My Husband's Journey

Story about how my husband and I met and the journey to our sexual desires.

We met each other in a Zumba class we were a part of. I thought he was brave to be the only guy in a class full of women. I made sure to always be behind him during the class. We would make small talk and be friendly. Everyone else was either snobbish or in small cliques.  We eventually started talking some after class. He had a ritual to go get pizza alone after class. But one evening...Read On

Comp Entry

My neighborly encounter with Carol turned hot

The summer season revived some past pleasures in lesbian love

I turned forty this year. As a married mom of two teenagers, my expectations of real love, sexual gratification, and desire faded long ago. My husband George was a good provider, hard worker, and dedicated family man. Our love life was okay… just okay. I suppose I had almost everything to be thankful for! I read my share of romance novels, sometimes wishing I was the main character - Perhaps...Read On


Tutoring Has Unexpected Rewards

How helping my sister's best friend helped me lose my virginity

My sister Kate and I were seventeen, twins, and in our junior year of high school. That's where our similarities ended. She was popular, athletic, outgoing, and had lots of friends. I was her polar opposite: nerdy, socially awkward, only a handful of friends. Pretty much irrelevant in our school's world. The only thing I knew I had going for me right from day one of high school was my brain....Read On


A Morning Tryst With A Twist

An unexpected event with a lover

I was prevented from fucking Steven the other day, and today, I would not be denied. Steven said he was going to be here at nine, and he had yet to be late, so I knew I had half an hour before he showed up. This time I would have makeup on and shower and put on just a little scented oil. I made myself a coffee and opened my computer, reading erotic stories and chatting with a couple of...Read On


I Have Needs

Just another lawn guy living the dream

I was just about to pull the starter cord on the mower when Lisa stuck her head out the door and called out to me, "I need you to look at something inside when you're done mowing, okay?"  "Sure!" I responded and turned back to the mower. "Thanks," she replied back. "I'll be in the kitchen." I nodded and pulled the cord on the mower, firing it up with a small belch of blue smoke. I...Read On


Agent Baker. A Homecoming of Sorts. Chapters 5-7

An agent who screws anything with a pulse and a missing operative. Let the debauchery ensue.

Chapter Five Steve was in his car headed to the airfield. He hated the traffic, but it was part of the job now that he was back in DC on the regular. When he arrived at the airfield, he drove through the company gate and straight to the hangar. When he boarded the Gulfstream, he saw the file from Federal Protection, a division of The Department of Homeland Security, he needed to read...Read On


Strap-on Fun

Jaq and Ennis fill my holes...

Ennis was our new neighbour who we have previously played with. The weekend after our last meeting, Ennis had come round for drinks, the giggling coming from the kitchen could only mean that they were planning something. I went into the lounge area and the ladies went a little quiet. I asked what they were giggling about but they were reluctant to tell me. After an hour or so and...Read On


Jennifer's Exposure. Part 1

A divorced woman is exposed and used by strangers.

As he explained his work, pointing to various points under the eaves, Jennifer followed Michael, the electrician who had just installed a set of security sensor lights around the outside of her house. It was a hot summer’s afternoon and she felt sorry that he had been working in the heat of the day whilst she had been at lunch with friends. She did her best to sound interested but honestly,...Read On


Tim Always Wanted To Fuck Amy, But Never Had The Chance And Her Mother, Well, She Had A Great Body

Tim went round to see his friend, Amy one day. Amy knew he was coming, but she said she had just popped down to the shops and wouldn't be long, about fifteen minutes, she said. When he arrived, Amy's mum answered the door. Today being a warm day, she had a very short skirt on and a top with her tits bursting to get out. Tim had always admired Mrs Stevens' sexy body and wondered what she...Read On


Don’t Judge a Book Ch 06

Dave picks up to describe the rest of Friday night and the next few days...

Saturday 28th October 2017 I’ve always taken myself outdoors when I need some quality alone time. Some quality thinking time. And today was a day when, more than virtually any other in my life, I felt I needed time, and space, to pull my head together. The adrenaline and high-octane excitement of the previous night seemed a distant memory. Daryl had finally left our home and Jill’s...Read On


E087: In The Greenhouse

Emma happens on something which captivates her...

Saturday starts nice and sunny when Emma and Donald wake up.  It is already getting warm by nine o’clock.  They decide that they will spend the day, for the most part, on the beach. After a quick shower, both are in bathing suits, Emma insists on a cover to go down to breakfast with Dorothy and Maude.  But both women can see her figure outlined under the light coverall and sigh at...Read On


Meeting Connie Pt 1

Told that she was a slut, Tony only found an angel.

It was a time of disenchantment and cold despair. A time of failure and much ridicule. A time of longing and much nervousness. A time of shock.  A time of ultimate joy. But fortunately, it was a time long ago. The year was 1953, and all the above emotions amalgamated in my mixed-up eighteen-going-on-nineteen-year-old mind.  National Service brought me a two-year stint in the RAF as LAC...Read On


Alice in Acidland

A flashback to the year 1968

This takes place in 1968 and is the story of Alice Trenton, and her trip through what some could call acidland.  Alice stood about 5’9”, with blue eyes and medium length brown hair with red highlights. She had a slightly curvy body and wore a C-cup.  She was an only child and had lost her mother a month before she met Lynda Wallace, who invited her to a pool party at the house of one of...Read On


Meeting Super-man

She meets the new super... and finds him a super-man!

"Damn this slow sink!" Ashton said, stomping her foot as if that would hurry up the draining water. Ashton was already having a bad day, and a slow draining bathroom sink wasn't helping matters. She had gone to a party the night before and came home only to pass out on her bed without setting the alarm clock to wake her the next morning. And now she was running late for an important meeting...Read On

Comp Entry


Some men don’t know what they need until it fucks them in the ass…

Bewitched by the retro vibe being cast from the night club walls, Lizzie McDonald crossed her cork wedge sandals and squeezed together her sweaty thighs as she impatiently listened to the muffled beat of “Hot Stuff”. Between Lizzie and bladder relief stood a slow moving gaggle of raving neon disco dance queens, all in need of a similar release. Lizzie required immediate distraction. ...Read On


Michael, Eddie and Me

For a long time, my last boyfriend, Mike, had been begging me incessantly to make a wish come true, which was for us to have a threesome with his childhood friend, Eddie. And it always ended with me telling him a flat no. Seems that both Mike and Eddie were raised by Mike’s mom in North Carolina and they were more brothers than childhood friends. When they were teenagers they had had sex with...Read On


Tina And Luke - In The Beginning – Chapter 9

Who was it? Meeting Tina's parents and first time at Luke's house.

Luke It’s amazing how fast the brain can process information. It was a micro-second that told me who the three people where, Diane hadn’t finished saying “Oh, fuck!” before I knew. “I’m guessing that’s not her brother, that she’s never spoken of?” “She hasn’t got a brother. Luke, for Tina, please stay calm.” “When have you ever known me not to stay calm?” “Okay, how about you not...Read On

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